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Is WBKO on YouTube TV?

No, WBKO is not available on YouTube TV. YouTube TV offers streaming users access to a selection of major networks and cable channels, as well as local networks in specific markets. Unfortunately, WBKO is not one of the networks and cable channels included in YouTube TV’s lineup.

What Channel is WBKO on?

WBKO can be found on Channel 13 on your local cable provider. In Bowling Green, Kentucky and the surrounding areas, WBKO is available on Channel 13 and 14 (airing a simulcast). WBKO is also available in HD on Channel 713 on all digital cable providers.

Furthermore, the station can be found and streamed on streaming services (such as Hulu Live, YouTubeTV, and many more) in the area.

Who owns WBKO?

WBKO is owned by Quincy Media, Inc. , based in Quincy, Illinois. Quincy Media is owned by the Quincy family and is a diversified media company with properties in nine states including television, radio, newspapers, and digital media.

WBKO provides viewers in south-central Kentucky with the newest news and entertainment programming in the Bowling Green and South Central Kentucky area. They have been a part of the community since October 7, 1958 and are dedicated to serving the areas of Glasgow, Franklin, Breeding, Lake City, Bronston and Park City.

Where did Laura Rogers go from WBKO?

Laura Rogers left WBKO in 2017 and is now the Chief Meteorologist at KRIV in Houston, TX. She has been at KRIV since 2018, where she provides weather forecasts for the viewers in the area. Rogers began her career at WBKO in Bowling Green, KY in 2008.

While at WBKO, she earned a National Weather Association Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal for her weather forecasts and also received awards from the Associated Press and the Kentucky Broadcast Association.

She was part of the WBKO weather team for nine years, covering everything from severe storms and blizzards to heat waves and floods. Since joining KRIV, Rogers has worked to provide accurate weather forecasts for the Houston area and its surrounding communities, while also staying engaged with her viewers through public appearances and social media outreach.

Who owns WCPO in Cincinnati?

WCPO in Cincinnati is owned by The E. W. Scripps Company. The company, founded in 1878 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, owns broadcast television stations and newspapers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

The E. W. Scripps Company currently owns 33 local television stations in 24 markets, including several ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and The CW affiliates, as well as several Azteca America affiliates. In 2020, the company acquired the journal-media division of GateHouse Media, making it the fifth largest newspaper publisher in the United States.

WCPO in Cincinnati has been owned by The E. W. Scripps Company since 2014, when it acquired the station from Belo Corporation.

Who owns WBAY in Green Bay?

WBAY in Green Bay is owned by Gray Television. The company is based in Atlanta and offers over 100 stations across 54 television markets making it one of the largest television broadcasting companies in the United States.

Gray Television is comprised of local television stations, websites, mobile apps and streaming services that reach millions of viewers every day, which includes WBAY. This station covers a large viewing area, including Northeastern Wisconsin, Northern Michigan and Northern Illinois, delivering local news, sports, entertainment and other within the communities it serves.

How can I watch WBKO 13?

Depending on what type of device you have access to.

If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can watch WBKO 13 on the following channels:

13.1 (high definition) – Spectrum 308, AT&T U-verse 13 and 1613, Mediacom 328, and DirecTV 13

13.2 (high definition) – Spectrum 500 & 1241, AT&T U-verse 136, Mediacom 613, and DirecTV 50

13.3 – Spectrum 800, Mediacom 915, DirecTV 13

If you don’t have a cable or satellite subscription, you can still watch WBKO 13 on your streaming devices. Their live stream can be watched using any of the following streaming services: Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and our WBKO 13 app.

Additionally, you can watch WBKO 13 on their website, WBKO. com. On the main page, you will see a video window located on the right side of the page. If you click on the video window, you will be able to watch the current newscast live.

Finally, you can also watch WBKO 13 over the air on channel 13 in the Bowling Green, KY area.

Can you watch WBKO on Roku?

Yes, you can watch WBKO on Roku. Simply add and launch the WBKO Channel App to your Roku device and you’ll be able to watch the WBKO live stream and catch up on the latest local news, weather, sports and more.

You’ll be able to stream coverage from anywhere you have an internet connection, so you’ll never miss a moment of the news and information that matters most to you. With Roku, you can also access On Demand content, including access to local programming and breaking news on demand, just in case you missed something on the live stream.

