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What did Muhammad Ali say about Joe Louis?

Muhammad Ali was incredibly complimentary of his predecessor Joe Louis. Throughout his career, Ali spoke of Louis with respect and admiration. During an interview in the 1970s, Ali acknowledged that Louis had a major influence on his own boxing career.

He said, “Joe Louis was my idol. I think he was the greatest fighter that ever lived. I patterned my style after his. I watched all of his fights, studied all of his moves, and tried to apply them to my own boxing style.

He was the greatest. I think he was the greatest heavyweight champion who ever lived. ” Ali also praised Louis for being a role model for African Americans in the United States, expressing admiration for Louis’s dedication to his country and community.

Ali said, “Joe was a real humanitarian. He was a great example to African Americans and he did so much to encourage the sport of boxing in this country. He was a terrific person and I admired him greatly.


Who did Muhammad Ali say was his hardest fight?

Muhammad Ali once said that his toughest opponent was himself. He said that fighting his own ego, pride and confidence were the toughest battles he ever faced. He noted that it was his own mind that he had to fight the most during his professional boxing career.

He also pointed out that sparring and fighting would have a more significant emotional impact on him because he wanted to prove something to himself, rather than win a title against an opponent. Ali was certain that winning his toughest fights involved being able to keep a lock on his inner self, so he wouldn’t end up doing too much.

He noted that the inner battle was more important than any physical fight.

What was Ali last words?

Ali, one of the most celebrated figures in history, left the world with few written collaborations and no unambiguous quotes to identify as his “last words”. However, many stories, reports and oral accounts have been made throughout the ages, detailing what is believed to have been Ali’s final utterances.

The most widely accepted account suggests that Ali’s last words were: “I exhort you all to be united, be brotherly, obey your leaders and honour your seniors”. This reported message is said to perfectly encapsulate Ali’s own philosophy and moral standpoints, with its emphasis on unity and honour in the face of adversity.

Another version details Ali’s last words as: “The best of all funerals is that of a martyr”. This quote is thought to emphasize Ali’s belief in the nobility of martyrdom, as well as its ultimate importance in knowing and living in God’s truth.

While these accounts remain the most widely cited, other reported statements believed to be Ali’s last words include: “O people! Behold, there is no power or might except that of God”, as well as “I leave behind me two weighty things; the one is the Book of God, and the other is my family and the righteous example of my life”.

Regardless of whatever Ali’s last words actually were, the legacy of his beliefs and moral principles continues to influence and inspire societies throughout the world today.

Who is the greatest boxer of all time?

This is a tricky question as there are a number of different great boxers throughout history, and opinions can vary considerably from person to person. Muhammad Ali is often considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time, and his career achievements certainly corroborate this.

He won 56 fights out of the 61 he fought and won the world heavyweight title a remarkable three times. Ali was crowned “Sportsman of the Century” by Sports Illustrated, and was known for his speed, agility, his confidence in the ring and his showmanship outside of it.

Other boxers also often considered as among the greatest includes Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Leonard and Lennox Lewis. Ultimately, the greatest boxer of all time may well be a matter of personal preference, with many giving differing opinions on the matter.

What did Bruce Lee think of Ali?

Bruce Lee admired Muhammad Ali and had immense respect for him. In 1972, Lee appeared on the Dick Cavett Show alongside Ali and gave glowing praise of his martial arts ability. Lee highly respected Ali for being a role model for all martial artists, saying that Ali had a way of “using what he knows to be free” when standing in the ring.

Lee also admired Ali for his sense of humor and his poetic philosophy, having said that “I think the world of him”.

Lee and Ali later appeared together in the film Game of Death in 1978, which was Lee’s last film before his death that same year. Although their scenes together didn’t end up in the finished film, they had established a strong friendship while they were on set.

During breaks, they would share stories and discuss their thoughts on martial arts and other topics. Ali also wrote a foreword for Lee’s posthumous book, Bruce Lee: Artist of Life.

Ultimately, Bruce Lee had the utmost respect and admiration for Muhammad Ali, and Ali felt the same way about Lee. Lee often referred to Ali as “the greatest” and their friendship represented a mutual respect between two iconic martial artists.

Did Muhammad Ali lose to Joe?

No, Muhammad Ali did not lose to Joe. Muhammad Ali famously fought Joe Frazier three times in a series of matches known as the “Thrilla in Manila. ” He won the first fight in 1971, by unanimous decision.

In the second fight, also in 1971, Joe won by decision after Ali sustained a cut over his eye that prevented him from seeing. In 1975, Ali and Frazier had their third and decisive fight in the “Thrilla in Manila.

” The fight proved to be an epic battle, and it lasted fifteen rounds before Ali finally emerged as the victor. After the fight, Ali famously quipped, “It was the closest thing to death,” referring to the arduous fight and the strength of his opponent.

After the third fight, Joe Frazier’s record against Muhammad Ali was 1-2, proving that Ali ultimately prevailed over his challenger.

Who won Muhammad or Joe?

It depends on which Muhammad and Joe you are referring to, as there are countless individuals by those names. In a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali was the victor. However, in a football game between Joe Montana and Muhammad Wilkerson, Joe Montana would have likely come out as the winner.

Who won Joe vs Ali?

Joe Frazier won his legendary fight against Muhammad Ali in a unanimous decision at Madison Square Garden on March 8, 1971. This fight was one of the most anticipated sporting events in history and saw two of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time going toe to toe.

