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Is it a good idea to put a TV above the fireplace?

Is a TV above the fireplace a good idea?

Whether a TV above the fireplace is a good idea or not really depends on the size and layout of the room, as well as personal preference. On the one hand, installing the TV above the fireplace frees up space in the room and creates an impressive focal point in the room dominated by the TV.

On the other hand, depending on the height and distance from the viewers, it may be difficult to watch the TV from certain angles, leading to neck strain and poor viewing angles. Additionally, heat from the fireplace may also risk damaging the TV.

Therefore, it is important to consider the room layout, current and future seating positions, and the type of fireplace before making a decision.

Why shouldn’t you put a TV above a fireplace?

When a television is placed above a fireplace, it poses a major safety hazard. Keeping your TV too close to the heat of a fireplace can cause the TV to overheat, which can potentially lead to fire, electrical shocks, and damage to your TV.

Heat can cause a TV to malfunction and ultimately, it can accelerate the deterioration of the internal components, leading to premature failure of the television. Additionally, the exposure to heat can cause warping of the plastics in the TV, which can damage the unit, as well as potentially disrupt the performance of the TV.

Furthermore, sitting too close to a television placed above a fireplace can make the TV difficult to view, because the reflection of the fireplace can be overexposed in the dark corners of the picture.

For these reasons, it is not recommended to place a television above a fireplace.

How do I protect my TV above my fireplace?

Protecting your TV above your fireplace can be achieved by following a few simple steps. First, make sure that there is at least two or three feet of clearance from the top of your fireplace and the bottom of your TV.

If possible, mount your TV using a secure steel wall mount and be sure to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Additionally, for added protection, invest in a heat-resistant insulation pad to place between the TV and the mount that will protect your TV from the high temperatures of the fireplace.

Lastly, it is important to keep the area around your TV clean, free of dust and other debris and make sure that hot ash or embers don’t come into contact with the TV. If you are going to be using your TV while the fireplace is in use, always keep your remote control and any other electronic devices away from the heat.

Can TV overheat over fireplace?

Yes, it is possible for a television to overheat when placed above a fireplace, especially if it is an open flame. This is due to the increased temperature both from the fire itself and the hot air rising from it.

The heat generated from the flames and air can cause your TV to overheat, leading to possible damage. To minimize the risk of this, it is important to ensure the TV is placed far enough away from the fireplace to prevent unnecessary heat exposure.

You may also want to consider adding a heat shield as an extra layer of protection for the TV. Additionally, for open flame fireplaces, make sure that the flue is open to allow the majority of the heat to escape without affecting the TV.

Will TV get too hot above fireplace?

No, it will not get too hot above a fireplace as long as the TV is mounted correctly and at least 6 inches away from the fireplace. Although TVs can get hot, they have been built to withstand the heat of a fireplace.

To be on the safer side, however, it is best to limit the amount of direct radiant heat the TV is exposed to and maintain adequate air circulation around the device. Be sure the manufacturer’s instructions for the appropriate distance between the fireplace and the TV to ensure it stays cool and safe.

Also, always ensure the area is well-ventilated and maintain regular cleaning of the fireplace and its surrounding areas to prevent dust buildup.

How far above a fireplace should a TV be mounted?

The ideal height for mounting a television above a fireplace varies depending on the size of the TV, the size of the fireplace, the height of the seating in the room and personal preference. As a general guideline, it is recommended to mount the TV approximately 30-45 inches above the fireplace mantel, which is approximately eye level for most viewers when seated.

This is designed to provide a comfortable viewing angle that’s neither too high nor too low. Some people prefer a slightly higher mounting height for a more traditional look, so consider your own comfort and preferences when deciding where to mount the television above your fireplace.

It’s also important to allow enough space between the fireplace and the TV to avoid any potential heat damage to the equipment.