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Is BH photography legit?

Yes, BH Photography is a legitimate photography company. They offer a wide range of photography services including wedding photography, portrait photography, family photography, engagement photography, and more.

Their professional photographers are all highly experienced and have a passion for capturing the perfect shot. Furthermore, BH Photography utilizes the latest industry-standard equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality images and give customers the very best experience.

with their reliable and highly responsive customer service, customers can rest assured that their photographer is always available to answer their queries and solve any potential problems. Additionally, the company also provides discounts and special offers for larger orders that provide customers with an even better value for money.

Ultimately, BH Photography has earned a stellar reputation in the industry and is definitely a company worth considering when it comes to professional photography.

Is B&H a real store?

Yes, B&H is a real store. B&H is a large photo, video and audio store based in Manhattan, New York. The store offers a wide selection of equipment including cameras, camcorders, audio equipment, computers and related accessories.

They also have a wide selection of camera lenses, tripods and other photography accessories. B&H offers competitive pricing and a great selection of inventory. They also have a knowledgeable sales staff and customer service representatives who are available to answer customer queries and help them with their purchases.

Who owns BH photo?

B&H Photo Video is an American photography retail chain and online retailer, founded in 1973 and located in Manhattan, New York City. In 2016, the company was acquired by private investment firm AEA Investors.

B&H provides customers with a wide selection of products, ranging from photography supplies and digital cameras to computers, televisions, and home entertainment solutions. The company is known for its knowledgeable and helpful customer service, and its website also facilitates online orders and purchases.

How fast does BH Photo ship?

BH Photo typically ships orders within 24-48 hours of purchase, and this typically includes orders that are placed within the business hours of 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Orders placed outside of these hours will be processed and shipped on the next business day.

Standard ground shipping within the US via FedEx is free, and you can expect delivery within 1-5 business days for most items, depending on the destination. Additionally, BH Photo offers expedited shipping options via USPS and FedEx, with delivery times ranging from 1-2 business days.

Saturday delivery is also available for an additional fee. When placing an order, customers will be given an estimated delivery date and the exact cost for their shipping option. For international orders, BH Photo offers several delivery options from international carriers via USPS and FedEx.

Delivery times vary by destination and cost of shipping.

Is B&H Photo an authorized Apple reseller?

Yes, B&H Photo is an authorized Apple reseller. B&H has been a trusted Apple partner for over 40 years and carries a variety of Apple products, including the iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

B&H is Apple authorized for repair and warranty services, including parts and labor. As an Apple authorized reseller, B&H also offers AppleCare protection plans and Apple-certified accessories. You can purchase new Apple products directly from B&H with the assurance that they are genuine and come with the same level of quality and customer service you’d expect from Apple.

Can You Trust B&H?

Yes, you can trust B&H. They have been in business since 1973 and represent one of the most respected and trusted names in the photography and audio/visual industry. B&H is an authorized reseller of photography, video, pro-audio, and digital imaging products from leading manufacturers.

They offer a wide selection of products from these reputable brands, as well as their own house brands. Their selection is backed by a knowledgeable and helpful staff who are always available to help customers get the products they need.

B&H also provides free shipping on most orders and unbeatable prices. B&H is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is known for its exceptional customer service. As such, customers can trust that shopping at B&H will provide them with the highest quality products, excellent value and first-class customer service.

Is it good to buy from B&H?

Purchasing from B&H can be a good option if you are looking for top-of-the-line electronics and camera gear. They have a vast selection of products and many of them can be found at great prices. They also offer free shipping on orders over $49 and have a 30-day price match guarantee.

Additionally, they have helpful sales associates who are highly knowledgeable and can assist you in finding the best product for your needs. In addition, they stock an expansive collection of accessories, lenses, and gear from leading brands, and their customer service is knowledgeable and helpful.

That said, some customer reviewers have experienced issues with customer service and shipping, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

Is B&H GREY market?

No, B&H is not a grey market retailer. B&H is an authorized retailer for many of the top brands in consumer electronics, photography and video equipment, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro and more.

All of the products offered through B&H are sourced from authorized distributors, factories and wholesalers that meet their strict quality, warranty and customer service requirements. Their prices are often lower than other retailers because of their volume purchasing discounts, which they pass along to their customers.

Additionally, they offer an industry-leading, year-long warranty on every product they sell, which covers all defects and malfunctions. This ensures customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind when making a purchase.

