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Should toilet paper holder be on the left or right?

The answer to this question is ultimately up to personal preference, as there is no “right” or “wrong” answer. However, if you find yourself unsure of which side to put the toilet paper holder on, there are some general guidelines to consider.

If the toilet paper holder is behind the toilet, the most common approach is to place it on the wall to the left of the toilet, as this makes it easier to grab toilet paper with the right hand. If the toilet paper holder is next to the toilet, the most common approach is to place it on the wall to the right of the toilet, as it is easier to reach with the left hand while sitting down.

When possible, it is helpful to install the toilet paper holder so that the roll hangs over the front of the toilet, as opposed to the side, as this makes it easier to remove and replace the roll. Keep in mind that when placing a toilet paper holder behind a toilet, the holder should be installed lower than the tank to prevent the toilet paper from interfering with the tank’s lid or handle.

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Where should a toilet paper holder be placed?

Generally speaking, the best place to position a toilet paper holder is on the wall, directly next to the toilet. This allows for easy access to the toilet paper and ensures that it will not be in the way while using the toilet.

Additionally, when placed close to the toilet, it becomes much easier to easily replace the roll when needed. Some other options could include mounting it on the side or back of the toilet, or alternatively on a nearby wall or cabinet.

However, these placements may be more inconvenient and require more effort to reach the toilet paper.

Why is toilet paper always on the left?

The reason why toilet paper is always on the left is a matter up for debate, but one explanation is that it has to do with the traditional design of restrooms. In most cases, the toilet and toilet paper holder are on the left side of a wall, away from the actual sink.

This means that when a user turns from the toilet to the sink to wash up, the toilet paper is already on their left side. Having toilet paper in this spot is a matter of convenience and accessibility for users, allowing them to easily reach for the toilet paper after using the restroom.

This placement also keeps the toilet paper from blocking the sink, which is usually placed on the right side of the wall. Furthermore, if the user is right-handed, having the toilet paper on the left means they can grab it without having to reach across their body.

In summary, the reason why toilet paper is typically placed on the left is due to the traditional design of bathrooms, convenience, and accessibility for users. This placement ensures that users can efficiently use the bathroom without having to reach over their body or having the toilet paper block the sink.

Does it matter which side of the toilet paper you use?

Yes, it does matter which side of the toilet paper you use. The side of the roll that you use to start wiping your bottom can be the clean side. This means that the paper you use is clean and that you are not transferring any bacteria from your hands onto the rest of the roll.

Using major hygiene habits like this can help to prevent the spread of bacteria and illnesses. Additionally, having the clean side of the paper on the outside can have practical benefits such as preventing any mess from forming when you are unrolling the toilet paper.

Where does the toilet paper holder go on a vanity?

The toilet paper holder is typically installed above the vanity near the wall, at a comfortable height for use. The holder can be mounted with adhesive strips to the wall, or it can be secured with screws for added stability.

When installing the toilet paper holder, keep in mind the height of the vanity, any other objects or cabinets that may be in the way, and the angle of the paper roll’s pull. Make sure the paper will not snag or bunch up when the roll is turned.

It is also a good idea to leave some additional space above the holder below the vanity counter to keep the toilet paper from becoming damaged from contact with the counter surface.

How high to mount a toilet paper holder?

The ideal height to mount a toilet paper holder is usually around 26″-30″ from the ground. This allows the roll of toilet paper to be within easy reach for an average adult. However, if the users of the bathroom are younger or shorter in height, it may be beneficial to mount the toilet paper holder closer to the ground to make it more accessible.

Another factor to consider when mounting the toilet paper holder is the height of the toilet. The best placement of the holder is usually 12″-18″ from the top of the toilet tank, so it may be necessary to adjust the height of the toilet paper holder slightly to make sure it is lined up in the right position.

Can you put a toilet paper holder on the wall behind a toilet?

Yes, you can put a toilet paper holder on the wall behind a toilet. Installing the holder on the wall is a simple process that should only take a few minutes. First, locate the studs in the wall so you’ll know where to put the screws to hold the holder in place.

If you don’t have studs, use wall anchors in order to firmly secure the holder. Once you’ve determined where to place the screws, mark the spots with a pencil and then create the proper pilot holes with a drill.

Place the toilet paper holder on the wall and secure it with the screws. Finally, add the toilet paper roll and enjoy your new and convenient holder.


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