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Is specs just in Texas?

No, Specs is a liquor, convenience and grocery store chain with locations throughout Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Founded in Houston, Texas in 1961, Specs has grown to over 250 stores throughout the region.

As of 2021, they have locations in more than 40 Texas counties including Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Travis, Bexar, Nueces and more. In Louisiana, there are Specs store locations in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport areas.

In Mississippi, locations are primarily in the Jackson and Gulfport areas. The stores feature a large selection of liquor, beer and wine, in addition to everyday grocery items, snacks and groceries. Many locations also have a drive-thru liquor window offering customers the convenience of purchasing beer, wine and other spirits from their vehicle.

Is specs only in Houston?

No, Specs is not just in Houston. The company has over 200 stores throughout Texas, as well as in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Specs locations can be found in San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, as well as in numerous cities and towns throughout the states.

In addition to their stores, Specs also has a website that offers customers the opportunity to shop for their liquor and wine needs from any location. Customers can also order spirits for shipping and to be picked up in a local store.

With Specs, customers have the ability to find the perfect bottle of liquor, wine, or other alcohol anywhere in their network of stores or online.

Are there specs in Florida?

Yes, there are specs in Florida. Spec homes, sometimes referred to as “speculations,” are built on speculation, which means that the builder begins construction without having a buyer lined up. Spec homes are built with the intention of finding a buyer after the home is completed, as opposed to building it for a specific customer.

Spec homes in Florida are typically sold by their original builder and may have features that reflect the local housing market.

Spec homes generally come ready for move-in, so if you’re looking for a home in Florida, a spec home could be a great option for you, as it could help you avoid the hassle and high cost of customizing a home.

Spec homes may also come with warranties, so you can feel extra secure in your purchase. Florida offers a wide range of spec homes ranging in style, floor plans, and prices. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront condo, a cozy single-family home, a spacious estate, or something with a unique design, you can find a spec home in Florida to meet your needs.

Where was the first specs located?

The first Specs liquor and wine shop opened in London in May 1966. Founded by the late Michael Goldstein, it initially occupied two locations, a wine and drinks shop at 40 Tachbrook Street, Victoria, and a grocery store at 106 Wilton Road.

The store was unlike any other, with a wide selection of drinks and wines from around the world. It featured a vast collection of liqueur miniatures, malts and cordials, as well as exotic spirits such as absinthe.

The store’s interior was just as striking, with a tasteful dark wood and glass fixtures, and bright floral wallpaper and upholstery. In addition to the traditional taste of British pubs, Specs also featured live music events in its premises.

This made it an early example of a modern liquor store, one which catered to all the needs and tastes of discerning customers.

Does specs deliver in Dallas?

Yes, Specs delivers in Dallas. The Specs Delivers platform offers same-day delivery from across the metroplex and beyond. So, depending on availability, you can have items like beer and wine, snacks, health and wellness items, and much more, delivered to your home or office in Dallas.

Through their technology driven platform, people in the Dallas area can quickly and conveniently shop for the items they need and have them delivered in as fast as an hour. With Specs, Dallas customers have access to over 250,000 products from thousands of retailers, ranging from convenience stores, liquor stores, and other specialty stores.

Despite the extensive product selection, customers are never charged extra for delivery, shopping, or convenience fees.

Can I buy alcohol on Sunday in Texas?

Yes, you can buy alcohol on Sundays in Texas. The state allows for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages between the hours of noon and midnight on Sunday. In order to purchase alcohol on a Sunday, individuals must be over the age of 21 and must purchase the alcohol from a package store, bar, restaurant, or other licensed premises.

There are some local laws that may restrict the sale of alcohol on Sundays in certain areas, so it’s important to check the laws in the county or city you plan to purchase alcohol in. In addition, some establishments may not choose to sell alcohol on Sundays due to religious observances or personal preferences.

How many specs does Houston have?

Houston has a multitude of specs regarding its various characteristics and characteristics. These include its geographical size, which at 627 square miles makes it the fourth largest city in the United States; its cultural diversity, which makes it a melting pot for those of many different backgrounds and nationalities; its population, which is well over 2 million; its climate, which is characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters; its economy, which is largely based on the energy industry; and its educational system, which includes a number of universities, community colleges, and public and private schools.

Furthermore, Houston is also known for its great deal of green spaces and parks, its numerous attractions and entertainment options, its wealth of businesses and industries, its excellent medical system, and its rich and vibrant culture and history.

Can you go into specs under 21 Texas?

No, you cannot go into specs in Texas if you are under the age of 21. Specs stands for Package Stores which are businesses that are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises.

In Texas, it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to buyers under the age of 21. According to Texas Alcohol Beverage Code § 106. 04, minors under the age of 21 are not allowed to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol and face criminal penalties if caught breaking this law.

These laws are strictly enforced, so it’s best for those under 21 to stay away from Specs and respect the legal drinking age.

Who is the CEO of specs?

The current CEO of Specs is Enrico D’Angelo. He joined the company in 2018 and quickly rose to the position of CEO. Prior to joining Specs, Enrico served as CEO at numerous tech companies carefully overseeing their growth.

