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What do you put on a shelf in a bathroom?

There are a lot of different items you can put on a shelf in a bathroom, often depending on the size and shape of the shelf. Some of the most common items you might want to store in the bathroom on shelves include folded towels and washcloths, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, essential oils, lotions, and other toiletries.

You can also use shelves to store decorative pieces such as candles, vases, trinkets, and plants, as well as any medications or medical supplies you may need in the bathroom. They are also a great space for extra rolls of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other items you may use in the bathroom.

What should I display on bathroom shelves?

Bathroom shelves can be used to store and display a variety of items. Depending on the size of your shelf, you can use it to store and organize items such as towels, toiletries, decorative accessories, and supplies.

Consider adding an attractive basket to store small items such as toilet paper, tissues, first aid items, and extra soap. For an added touch, display small plants, vases of fresh flowers, scented candles, and artwork.

Be sure to keep these areas free of dust to keep your bathroom looking neat and clean. If you have a larger space, you might consider using a shelf for product displays, storing extra bathroom linens, and baskets for collectibles.

How do I make my bathroom shelves look nice?

Making your bathroom shelves look nice is a great way to add some style and character to your bathroom. There are a few things you can do to make your shelves look attractive and organized.

First, make sure the shelves are dusted and wiped down before arranging items on them. If your bathroom shelves are made of wood, give them an occasional coat of polish to preserve and protect them.

Group similar items together for an organized look. Put items that get used on a regular basis at eye-level and less used items on the bottom finish. If you want to create a more decorative look, you can use baskets, storage containers, and/or colorful accents.

Matching baskets look nicer and help keep the bathroom organized.

You can also add plants or flowers to the shelves. They can help bring a splash of color and texture to the shelves. Also, you may want to consider displaying nice ceramic items like soap dishes, vases, and even artwork.

Finally, use rugs and towels to dress up the area. Hang fluffy bath towels on simple hooks, and use towels as runners to add more visual interest. Placing a rug on the floor beneath the shelves will bind all the elements together and provide an attractive footer for the shelves.

With these helpful tips, you can create an attractive bathroom shelf display that expresses who you are.

What do you put on bathroom shelves above toilet?

What to put on shelves above your toilet depends entirely on the space you have and your personal preference. Some popular items for bathroom shelves above the toilet include decorative items, such as decorative jars, family photos, and plants; functional items, such as extra toilet paper and baskets of towels; and extra toiletries, such as soaps, shampoos, and lotions.

If you have a lot of space, you can also store cleaning supplies, extra toilet brushes, or even a magazine rack. When decorating shelves above your toilet, it can be helpful to think about what the function of the space is – if it’s to provide extra storage, then baskets and shelves may be the right option; if it’s to add a decorative touch to your toilet area, then decorative accents should be the focus.

No matter what you choose to put on your bathroom shelves above the toilet, it’s important that the items are aesthetically pleasing and organized, so as not to create a cluttered and disorganized look.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

Making a small bathroom look luxurious doesn’t have to be expensive. A few simple updates can make a big difference in the overall feel of the room. First, focus on the walls, and apply a fresh coat of paint in a warm, neutral color like beige or cream.

Next, consider adding some textured wall tiles in a modern style to give the space a more luxe feel. Flooring is also key. Replace worn linoleum or carpet with tile or stone that has a bit of a sheen to it.

Finally, accessories can really add to the luxurious look of the bathroom. Replace basic fixtures such as towel racks, hinges, and showerheads with more decorative and shiny objects. You can also add a few pieces of art or a stylish mirror for a more personalized look.

How do you group things in a bathroom?

When grouping items in a bathroom, it is important to consider how often they are used, as well as their size and weight. Ideally, items that are more frequently used should be within arm’s reach so that they are easy to access.

Towels and toiletries should be kept together in a linen closet, and items such as shampoo, soap, and other smaller items can be stored in woven baskets or containers. Larger items, such as bath mats, toilet brushes, and hairdryers, should be kept away from the sink and placed on shelves or in drawers.

The cleaning supplies should also be kept separate from the other items and organized in a cabinet. This will help to prevent any accidents and keep them away from children or pets. Accessories, such as decorative items, can be displayed on shelves or counter tops.

By properly grouping your bathroom items, you will ensure that everything is organized and easy to find when needed.

What colors look good in a small bathroom?

When considering colors to use in a small bathroom, it’s important to remember that the right colors can help make a small space feel larger. Soft, light colors such as whites, creams, and pastel shades can help create the illusion of more space and make a small bathroom look more airy and spacious.

Pale blues, sage greens, and warm taupe colors can also be effective in brightening a small space.

Rich, vibrant colors are best used as accent colors to provide interest and add warmth to the room without making it feel cluttered. Bold colors such as deep blues, purples, and even black can be used in a small bathroom to create a luxe, modern look.

You can also use two-tone color schemes to create a contrast and further enhance the visual space of the bathroom.

No matter which colors you choose, make sure you select soft lighting and install a few wall mirrors to help add a feeling of openness to the space. Lastly, use texture and materials to create visual interest in your small bathroom and bring the whole look together.

What is the easiest way to decorate a bathroom?

The easiest way to decorate a bathroom is to start with a few simple changes that can have a big impact. For a quick makeover, adding a new shower curtain and bath mat, replacing the faucet, and updating the cabinet knobs can do wonders for the look of the bathroom.

If you have some extra time and budget, replace outdated furniture and light fixtures, paint the walls and vanity, and add a few accessories, such as framed art and wall hangings, to bring a unique and personal touch to the space.

No matter which changes you choose, they should always be in harmony with the existing bathroom style and colors.

What to put on shelves when staging?

