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Is the EKU Rec Center free to students?

The EKU Rec Center is free to all students enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University. The Rec Center offers Fitness and Wellness classes as well as a wide variety of weight and cardio equipment. In addition to student admission, faculty and staff can also access the Rec Center for a small monthly fee.

Each area of the Rec Center offers further amenities, from basketball courts and racquetball to aerobics, yoga, and spinning classes; rock climbing walls and swimming pools for classes, intramurals, and open recreation; as well as massage therapy, wellness consultations and customized strength and conditioning.

Can non U of I students use the rec center?

No, only University of Iowa students, faculty, and staff are able to use the Recreational Gym, Pool, and various other facilities offered through the Recreational Services Office. Individuals must first obtain a valid University of Iowa HawkID and then register for a membership.

University of Iowa student fees, which are collected each semester, cover the cost of the membership. Guests are not allowed to use the facilities. However, University of Iowa students and members can bring a guest with them who must pay a smaller guest fee.

In addition, there are other recreational facilities in the area, such as the Coralville Recreation and Aquatic Center, that offer options for those who are not eligible to use the University’s Recreational Services Office.

What is the Eastern Experience fee at EKU?

The Eastern Experience fee at EKU is an annual fee that helps to support a variety of activities and services. These activities help to provide a quality campus atmosphere and promote student success.

The fee helps to provide recreational activities, educational and cultural experiences such as lectures, musical and theatrical performances, cultural awareness programs and art displays. It also helps to provide campus services like shuttle buses, student government organizations and clubs, student-run television and radio stations, student safety and security programs, textbooks, printing and copying services, as well as technology services and upgrades.

Additionally, the Eastern Experience fee helps to support capital projects and activities that enhance the quality of the student experience, such as the Powell Building renovations, modernization of classrooms, the Student Success Center renovations, designation of new parking lots and bike lanes, and many others.

The money also goes to initiatives such as the study abroad program, community outreach programming, student leadership development and experiential learning opportunities. Overall, the Eastern Experience fee provides a vibrant learning environment for all students to enjoy and be successful in their college experience.

Where is the Student Success Center at EKU?

The Student Success Center at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is located on the 2nd floor of the Library Learning Center (LLC). It is located at 521 Lancaster Avenue in Richmond, KY. The Student Success Center provides a variety of services to assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Their services include tutoring, advising, academic skills development, and referrals to other campus resources. In addition to in-person services, they offer online resources and workshops to help students succeed in their courses.

Does EKU have a pool?

Yes, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) has a pool located in John Jacob Niles Hall on the Richmond campus. The pool is open to the public, and they offer a wide variety of aquatic programs and services, including lap swimming and recreational swimming.

There are also aquatic classes, diving classes, and water safety classes available. The pool maintains a certain temperature throughout the year, and they also have a swim team. During the summer, the pool offers a family aquatic program with activities that are designed for people of all ages and abilities.

Additionally, the John Jacob Niles Hall pool has a lobby area for swimmers to relax and change in between swimming sessions.

Can you dorm with the opposite gender at EKU?

No, at Eastern Kentucky University, students are not able to dorm with the opposite gender in most cases. On-campus housing is offered separately to male and female students, and in most residence halls residence halls across campus, same-gender roommate assignments are necessary.

There are some exceptions, however. Gender Neutral Housing, or GNH is one possible exception and is available as a housing option at EKU. GNH is designed to provide an equal, comfortable, and safe environment for all students, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

With this option, students are able to select whatever roommate they prefer, regardless of gender. To learn more about GNH and find out if it’s a fit for you, visit the Gender Neutral Housing page on the EKU Housing website.

Are books at EKU free?

No, books at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) are not free. Students may rent textbooks from the university bookstore. Textbook rental prices are typically comparable to purchase prices.

Students can also purchase their textbooks from the university bookstore or online retailers. The prices for textbooks may vary depending on the book and edition needed for the class. Alternatively, students may choose to buy used books from the bookstore or through online resources such as Amazon and Chegg.

Finally, students should also come up with creative ways to save money on books like sharing with a friend or borrowing from the library. The library may also offer access to digital versions of some of the texts.

The library will usually only lend them out for a few hours and the student must return the book in order to be able to borrow another one.

Is EKU a dry campus?

No, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is not a dry campus. Although many of the residence halls enforce a “dry policy”, meaning that possession and/or consumption of alcohol is prohibited, having and consuming alcohol is permitted elsewhere on campus.

The university recognizes that the legal drinking age in Kentucky is 21 and encourages students to drink responsibly. For example, EKU provides students with access to alcohol education courses, offers an Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program, and sponsors alcohol-free social events to promote responsible behavior for those who choose to drink.

Additionally, campus policies prohibit any student under 21 from possessing or consuming alcohol on university property or at any university-sanctioned event. Furthermore, if a student is found in violation of the university’s alcohol policies, they may be subject to disciplinary action.

What is a passing grade at EKU?