With Roku and WBKO, you’ll always stay informed.

How do I get Wnep on my antenna?

In order to get WNEP on your antenna, you will need to first find out what type of antenna you need to receive the channel. WNEP broadcasts over RF channel 16, so you will need to purchase an antenna that can pick up signals from VHF channels (which range from 2-13) and UHF channels (which range from 14-69).

Once you have purchased the proper antenna for your location, you will need to connect the antenna to your television and scan for available channels. When the channel scan completes, you should be able to find WNEP, depending on your location.

What free channels can I get with an antenna in my area?

The answer to this question will depend on your exact location and the type of antenna you have. Generally, using an antenna will allow you to access a variety of analog and digital broadcast channels in most areas, including both national and local stations.

You should be able to get channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, and other local programming. Many of these channels will be broadcast in standard (SD) resolution, while some may also be available in high definition (HD).

You may be able to access additional channels in your area depending on your antenna and where you live. Some HDTV antennas may also be able to pick up digital broadcasts from networks such as MyNetworkTV and Univision, as well as non-English language channels like Azteca America and some other specialty programming.

Additionally, some antennas may allow you to access free video streaming services like Pluto TV, which offer a wide selection of free channels. It’s important to note that all of these signals can be affected by factors like terrain, location, and weather, so the channels you’ll get may vary based on these elements.

How do I search for antenna channels?

Searching for antenna channels requires a few steps. First, obtain an antenna appropriate for your area. This includes doing research about local antenna channels available in your area and selecting an antenna that is appropriate for the channels you want to view and the distance the antenna will need to travel to the television.

After the antenna is purchased, it should be installed according to manufacturer or expert advice. To find specific channels and programs, you can look at what local channels are available online or you can use an online tool to search the channels available in your area.

If you want to know what is available in a specific zip code or city, you can also check listings on websites such as TVguidemag or TVfool. Once installed, you can scan for antenna channels on your television and you should be able to view the channels available in your area.

Is NBC no longer available on antenna?

No, NBC is still available to watch on antenna. NBC is a broadcast television network which can be watched using an over-the-air antenna in select markets. Depending on the market, antenna viewers may watch NBC on digital subchannels, on analog, or both.

To view NBC over-the-air, viewers must have an HDTV with a digital tuner or an HD converter box, a directional or triangular antenna, and an adequate signal strength. To check if NBC is available in your area and what channel it is broadcasting on, visit may be found at www.

titantv. com.

Can you still get local channels with an antenna?

Yes, you can still get local channels with an antenna. An antenna is a great solution for those who want to continue watching local broadcasts on their HDTV, for free. An antenna can help you access a variety of content, including local news, sports, and special event broadcasts.

By connecting the antenna to your TV, you can pick up and tune in to over-the-air signals from local TV stations offering a range of local shows and programming. You may need to experiment with different antenna types or mount the antenna in a different location or height to find the best spot to get the strongest reception.

However, you can typically access up to 50+ channels with an antenna, depending on the broadcast area. So, you can still get local channels with an antenna!.

Who is the new weatherman on WBKO?

The new weatherman on WBKO is Matt McMahon. Before joining WBKO, he worked for five years in Abilene, Texas, as the weather/sports anchor for the local CBS station. Matt has more than 15 years of weather experience and holds the seal of approval from the American Meteorology Society.

He is excited about being part of the WBKO team and is committed to providing the most accurate and timely forecasts for viewers. Matt lives in Bowling Green with his wife Kelsey, who serves in the US Air Force.

In his free time, he likes to go fishing, play disc golf or just relax and watch a movie.

Where is Allie Hennard from?

Allie Hennard is from Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in the city, Allie has been creating content since she was a teenager. She is the founder of Genies, the digital avatar company, and has been featured on Variety’s Leadership Impact report, Fast Company’s Most Creative People, and Forbes 30 under 30.

As an influencer, she’s spoken across many stages, including The Economist and SXSW, and she is also a contributing writer and speaker at tech and marketing conferences. Her work has been featured in CNN, NBC, ABC and other major publications as well.

Allie is actively using her platform and her network to drive real change that improves the technology and creative industries.