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What are French country cabinets?

French country cabinets are a type of furniture designed to bring a traditional French country feel to the home. Often crafted from wooden materials with antique or distressed finishes, they feature intricate carving or wrought-iron details.

French country cabinets can serve as cupboard storage, armoires, built-ins, or open shelving, and typically have intricately carved doors or door-knobs, with painted or rustic distressing to enhance their antique appeal.

French country cabinets are available in a range of styles and configurations, in different sizes and shapes, and can be painted in a variety of colors to suit a variety of decor themes. They are typically quite substantial pieces of furniture, made to provide a stylish addition to any living space.

What is the difference between farmhouse and French country?

Farmhouse style originated in the rural parts of America, most often seen in open spaces on sprawling farms. Its roots are in the Shaker and Craftsman movements, and it is known for its welcoming, airy feel and pleasant, homey atmosphere.

The common elements of farmhouse style include wood furniture, wood paneling, bead board walls, white painted furniture, natural textiles, warm color palettes, and comfortable fabrics like cotton and linen.

Characteristic details include nubby gingham fabrics, overstuffed chairs, distressed finishes, porcelain and other vintage elements.

French country style is a mix of the rustic farmhouse aesthetic with the sophistication of ages-old Parisian décor style. It is an eclectic blend of culture and nature, combining patterns and colors inspired by the French countryside with a little bit of luxury.

Common elements of French country style include exposed beams, antique furniture, rustic stone fireplace and antique light fixtures. Colorful fabrics, mixed textures and interesting patterns are also common in French country décor.

Traditional details like toile, stripe and checked fabrics, ornate furniture and decorative accents are used to bring this classic style to life.

Can you mix farmhouse and French country?

Yes, you can mix farmhouse and French country decorating styles. To create a harmonious blend, try combining some modern farmhouse touches, such as metal light fixtures or rustic wood accents, with traditional French country elements, like elaborate wicker furniture or decorative wall plates.

For a subtle touch, add some country-style fabrics such as ticking stripes, florals, and gingham. To introduce a bit of French provincial charm, feature distressed furniture, copper accents, and stone or brick walls.

You can even add French-themed accents such as ceramic roosters and Eiffel Towers. By combining rusty accents, light blues and grays, natural wood elements, and classic fabrics, you’ll have a unique blend of chic French country and cozy farmhouse styles.

Is French Country outdated?

No, French Country style is not outdated. In fact, it has experienced a revival in recent years – with new spins, like French Country Glam, blending vintage inspirations with modern touches. The classic French Country style combines comfort, warmth, and a feeling of rustic, vintage charm – and has been popular since it first became popularized in the provinces of France.

Popular elements of the French Country style include warm woods, distressed finishes, natural stones, whitewashed walls, woven fabrics and antiques. This timeless look has become incredibly popular in the interior design world, with homeowners seeking to capture a timeless, rustic style.

With modern twists, such as fresh fabrics, bold wallpapers, and abstract pieces, French Country is far from outdated.

How do you make a modern kitchen look French country?

To make a modern kitchen look French country, there are several things you can do. Start by adding color. Choose soft, muted hues for walls, cabinets, and backsplashes, such as off white, light gray, sage green, and sky blue.

Next, opt for furniture and accessories that have rustic elements, such as wooden chairs or tables with distressed finishes, galvanized or copper metals, or wrought iron accents. Textures are also important: look for distressed woods, stone and marble accents, or natural fabrics for curtains and cushions.

Finally, choose simple and elegant décor such as vintage farmhouse items, fresh flowers, and traditional kitchenware. Incorporating these touches into your modern kitchen will help create a French country feel.

What does a typical kitchen in France look like?

A typical kitchen in France typically has air-conditioning, modern appliances, and plenty of storage. The kitchen furniture is generally made of wood and the walls are traditionally painted in soft colours like white, cream, or yellow.

The cabinets and drawers are typically made out of wood and the countertops are usually made out of granite or marble. You may also see stainless steel appliances in some of the more modern kitchens.

French kitchens often include a kitchen table for dining, a kitchen island for extra counter space, and comfortable and modern kitchen chairs. Shelves, cabinets, and pantries are also usually included.

In many French kitchens, the walls may have decorative tiles, open shelves, or a backsplash of tiles, usually in lighter and brighter shades. Some of the more traditional kitchens may have a fireplace as well.

French kitchens also typically have tiles or wooden floors and the lighting fixtures are usually modern and stylish. The kitchen may also be decorated with paintings and plants for added warmth and comfort.

What items should be included in a perfect French kitchen?

A perfect French kitchen should include a combination of both traditional and contemporary appliances. Appliances are important in French cooking and should include a gas or electric stove, a multifunctional oven with both steam and air cooking functions, and a good-quality extractor fan.

Additionally, you should have a top-grade coffee machine, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, blender, and toaster.

To ensure that you have the right tools for making traditional French food, you should have a good range of cookware, including a high-quality chef’s knife, a variety of stainless-steel pots and pans, and a cast-iron lidded casserole dish.

If you like baking, make sure you have a good set of baking utensils including a pastry brush, an enamel tall pie/flan dish, non-stick baking sheets and pans, as well as biscuit cutters of various shapes and sizes.

Other important items for a French kitchen should include a marble or granite work surface, a butcher block for carving meats and preparing vegetables, a good-quality wine rack for storing bottles of red, white, rose and sparkling wines and champagne, a set of matchingFrench-style dinner plates, appetizer plates and cutlery, and a collection of colorful and decorative accent pieces.

What are characteristics of French country homes?

French country homes are distinguished by their elegant charm, polished style, and rustic antiquity. They often feature an asymmetrical facade characterized by an ornate doorframe or entryway, large windows with decorative shutters, and a prominent front porch or balcony with elegant wrought iron railings.

French country homes are usually expansive with stucco or stone exteriors and red clay tile or slate roofs. Their interiors display traditional furnishings such as carved wood armoires and sofas, with elaborately designed fabrics and wallpaper.

Caned furnishings, stone fireplaces, and wood-paneled walls are common. Traditional metal fixtures and carved wooden elements, like door pulls and accents, often create a rustic look. Colors and finishes are typically muted, with country blues and creams being popular.

Accessories like distressed mirrors, dried flowers, and crystal chandeliers also help add a classic French touch.