When staging shelves, you have a few options to make them stand out. The most important thing is to keep the shelves uncluttered, so start by removing any knick knacks or items that don’t really serve a purpose.

Then, depending on the function of the shelves, you can add a few carefully selected items. For example, in a bedroom you could use a few books, an attractive vase, or a scented candle to create a relaxing environment.

In a kitchen, opt for a colorful bowl of fruit and decorative storage containers. In an office, choose artwork, a plant, and a few of your favorite books. If you need to add more height to the shelves, stack similar items like books or mix and match several small picture frames.

Finally, pay attention to the color palette and make sure that the items you choose are compatible with the room’s overall style. With a little creativity, you can easily make your shelves the focal point of any room.

How do you display things on shelves?

To display items on shelves, it is important to consider the overall look and feel of the space. A key factor is to choose the right type of shelving for the items that need to be displayed. For example, a more decorative and ornate shelving system is best for items like books, small figurines and heavier items like vases or sculptures.

For smaller items that don’t need as much support, a wire or peg-style shelving system may be more appropriate.

Once the shelves are selected, it is then important to decide on how the items will be grouped. Arranging the items according to size, color or category will help create a cohesive display and make it easier for the eye to navigate.

For example, it may be helpful to use dividers or containers to organize items and create a better visual flow. Additional decor pieces such as baskets, plants or artwork can be used to add dimension or texture to the shelves.

Lastly, it is important to consider the natural light in the space and consider adding extra illumination through lamps or string lights to further highlight the items on display.

How do you decorate a shelf?

Decorating a shelf can be an easy and fun way to add character and interest to any room! Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful shelf:

• Choose an overall theme or color scheme for the shelf. Consider using a palette that complements the other furnishings and decor in the room.

• Mix and match different items such as books, candles, figurines, vases and other decorative objects for a balanced look. When arranging the items, create a visual triangle to help keep the items balanced and visually interesting.

• Place items of varying sizes for a more pleasing look, as well as objects with varying heights and levels of detail.

• Use decorative molding or trim around the shelf if possible to give it a more finished look, or to add depth and interest to the display.

• Add lighting to the shelf to highlight certain items, such as special pieces in the collection or items with special detailing.

• Create clusters of items throughout the shelf to cut down on visual clutter, and help each object stand out.

• Accessorize with smaller items such as shells, trays, and baskets to give the shelf an inviting and cozy feeling.

• Hang garland or fairy lights around the shelf to help frame it and add a bit of sparkle to the entire display.

Following these tips will help you create a beautiful, eye-catching shelf that is sure to be the perfect addition to any room!

How do you style a space above a toilet?

One of the most effective ways to style a space above a toilet is to hang a vertical piece of artwork or a mirror. This can help add dimension and make the bathroom look more pulled together. If vertical artwork is not your style, using small shelves can also be a great way to create visual interest in the space above a toilet.

These shelves can be used to store toiletries, decorative items, plants, or even books. If you want to add more of an air of sophistication, try adding a framed picture or a small painting. If you want to keep the area more understated, consider a floating shelf or a hanging set of baskets.

For an extra decorative touch, you can create a small hanging display with a small vase, a few flowers, or a scented candle.

How do you decorate the top of a toilet tank?

Decorating the top of a toilet tank can be a fun, creative way to add a personal touch to your bathroom. From simple and budget-friendly to more elaborate and expensive.

One of the simplest ways to decorate the top of a toilet tank is with a potted houseplant or other decorative greenery. This adds a bright, cheerful touch to any bathroom. If you opt for a live plant, make sure to choose one that can thrive in low-light, moist conditions.

Orchids, aloe vera, and maidenhair ferns are all good choices.

Another option is to add a few items like candles, trinket boxes, or even a corkboard with photos. If candles are not appropriate, there are also battery-operated LED models available. These look just like regular candles but offer added safety.

Artwork is also a great way to decorate the top of a toilet tank. You could hang a small picture frame, print out a favorite quote or artwork, or even buy a decorative tile for the tank lid.

For a more permanent modification, consider installing a shelf or two atop the tank. Not only does this offer extra storage space for knick-knacks and other items, but it also allows you to display decorative items without taking up floor space.

Ultimately, the ways you can decorate the top of a toilet tank are limited only by your imagination. Have fun and experiment until you find something that speaks to you and adds to the room’s overall feel.

What are cute things to put on shelves?

When it comes to cute things to put on shelves, the possibilities are endless! It all depends on the style and overall look you’re trying to create. Some great options include air plants, succulents, small sculptures and figurines, books, candles, framed artwork, trinket dishes, vases and jars, and crafted knickknacks.

To give a room more color, look for items in similar shades of the same color for a stylish, cohesive display. If you’re looking for something particularly eye-catching, incorporate some greenery like a terrarium or hanging planter.

There are also plenty of options for animal lovers, from realistic ceramic animals to fun cartoon-inspired critters. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep in mind the size and scale of the items- don’t go too overboard and overcrowd the display.

What do you put on display shelves?

Display shelves can be filled with a variety of items depending on the purpose or style of the shelf. Collectible figurines and sculptures are popular items to include on display shelves, as are knick-knacks, books, and artwork.

Display shelves can also be used for decorative purposes, with greenery, vases, jars, and lanterns adding a touch of homeliness to any space. Houseplants are a popular choice, as are candles and potpourri for a more sensory atmosphere.

To show off personalize items, framed photographs, meaningful gifts, and awards and even jars with notes of appreciation can be proudly shown off on display shelves. Ultimately, whatever you choose to put on your display shelves should represent who you are and the things you find meaningful, creating a space that is both comforting and inviting.