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What are the differences between TOTO toilets?

TOTO toilets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The differences between TOTO toilets include flushing mechanisms, bowl shapes, water-saving features, and special cleaning technologies.

TOTO toilets typically use either a gravity-flush system or a pressure-assisted flushing system. Gravity-flush systems rely on gravity to send the water from the tank down into the bowl, whereas a pressure-assisted system uses an air pressure charge to push the flow of water.

The pressure-assisted system is more powerful but typically more expensive.

TOTO toilets also come in round, elongated, and one-piece bowl shapes. An elongated bowl design allows for a deeper bowl, which is more comfortable for most users. Round bowls, on the other hand, are less expensive but don’t provide as much room or comfort.

TOTO toilets also feature water-saving technologies, such as dual-flush technology, which allows you to choose between a full flush and a partial flush to save water. They also feature Tornado flushing systems, which use two separate nozzles to create a centrifugal force that sends water around the bowl for a powerful clean.

Finally, TOTO toilets also feature special cleaning technologies, such as CEFIONTECT glaze. This glaze prevents mold and bacteria from sticking to the bowl, so it stays cleaner for longer. TOTO has also developed SanaGloss glaze, which not only prevents bacteria growth but also uses a powerful ion barrier to repel water and help the toilet stay cleaner for longer.

What is the top of the line TOTO toilet?

The TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet is the top of the line TOTO toilet. This model features an automatic open-close lid, 2-piece design, and ewater+ system, which mists and cleans the bowl with electrolyzed water at every flush, keeping it cleaner for longer.

Additionally, the dual flush feature lets you customize your flush depending on the type of waste you’re flushing; the partial flush can save up to 25% more water than a full flush. Other features include a tornado flush system, a remote control, and a warm air dryer.

With its many features and sleek modern design, the TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet is perfect for those looking for the best possible toilet experience.

Which TOTO toilet has the most powerful flush?

The TOTO Ultramax II is widely recognized as having the most powerful flush of all TOTO toilets. This two-piece toilet features an efficient 1. 28 GPF flush with a powerful Double Cyclone flushing system that provides a strong, clog-free clean with each flush.

It is engineered with a special glaze on the trapway that helps the toilet flush efficiently and effectively. The Ultramax II is also equipped with TOTO’s Double Cyclone system, which has two nozzles that move large amounts of water powerfully and quickly down the bowl in order to create a powerful flush that cleans the bowl effectively with each use.

This highly efficient toilet also features a wide variety of features, including TOTO’s AquaPiston flushing technology to help move waste quickly and efficiently. It also has an SanaGloss finish on the ceramic that helps keep the bowl clean with every flush.

What is special about a TOTO toilet?

TOTO toilets offer many unique features that make them special. For starters, TOTO toilets are tested to be very efficient in flushing and cleaning, meaning they use up to 20% less water while still providing excellent performance.

TOTO toilets also come with advanced innovations such as a CeFiONtect glaze, which prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria build-up, as well as a Tornado Flush system, a flushing technology that provides 360-degree cleaning power.

Additionally, TOTO toilets have an ergonomic design that enhances comfort for all users. They often have soft-close mechanisms with an adjustable seat and cover, as well as heated seats and additional air purification systems for a truly luxurious experience.

Finally, TOTO toilets are beautifully designed and come in a range of styles, colors, and materials to match any bathroom decor.

How do I identify my TOTO toilet model?

To identify your TOTO toilet model, start by looking for markings on the back of your toilet tank. On the back of the tank, you should see a series of numbers and / or letters that denote the model name and / or series number.

You may also find a product code or other information such as the color, size, and style. Once you have located the markings, go to the TOTO website and enter the model information in the “Search Products” field.

This should pull up all the information regarding your particular TOTO toilet model. Alternatively, you can call TOTO’s customer service line at 1-888-295-8134 and provide them with the markings from your toilet.

The customer service representative should be able to determine your toilet model for you.

Do all Toto toilets flush the same?

No, not all Toto toilets flush the same. Several different types of toilet flushes are available depending on the model of the toilet. Toto toilets typically offer either a gravity-run toilet flush, a dual-flush option, or a pressure-assisted toilet flush.

Gravity-run toilets complete the flushing process with the force of gravity, while dual-flush models offer two different flushing modes with different levels of water usage. Pressure-assisted models harness water pressure to help force the bowl to empty more quickly.

Additionally, Toto offers Washlet models, which not only flush but also provide a warm spray of water with the touch of a button. Each type of toilet has its own unique flushing mechanism, meaning that not all Toto toilets flush the same.

Are Toto toilets made in China?

No, Toto toilets are not made in China. Toto is a Japanese company that is headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan. It has been in operation since 1917 and has its own factories located in different countries.

In Japan, the majority of its factories are located in Kitakyushu and Tochigi while in other countries they have factories in USA (Morrow, Georgia), Mexico (Tecate, Mexico), China (Suzhou, China), Thailand (Rayong, Thailand) and Indonesia (Karawang, Indonesia).

Toto products are also made in Malaysia (Johor, Malaysia) and Vietnam (Bac Ninh, Vietnam). Ultimately, Toto has factories all over the world, but their products are not produced solely in China.

What is the toilet that will not clog?

The best toilet to ensure you won’t experience clogs is one with a patented flushing system, such as the AquaPiston Flush from Kohler. This gravity-based flushing system uses 1. 28 gallons of water for a powerful flush yet is still WaterSense certified for efficient performance.

It generates a 360-degree flushing action that uses 80% less water to leave the bowl clean even after heavy use. The flush also includes an extra-large trapway to maintain a consistent and powerful flushing action that effectively moves any waste.

