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Is Victory out of business?

No, Victory is not out of business. Victory is a manufacturer and distributor of motorcycles, scooters and snowmobiles that was established in 1998. The company was created with the vision of providing motorcyclists with high-quality products that could match the performance of any other motorcycle brand in its class.

Victory now offers over 50 different motorcycle models, along with dozens of aftermarket accessories and apparel. The company currently has several factories and retail locations located throughout the United States, as well as distribution and service centers around the world.

Although Victory has gone through periods of difficulty due to the economic downturn, the company remains in business, with a commitment to providing its loyal customers with quality motorcycles and accessories.

Why did Polaris discontinue Victory?

Polaris discontinued the Victory brand in 2017 due to the fact that it was not able to compete with its more successful sister brands, Polaris and Indian. The company stated that it had no intention of abandoning its commitment to the cruiser market, but instead saw an opportunity to more effectively serve customers by refocusing its efforts on its core products.

By concentrating on the core Polaris and Indian brands, Polaris was able to better target customers who desired the quality product that these brands offer. Victory customers were encouraged to transition to a Polaris product, as those already owning a Victory bike were offered special incentives when trading up.

Furthermore, Polaris decided to focus more operations on creating innovative side-by-side vehicles, electric vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles rather than also continuing to work on the Victory line.

Is Victory still making parts?

Yes, Victory still makes parts for many of their bikes. Victory has parts for all of their bikes and for many popular custom projects. They make a wide variety of components for your bike, from brakes and suspension to engine components and accessories.

If you want to make the most out of your bike, Victory offers a variety of high-quality parts that can upgrade the performance of your bike, whether you’re using it for commuting or for racing. On their website, you can find parts for the traditional Victory models and for some of the more modern Victory models.

Also, they offer a wide collection of performance upgrades. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your brakes or your suspension, or make your bike look faster, Victory has a selection of performance parts to choose from.

For those looking for custom parts, Victory also produces a selection of custom components and accessories. They have everything from lighting and turn signals, to decals that reflect your bike’s style.

Finally, Victory provides customers with their original parts, so you can rest assured that they fit perfectly on your bike.

When did they stop making Victory?

Victory Motorcycles discontinued operations in January 2017 after producing motorcycles since 1998. The company produced a variety of American-made motorcycles equipped with either a 50-degree V-Twin or a 1731cc V-Twin engine.

During its run, Victory had a broad line of motorcycles which included luxury touring bikes, traditional cruisers, custom bikes, and performance bikes. In 2016, Polaris, which owned Victory Motorcycles, announced it was closing the Victory Motorcycles brand and all associated operations.

Production of the brand’s extensive lineup ended abruptly in January 2017, however, customer service and parts availability continued for a period of time after the discontinuation of the production of the brand.

Why did Victory Motorcycles close?

Victory Motorcycles officially ceased production and distribution in 2017, after 18 years in business. It had become a subsidiary of the Polaris Industries in 1998, who invested heavily into the brand in an effort to capture a larger share of the cruiser motorcycle market.

Unfortunately, despite these investments, the Victory Motorcycles brand simply wasn’t able to compete with more established and popular brands such as Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles in terms of consumer interest.

Even though it experienced periods of success, most notably the launch of the Vegas model, overall sales steadily declined over the course of its lifespan.

Coupled with market saturation, unfavorable regulations, rising gas prices, and increased global competition, this ultimately led to the brand’s demise and is the primary reason why Victory Motorcycles closed.

These factors made it increasingly difficult for Victory Motorcycles to remain competitive and ultimately resulted in the company discontinuing the brand in 2017.

Are parts still available for Victory Motorcycles?

Yes, parts are still available for Victory Motorcycles. Partzilla. com is one source for obtaining oem and aftermarket parts. They offer electrical, external engine components, and more. Additionally, various Victory Motorcycle forums and online outlets such as Rakuten, eBay, and Amazon provide aftermarket parts, including brake parts, foot pegs, suspension components, and accessories.

Finally, many local Victory dealerships still have parts and accessories available.

Do they still make Victory bikes?

No, Victory Motorcycles was an American motorcycle manufacturer lasting from 1998-2017. The company ultimately ceased production in 2017, when production of the company’s last model was completed and the remaining assets of the company were purchased by Polaris Industries.

Although Victory Motorcycles has gone out of business, there are a number of aftermarket parts and accessories such as custom paint, apparel and tuning parts, as well as replacement parts, available to keep Victory bikes running.

Additionally, many former Victory dealerships may still provide servicing and support for existing Victory motorcycles.

How many Victory octanes were produced?

The exact number of Victory Octanes that were produced is not known, however the motorcycle was only produced between 2015 and 2017, so it is likely that the number is relatively low. During the two year production period, Victory offered Limited and Premium models of the Octane.

According to Victory’s website, a limited number of special edition Octanes were released from November 2016 – January 2017. The Victory Octane was a cruiser-styled bike, with a modern design, and a blend of power and efficiency.

