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Master Bedroom Size

Apart from the kitchen and living room, a bedroom is another crucial part of the house. It is the room where you rest and rejuvenate yourself in preparation for the day or task ahead. To others, the bedroom is their solace – a place where they find the utmost peace with themselves after a stressful day. Therefore, when constructing a home or renting a condo, it is essential to know the right size for a master bedroom. This estimation will help you make the right decision as far as your resting area is concerned as well as other significant features in the room.

Normally, the size of a bedroom often ranges from 200sq ft. -250sq ft… This is a standard size where basic bedroom essentials will fit and allow you enough room for comfort. When considering the ideal size for your master bedroom, the first thing to plan about is your furniture. You need to have a rough image of what will be included in the room, and the spacing between items. For easy planning, you can make your drawing with movable windows and doors. Also, keep in mind flexibility in movement and accessibility of respective accessories in the room.

The Comfort of Master Bedroom?

With all the furniture and accessories in the room, comfort should not be compromised at all cost. Your convenience starts from the bed location. The bed is the main focus in the room. It should be positioned at the central place in the room. Additionally, it needs to be at a strategic place with easy access to the lighting system and other features in the room. The size of your bed should also dictate the size of your master room. For instance, if you are using a king-sized bed, which measures approximately 76 inches by 80 inches, then your room should measure at least 270sq ft. These measurements will guarantee there is enough room for flexibility and accessibility.

The Difference with Other Bedrooms

Whether it is a rental condo, apartment, or you have constructed your home; your master bedroom should look different from other bedrooms in the house. It should have additional features that indicate it’s the master room. Think of master bath with separate tub and shower, private toilet alcove or room, and plenty of countertop space. Ensure that every space is fitted with personalized amenities to match your style and specifications. In the case where other rooms have a bathroom too, these specifications will make the master room unique. Also, arrange the room in a way that the master bathroom entrance has a separate door that connects to the closet and main bedroom. Doing so will allow you more functional space in the room where you can confidently decorate to meet respective specifications.

Different Bedrooms Dimension

With all the aforementioned information, finding an appropriate master bedroom ensuite may not be as easy. Not every house construction has the same measurements for the room. It is prudent to understand different dimensions, house settings, and bedroom sizes.

An Average Apartment Bedroom

In an ordinary apartment, most bedrooms measure 11’ x12’. However, depending on location, these measurements are bound to change to either smaller or larger options.

In An Average House

An average house is often constructed with at least 3.38 bedrooms. Averagely, a bedroom in this home measures approximately 219sq ft. Therefore, the master bedroom is only slightly bigger from the others with a few amenities included to make it different from the rest.

Hotel Room

Most hotels or guesthouses construct their rooms with potential clients in mind. A standard room measures 8’ x 10’ while a master room is relatively larger. Of great importance to note is that different hotels use different measurements for both standard and master bedroom.

An Average-Sized Home

The master bedroom in an average home is the only room that has 100% accuracy in terms of quality and style. The bedroom in this type of home measures approximately 309sq ft.

In the same type of home construction, noticing the difference between the master bedroom and the kid’s room is relatively easy. The kid’s room measures range from 10’ x10’ to 14’ x14’. It mostly depends on the type of beds the kids use and how many kids will share the room. Slightly older kids often need a larger room.

Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms measure at least 7’ x10’. Any measurement less than that does not warrant a room to be called a ‘bedroom.’ Therefore, when constructing your home, whether you have adequate space or not, your standard bedroom size should not go below this minimum size.

Average Mansions

In an ordinary mansion, the size of a master bedroom measures approximately 320sq ft. This size allows you enough space to include all the specifications and amenities you need in the room. It provides enough room to arrange furniture and have a small seating area as well as other personalized features. The room is often constructed with a separating wall that provides you with maximum privacy when at the bathing area.


Master bedroom sizes vary depending on a house and construction specifications. However, all master ensuite rooms should contain a bathing room either with separate washroom or in the same setting. Any room with fewer amenities than the basics does not qualify to be called a master bedroom. Lastly, if the room is in an advanced home, then there should be room for flexibility in both movement and operations. Different people find different amenities relevant to this type of room; you cannot find a standard specification that will dictate the size and features to include.

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