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What day of the week are the farmers market days in Jefferson WI?

The farmers market days in Jefferson WI take place on Thursday mornings from 7 a. m. -noon in the parking lot at the corner of South Main Street and West Jefferson Street. This farmers market has been a tradition since 2004 and offers fresh, quality produced produce like vegetables, fruits, and flowers as well as handcrafted products like homemade vegetable pies, jams and jellies, soaps, candles, and more.

The market also features Wisconsin-made products like cheese, honey, eggs, and other items throughout the season. Vendors change, but the quality and selection remain consistent. If you’re looking for local produce and handmade products, Thursday mornings in Jefferson are the place to be!.

What sells at farmer’s markets?

Farmer’s markets typically sell a variety of items, including locally-grown produce, farm-fresh eggs, preserves, pickles and jams, honey, freshly-baked breads and pastries, artisan cheeses, grass-fed beef, pork, and poultry, sustainably and humanely raised, prepared foods, plants and flowers, and artisan wares.

Many farmer’s markets around the country also feature live entertainment, such as music and performances, and are a place for community members to gather and connect. Depending on the location, some markets may even include food trucks, fresh seafood, locally-made craft beer, or other items.

What day is Ballard market?

Ballard Market is a popular Seattle farmers market that takes place on Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The market was founded in 2000 and provides space for local farmers, producers, artisans, and merchants to showcase their products.

Seattle locals love the energy and community of the market and use it as an opportunity to shop for fresh and local produce, grab a coffee or bite to eat, and connect with their neighbors. Every week there is a variety of food carts, live music, and great people coming together to celebrate the local community.

The Ballard Market is also a great destination for tourists and newcomers to Seattle as it provides them with a deeper look at the local culture, food, and people.

Where is the Sturgeon Bay Farmers Market?

The Sturgeon Bay Farmers Market is located on the grounds of the Door County Maritime Museum, 120 N Madison Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235. The Farmers Market is held every Saturday from June 15th to October 19th from 8am to 12pm.

The market features locally grown fruits and vegetables, flowers, plants, honey, breads, and other baked goods, jams and jellies, handmade crafts and much more. The market also offers a great selection of prepared foods such as brats, tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, kettle corn, and other delicious treats.

There is a variety of live music, a children’s corner, and special events throughout the season. The Sturgeon Bay Farmers Market is the perfect place to spend a Saturday morning!.

How often is Moseley Farmers Market?

Moseley Farmers Market is held on alternate Saturdays between 9am and 1pm throughout the year, with the exception of a few dates around the holiday season when it is closed. The organisers strive to create a welcoming, safe, and family-friendly environment for all who attend, and they have strict policies in place to ensure that all produce on sale is of the highest quality.

They also focus on supporting the local community and sourcing locally-produced food and crafts. You can view a full list of dates and further information online, or you can follow them on social media for up-to-date information about what’s happening at the market.

What town in Door County has the most shopping?

If you’re looking for the town with the most shopping in Door County, Wisconsin, the answer is Sister Bay! Sister Bay is the center of commerce and activity in Door County and offers a variety of options for shopping.

For big box stores, Sister Bay boasts various stores such as Wal-mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kmart, Target, and more. For unique shopping experiences, Sister Bay is home to many boutique stores, art galleries, and quaint specialty shops.

Additionally, the town is home to numerous restaurants, pubs, and excellent places to grab a bite to eat. All in all, Sister Bay is the perfect destination for shopping, eating, and exploring all that Door County has to offer.

How deep is Sturgeon Bay?

Sturgeon Bay, located in Wisconsin’s Door County, is a large inland bay connected to Lake Michigan and Green Bay. Its average water depth is 13. 7 feet (4. 2 m), but it ranges from 2. 5 feet (0. 762 m) near Government Dock to 32 feet (10 m) near the northern end of the bay.

At its deepest point near the Sturgeon Bay Shipping Canal in the town of Sturgeon Bay, the bay is about 39 feet (12 m) deep. The bay is known for its cold, clear water, allowing for some of the finest fishing and recreational activities in the country.

Sturgeon Bay has become a popular spot for anglers looking to reel in walleye and smallmouth bass, among other species. The immense diversity in the bay and its deep depths make it a great place for scuba diving as well.

Where is Little Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin?

Little Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin is a village located in Door County, Wisconsin. It is situated on the northern tip of the Door Peninsula along the northeastern shore of Green Bay. Little Sturgeon Bay is located in the towns of Clay Banks, Sturgeon Bay and Sevastopol, approximately 50 miles north of Green Bay and 100 miles northeast of Madison.

It is a popular tourist destination known for its boating and fishing activities, as well as for its historic and scenic beauty. The shoreline of Little Sturgeon Bay is characterized by a series of small bays, providing a peaceful respite for the nearly 1,100 year-round residents.

