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What are the heights of Toto toilets?

Toto toilets come in a range of different shapes and sizes, meaning the heights of these toilets can vary. Generally, Toto toilets range from 14 3/8″ to 17 7/8″ in height. In addition, toilet bowl height is measured from the floor to the top of the bowl, and the actual height of the entire toilet (including the tank) is usually a few inches higher than the bowl height.

Additionally, some Toto models may include a chair-height toilet, which is a taller toilet that is designed to be more comfortable for people with mobility problems or those who find standard toilets too low.

The exact bowl height of chair-height toilets can vary by model, but it is usually about 17 to 19 inches.

What are the different toilet heights available?

Toilets come in a wide range of heights available, making them suitable for people of different sizes and abilities. The standard toilet height is 15 inches from the floor to the top of the bowl, but some manufacturers offer models ranging from 13-18 inches.

Shorter toilets are perfect for children and smaller adults, while taller toilets are ideal for larger adults and those with certain medical conditions.

Many manufacturers also offer adjustable toilet heights, ranging from 15-19 inches. These models feature adjustable knobs or levers that allow users to personalize their toilet height to best fit their needs.

This type of toilet is particularly beneficial to those who have difficulty transferring to and from standing positions, such as those with mobility issues due to conditions like arthritis.

For people with disabilities, ADA-compliant toilets are available, which are designed to meet specific standards mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These toilets are 17-19 inches in height and feature a higher seat, providing more support and stability.

They also have an elongated bowl shape that allows for more space around the toilet seat and additional clearance for wheelchairs.

Regardless of the type of toilet you choose, installation height is something worth considering as it affects how comfortable it is to sit on. The ideal height should be measured from the floor to the top of your thigh, and should feel comfortable when you are seated on the toilet.

If the installation height is too low or too high, it can create strain on your legs, hips, and back.

Is Toto universal height comfort height?

No, Toto is not universal height comfort height. Comfort height toilets are generally taller than standard toilets and are sometimes referred to as “right height” or “chair height” toilets. This is because these toilets sit at a taller height and this allows the user to sit at a more comfortable height.

Toto toilets come in a range of different heights, but they are not specifically designated as “universal height” or “comfort height” toilets. However, Toto does offer the UltraMax II with the SanaGloss finish which is ADA compliant meaning it has been designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This toilet sits at a higher height which may provide a more comfortable sitting experience for some users. The UltraMax II has been designed to be easy to reach and can accommodate taller users as well.

Do TOTO toilets come in standard height?

Yes, TOTO toilets do come in standard height. Many TOTO toilets are designed to comply with the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) height requirements for toilets, which is usually between 15 to 17 inches from the floor to the top of the bowl rim for a standard toilet.

When shopping for a TOTO toilet, you can specify that you want one with a standard height so that you can be sure that it will meet the ANSI requirements. Additionally, you can use a TOTO model height calculation chart to find the exact measurements of the toilet you are looking at.

The chart typically lists the overall height, bowl height, and seat height of the toilet to help you determine whether it complies with standard measurements.

Are all toilets 12 inches from wall?

No, not all toilets are 12 inches from the wall. The distance will depend on the type of toilet you are installing, as well as the specific model. Generally, standard toilets are 12” from the wall. However, other types of toilets (like comfort height or low-profile toilets) generally need more room and are further away from the wall.

For instance, comfort height toilets (generally used for elderly individuals or those with limited mobility) may be up to 17 inches from the wall. Additionally, depending on the particular model you choose, you may need to adjust the distance slightly.

It is always best to check and follow the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions for the toilet you are installing.

Are taller toilets better?

Generally speaking, taller toilets are better than standard-sized toilets. Taller toilets, or “comfort height” toilets, measure from 17 – 19 inches from the bowl to the floor, compared to 14 – 15 inches for standard toilets.

The taller toilets are meant to more closely align with standard chair height, making it easier to transition from standing to sitting and back again. Furthermore, taller toilets offer added comfort and support for those with mobility or back problems.

Additionally, they can provide extra space to accommodate different shapes and sizes of people while still providing a comfortable, secure and stable experience. In some cases, taller toilets can even improve the water flow and help conserve water, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for the individual, so it is important to weigh the options and consider factors like existing bathroom layout and user need before making a decision.

Is ADA and comfort height the same?

No, ADA and comfort height are not the same. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and applies to public buildings and new construction. Comfort height is a term that is used to describe a toilet that is slightly higher than a standard size toilet, usually between 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the top of the toilet seat instead of the standard 15 inches.

This can be beneficial for anyone who has difficulty sitting down or standing up from a standard size toilet. Comfort height toilets are often used in residences but are not officially covered by ADA regulations.

Are all raised toilet seats the same size?

No, not all raised toilet seats are the same size. The size of a raised toilet seat varies based on the type and the size of the toilet bowl. Many raised toilet seats are adjustable, so they can fit a variety of toilet sizes.

