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Is Bob Baffert still married?

How much does Medina Spirit horse cost?

According to the most recent racing stakes, the median purchase price for the Medina Spirit horse was $1,000. The horse was purchased from a breeder named Joe Allen at the 2020 Barretts October sale.

Though the purchase price for the horse was only $1,000, the sale was the result of a bidding war between the horse’s co-owners and trainer. As a result, the total out of pocket expenses for the sale totaled much higher at around $35,000.

This amount was then split between the owners and trainers based on their agreement. Along with the purchase price, the owners must factor in the cost of maintenance, training, stabling, medical care, and feed.

All in all, the total cost of owning and running a race horse like the Medina Spirit can be much higher than the initial purchase cost.

Who has won the most Triple Crown races?

The record for the most Triple Crown races won by a single horse is held by the legendary Secretariat. He won an unprecedented sweep of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes in 1973.

This feat had not been achieved since Citation in 1948, and has not been replicated since. Secretariat’s times remain the records for each of the races he won, and there is still no competing with his records set more than 45 years ago.

Other horses have gone on to win multiple Triple Crown races, however none have achieved the same monumental feat that Secretariat accomplished.