The design of the bowl works to keep it from clogging in the first place, as well as any possible misalignments that could cause clogs later on. Additionally, the toilet includes a canister design, allowing the tank to be filled more quickly than a standard flapper style.

What is a good flush capacity toilet?

When it comes to choosing a good flush capacity toilet, it’s important to consider several factors. Firstly, the size of the bowl and tank you require is important. You’ll need to take into account your water pressure, as well as the size of the bathroom you are in.

Once you have decided on the size you need, you can then look for a toilet with a good flush capacity. You’ll want to look for something with a close-coupled tank and bowl, as this ensures a powerful swirl of water is sent throughout the bowl, as well as a good capacity for waste removal.

Additionally, choosing models with features such as water-saving dual flush technology, or a stronger flapper can help you achieve the flush capacity you need. It’s also important to remember to replace components regularly, as this will help ensure your flush capacity remains optimal.

Do Toto toilets clog?

No, Toto toilets are designed to avoid clogs. They have advanced technology like their patented Double Cyclone, SanaGloss, and Tornado Flush systems, which allow for powerful and efficient flushing of waste and debris.

The Toto toilets also have special large-capacity and “trap-sensing” technology that keeps unwanted objects from entering the drainage passage, reducing the chances of clogging. Additionally, the use of softclose seat and lid prevents any kind of item or small object from slipping into the toilet which may cause clogging.

Another advantage of Toto toilets is that they come with a preventive anti-clogging feature, which keeps the toilet clean and free of obstructions by flushing small particles of debris.

What is the benefit of TOTO?

TOTO (also known as The TOTO System) is a Singaporean lottery-based game that has been around since 1968. It is a popular game among locals and tourists alike due to its simplicity and ease of play. TOTO offers guaranteed payouts to its players, with the top prize amounting up to SGD$10 million.

It has become an iconic representation of the Singaporean gambling institution, with a reputation for being well organised, transparent, and secure.

The primary benefit of TOTO is the ability to win large amounts of money with minimal financial risk involved. Players can choose from six different betting formats ranging from the base jackpot type to system bets that can increase the chances of winning.

In addition, TOTO also provides players with an additional assurance of safety and fairness as all winnings are guaranteed to be paid out by the Singapore Totalisator Board, an agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Another key benefit of TOTO is its affordability and convenience. Tickets for TOTO are available for prices ranging from SGD$1 to SGD$5, and can be purchased at approved retailers throughout Singapore.

In addition, the tickets can be bought online, making it easier to purchase multiple tickets at the same time.

Finally, TOTO gives players the opportunity to take part in exclusive ‘anniversary’ draws that offer higher chances of winning, as well as special promotional draws which provide more prizes. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from each TOTO draw are used to support the Singapore Totalisator Board’s charitable initiatives.

This ensures that TOTO is not just a game of chance but also gives back to the community.

Is TOTO better than American standard?

The short answer to this question is: it depends. TOTO and American Standard both produce high-quality plumbing fixtures that have a variety of features, designs, and technologies. Ultimately, it will depend on the individual needs and preferences of each customer, as to which one is better.

For starters, TOTO has been praised for its wide selection of unique, modern designs and its modern features like tankless toilets, eco-friendly and Washlet models, and Neorest toilets with Japanese-inspired design.

American Standard, on the other hand, has been praised for its comprehensive range of products, their durability and reasonable price point, their warranty and customer service, and their reliable performance.

When it comes to installation, TOTO toilets are fairly straightforward to install and maintain – assuming you have the right tools, the proper know-how, and the necessary space. American Standard, on the other hand, requires more professional plumbing experience and their installation is a bit more complex compared to TOTO.

Ultimately, the decision between TOTO and American Standard will depend on the individual and their needs. TOTO is a good choice for customers who are looking for modern, unique designs or technology-driven features.

American Standard is a good choice for those who are looking for reliable performance, durability, and value for money.

Is TOTO a premium brand?

TOTO is a Japanese brand that is highly renowned for its top-of-the-line bathroom fixtures and accessories. The company has been in business since 1917 and is renowned for providing high quality, innovative products with cutting edge technology.

TOTO is widely considered to be a premium brand since it provides top quality products manufactured with the latest technology and finest materials. This premium status is further supported by backing with a comprehensive warranty program for all their products for up to five years.

Additionally, TOTO products are known for their functionality, reliability, robust performance, and aesthetics. Its popular products include a variety of luxury bathtubs and toilets, lavatories, bidets, and more.

TOTO has also recently developed a special series of luxury bathroom accessories called TOTO Luxury Interiors Collection. This series of accessories has been designed to enhance any bathroom, creating a luxurious ambience.

All in all, TOTO is clearly a premium brand.

Are TOTO toilets good toilets?

TOTO toilets are definitely good toilets. They are leaders in the bathroom industry and have been around for decades. They make a variety of innovative, high-quality products that are trusted by people all over the world.

TOTO toilets are designed with both comfort and efficiency in mind, so they use less water while still providing powerful flushes. They also feature many modern features, such as dual flush technology, soft-close seats, and a Freshliness System that actively helps to keep the bowl cleaner.

Additionally, they are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance, so they hold up well over time. All in all, TOTO toilets are a great choice for anyone looking for an effective, efficient, and reliable product.

Does Toto have lifetime warranty?

No, Toto does not offer lifetime warranties on their products. However, they do offer a one-year limited warranty on all products, with exception on particular parts and components. This warranty covers any defects or malfunctions that occur during normal use within the warranty period.

Similarly, Toto also offers a five-year limited warranty on certain products, parts, and components, as well as a ten-year limited warranty on select components. All warranties cover any defects or malfunctions that may occur during normal use.

Customers can refer to the specific warranty details on the product page of the Toto website to learn more.


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