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What goes with navy blue cabinets?

Navy blue cabinets pair beautifully with various shades of gray, white and beige ranging from light to dark. Accent colors like green, yellow, orange, red and pink can be used to break up the monotony of a navy and gray kitchen.

To achieve an overall cohesive look, use complementary tones from the same color wheel family. For example, if using red as an accent color, opt for coral or a wine shade with a hint of red. Accentuate the blue cabinet color with a colorful backsplash made of mosaic tile, choose a textured and geometric pattern that helps bring alive the navy blue color.

Another option is to use a white and gray marble backsplash to lighting the navy cabinets. To layer texture and personality, select hardware in brushed gold or brass with a hint of navy blue. Wallpaper is also a great addition when trying to create an inviting kitchen.

Opt for a subtle pattern like an elegant floral or an aged aged damask design in shades of navy and gray to add depth to the room’s overall design. Finally, introduce easy-to-maintain air plants, succulents and herbs in rustic containers to bring a bit of nature into your kitchen.

What color is complementary to navy blue?

The color that is complementary to navy blue is orange. This means that when placed side-by-side, navy blue and orange create a high contrast and aesthetically pleasing look. The colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel, making them complementary colors.

Orange and navy blue can be used together in many different design applications, like interior design and fashion. For instance, an orange and navy blue striped shirt or a room decorated with navy blue and orange accents.

When paired together, the colors create a striking and dynamic contrast.

Is navy blue a good color for kitchen cabinets?

Navy blue can be a great color for kitchen cabinets as it is both classic and timeless. Navy blue has a classic and elegant feel to it and can be used in many different ways in kitchen cabinet design.

Navy blue is also a very versatile color and can be paired with lighter colors to create a bright and airy look, or can be paired with darker colors to create a more sophisticated look. Navy blue cabinets are also very easy to maintain and keep clean since they resist dirt and stains very well.

Additionally, navy blue is a great color for any kitchen since it is able to make small rooms appear larger and brighter than they may be. In short, navy blue can be a great choice for kitchen cabinets and is a color that will stay in style for many years.

Are navy kitchen cabinets too trendy?

It depends on your personal preference for your kitchen cabinets. Navy blue is a popular kitchen cabinet color thanks to its versatility and depth. It combines well with other colors, from classic neutrals to bold accent shades.

Navy kitchen cabinets also come in a variety of shades, from dark navy to navy blue-green, allowing you to achieve the look you want.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a timeless look in your kitchen, navy blue may not be the best choice. Although navy blue kitchen cabinets can look great, they cannot be considered a classic look and may look dated after a few years.

Additionally, if you choose dark navy cabinets, your kitchen may appear dark and uninviting – unless you choose to pair navy kitchen cabinets with light countertops and walls.

At the end of the day, the decision to choose navy kitchen cabinets (or any other kitchen cabinets) ultimately comes down to personal preference. Whether you’re looking for a bold and contemporary style or something timeless, there are plenty of kitchen cabinet colors to choose from.

Will dark blue cabinets go out of style?

It’s difficult to say for certain if dark blue cabinets will go out of style, as trends in home design come and go over time and can vary drastically. However, dark blue cabinetry is a popular trend right now in modern, transitional, and traditional design styles and typically not a trend that is easily forgotten.

A deep navy blue can be a striking and timeless look in a kitchen or bathroom, while lighter shades of blue are perfect for adding a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Overall, blue cabinets are a classic color and it would take a great shift in trends for this shade to truly go out of style.

Even if the trend takes a backseat for a few years, blue cabinets can still be a great choice for those looking for a timeless, elegant, and inviting look in their home.

Are navy blue cabinets timeless?

Yes, navy blue cabinets are a timeless choice for many kitchens. Navy blue is a rich, classic color that can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for. Navy blue works especially well in traditional, coastal, or modern styles, making it a great choice for a wide range of kitchen designs.

Its darker hue also means it won’t show dirt as easily as lighter colors, which is an added bonus. Although you may need to repaint or update your cabinets over time, navy blue cabinets will always remain a classic and timeless choice for kitchens.

Is navy too dark for small kitchen?

No, navy is definitely not too dark for a small kitchen! In fact, navy is a great color for small kitchens as it is versatile and can look both modern and classic. Navy is a great option because it helps to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere and dark colors can also help to create a sense of spaciousness in a smaller room.

Additionally, navy is a great color to work with if you are looking for a sophisticated, timeless look for your kitchen. To ensure that your small kitchen does not feel too dark or overwhelming, pair navy cabinetry and/or walls with lighter colors for countertops and appliances to help lighten up the space.