As an authorized retailer, all of B&H’s products come with full, valid manufacturer warranties, as well as their own, extended warranty.

Does B&H refund?

Yes, B&H does refund products. Amazon offers a 45 day return policy on most of its items. All products bought from B&H may be returned for a refund of the purchase price (excluding any applicable fees or shipping charges) or exchanged for an identical item within 30 days from the shipment date.

However, items must be new, unused, unopened, with all original packaging and accessories in perfect condition and include all manuals, warranty cards, and software. Refunds will not be issued for any item that is damaged, altered, used, or returned incomplete.

You may also need to provide a copy of the original B&H invoice or order number for the item to receive a refund.

Where is B&H Photo based?

B&H Photo is a major American photo and video equipment retailer based out of New York City. Founded in 1973 by Herman Schwartz and his son, Ben, B&H has grown to become one of the top retailers of its kind in the world.

The head office of B&H is located on 9th Avenue in Manhattan, and the main retail store is located on 34th Street just off of 9th Avenue. B&H also has related offices located throughout the US and the world, including office locations in the US, Singapore, and China.

They are a leader in the retail industry and have established a reputation for providing quality products and top-notch customer service.

How do I know if my Apple reseller is real?

The best way to know if an Apple reseller is real or not is to do your research. Start by looking at their website and their official contact information. Make sure that they have an actual physical location listed, along with valid contact information such as a phone number, email address, and other forms of contact.

You should also be able to read customer reviews of the reseller to see what other people’s experiences are with the store, and see if they have any positive feedback. Additionally, if the reseller offers you a warranty or other services, be sure to read the fine print to understand exactly what’s included and what you’re signing up for.

You should also check their official certifications and partnerships, to make sure that they carry the products and services that they claim to offer. Finally, if possible, try to visit the reseller’s physical location in-person.

This will allow you to take a look at the store and make sure that it’s authentic.

Does Apple have authorized resellers?

Yes, Apple has authorized resellers. An Apple Authorized Reseller is an independent business that has been authorized to sell and support Apple products. They’re a convenient way to purchase Apple products and services, offering a wide selection of new and refurbished Apple products and everyday accessories.

Authorized resellers may also provide onsite service and repairs for Apple products. Apple carefully vets each authorized reseller, ensuring that the reseller follows standards set by the company and meets the legal requirements of each region in which it operates.

It’s important to purchase from an authorized reseller so you can be sure you’re buying legitimate Apple products at a fair price and that you’re covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. You can find an authorized reseller in your area by using the “Find a Reseller” tool on Apple’s website.

Is it legal to sell Apple products without being an authorized reseller?

No, it is not legal to sell Apple products without being an authorized reseller. Apple has strict policies in place to protect its products from being sold by unauthorized resellers. This includes monitoring the sales of products and taking legal action if Apple’s terms and conditions are violated.

Authorized resellers are required to meet certain conditions, which includes proving their legal business status, sales volume, and meeting Apple’s standards for selling and servicing products. Additionally, authorized resellers have access to product updates, technical resources, and product warranty information which is not available to unauthorized resellers.

Finally, unauthorized resellers may not be able to provide accurate information or assistance to customers due to lack of training or experience. Therefore, it is essential that Apple products are purchased from an authorized reseller to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Who are iPhone resellers?

iPhone resellers are companies or individuals that purchase and then sell Apple iPhones. They typically obtain iPhones from large or multiple sources, such as distributors, wholesalers, or carriers, and then resell them for a profit.

They may also offer support services such as repairs, unlocking, or technical advice. Resellers typically cater to customers who want to purchase a phone at a discount, but they may also sell brand new iPhones.

iPhone resellers can be found online and in some physical retail stores. Some resellers specialize in certain models and brands, while others may have a more diverse selection.

Is it cheaper to buy Apple products at Bestbuy or Apple?

This largely depends on the type of product and the time of purchase. Generally, Apple products tend to be priced the same across all retailers, so buying them directly from Apple will cost the same as buying them from BestBuy.

However, some stores tend to offer discounts or special offers which can make products cheaper at those specific stores. For example, BestBuy may offer a $25 discount on select Apple products during the holiday season.

Additionally, when there are sales or promotions, Apple or other retailers may offer products cheaper than Apple’s usual pricing. This can make it a good option to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase.

Ultimately, it’s best to compare Apple product prices across multiple stores to determine the best option.