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What channel is the Lottery drawing on in CT?

The Connecticut Lottery drawing is aired daily on WTNH News 8 at 11:20 pm on WTNH-TV, channel 8 in Connecticut. The drawings are also streamed live online at

What time is CT Lottery Day drawing?

The CT Lottery Day Drawing typically takes place at around 10:38 PM each night. This drawing is also called the “Daily 3 Evening” draw and consists of three separate sets of numbers drawn from 0 to 9.

In addition, there is an extra “bonus ball” (sometimes called the “superball”) that is also chosen from a separate set of numbers.

You can purchase your lottery ticket up until 9:45 PM CT, which is the deadline. Tickets must be purchased before the draw, so make sure you buy them before the cut off time in order to be eligible. After the draw is complete, the winning numbers and bonus ball can be found on the CT Lottery website and on the CT Lottery app.

Good luck!.

Which channel is Lotto?

Lotto is a popular game of chance available in many countries around the world. It is typically played in two versions: drawings that take place in lottery offices, or online lotto games. In the drawing format, numbered balls are drawn at random to determine the winning numbers.

Online lotto is a computerized version of the game, with the same basic idea but with a few extra advantages.

The channel for playing lotto depends on the country in which it is offered. For instance, in the United States, lotto draws are most commonly found on television channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

In the United Kingdom, draws are typically seen on the National Lottery or some other provider.

Lotto fans in the U. S. can often find outlets on the internet as well. A good place to check is TheLottoworld. com, which offers an in-depth guide to the lotto games offered in various countries, detailed explanations of how lotto games work, and links to lotto websites.

Players should check the official lotto website for their country to find out which channel offers lotto draws, as well as to stay up-to-date with any changes in lotto rules and regulations.

Do they show Mega Millions drawing on TV?

Yes, the Mega Millions draw can be seen live on television in participating states. As of 2019, the lottery is available for purchase in 45 US states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands.

In the US, the Mega Millions draw is broadcast on different stations depending on where you live. You can check the station list online or contact your local lottery office to find out where to watch the draw.

In some cases, it can also be viewed online through official state lottery websites. To view live drawings outside of the US, you can tune into the Official Mega Millions channel on YouTube.

What lottery game is tonight in CT?

Tonight’s lottery game in Connecticut is Mega Millions. Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery game with a starting jackpot of $40 million that can get as large as $1 billion. The game consists of a total of 5 white balls and 1 gold Mega Ball, and players must match the numbers of all 6 balls to win the jackpot.

Payouts for matching fewer numbers range from $2 to $1 million. Drawings are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 p. m. EST. The cut-off time for ticket purchase is 10:45 p. m. EST.

Where can I watch the Mega Millions drawing live?

The Mega Millions drawing is broadcast live on most major television networks. The Mega Millions drawings are held at 11 p. m. on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and the live broadcasting usually starts a few minutes before 11 p.

m. when the hosts introduce the show. Locations where you can watch the Mega Millions drawing live include CNN, BET/CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX broadcasters. Additionally, you can watch the drawing online on the official website for Mega Millions (www.

megamillions. com) or on the Mega Millions mobile app. To watch the drawing on a mobile device, download the official Mega Millions app for iPhone and Android devices, which is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Is the lottery on TV anymore?

No, the lottery isn’t on TV anymore in the United States – at least not in the traditional sense. Since the late 1990s, most state lotteries across the US have moved away from televised drawings in favor of computer-generated drawings.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a lottery program on television, though. Many states have agreements with broadcasters to air promotional spots for their lotteries and also list winning numbers during the news.

In addition, cable networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, and syndicated lottery shows have filled the gap for interested viewers by broadcasting programs devoted to lottery results and other lottery related information.

What time can you buy Lottery tickets until in CT?

In Connecticut, lottery tickets for certain draw games such as Mega Millions and Powerball can be purchased up until 10:30 pm Eastern on the day of the draw. However, for other games such as the Play 3, Play 4, and Cash 5, tickets can be purchased until 9:30 pm Eastern on the day of the draw.

Additionally, tickets for the Sunday-only Fantasy 5 draw game must be purchased by 8:30 pm Eastern on Sunday. Please note that all ticket sales must be done in-person at a lottery retailer and not online.

What is the time to buy a lottery ticket?

The best time to buy a lottery ticket is going to depend on the state or country that you live in, as lottery times and rules vary from place to place. Generally, most states will have tickets available up to an hour before drawing time.

However, some states may have an earlier cut off time, so it is important to check with the local lottery provider’s website or app to find out what the cut off time is. Some states may have earlier cut off times during holiday periods, or additional rules and regulations around certain lottery offerings.

It is also important to note that while some states may offer lottery tickets 24/7, many areas will only offer tickets on certain days during certain times. Again, checking with the local lottery provider to find out what times lottery tickets can be purchased is the best idea.

How late can I buy Powerball tickets in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, Powerball tickets can be purchased until 9:45 p. m. EST on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Sales in Connecticut are closing earlier due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’d like to purchase a Powerball ticket, please visit an authorized lottery retailer in Connecticut and make sure you have your ticket before the cutoff time.

Additionally, you may also purchase tickets online from the CT Lottery website. Keep in mind that, when you’re purchasing a Powerball ticket online, you must complete the transaction before 8:45 p. m.

EST on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Can you purchase lottery tickets online in CT?

Yes, it is possible to purchase lottery tickets online in the state of Connecticut. The state launched an Online Ticket Portal in October 2020, which allows individuals to purchase lottery tickets, including draw games and scratch offs, from their computer or mobile device.

You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the state to purchase online lottery tickets. To register, you must enter personal information, including your name, address and date of birth. Payment can be made using a credit card, debit card, eCheck, or PayPal.

When registering, you also have to complete an identity validation process. When claiming prizes, customers must produce valid government-issued identification that displays their name and date of birth that matches what was entered when registering.

All customers must also have a valid mailing address in Connecticut in order to participate.

How does Lotto work CT?

In Connecticut, the Lotto game works by having players select six numbers ranging from 1 to 44 or use a random number generator to generate those numbers for them. Players can place bets on individual lines or multiple lines in the same draw and when they match three or more of the same numbers drawn, they win a prize based on the number of matches.

Players can play Lotto draws every Wednesday and Saturday with a jackpot starting at $2 million. Players also have the chance to win the extra cash game when they choose the Super 7 option and match all seven numbers drawn.

If anyone in the state matches all six numbers, they win the jackpot, which increases each time the jackpot is not won.