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Is LiveMe app safe?

LiveMe app is generally considered safe to use. However, it is important to remember that the app allows users to communicate with an anonymous audience, meaning that there is no guarantee of safety from potentially inappropriate and dangerous behaviour.

Many of the videos shared on LiveMe are intended for a mature audience, so it is important to consider the age appropriateness of content before viewing or participating in any online chatroom or other activities.

Additionally, it is important to remember to keep personal information secure, as it is easy for others to obtain it if shared in an online chatroom. Additionally, it is wise to be aware of the risks of cyberbullying and online exploitation, as these are common in online chatrooms and can be damaging to children and young people.

In order to best protect yourself, it is important to use strong passwords, keep personal information private, be mindful of any malicious activity, and report any suspicious activity to the proper authorities.

With these precautions, overall, LiveMe is considered a safe platform.

Is the LiveIn app safe for kids?

Yes, the LiveIn app is a safe platform for kids to use. The app uses sophisticated security measures to protect user data and keeps all user information confidential. It also provides clear guidelines for user behavior, requires parental consent for all users under the age of 16, and allows parents to monitor their children’s usage.

In addition to these features, LiveIn also requires all users to verify their identity with a valid email address and phone number to further protect their safety.

What do people use LiveMe for?

LiveMe is an online streaming platform where people can create and share live video content with people from around the world. It is a place where users can connect with each other, build relationships, and foster a community-based culture.

Content creators broadcast their video streams, showing activities such as music, dancing, gaming, makeup tutorials, lifestyle activities, and more.

Viewers can interact with the content through messaging, comments, and virtual gifts. LiveMe also features monetization options, which allow content creators to earn real money off of their broadcasts.

In addition to streaming, LiveMe is also used for casual social networking and creating online communities. The platform has various chat rooms, where users can start a profile and use it to meet people, interact with them, and join in conversations.

LiveMe also provides users with the chance to build their fan base and include people in their network.

LiveMe is a great platform for content creators, viewers, and people who are looking for a place to connect with each other. It’s a safe, welcoming, and entertaining platform where people can make new friends, pursue hobbies and interests, and express themselves creatively.

Who is the owner of LiveMe app?

The owner of the LiveMe app is Live. me Inc. , a leading interactive streaming platform. It was originally founded in 2016 as Cheez, then later rebranded as Live. me in 2017. Live. me provides a live streaming video platform that allows its users to create and share videos, with the goal of becoming the premier choice for digital and streaming media content.

Live. me Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Shanghai and Mumbai. Additionally, Live. me has become one of the top apps for teen social networking and is used by more than 20 million people around the world.

It has seen more than three billion views per month, with viewer engagement up more than 800%.

Can you delete a LiveMe account?

Yes, it is possible to delete a LiveMe account. LiveMe is a social media platform where users can create and post videos, view and comment on other user’s videos, and live stream their own videos.

In order to delete a LiveMe account, the user must first log in to LiveMe account. If a user has forgotten their login credentials, they can click on the “Forget Your Password” link, enter their email address and follow the instructions in the email to reset their password.

Once logged in, the user should go to their profile settings, where they will find an option to delete their LiveMe account. The user should click on this option and follow the on-screen instructions to delete their account.

It is important to keep in mind that once an account has been deleted, all of the user’s information, posts, and videos will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is advised that users download any videos that they may want to keep before deleting their LiveMe account.

Does LiveMe pay you?

No, LiveMe does not pay you. LiveMe is an interactive livestreaming platform where users can broadcast themselves and connect with their viewers via chat. You can earn rewards and tips from viewers, but LiveMe does not pay you for streaming or for being an active user on the platform.

In order to earn money from LiveMe, you must be a Content Creator, which requires additional qualifications, such as a stable streaming setup and consistent viewership. Once you become a Content Creator, you can monetize your streams by enabling audiences to donate virtual diamonds or coins to your profile.

Why was LiveMe removed?

LiveMe was removed due to a host of issues that had been raised by users and other members of the online community. The main issues that led to LiveMe’s removal included the platform being used to broadcast extreme and inappropriate content, such as underage people engaging in sexual acts.

LiveMe was also used for abuse and other criminal activities, such as cyberbullying. In addition, incomplete safety measures were in place that allowed predators to contact underage users on the platform.

Lastly, LiveMe’s content moderation system was not able to effectively detect and deal with these issues, and this led to an explosion of inappropriate content on the platform. As a result, users became increasingly uncomfortable with LiveMe and its content, leading to it eventually being removed from app stores.

Does LiveMe delete inactive accounts?

LiveMe does not have a policy to delete accounts that are inactive but inactive users may still find their accounts deactivated due to inactivity. LiveMe often deactivates accounts due to violations of its terms of service, such as creating multiple accounts or spamming other users.

In addition, LiveMe may also deactivate accounts that have been inactive for a period of time, generally 6 months or more. If you are inactive for 6 months your account may be suspended and in some cases, deleted.

