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What channel is the Ohio State Purdue game on today?

Today’s Ohio State Purdue game will be airing on ABC at 7:30 PM Eastern Time. This is in accordance with the Big Ten conference’s schedule for the season, which lists all Big Ten games broadcast on ABC, FOX, or the Big Ten Network.

How can I watch Ohio State vs Purdue?

You can watch Ohio State vs Purdue by subscribing to the Big Ten Network and purchasing their BTN+ package. This package gives you access to all the Big Ten sports and games, including Ohio State vs Purdue.

You can access all the games live through the BTN website or with the BTN app. You can also view the game through your cable provider, as the game should be broadcast on the Big Ten Network. Additionally, some major streaming services (e.

g. Hulu, YouTube TV, and fuboTV) offer access to the Big Ten Network as part of their subscription package.

What streaming service is Ohio State on?

Ohio State athletics are streamed on the Big Ten Network (BTN). This is a subscription-based service that provides live streaming of Ohio State and other Big Ten Conference games, highlights, press conferences, and behind-the-scenes content.

It is available for purchase on multiple streaming services including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, and Android devices. The service also provides access to archived content, making it an excellent resource for die-hard Ohio State sports fans.

Additionally, many cable and satellite providers offer packages that include BTN for a monthly fee. Furthermore, there are multiple monthly or annual subscription options available that make it easy to access BTN, such as the Big Ten Network Plus subscription, which provides access to additional BTN-exclusive content.

How can I watch the Buckeyes game?

The most reliable way is to tune into the appropriate television station broadcasting the game such as ESPN, ABC, or Fox Sports. Most cable packages will have access to at least one or more of the channels.

If you don’t have cable or network TV, you can still catch the game online. The Big Ten Network website has a live stream of the game which you can access for a fee. There are also streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV which offer the channels where the Buckeyes game is broadcast.

You can usually get a free trial for any of these services, so it is worth checking out if you’re interested in getting access to the game. Lastly, if you know anyone else who may have access to the game, you can always watch it together.

Where can I listen to the Ohio State game on the radio?

The Ohio State game can be heard on many local radio stations in the Columbus, Ohio area. Some of the stations that may broadcast the game include WOSU FM 89. 7, WTDA 103. 9, WVKO 1580 AM and WXMG Magic 105.

7 FM. You can also stream the game online through the Ohio State Buckeyes official website or the TuneIn App. Additionally, some streaming services, such as SiriusXM and Slacker Radio, may offer audio streaming of the Ohio State game.

What XM channel is Big Ten?

You can find Big Ten Network (BTN) on XM Channel 190. BTN is a television network that’s owned by the Big Ten Conference, featuring sports events and news related to the college conference. BTN was launched in 2007 and broadcasts championship events, regular season games and documentaries, overlooking the student-athletes and the teams of the Big Ten schools.

It covers all sports including football, tennis, basketball, soccer, softball and more. The network also provides exclusive studio programming, featuring sports analysis and informative news related to the Big Ten.

What is Channel 184 on SiriusXM?

Channel 184 on SiriusXM is a classic rock channel featuring hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The channel plays music from some of classic rock’s most significant groups and artists including Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and many more.

Along with the expected highlights from classic rockers, SiriusXM’s Channel 184 also features occasional live performances and recordings from some of rock’s seminal acts. The channel is committed to presenting hard-to-find rarities and celebration of seminal classic rock favorites.