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What happened to James Hamilton Jr?

James Hamilton Jr. was born on June 16, 1961 in Port Arthur, Texas. He was the eldest son of twelve kids and the eldest son of the legendary bluesman James ‘Guitar Slim’ Hamilton Sr. and Annie Mae Pitman Hamilton.

During his childhood, Hamilton Jr. was deeply influenced by his father’s blues music. After graduating high school, Hamilton Jr. enlisted in the US Army where he served in Germany. Following his discharge, Hamilton Jr.

pursued a career in music and opened ‘Guitar Slim Jr. Studios’ in Port Arthur, Texas. Here he wrote and recorded his own music as well as assisting others with their projects.

In 1989, Hamilton Jr had his first break when he was asked to play bass for the hit making saxophonist Maceo Parker. By March of 1990, Hamilton Jr. had relocated to Boston, Massachusetts where he continued to work as studio musician and touring bassist for Maceo Parker’s band.

Sadly, in 1992, Hamilton Jr. suffered a massive stroke and a subsequent massive heart failure. He eventually passed away on November 16, 1992 at the tender age of 31. Despite his untimely passing, Hamilton Jr.

is remembered fondly for his talent and his lasting contributions to music.

Did James Hamilton have children?

Yes, James Hamilton had children. He and his wife, Elizabeth (nee Schuyler) Hamilton had eight children together. Four of their children survived to adulthood; Philip Hamilton, Angelica Schuyler (Church), Alexander Hamilton Jr.

, and James Alexander Hamilton. Philip was the first born in 1782 but sadly died in a duel with Aaron Burr in 1801. Alexander Jr. was born in 1786 and fought in the War of 1812. Angelica was born in 1784 and later married John Barker Church.

James, born in 1788, grew up to become a successful lawyer, judge, and politician.

Did Hamilton’s family own slaves?

No, Alexander Hamilton’s family did not own slaves. Hamilton was born in the British West Indies in 1757, when slavery was widespread in the region. However, his family was very poor and did not have the financial means to purchase slaves.

Hamilton did spend part of his childhood as a member of the household of a woman who owned slaves, but he was not employed as a slave himself. Hamilton was known for his staunch opposition to slavery throughout his life and was a champion of human rights and equality.

He was an ardent abolitionist and vigorously campaigned in favor of emancipation. He was one of the principal authors of the act banning the African slave trade in the United States.

How many of Hamilton’s kids survived?

Alexander Hamilton had eight children: Philip (1782–1801), Angelica (1784–1857), Alexander, Jr. (1786–1804), James (1788–1831), John Church (1792–1882), William Stephen (1797–1832), Eliza (1799–1859), Philip (1802–1884).

Unfortunately, only four of them survived past adulthood: Angelica, John Church, Eliza, and Philip. Philip Sr. died from an illness at 19, Alexander, Jr. was killed in a duel at the age of 18, James died at 43 from an apparent drug overdose, and William Stephen died at the age of 35.

What happens to James on Sons and Daughters?

James Bailey was one of the primary characters of Ron and Margaret Pae’s hit series Sons and Daughters and was famously played by Ryan Clark.

James was an army veteran who first appears in season one being flown back to Australia from England. While he was away in the military, he and Margaret Pae, who was his childhood sweetheart, had a child that neither of them knew about.

His son, David Palmer, believed Margaret was his mother and had been raised by her and her new husband, Bill.

When James returned and found out about his son, his first wish was to keep a low profile to protect him from any stress. But, as time passed, he took a more active role in David’s life and he soon found a job as a security guard at Margaret and Bill’s company.

James and Margaret had an intense attraction to each other and they were soon married despite his troubled past. The two had a happy marriage until James revealed to Margaret that he had been responsible for an incident in the military that killed a few people.

He left Margaret and Sydney and moved to Perth, where he tried to make a new life.

Unfortunately, his attempts at starting over were continually thwarted by his past and the fact that he was still in love with Margaret. James eventually returned to Sydney, where Margaret had moved on with another guy.

They both struggled to get over their love for each other, but their reunion ultimately ended in tragedy when James was shot and killed in a gunfight with an old enemy. It was an emotional end to a beloved character’s story.

How many children did Alexander Hamilton have with his wife?

Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, had eight children together. Their children include Philip Hamilton, Angelica Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton Jr. , James Alexander Hamilton, John Church Hamilton, William Shepherd Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton Holly and Margaret Hamilton.

Philip, Angelica, Alexander Jr. and James were born before his wife, Elizabeth, left Albany in 1795. John, William and Eliza were born either in Albany or New York City and Margaret was born in Paris.

Tragedy would strike the family as Philip, their eldest, died in a duel in 1801. In 1804, Elizabeth died and Alexander remarried. Alexander and his new wife, Maria Reynolds, had a daughter, named Maria Reynolds Hamilton.

After Alexander’s death in 1804, his children were taken in by their uncle Angelica Schuyler Church and their grandmother, Catherine Livingston.

When did Hamilton have his first child?

Alexander Hamilton had his first child, Philip, with his wife Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton on January 22, 1782. Although the couple had been married since December 14, 1780, Elizabeth was pregnant before they were married.

It is generally believed that the couple’s first three children were born out of wedlock. Hamilton and Elizabeth went on to have seven more children, with the youngest, James Alexander, born in 1804.

How old was Hamilton’s first son when he died?

Hamilton’s first son, Philip Hamilton, died in a duel at the age of 19. He was born on January 22nd, 1782 and died in a duel on November 24th, 1801 after having been shot by George I. Eacker, who was responding to a challenge that had been issued by Philip shortly before.