Utilizing light colors for floors, ceiling, and accents can also help to make a small kitchen feel larger and more welcoming.

What is the most popular color for kitchen cabinets?

The most popular color for kitchen cabinets varies based on a variety of factors, such as geographic location, cultural influences, and interior design trends. Generally speaking, white is the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets, as it provides a bright, neutral backdrop that can be enhanced with colorful accents, such as greenery, hardware, and appliances.

Other popular hues that are frequently used on kitchen cabinets include shades of gray and beige, as well as deeper tones of green, blue and black. Navy is increasingly popular as well. Ultimately, the best kitchen cabinet color depends largely on personal preferences and style.

How do you accessorize a navy kitchen?

When it comes to accessorizing a navy kitchen, there are a variety of ways one can go. Depending on the overall look of the kitchen and the desired aesthetic, you can opt for either light and airy accessories to create contrast against the dark navy color, or warm-toned and golden accents to complement the existing scheme.

Light and airy accessorizing might include pieces such as creamy whites and pastel colors, as well as stainless steel appliances and white marble countertops. To add fun pops of color, one can work with accents like navy and gold canisters, bright turquoise artwork, or cheerful floral designs.

Brushed stainless steel fixtures are also a great way to bring in more reflection and brightness.

On the other hand, warm-toned accents can provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Pieces like terracotta pots, bronze lamps and décor, and warm-toned wooden furniture can all contribute to the atmosphere.

To bring out the navy color a bit more, one can opt for navy and cream striped or plaid curtains or tiling with metallic accents.

It’s also important to look into smaller details like kitchen towels and rugs. These are great opportunities to bring in more color and texture without having to commit to any major renovations. You can also opt for navy cabinets and wooden or tiled flooring to really ground the space.

At the end of the day, the best way to accessorize a navy kitchen is to stay true to your taste and style, and pick pieces that are reflective of that. With the right balance of colors and textures, even the darkest of navy can be made inviting and warm.

What colors should not be used in a kitchen?

When it comes to choosing colors for a kitchen, there are certain colors that should be avoided in order to maintain a clean, comfortable atmosphere. Colors like black, white, and grey are traditionally used in most kitchens and create a timeless look, however bold colors like bright blues and reds can be too overwhelming and distracting in a kitchen.

Additionally, colors such as yellow and orange can create too much warmth and can be overwhelming in a small space. Pastels can also make a kitchen look dated and can reflect more light, which can make the kitchen appear overly bright and clinical.

Finally, colors like neon green, bright purple, and fluorescent shades can seem too intense and unnatural, making the kitchen appear garish. Instead, you should opt for lighter, muted colors like soft blues or greens, which will create a subtle, yet modern look.

Does GREY go with blue in a kitchen?

Yes, grey can work well when paired with blue in a kitchen. The combination of the two colors helps create a sense of balance; the cooler tones of grey can help to balance out the bright qualities of blue and vice versa.

The muted color of grey can also help to make the blue more subtle, and the result is a calming and inviting space.

Grey and blue are a classic color combo, so there are many ways you can use them in a kitchen. Some of the ways you can incorporate grey and blue in the kitchen are by adding accents such as cabinets or tile in each of the colors, or by incorporating a shade of blue and grey in your walls or countertops.

You can use the colors as an overall color scheme, or as an accent. Additionally, you can opt for shades of each color, pairing a soft grey with a brighter blue like cornflower blue, or opt for a cobalt blue and a semi-gloss grey.

No matter how you choose to use the colors, they can help to create a cozy, inviting space in your kitchen.

Does grey compliment blue?

Yes, grey and blue are a harmonious match. Combining the earthy, neutral shade of grey with blue can bring a beautiful balance of relaxation, sophistication and elegance. Grey is considered to be peaceful and calming, while blue can add energy, depth, and a sense of cleanliness.

Whether used in a living space with decor and accents, or in a wardrobe combination, the combination of grey and blue can create a pleasing effect. To add interest and contrast, consider bringing in other accent colors such as yellow, green, or white.

Does blue and grey look good together?

Yes, blue and grey can look good together and can create a beautiful and modern color palette. The two colors are both considered quite classic, which makes them a great combination for home decor, fashion and art.

Depending on the hues, tints and shades of each color, you can achieve a variety of aesthetics from minimal and classic, to warm and cozy. For classic decor, a navy blue paired with a light or mid-tone grey can create a timeless look.

For a more modern feel, a bright turquoise blue paired with a charcoal grey can add a contemporary touch. Adding layers of texture, such as velvet on the blue and linen on the grey, can bring an even more interesting element to a blue and grey palette.