Users who decide to reactivate their account after being deactivated may still have to clear up any violations of LiveMe’s TOS. It’s recommended that LiveMe users occasionally log in to their accounts to ensure their accounts remain active and in good standing with LiveMe.

How old do you have to be on LiveMe?

LiveMe is an online livestreaming platform that allows users to create and share their lives with the world. To use LiveMe, users must be at least 13 years old. The app may require verifiable parental consent for any user aged 13-17.

All users must agree to abide by the app’s Community Guidelines, which prohibit the sharing of sexually explicit content, hate speech, and dangerous activities. Users must also skip inappropriate and offensive comments when livestreaming.

Finally, all users must accept full responsibility for anything they share and acknowledge that they can be held accountable for any violations of the LiveMe User Agreement, Terms of Service, and applicable laws and regulations.

Does LiveMe still exist?

Yes, LiveMe app still exists and continues to provide an interactive video platform for people to meet, chat, and broadcast live video. It is an app for social media users and people who want to stay connected with friends, family, and strangers around the world.

LiveMe is a free-to-use social media platform and video chat app where users from around the world can build relationships, meet new friends, and broadcast live video. It works across various social media platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, and can also be access via its official website.

LiveMe allows users to discover content created by other users, watch live video streams, join group chats, and make friends. It also enables users to purchase virtual gifts, join virtual gifting competitions, and win real money rewards.

LiveMe is continuously developing and improving its features to create a more interactive, user-friendly experience. New features and improvements include virtual currency rewards, Voice Chats, Polls, and better user-protection measures.

Overall, LiveMe is a social platform that continues to provide a fun, interactive way for people to stay connected with family, friends, and strangers around the world.

Is LiveMe still available?

Yes, LiveMe is still available. The app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices, and it is used as a livestreaming platform. Users can broadcast live video and join in on conversations with other streamers.

The app boasts a large community of streamers and viewers, with tens of millions of users around the world. It includes features such as real-time interaction with users, rewards and gifts, and even a voice messaging system.

LiveMe also offers rewards and incentives for those who watch the livestreams, as well as the chance to earn virtual money with the LiveMe Coins system. Additionally, the app also offers exclusive content for subscribers through the LiveMe VIP program.

Overall, LiveMe remains an active, in-demand streaming platform for those who are looking to live stream content, connect with others, and have fun.

Can I make money on LiveMe?

Yes, you can make money on LiveMe. There are two ways you can generate income from LiveMe.

First, you can make money directly from the platform. This can be done through a variety of avenues, including creating sponsored content, becoming a featured content creator and curating LiveMe’s marketplace with your own products, or by participating in virtual gifts and LiveMe Coins, which are bought and sold on the platform.

Additionally, you can also monetize your profile by becoming a verified user and sponsorships.

Second, you can make money as an influencer, through sponsored content and strategic collaborations with brands. Content creators can capitalize on LiveMe’s massive global social reach to build an audience and monetize their following.

You can connect with brand sponsors and develop exciting marketing campaigns to make money through this channel.

Overall, LiveMe offers many potential income streams for content creators and influencers, all of which can help them make money. If you’re thinking of joining LiveMe, your creativity and hard work can help you get the most out of the platform.

How long has LiveMe been around?

LiveMe has been around since 2016. The platform was founded by Zack Bagley, Yuki He and Xiaozhi Chen, three tech entrepreneurs and industry experts with previous experience building live streaming products.

Since its launch, the app has quickly grown in popularity, and now has over 65 million users worldwide. It allows users to share live streams, witness content created by influencers, and also interact with new people across the globe through the platform’s chatrooms.

LiveMe also provides users with innovative content-creation tools, such as special effects and in-app purchases. It offers a range of premium subscriptions and VIP services, allowing users to enjoy a customized, more exclusive experience on the platform.

Overall, LiveMe has been around for just over four years, and continues to adapt in order to bring the best, most engaging experiences to its users.

Who invented LiveMe?

LiveMe was created by Yous Technology Inc. and released in May 2016. The app was created to provide a safe, interactive and entertaining platform for users of all ages. LiveMe founders include Lotus Wang, Steven Gao and Kevin Hsieh.

All three have extensive backgrounds in emerging technologies and video-streaming services. The main idea behind the app was to create an environment where users could interact with their friends and family, regardless of physical location.

The app allows users to livestream, play interactive games, and send virtual gifts to each other. Additionally, users can exchange messages and images with their peers and bring real-time entertainment to the public.

Where is LiveMe based?

LiveMe is a live video streaming platform headquartered in Los Angeles, California, United States. Founded in March 2016 and launched in October 2016, the platform was initially focused on live streaming video content from mobile devices.

As of 2017, it has become an international social platform with users from more than 150 countries and regions broadcasting live. The platform is operated globally by Kuaishou Technology, a venture-backed company headquartered in Beijing, China.