The village is home to several restaurants, marinas, attractions, and other businesses. Visitors will also find historic lighthouses, a lighthouse museum, and numerous waterfront parks.

What is the longest running farmers market in Alaska?

The Mat-Su (Matanuska-Susitna) Valley Farmers Market is the longest running farmers market in Alaska. Founded in 2006, the market operates every Saturday in Palmer and Wasilla from 9 AM to 2 PM during the months of May through October.

The market features a wide variety of local, Alaskan-made produce, crafts and products, such as freshly picked fruits and vegetables, a variety of meats and fish, cheese, honey, baked goods, and jams, to name a few.

Each market day also offers live music, entertainment and food vendors providing a fun and engaging experience for all. The Mat-Su Valley Farmers Market works hard to support economic stability and increased health through greater access to fresh, healthy and affordable produce and other goods.

All of the vendors are Alaskan and the majority of them come from within the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. The farmers market is committed to providing Alaskan residents access to local produce, products, and art and it is an important contributor to the area’s economy, health, and culture.

What markets are on today in the Lockyer Valley?

Today in the Lockyer Valley there are a variety of markets to visit, depending on what you’re looking for. Every Wednesday and Sunday, you can go to the Laidley Olive Groves & Provedore where you can find fresh produce, artisan food and locally-made products.

Every Saturday, the Gatton Community Market is open for all your fresh produce, fruit and vegetables, as well as food stalls and local crafts. Then, on the first and third Sunday of every month, the Lockyer Valley Growers’ Market is the place to go to find some of the freshest produce around, with a great range of eggs, dairy and honey.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, the Plainland Markets are held on the second and fourth Sunday of every month, with plenty of second-hand goods on display. Then, if you’re looking for something a bit more fun, the Grandchester Markets provide all sorts of fun stalls and activities, including an animal farm and arts and crafts stalls.

So, no matter what you’re looking for, the Lockyer Valley will provide it with a range of markets open throughout the week.

What day is the farmers market in Ocean City NJ?

The Farmers Market in Ocean City NJ is held every Wednesday from 8:00am – 1:00pm, from June 12th – September 25th, 2019. The market takes place at John F. Kennedy Park, located at JFK Boulevard and the Boardwalk.

Each week there are over 50 vendors offering a variety of products including vegetables, fruits, flowers, honey, jams, soaps, baked goods, and much more. The farmers market is a great place to sample and purchase locally grown and produced products as well as meet and support local farmers, growers, and craftspeople.

Shoppers can also enjoy live entertainment including music and cooking demonstrations.

What time does Ocean City farmers market open?

The Ocean City Farmer’s market opens every Saturday morning from 7 a. m. to 11 a. m. The market is a great place to find fresh local produce and other items. The market has a variety of items to choose from, including fruits, vegetables, breads, and pastries, as well as handmade crafts and gifts.

Additionally, there are many unique vendors and live music throughout the morning. So if you’re in the Ocean City area, be sure to check out the Farmer’s market!.

Can you haggle at a farmers market?

Yes, you can haggle at a farmers market. While haggling is not as common at farmers markets as it is in other settings, it is still possible in some cases. Before you haggle at a farmers market, be sure to learn a little about the farmer’s growing conditions, the availability of the product, and the going market rate for similar products.

Using this information, you will be in a better position to negotiate a better price. You should also be prepared to accept a counteroffer from the farmer – they may have a price they are not willing to go lower than.

Ultimately, haggling is a negotiation, and as long as you approach it with respect, it can lead to a mutually beneficial deal.

How do you ask for a lower price on an item?

When asking for a lower price on an item, it is important to be respectful and polite to the seller. Begin by asking the seller if they are willing to lower the price on the item, and explain why you are interested in the item but cannot afford the full asking price.

It may be helpful to point out any flawed or damaged aspects the item may have, as this can make the seller more likely to lower the price. Additionally, you can offer to pay in cash to make the transaction more efficient.

Most importantly, be open to negotiation: being willing to compromise on the price can be key in successfully negotiating a lower price.

Is it rude to negotiate price?

In some contexts, negotiating price can be considered rude, while in others, it is considered expected or even expected of you. It can depend on the circumstances and where you are negotiating, as well as the individual’s preference.

For example, in a business setting, negotiating price is often seen as a necessary and even beneficial part of the process and is not generally considered to be rude. In retail stores and other customer service settings, negotiating price is also generally expected, although some store owners or employees may take offense.

In other instances, such as in an exchange between two individuals or in a social context, negotiating price can be seen as impolite or rude. This is because it may give off the impression that the seller is not the one in control and that the buyer is trying to take advantage of the situation.

In conclusion, it really depends on the context and the individuals involved. Whether or not it is seen as rude will depend on the individual’s opinion and the circumstances.