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What do you put on bathroom shelves over a toilet?

Bathroom shelves over a toilet are great places to store items you need near by, such as toilet paper rolls, toiletries and other items, like towels. Additionally, you can put items to make the bathroom more homely like small, decorative items like vases, plants, candles, and picture frames.

Other decorative items like baskets, jars, and boxes are also great options for the shelves. Of course, functionality is key when choosing what to put on the shelves, so items like extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and extra toiletries should be kept in this area as well.

It’s important that the items on the shelves are kept orderly and organized. Doing so will ensure that the items are easy to access when you need them and also make the room look clean and tidy.

What should I display on bathroom shelves?

Bathroom shelves provide a great opportunity to add a personal touch to your space. Depending on your needs and size of the shelves, you can display a variety of items.

If you have an open shelf, add baskets or containers to organize your items and give the shelf a more cohesive look. Use the containers to store sponges, soap, cleaning supplies, and other toiletries.

If your shelves are shallow enough, you can also add a soap dish or dispenser, a candle, and some decorative accessories such as framed photographs or vases.

If your shelves are deeper, use them for storage. You can store toilet paper, extra towels, and any other items that you don’t need to have close at hand. You can also add a laundry basket or hamper for a neat and tidy effect.

If you’d like to get creative, you can also hang smaller shelves on the wall to display unique items like pictures, jars with flowers or herbs, or plants in pots.

No matter what you decide to display on your bathroom shelves, be sure to pick items that reflect your personality and create a cozy and comforting atmosphere.

How do you decorate the top of a toilet tank?

Decorating the top of a toilet tank can be as simple or complicated as you’d like and provide an additional pop of style to your bathroom. To begin, you’ll need to choose the type of decoration that suits your personal style and the look of your bathroom best.

If the area is small, something minimalist, like a succulent in a small planter, would be the perfect choice. Other small décor ideas include sculptures and figurines, candles, vases with faux flowers, small bookcases, mason jars, and baskets.

If you’d like to add something a bit more unique, then you could also consider displaying framed pictures of family or special occasions, or jars filled with sea shells or art pieces. It’s a fun way to express your own personality.

In terms of the design elements, make sure you choose pieces that fit the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. For example, if you have a modern styled bathroom opt for pieces with clean lines and minimalist design.

If you’re aiming for a more opulent look, pick something with intricate patterns or lots of embellishment. Additionally, remember to choose colors that coordinate with the colors of your decor. For example, if you have a pink and white bathroom, include some white and pink decorations in your toilet tank design.

When it comes to actually mounting the decorations to the tank, use waterproof adhesive if the pieces are lightweight. If the items are heavier, then you’ll need to use double-sided tape or a heavy-duty adhesive.

Additionally, you should make sure the pieces are securely affixed to prevent slipping or toppling.

How do you display toiletries in a bathroom?

To display toiletries in a bathroom, it’s important to create a clutter-free and organized area. This can be achieved by finding the right storage solutions and keeping unnecessary items off the counter.

Baskets or bins are great for organizing and storing items like toilet paper, towels, washcloths, and medicines. These can be mounted on the wall or stacked on shelves to maximize space. Shelves and cubbies with decorative baskets or bins inside are great for displaying items that are used often or need to look presentable.

Decorative jars, bowls, and bins can store and organize items like cotton balls, toothpaste and brushes, floss, and combs. Wall hooks are ideal for washcloths, bathrobes, and towels.

If there is more space, larger storage containers or cabinets can be used. These can store items like extra toilet paper, soap, lotion, toiletry bags, and feminine hygiene products. Medicine cabinets are often used for medications and first aid items.

Creating a bathroom with plenty of storage and counter space will make it easier to display the necessary items. With a few ideas and the right storage solutions, you can create an organized and attractive display of toiletries.

How high should 2 shelves be above a toilet?

Typically, shelves should be installed around 6-10 inches above a toilet. This will give you enough clearance for typical toilet seat heights and lids. If you’re installing shelves over a lower toilet (below 24 inches from the floor) then 6 inches will be a comfortable height.

However if it’s a higher toilet, then 8-10 inches will provide more space for items you may store on the shelf. Wherever you decide to install the shelf, make sure its screws are secure with the studs in the wall behind the toilet.

In addition, mounting shelves with construction adhesive can be an additional means to prevent shelves from loosening over time.

How do I make my bathroom shelves look nice?

There are many ways to make your bathroom shelves look nice. Here are a few ideas:

1. Use stylish containers to house items on the shelves. When selecting containers, choose pieces with interesting shapes and colors to give the shelves character.

2. Hang art on the shelves. You can hang a single piece of art or a grouping of pieces. Either way, the art will give the shelves some visual interest.

3. Add plants to the shelves. Greenery can instantly bring life to the shelves. Choose plants that require minimal maintenance and feature interesting shapes and unique leaves.

4. Hang towels or other objects from the shelves. This can be a great way to make the shelves look less cluttered and more organized.

5. Add a few decorative pieces to the shelves. Consider placing a bowl or a vase and filling it with pieces like rocks and shells. Or, display some vintage-looking trays and fill them with fragrant bath products.

6. Install lights on the shelves. This will both create a pleasant atmosphere and provide a convenient source of light so that you don’t have to face a dark bathroom when you enter.

Following these tips should help you create attractive and stylish bathroom shelves that you’ll enjoy looking at. Have fun!

What are cute things to put on shelves?

When it comes to decorating shelves, there are lots of cute things you can put on them to make them look special. Think about the colors and themes you want to create, and then find unique pieces that fit your style.