Philip was a law student in Columbia College and had decided to challenge Eacker as a result of comments that had been made in one of Eacker’s political speeches.

Who is jim hamilton?

Jim Hamilton is an American professional golfer who has competed on the PGA Tour, European Tour, Champions Tour and Web. com Tour. Born in Ohio in 1946, Hamilton played his junior golf in the Columbus area before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma, where he won three times in collegiate competition.

He turned professional in 1968 and embarked on a long, successful career as a professional golfer. Hamilton competed on the PGA Tour from 1971 to 1997 during which time he won six tournaments and had nineteen top-ten finishes.

He was briefly ranked as the 9th best golfer in the world in 1984. His best year on Tour was 1986 when he won two tournaments and had five other top-10 finishes. He competed on the European Tour from 1978 to 2001 and accumulated 11 career wins.

Hamilton also competed on the Champions Tour from 1997 to 2009, claiming 2 victories in his senior career. He is perhaps best known for his performance in the 1993 Open Championship where he finished in fourth place.

Since retirement, Hamilton has been honored by the Ohio Golf Hall of Fame and the University of Oklahoma Hall of Fame. He continues to give golf instruction and instructional clinics.

What position did Jim Hamilton play?

Jim Hamilton was a professional rugby union player who played both lock and back-row positions. He was more commonly known for his back-row play, having played 27 times for Scotland and 230 times for Glasgow Warriors.

Hamilton was well known for his powerful ball carrying, leadership and for his physical prowess. Hamilton was also a British and Irish Lion in 2013, being selected for the tour to Australia. His career ended in 2014 due to persistent injuries and he retired shortly after.

Why did Jim Hamilton play for Scotland?

Jim Hamilton played for Scotland due to his incredible talent, determination and ambition. Hamilton was born in Scotland and was always eager to represent his country and proudly wear the Scotland shirt.

He showed incredible promise in his early days and went on to become Scotland’s youngest capped player at the age of just 20.

Throughout his career, Hamilton was an inspirational presence both on and off the field. His enthusiasm and commitment inspired the entire nation of Scotland, making him a national hero. He was the first player from Scotland to win the 6 Nations Grand Slam and the first to be capped 50 times for the country.

He was also named Scotland’s Player of the Year three times in a row, showing how highly he was regarded by the nation.

Jim Hamilton was also an incredibly humble individual and was always open to helping out the younger players. He was a role model for aspiring athletes in Scotland and was well-loved by his teammates.

He provided a great example of being a true sportsman and his legacy still lives on today. Scotland was lucky to have him on their side and he will always be remembered as one of the greatest players to have represented the country.

Is the Hamilton family rich?

The Hamilton family is a well-known family with a long and storied history, but whether or not they would be considered “rich” depends on how the term is defined. On one hand, the family has been historically well-off, with several members having built up significant wealth over the generations.

On the other hand, they have also had to endure a wide variety of economic setbacks over the years and may not truly be considered “rich” by modern standards.

Overall, it is difficult to definitively answer the question of whether the Hamilton family is rich or not. They have inherited a strong legacy of wealth and opportunity, while still facing the same economic hardships that every family faces.

Ultimately, it comes down to an individual perspective on what constitutes “rich” and until a clear definition is established, it is impossible to definitively answer this question.

Does Hamilton marry?

Yes, Hamilton married Elizabeth (Eliza) Schuyler in December of 1780. Eliza was the eldest daughter of Philip Schuyler, a prominent American General in the American Revolutionary War. As the daughter of a wealthy family, Eliza was well-educated, attended the best schools, and was involved in many community activities.

Their marriage was a happy one, and Eliza and Hamilton shared an intense love and passion. They had eight children together, with seven surviving to adulthood. Even after Hamilton’s death in 1804, Eliza outlived him for another 50 years and devoted her life to fundraising and honoring his legacy.

Who is Hamilton in love with?

In the musical Hamilton, the title character Alexander Hamilton is in love with Eliza Schuyler. Eliza is one of three daughters of Philip Schuyler, a wealthy landowner and politician of New York. Eliza is described as “sly, warm, and mischievous,” and her singing voice is often heard in the background.

Alexander and Eliza’s relationship is central to the plot of the show. From the beginning, their connection is apparent and Eliza is shown to be the one person who truly understands Alexander and his struggles.

The couple get married and have seven children. Eventually, Eliza and Alexander’s relationship is tested when he has an affair with Maria Reynolds. However, despite this, Eliza and Alexander ultimately remain together and are shown to still be in love by the end.

Who did Peggy Schuyler marry?

Peggy Schuyler married Stephen Van Rensselaer, the son of General Stephen Van Rensselaer III and Catharine “Kitty” Livingston. Stephen Van Rensselaer was the last patroon, or feudal lord, of the Rensselaerwyck estate, based in Albany.

The couple married at the manor house known as the Van Rensselaer Mansion in 1807. The marriage was significant in that it was the first union of two upper-class New York families. The Van Rensselaers acquired a fortune in land and successful mercantile trade through the auspices of the English crown and Dutch West India Company, and their influence became an important part of New York’s commerce.

The Schuylers, meanwhile, were also prominent members of New York society and had a long history in the state. They were also related to the influential Hamilton family, as Phillip Schuyler was Alexander Hamilton’s father-in-law.

Thus, Peggy’s marriage to Stephen Van Rensselaer was an important event and a symbol of the state’s social elite unifying.