At Eastern Kentucky University, the passing grade is typically defined as a C or higher. Any letter grade of C- or lower is considered a failing grade. To obtain a C or higher, students must earn a minimum of a 73% or higher on exams, assignments, group projects, and other coursework.

Grading scales and other definitions of a passing grade may vary, so it’s important to check with your professor for more information.

Can you have pets at EKU?

Yes, you can have pets at Eastern Kentucky University as long as you follow some guidelines. All pets must be kept in the student’s designated living space, including any and all approved guest rooms.

Students must also provide proof of vaccinations and all pets must be spayed or neutered. Any dwellings must have hardwood or tile floors and no carpets. Additionally, a pet deposit is required for any pet residing in an on-campus housing.

Also, students are responsible for all expenses for their pet and must monitor their pet’s behavior, including keeping it from making excessive noise or from annoying or harming other residents. If a pet is found to be on campus outside of a student’s housing unit, the student could face disciplinary action.

Is there a curfew at EKU?

Yes, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) has a curfew set for all students living on campus. The curfew is in effect from 11 p. m. to 7 a. m. daily throughout the entire academic year. Residential students are strongly encouraged to remain in their residence halls during this time and should not be in any other locations.

The curfew assists in providing a safe and secure living environment and helps protect students against unreasonable risks and liabilities.

All residential students must abide by the curfew, or face disciplinary action. For instance, students violating curfew will be charged with a Class B violation on their student conduct record. If a student continually violates curfew, they may face suspension or expulsion from the University.

More information about the curfew can be found in the Student Handbook, located on the EKU Student Rights & Responsibilities website.

Can freshman have cars at EKU?

Yes, freshman can have cars at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). However, it is important to be aware of several regulations related to parking on campus. All members of the university community are expected to register their vehicles and display a valid EKU parking permit while on our campus.

For visitors and first-time users, permits are available on a daily or semester basis. Only vehicles legally registered and operated by Eastern students, faculty, or staff are permitted to park in lots designated for Eastern patrons.

Freshman students who live in Residence Halls and Suite Style housing are not permitted to have cars and must register their vehicle at the Parking Services Office. They must also purchase a parking permit for the one vehicle with an applicable fee and will be limited to gray (commuter) parking lots.

All other parking lots and garages are prohibited from Freshman students with vehicles.

It is important to remember that you may not park ANY vehicle in a handicap space, fire lane, or loading dock without displaying the current registration and a valid handicap permit issued by EKU Parking Services.

Any vehicle in violation of EKU parking regulations may be ticketed, and may even be booted or towed at the owner’s expense.

For more information, please visit the EKU Parking Services website at

What is dress code policy?

A dress code policy is a set of guidelines that an organization or company creates to ensure their employees present a professional appearance when interacting with customers, clients, and each other.

The policy is designed to make sure all personnel are dressed in a uniform or standard mode of dress and must be followed by everyone in the organization. The policy will generally outline what is deemed appropriate or inappropriate attire and cover various job roles including office staff, warehouse staff, customer service staff, as well as any special occasions.

Organizations often create a dress code policy to ensure their employees maintain a professional appearance and model the company values to their customers, clients and colleagues. The policy should also help to ensure that clothing and footwear chosen by staff are appropriate for the tasks at hand and do not put their health and safety at risk.

Part of a dress code policy may include prohibitions against clothing with offensive language or images, safety hazards such as open-toe shoes, clothes that are too tight or revealing, as well as accessories or jewelry that are excessive in nature.

Additionally, the policy may set standards on colors and designs so everyone looks cohesive and uniform.

Regardless of the organization’s size, industry, or location, having a dress code policy in place will help to present a professional, business-appropriate look, promote and maintain a level of respect among co-workers, and encourage a sense of equality.

Does EKU require freshmen to live on campus?

No, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) does not require freshmen to live on campus. Generally, EKU encourages first-year students to stay on campus in order to help them adjust to college life, be part of their community, and foster an engaging learning environment.

However, there are many different factors that might go into a student’s decision to live on or off campus such as financial resources, family or medical circumstances, or personal preference. If a student decides to live off-campus, EKU offers a variety of resources to assist with their transition to college life, such as an Off Campus Orientation program, housing and roommate assistance, and more.

It is important to note that EKU does have certain requirements depending on the student. For example, all undergraduate students who are under the age of 21 must complete the Alcohol and Drug Education Program, and all international students must live on campus during their first year.

Ultimately, while living on-campus is an excellent opportunity and an important part of the college experience, it is not a requirement at EKU and students can make the decision that best fits their individual needs.

Does EKU have sorority houses?

No, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) does not have sorority houses on or near campus. The EKU Panhellenic Association, the governing body of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities, provides guidance and support for the sororities by hosting events, providing resources, and supporting the sisterhood and principles of the NPC sororities.

The sororities are allowed to have housing in the area, however the house is not owned by the University or by the Panhellenic Association and is maintained by the particular sorority. The houses are not considered University property and, therefore, have no affiliation with the University, and the EKU sororities all have different housing arrangements.