Over 20,000 people packed the arena to witness history as Joe Frazier knocked down Ali during the 15th and final round. Although Ali managed to get up, it was too late and the judges gave the victory to Joe Frazier.

The fight lasted a full 15 rounds and Frazier won by a unanimous decision, making it one of the most decisive victories in boxing history. As a result of his victory, Frazier went on to become the world heavyweight champion.

How many times Ali beat Joe?

Ali and Joe have had numerous bouts over the years, so it is difficult to accurately answer the question of how many times Ali beat Joe. Reports vary and are conflicting about the exact number of bouts Ali and Joe have had since they first met in the early 1960s.

According to some accounts, Joe won three bouts, while Ali won the other three bouts. However, there are other sources that state that Ali won five of their bouts and Joe won two. Regardless of the exact number, it is clear that Ali generally had the upper hand in the bouts they shared.

Did Ali ever lose a fight?

Yes, Ali had several losses throughout his boxing career. His first professional loss was to Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden on March 8, 1971. Later in Ali’s career, he lost important matches to Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, and Larry Holmes.

In total, Ali lost five professional boxing matches, with 56 wins and 37 KO’s. Eight of Ali’s losses were on points, including the rematch with Frazier in 1974, and his last fight against Trevor Berbick in 1981.

Most of Ali’s losses came after he had turned 32, demonstrating a decline in his prowess in the ring. Despite the losses, Ali maintained his iconic status as “The Greatest”. He still holds the record for the longest World Heavyweight Champion reign of 1980-1979.

Who won Joe Frazier or Muhammad?

In the three fights between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, Frazier won one, Ali won two.

The first fight between Frazier and Ali was on March 8, 1971 at the Madison Square Garden in New York. This bout was recognized as “Fight of the Century” since it was the first time ever that the two undefeated heavyweight champions went head to head.

Frazier won this fight with a unanimous decision.

The second fight between Frazier and Ali was on January 28, 1974 at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Despite both fighters being active and in prime physical condition, this bout was much less exciting than the first.

Ali was able to outfight Frazier and won by unanimous decision.

The third fight between Frazier and Ali took place on October 1, 1975 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. Despite both fighters being in their prime physical condition, this bout heavily favored Ali, who ended up winning by TKO in the 13th round.

Despite Frazier winning the first fight, overall Muhammad Ali won two of the three fights, which is why he is considered the victor.

Who defeated Joe Louis?

Joe Louis lost his last fight in 1949 to a professional boxer named Ezzard Charles. Charles was a talented boxer, who was crowned heavyweight champion twice and was the number one heavyweight contender for three consecutive years.

He had a record of 80-25-1 with 52 knockouts, while Louis had 67 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses with 52 knockouts.

The fight between Louis and Charles was held in Yankee Stadium in New York City. Charles dominated the match, landing powerful punches and giving Louis a good beating. He was crowned the winner through a unanimous decision, ending Joe Louis’ career as a professional boxer.

Who is the only boxer to defeat Muhammad Ali?

The only boxer to ever defeat Muhammad Ali was Leon Spinks, on February 15th, 1978. The match was held at the Las Vegas Hilton, and went fifteen rounds. Spinks was given barely any chance of winning the match, but in an upset ended up winning by split decision.

It was Spinks’ eighth professional boxing match, while it was Ali’s 61st, who was approaching the end of his career at the time. The fight was for Ali’s Heavyweightboxing championship of the world. In a closely fought match, Spinks had Ali on the ropes three times, becoming the only boxer to ever have Ali at this severe disadvantage.

In the end, it was the judges who determined that Spinks had won the match. As a result, Spinks became the Heavyweight Champion of the World, a title he held until Ali won back the title in a rematch seven months later.

What boxer did Muhammad Ali fear?

Muhammad Ali was a highly successful and very popular boxer who never feared any of his opponents—but apparently there was one boxer he was fearful of. That was Sonny Liston. The dominant heavyweight champion of the early 1960s, Liston stood six foot one and weighed two hundred and twenty-five pounds and was an intimidating figure with a scowling face and powerful arms.

He was known for his fierce punches and brutal fighting style.

Ali reportedly had a great deal of respect for Liston, so much so that he was afraid of him. It’s said that Ali even considered Liston to be one of the greatest boxers ever and his own hero.

Though Ali and Liston never fought each other in an actual match, it was an interesting matchup to consider. Both boxers were champions in their own right, with Ali known for quick reflexes and movement in the ring, while Liston was an expert at throwing strong, powerful punches.

The bout would no doubt have been captivating to watch as these two great fighters met in the ring.

Were Ali and Wepner friends?

Ali and Wepner were not close friends personally, but they had mutual respect for and admiration of each other. They met for the first time during their 1975 fight, which Ali ultimately won. This fight is marked in history for being the inspiration for the legendary Rocky movie, with Wepner playing a similarity role to the title character.

Though the fight was over 40 years ago, Wepner and Ali stayed in touch with each other from time to time. While their relationship was not overly close, the two men had a strong connection because of their shared history and admiration.

Wepner even attended Ali’s funeral in 2016, which showed how much respect he had for the legendary boxer.

In conclusion, Ali and Wepner were not close friends, but they had a strong respect and admiration for each other. They stayed in touch and even attended each other’s events, which goes to show the type of relationship they had.