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What are the top 10 games on Scratch?

The top 10 games on Scratch, according to user statistics, are as follows:

1. The Impossible Quiz: with over 8 million plays since being published in 2014, this game has become one of the all-time favorites. Players must answer incredibly difficult trivia questions in order to progress.

2. Cat Ninja: Another long-time favorite, this game has over 3. 8 million plays and requires players to test their agility by controlling an adorable cartoon cat as it bounces, jumps and slides its way through a number of obstacles.

3. RPG Battle: A fan-favorite for those who like a good fantasy adventure, this game has 3. 2 million plays and allows players to use a variety of weapons, armor and power-ups to survive a perilous journey.

4. Defend the Homeland: This game puts players in the role of a leader defending a castle from a band of marauders, and it has collected over 3 million plays since being published.

5. Tower of Hell: A 3-dimensional platform game, Tower of Hell has been played over 2 million times by fans of puzzle-solving and parkour.

6. Magic Paintbrush: Players must use a magical paintbrush to combat evil aliens while collecting helpful items in this charming game, which has been played over 2 million times.

7. Piano Tiles: A rhythm-based game, Piano Tiles has been played over 1.7 million times by players who love to test their reflexes by smashing tiles to the beat.

8. Flip Ball: With 1.7 million plays since being published in 2018, Flip Ball is a game of skill and timing, as players must use the force of their ball to break through blocks and obstacles.

9. Slope Game: Players take control of a neon sphere and must keep it from crashing into walls as it makes its way down a perilous slope. This game has been played 1.6 million times.

10. Egg Hunt: A fun Easter-themed game, Egg Hunt has been played over 1.5 million times. Players must use their wits to collect as many eggs as possible before time runs out.

What is the most favorited Scratch project?

The most favorited Scratch project is “Minecraft in Scratch!” It was created by Scratch user griffpatch, and has received over 800,000 likes since its release in June 2013. The project allows users to create their own pixelated version of the Minecraft open-world sandbox game.

It includes terrain generation, player interactions, and building blocks similar to references from the game. Although the project isn’t a perfect replica of Minecraft, it brings a familiar environment to life in the Scratch programming language.

The project has been used in educational settings to teach coding, and has earned the affection of millions of Scratch users.

What types of games can you make on Scratch?

Scratch is a user-friendly programming language and online community focused on creating interactive stories, games, and animations. With Scratch, people can create a variety of games with simple blocks of code and manipulate the environment to their preferences.

These games can range from 2D side-scrolling platformers, to 3D open world exploration games, to strategy games, or even puzzles. Whatever type of game you can imagine, Scratch’s simple drag and drop interface makes it relatively easy to bring those ideas to life.

Within the program, there are easy-to-use tools and commands to add objects like costumes, sound effects, and even text that can be used to create more complex projects. Animation can be created through the use of flashing costumes, creating the illusion of movement.

Game development goes even further with the ability to add game mechanics like variables and functions, to keep track of the player’s progress and scores, and control the characters and the environment.

Scratch also allows users to import their own images, music and sounds to enhance their games. They can also download other users’ creations within the community to inspire and grow their own projects.

All in all, Scratch is a creative platform for people of all ages to create engaging, interactive games and unleash their imaginations.

Is Scratch good for 12 year olds?

Yes, Scratch is a great tool for 12 year olds to learn coding. It is a visual programming language, so it is especially user-friendly for young kids and encourages creative collaboration. With Scratch, kids can create interactive stories, animations, games, and more.

It is a great way to introduce kids to coding and hone their skills as they continue to learn. Additionally, Scratch has a board where users can share their projects and get feedback from fellow coders.

This makes it an engaging, interactive experience that will help encourage kids to develop their coding knowledge.

What games did Griffpatch make on Scratch?

Griffpatch is a highly-regarded Scratch user who has created several popular games on the platform. His most popular titles include Egg Defender (a tower-defense game), Nukem (a platform-like shooter game), Sonic & Knuckles (featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna from the classic Sega games), and Missile Command (a reimagining of the classic Atari game).

Griffpatch also created a number of other popular games, such as Attack of the Pumpkins (a cartoon shooter) and Hyper Beach Volleyball (a sports game). In 2013 Griffpatch released Terrapin (a 3D exploration game) and in 2016 he launched Portal Panic (a platform-like puzzler).

His other notable works include a number of platformers and a game-maker tool. Griffpatch’s games have been played millions of times by users around the world, and they continue to be popular today.

What is Griffpatch famous for?

Griffpatch is an extremely popular YouTuber and Scratch programmer who is well known for creating a wide variety of educational tutorials and interactive programs. His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers, making it one of the largest programming channels on the platform.

Griffpatch is best known for providing tutorials on how to use Scratch, a visual programming language designed by MIT that is frequently used in elementary, middle, and high-school curriculums. He also teaches users how to create their own projects and games, including interactive stories, 3D worlds, and simulated physics-based games.

Besides these tutorials, Griffpatch also regularly creates educational videos about game design, programming tips, and other topics related to computers and technology. In addition to his YouTube videos, Griffpatch also has an extremely popular website where he posts documents that provide even more detailed and comprehensive tutorials for people interested in learning more about programming and computers.