Before his career in tech, he served as a captain in the Italian Air Force where he gained the experience and enthusiasm that would propel him throughout his career in tech.

Enrico has a passion for computer science and technology, and while at Specs, he focuses on connecting the world through the power of technology. He believes in empowering people with hardware and software and striving to achieve a better future.

He has driven the company’s growth into international markets beyond Italy and the US, and has created a strong sense of team spirit among his colleagues.

Under Enrico D’Angelo’s leadership, Specs has grown to become one of the largest tech companies in the world, with offices around the globe and a presence in more than a dozen countries. With a focus on creating essential products and services to improve people’s lives, they continue to build a robust team of experts that dedicate themselves to the journey of delivering excellence.

Who started specs liquor?

Specs Liquor was founded in 1968 by a local Houston entrepreneur and Korean War veteran, Leon Couvillion. He originally opened two stores and his mission was to provide quality, competitively-priced liquor, beer, and wine selections.

He also wanted to create a trustworthy, customer-focused shopping experience in a safe and family-friendly environment. This goal has been at the core of the company’s philosophy ever since. With nearly 50 years of experience, Specs Liquor has grown to become one of the largest liquor retailers nationwide.

It currently operates nearly 200 locations across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana, offering tens of thousands of drinks and wines from around the world.

Who owns Twin Liquors?

Twin Liquors is independently owned and operated by the Waters and Eanes families, who have been in the liquor business for over 90 years. The Waters family has owned and operated liquor stores in Texas since 1923, while the Eanes family has been in the same business since 1933.

Today, the families’ combined experience and expertise form a powerful business dynamic that keeps Twin Liquors one step ahead of the competition and offers customers a superior shopping experience. The stores are operated and owned by the families and are staffed with passionate and knowledgeable employees who are devoted to the art and science of buying and selling fine wines, craft beers, and spirits.

Twin Liquors prides itself on offering superior customer service and exclusive products that fit any budget. The company is currently the largest family-owned liquor retailer in Texas and operates more than 90 locations throughout the state.

Who owns Ultra Liquors in South Africa?

Ultra Liquors is a liquor wholesaler based in South Africa. It is the second largest liquor wholesaler in the country and the largest supplier of licensed beverages, servicing customers throughout South Africa.

The company is owned by Hillsons Investments, primarily owned by billionaire businessman Albert Kreeve.

Since the inception of the Ultra Liquors brand in 1999, the business has grown rapidly. Ultra Liquors currently operates more than 148 outlets throughout South Africa with a strong presence in each of the 9 provinces.

The company also has numerous branches in neighbouring countries, including Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The company is constantly expanding its reach and delivering quality products, earning it the honour of being the ‘largest liquor company in Africa.


Under the ownership of Hillsons Investments, the company has experienced strong growth and has become the leading player in the South African liquor market. Albert Kreeve, the owner of Hillsons Investments, has been key in the expansion of Ultra Liquors, having invested significant resources into the business.

He has dedicated much of his time and resources to ensuring the success of the business, building it from a single outlet to many outlets across Africa.

What liquor company does P Diddy own?

P. Diddy (aka Sean Combs) owns a stake in a liquor company by the name of DeLeon Tequila. DeLeon Tequila was founded in 2008 and creates top-shelf, super-premium tequilas. He took a majority control of the brand in 2014 and most recently launched a DeLeon Cold Cocktails line in 2020.

The company also produces D’Ussé cognac, Ciroc vodka, DeLeon Tequila’s, and DeLeon Tequila Reserve Barrels. P. Diddy has taken a more hands-on role in the company since 2018. He has attended events, conducted tastings, and created unique marketing campaigns to promote his brands.

The company has seen great success since P. Diddy took over and continues to expand into new markets in the US and abroad.

Who is liquorland owned by?

Liquorland is owned by Woolworths, Australia’s largest grocery retailer, which is part of the Woolworths Group. As a liquor retail specialist, Liquorland has around 400 stores spanning all states and territories in Australia and it is the number one liquor retailer.

Liquorland has a significant presence in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory making it a leading voice in the industry. As the exclusive liquor retailing channel for Woolworths, Liquorland stocks a wide range of beers, wines and spirits with prices to suit all budgets.

With an extensive range of local, national and international beers, wines and spirits, Liquorland caters to all tastes and occasions. The Liquorland team are passionate about delivering a high standard of customer service and helping customers make informed choices when it comes to their drinking habits.

Who owns Southern Glazer’s wine and spirits?

Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits is owned by the largest family-controlled spirits and wine distributor in the United States. Southern Glazer’s is a privately owned company, owned by fourth-generation members of the Glazer family.

The Glazer family is led by brothers Gary and Troy Glazer, who serve as CEO and Co-Chief Executive Officer, respectively. The family-owned business dates back to 1933, when the brothers’ grandfather, Victor J.

Glazer, purchased the family’s first distributorship. Today, Southern Glazer’s has an extensive portfolio of wine and spirit brands, and distributes to more than 5,000 locations across 48 states, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

The company also has an expansive independent sales network, and a number of direct-to-consumer initiatives. In total, Southern Glazer’s employs more than 20,000 people globally.