Some cute things to put on shelves include:

• Vintage books and box collections

• Collectibles like figurines, trinket boxes and music boxes

• Small plants in colorful planters

• Quirky sculptures and decorative accents

• Framed family photos and pictures

• Lighted LED candles

• Floating wall shelves with LED strip lights around it

• Mason jars with fairy lights or flowers in them

• Candles in unique holders like crystal balls, artisanal ginger jars and metal urns

• Twinkle lights hung on the walls near the shelves

• Display boxes or shadow boxes with trinkets and other collections

• Art pieces like animal masks, hanging sculptures and hand-painted ceramics

• Glass bowls or colorful stones

• Creative hangers with knick-knacks hung on them

How many inches above a toilet should you hang a picture?

The general rule of thumb is to hang wall art between 57 and 60 inches above the floor, which puts it at around eye level. However, when it comes to hanging artwork over a toilet, you can adjust the height of the art depending on the configuration of the room.

If the toilet is located in a smaller bathroom, then a lower height of around 50 inches is recommended. If the toilet is in a larger room, then mounting the artwork at the higher end of the 57 to 60 inch range is preferable.

When possible, it’s recommended to hang the artwork at least 10 to 12 inches above the surface of the toilet in order to prevent it from being splashed with water.

What is the 57 inch rule?

The 57 inch rule is an important safety guideline to follow when operating a forklift. It states that there must be a minimum of 57 inches of clearance between the nearest person and the nearest point of the forklift.

It is essential to adhere to this rule in order to ensure the safety of those around the forklift, as forklifts are powerful pieces of machinery that can cause serious injury if not operated carefully.

The 57 inch rule is especially important when maneuvering a forklift in a tight or crowded area such as an aisle, warehouse, or loading dock. By following the 57 inch rule, forklift operators can ensure the safety of their crew, customers, and surrounding workspace.

What should I hang on my toilet wall?

There are lots of fun and decorative items that you can hang on the wall of your toilet to help add a little flair to the room. Some fun options include framed artwork or photographs, either of your own or from stores like Home Goods or Etsy; small shelves for displaying items like candles or succulents; or wall hangings like tapestries or macramé.

If you have a bit of DIY experience, you can also repurpose an old frame or piece of furniture to make something totally unique. If you’d like a more specialized look, you could try hanging a vintage-inspired poster or wall quote, or a wall clock to add a bit of functionality.

Other ideas could include a wall-mounted roll of toilet paper, a custom-made sign, a wicker basket full of toiletries, or even a few potted plants. Regardless of what you choose, adding a few pieces to your toilet wall can add instant personality and charm.

How big should art over toilet be?

When considering the size of art to hang over the toilet, there are a few things to consider. A large piece of artwork visually can dominate a space and should be selected carefully. Choose a piece that is proportionate to the size of the wall above the toilet.

If the wall is narrow, a small piece of art placed in the center is usually the most appropriate choice. If the wall is wide, a larger piece can be used, but keep the size of the piece in balance with the size of the entire bathroom.

Additionally, the artwork should not be too large to the point of overwhelming the space, or too small that it is unable to be viewed.

What size shelf should go over toilet?

When selecting the size of shelf for going over the toilet, you will need to consider several factors such as the size of the bathroom, personal storage needs, and the size of the toilet. Generally, it is recommended to choose a shelf that is at least 10-12 inches deep, however this will depend on what you intend to store on the shelf.

Additionally, if you want to use the shelf as a decorative accent, you may want to select a longer shelf to ensure it adequately covers the width of the toilet. Lastly, if you have tall items you intend to store, like tall bottles, you may need to find a shelf that is higher than the standard 10-12 inches.

What is code for space around toilet?

The code for space around a toilet, also known as a “clearance area,” is established by the building codes in the area, as they vary from one place to another. Generally speaking, most areas require a minimum of 15 inches of space on each side and between the toilet and any other walls or fixtures in the bathroom.

Some codes may also require a 24-inch depth for the clearance area so that there is plenty of space for a person to maneuver when needed, such as for cleaning or repairs. This can be accomplished by using a toilet with an elongated bowl, as it will provide greater depth than a standard round bowl.

Additionally, functional room should be considered when designing the space, as wheelchair accessibility and other practical requirements must be met.

How do you style a space above a toilet?

Styling a space above a toilet can be done in a few ways. The most economical option is to add a shelf, which can be found in many homegoods stores. This allows you to add some storage and even a small plant or decoration, while taking up minimal space.

If there is more space and budget, a larger cabinet may be used to increase storage and make the area look more polished. Shelves can also be a great option, as they can hold towels, baskets, and other decorative items, without taking up any extra space.

If you’d like to add a piece of art, opt for an area rug or framed print. If you really want to make a statement, find bold artwork that fits the design and décor of the bathroom. If there is extra room, install a niche in the wall with tile or paint to add a decorative flair as well.

Another option is to use a vanity mirror or full length mirror, which doubles as both a functional and decorative element. Make sure to measure out space and consider the colour and texture when selecting the piece.

Finally, for a personal touch, add a small vase of flowers, a candle or a figurine or collectible.

What is the thing above the toilet called?

The thing that is typically located above the toilet is known as a bathroom cabinet. It is used to store items like toiletries, towels, and other items you would want to keep handy in the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets often come with shelves or drawers that can help you organize your items and keep them out of sight when not in use.

They are typically made out of wood or other materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Some also come with mirrors, making them a multifunctional bathroom accessory.