It is important to measure the circumference of your toilet bowl before purchasing a raised toilet seat, as a seat may be too wide or too narrow for a particular toilet bowl. Additionally, some raised toilet seats are only meant to fit round toilets, while others are designed specifically to fit elongated toilets.

It is important to check the specific measurements of a raised toilet seat before purchasing to ensure it will fit your toilet bowl correctly.

Do Raised toilet seats fit all toilets?

No, raised toilet seats do not fit all toilets. To ensure a proper fit, it is important to measure your toilet before purchasing a raised toilet seat. Many raised toilet seats will fit most standard round and elongated toilets.

Additionally, some raised toilet seats have specific measurements to fit a toilet. Additionally, depending on the model, some raised toilet seats may need to be attached with screws to the toilet, while other models may simply rest on the toilet.

Therefore, it is important to read the information for the model carefully to make sure it is compatible with your toilet. Generally, most raised toilet seats will fit toilets that measure at least 16.

5-19 inches from the floor. Additionally, if you have a large budget, there are many adjustable models that can be customized to fit almost any toilet. However, it may be helpful to consult a handyman or plumber if you have a complex or unusual toilet shape.

What is the toilet seat for elderly?

Toilet seats for elderly people, which are sometimes referred to as raised toilet seats, are specially designed to make toileting easier and safer for elderly individuals. These toilet seats are elevated, which makes it easier for old people to sit down and stand back up from the toilet.

The seats are typically made from soft, comfortable materials that are easy to clean and feature armrests for extra support when sitting and standing. Additionally, many of these seats are height adjustable and some have adjustable arms as well, which can help make the seat more comfortable for various heights and sizes of people.

These seats are designed to fit onto all standard toilets, and can be used with any toilet seat cover. Having a raised toilet seat can make toileting much easier and more comfortable for the elderly and reduce their risk of slips, falls, and other injuries.

How tall should the toilet be after hip surgery?

It is important to get the right height of toilet seat after hip surgery in order to ensure that the patient can use the toilet comfortably, safely, and with minimal strain on the hip joint. Generally, the toilet seat should be between 17 and 19 inches from the floor.

This ensures that the patient can sit comfortably and safely with their feet firmly planted on the floor to help support their body and ease strain on the hip joint. Before buying a new toilet seat, it is important to consult with a health care professional to ensure the correct design and sizing for the individual patient.

Does Medicare pay for raised toilet seats?

Yes, Medicare may cover the cost of a raised toilet seat in some cases. Eligibility depends on the physician-prescribed medical need for it, and that it is considered medically necessary by Medicare.

A raised toilet seat can help those with disabilities, injuries, and health conditions gain greater access to their toilet. In order to be eligible for coverage, a doctor must provide a Doctor’s Certification Statement (DCS) stating that the raised toilet seat is necessary for the individual’s medical condition.

The DCS form must be completed and signed by the doctor before the item can be approved for coverage by Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans (like Humana or Aetna) may offer different coverage options than original Medicare, so it is important to check with your plan if you are interested in a raised toilet seat.

How tall is an extra tall toilet?

An extra tall toilet is typically 17-19 inches in height, which is several inches taller than a standard toilet, which generally measures around 15 inches in height. This extra height is beneficial for taller individuals, seniors, or those who have limited mobility, as it can help provide better posture and overall comfort when using the toilet.

The extra height of an extra tall toilet also generally allows for more room underneath the bowl for additional legroom and comfort. It is important to note that many brands offer models of extra tall toilets, so it is best to make sure that the specific height of the model you are interested in is stated in the product’s description prior to purchasing.

What is a handicap height toilet?

A handicap height toilet is a specially designed toilet that is higher than a standard toilet to provide added convenience and safety for individuals with limited mobility. Handicap height toilets are typically 17 to 19 inches in height, while standard toilets are typically 15 inches in height.

Handicap height toilets can accommodate individuals who use wheelchairs and other assistive devices, allowing them to transfer onto the toilet and remain seated comfortably, reducing the risk of falls and making toileting easier.

These toilets have also been shown to improve comfort for individuals of all abilities. Standard toilets can be uncomfortable for individuals who are taller or have limited mobility, causing joint and muscle strain when seated for longer periods of time.

Handicap height toilets are an ADA compliant and cost effective solution for bathroom renovations or other situations where a higher toilet is needed.

Do they make toilets for tall people?

Yes, toilets for tall people are available. Companies make toilets with higher bowls, taller seats, and increased clearance from the floor to help increase comfort for people of taller stature. These toilets also have deeper bowls for greater comfort, and some models have extended height rims for additional support.

They are designed for people who are over 6 feet tall, usually with a range from a 14-18 inch (36-46 cm) bowl height. Many of these toilets also feature elongated bowls, which provide extra room while sitting, and they often come with side shields that help to stabilize the user.