How do you make a popular Scratch project?

Making a popular Scratch project involves a range of complex strategies and processes. First, you should take time to research and brainstorm your project idea. Consider adding in popular elements, such as characters, game mechanics, and themes that other users may find entertaining.

Then, invest time into creating your project. Make sure to utilize the powerful tools and customizations that Scratch offers, such as adding your own custom sound effects, sprites, and animations.

In addition to using Scratch’s tools, you should focus on creating detailed and colorful visuals to help your project stand out from the crowd. After you finish your project, it’s important to market it properly.

Post it to social media, share it with friends and family, and join Scratch user groups. It is also helpful to reference other popular projects; this could draw attention to your project and prove useful in receiving feedback from other users.

Ultimately, crafting a successful and popular Scratch project requires an investment of time, patience, and ingenuity. If you want to mount a successful launch for your project, you should research, create high-quality content, and market your project.

Following these steps should ensure that your project stands out and receives the attention it deserves.

How do you favorite a project on Scratch?

To favorite a project on Scratch, you first need to log in to your Scratch account. Once you’re logged in, find the page or card for the project you want to favorite and click it. You will be taken to the project page.

On the right side of the page, there will be a gray star under the project title. Click the star and it will turn yellow, indicating that the project has been favorited. You can view all the projects you’ve favorited by clicking ‘My Stuff’ on the Scratch homepage.

Your favorited projects will be displayed on the page.

Is Scratch still popular?

Yes, Scratch is still a popular platform nearly a decade after its launch. Developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, it remains a favorite among educators and families alike because it is a fun and easy way to learn coding and to create original multimedia projects such as stories, games, and animations.

According to ScratchEd, there are more than 25 million Scratch projects on the Scratch website, with millions of people logging on each month. Scratch makes coding accessible to a broad range of ages, abilities and levels of experience.

Its intuitive interface challenges creators to take their projects further and encourages creative collaboration through its commenting, remixing and sharing features. Its popularity continues to be driven by the Scratch community — a global network of users who are united by a love of creation and learning.

As the platform and its userbase continue to grow, its potential for promoting 21st century skills is more apparent than ever.

Is Griffpatch in the scratch team?

No, Griffpatch is not a member of the Scratch Team. Griffpatch is an active member of the Scratch community and a great asset to the community, however he does not actually work for the official Scratch Team.

Griffpatch is known for creating some popular projects, tutorials and galleries, which have been featured on the Scratch website. He also maintains a popular website, griffpatch. co. uk, that is full of tutorials and projects to help people learn more about Scratch.

As a result, Griffpatch is very popular in the Scratch community, but he doesn’t actually work for the Scratch Team.

How many followers does Griffpatch have on Scratch?

As of April 2021, the Scratch user Griffpatch has over 1 million followers. Griffpatch joined Scratch in 2013, and since then has become a featured Scratch user and one of the most popular creators on the platform.

His projects have received millions of views, and he has been featured multiple times on the front page and as part of Scratch’s official tutorials. His projects have been played in classrooms and enjoyed by people around the world, leading to an incredibly high number of followers.

Griffpatch also often collaborates with other popular and talented Scratch creators and has given talks or workshops about coding or game design.

Who is the first scratcher?

The first Scratch user, who created the first ever Scratch project, was a user known as “Griffpatch”. While many Scratch users have come and gone since, “Griffpatch” is the only user credited with being the first official Scratcher.

The first Scratch project was created in 2006 and was an interactive, multiplayer game known as “Escape the Pool”.

The development of Scratch was spearheaded by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. The goal was to create a free platform that allowed users of all ages to code, create and program their own interactive stories, games and animations.

The original platform was released on May 15, 2007 after two years of product design and testing.

The original design of “Escape the Pool” was completed by “Griffpatch” and showcased at the International Conference on Functional Programming 2005. After the game’s design was completed, the development team was able to turn the program into an online, educational game.

The development team went on to create many more projects, including Scratch 2. 0, and the first version of Scratch 3. 0.

Since its inception, Scratch has become an invaluable tool for learning and entertainment worldwide. Millions of users of all ages have used the platform to create stories, games, animations and so much more.

As the original Scratcher, “Griffpatch” permanently set the scale and scope for the platform, making a lasting contribution to the Scratch community.

Is Kaj real in Scratch?

No, Kaj is not a real character in Scratch. Kaj is a tool in Scratch that helps users develop their own characters and stories. Kaj was created as a way to make the game more fun and engaging for kids, as well as teaching them how to carefully construct stories and characters.

Kaj is a customizable character that gives people guidance while they work. He provides helpful tips and commentary while they design the characters and plot. Kaj is a great tool that really helps beginners get started in the world of Scratch, but he is not a real character in the game.

Who created the Scratch?

Scratch was created by Mitchel Resnick and the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab in 2003. The Lifelong Kindergarten research group, led by Resnick, wanted to create a programming language and online community that would make coding and creating interactive stories, games, and animations fun and accessible to children.

Scratch was built from the ground up to teach children the fundamentals of coding and create a safe, creative space for kids to explore, imagine, and create with computers. Today, millions of people around the world use Scratch to share their stories, games, and animations with each other.