It was designed to be light and nimble, with a powerful 1179cc V-Twin engine. The Octane was meant to be an affordable and versatile bike, with performance suitable for both city and highway riding. The short production period and the fact that production of all Victory motorcycles ended in 2017 make it likely that the total number of Victory Octanes produced was relatively low.

Who Makes Victory High Ball?

Victory High Ball is a model of motorcycle manufactured by Indian Motorcycle. Indian Motorcycle is an American brand of motorcycles originally founded in 1901. The company was founded by bicycles maker George M.

Hendee and car mechanic Carl Oscar Hedstrom. Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, Indian Motorcycle Company has a history of producing some of the most iconic and recognizable models of motorcycles in the world, including the Scout and Chief.

The Victory High Ball was first introduced in 2014 as part of the bestseller victory lineup of bikes, and over the years has become a cult classic. It features a classic design with a 21 inch spoked wheel, 9.

4 liters fuel capacity, and an American made Freedom 106/6 V-Twin engine for superior performance. The Victory High Ball is an ideal ride for riders wanting an excellent combination of performance and classic style.

Is Victory made by Indian?

No, Victory Motorcycles is not made by an Indian company. Victory Motorcycles is an American manufacturer of mid-size and heavyweight cruiser motorcycles, established in 1998 and most recently sold by Polaris Industries.

The first Victory was the V92C, designed by Al Kocinski and Gary Meadors, who formed its parent company, Polaris Industries. The Victory line currently comprises of nine models, ranging from the budget-friendly Octane to the limited edition Super Bolt, with power levels ranging from 41 to 121 horsepower.

Victory was dissolved by Polaris in 2017 after just shy of two decades in production, but the spirit behind the brand is still alive in the custom bike community.

Is Victory owned by Polaris?

No, Victory is not owned by Polaris. Victory Motorcycles was an American motorcycle manufacturer established in 1998, and it was acquired by Polaris in 2011. The Victory brand was then officially discontinued in 2017 after 18 years of production.

The Polaris Slingshot vehicle is now a separate division of Polaris, and was previously a part of the Victory Motorcycles division. The assets from Victory Motorcycles were separated from Polaris in 2017 and redistributed to other divisions.

What motorcycle company makes Victory?

Victory Motorcycles is an American motorcycle manufacturer based in Spirit Lake, Iowa. They have been in business since 1998 and are owned by Polaris Industries, which also manufactures ATVs, snowmobiles, and other motorized off-road vehicles.

Victory is known for its large V-Twin engines, unique styling, and custom accessories. The company has created a variety of models ranging from standard cruisers to full-on performance-oriented touring bikes.

Victory Motorcycles also has a robust aftermarket parts business, allowing riders to customize their bikes to meet their needs. In addition to motorcycles, Victory also produces a variety of custom apparel and lifestyle products.

Are Victory and Indian motorcycles the same?

No, Victory and Indian motorcycles are not the same. Victory is a brand of American V-twin cruiser and touring motorcycles which are currently produced by Polaris Industries, while Indian is an American brand of motorcycles originally produced in 1901 by the Hendee Manufacturing Company.

Victory has kept its American V-twin style intact since its introduction in 1998, while Indian offers both a V-twin engine as well as an all-new liquid-cooled powerplant. Victory and Indian each have their own unique designs, performance advantages, and target markets.

Victory offers a variety of cruiser-style bikes, ranging from the high-end Vision Tour to the more modest Kingpin, while Indian offers an extensive range of cruisers, tourers and baggers. Victory prides itself on designing its bikes for everyday riders, with features like cruise control, high-tech audio, and advanced traction control, while Indian is more focused on providing a classic riding experience.

Ultimately, the choice between Victory and Indian comes down to the personal preference of the rider.

When did Polaris buy Indian?

Polaris Industries acquired Indian Motorcycles, LLC in April of 2011. Indian Motorcycle had been one of the original American motor companies and was at the time in the middle of reviving its brand to become a leader in the American motorcycle market.

For Polaris Industries, the acquisition was part of a strategy to become a leading manufacturer of recreational, off-road and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles, as well as other recreational vehicles such as trailers and boats.

Prior to acquiring Indian Motorcycles, Polaris Industries had already developed a range of on and off-road vehicles, and had seen success in the snowmobiles and off-road vehicles market. However, the acquisition of Indian allowed Polaris to expand into the market for mid-size, performance-oriented motorcycles, as well as supplying different types of cruisers and tourers.

The purchase also meant that Polaris was able to draw on the heritage and brand recognition of Indian Motorcycles and build upon what they had achieved so far.

What brand is Victory?

Victory is a premium motorcycle maker founded by Polaris Industries in 1998. It offers a range of American-made motorcycles, which include various models of cruisers, baggers, sportbikes, tourers and touring models.

Victory’s iconic Innovation, Performance and Bold Freedom designs are recognizable in all of its models, which have been created to appeal to a wide range of riders – from those who seek the classic American V-Twin style to the performance-minded rider.

Every Victory model stands apart from all other bikes on the market and offers a unique combination of features, value, style and performance. From the innovative Victory Octane to the legendary Cross Country Tour, Victory is dedicated to producing quality bikes with superb craftsmanship for all types.