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What Is a WASHLET on a toilet?

A WASHLET on a toilet is a type of bidet-style toilet attachment consisting of an advanced toilet seat and an integrated control panel. The WASHLET performs a range of functions, such as providing soothing warm water cleansing, an oscillating massage feature, a warm air dryer, an automatic air purifier, and even an adjustable air temperature.

Some models even come with an automatic deodorizing system and a nightlight. Depending on the model, it can also be used in conjunction with a toilet seat and lid, transforming into a conventional toilet once the lid is closed.

The WASHLET can be operated directly from the control panel, allowing the user to customize their settings. This makes WASHLET a convenient, hygienic and luxurious option when it comes to bathroom hygiene.

What is the difference between bidet and WASHLET?

The primary difference between a bidet and a WASHLET is technology. The bidet is a simple and more traditional way of accessing a water spray for personal hygiene after using the toilet, whereas a WASHLET is a brand-name device from TOTO USA that offers a sophisticated, automated and hygienic bathroom experience.

Most WASHLETs feature a heated water spray with adjustable temperature, a heated seat with adjustable temperature, a deodorizer and a warm air dryer. The WASHLET also offers added convenience with wireless remote technology, allowing users to customize their experience and features like illuminated night light and programmable user settings for multiple users.

Some WASHLETs even have air purifying technology and an automatic air freshener. Both bidets and WASHLETs provide a more hygienic means of using the bathroom, helping users feel refreshed and clean.

How does the WASHLET work?

The WASHLET is an advanced bidet toilet seat that uses water, heat and air to offer a uniquely hygienic, comfortable and convenient bathroom experience. It works by introducing warm water jets and a precisely-controlled stream of warm air.

The jets are adjustable, allowing you to customize the pressure and intensity of the water, which helps cleanse, reduce odors and leave you feeling refreshed. The warm air setting can be used for drying and deodorizing, and the WASHLET comes with a dual action self-cleaning wand for hands-free hygiene.

The WASHLET also features a heated seat, adjustable temperature and warm air dryer making it the perfect solution for a comfortable and luxuriously clean experience every time. Additionally, the WASHLET’s built-in deodorizing function helps reduce any odor, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh.

Do you still need toilet paper with a TOTO WASHLET?

Yes, you still need toilet paper with a TOTO WASHLET. While a TOTO WASHLET offers a convenient and hygienic way to clean yourself after using the restroom, it’s still best practice to use toilet paper as needed.

Toilet paper can be used to pat yourself dry, and to help keep yourself clean if more than just water is needed. Additionally, you may need toilet paper for wiping your hands or other areas after a restroom use.

In conclusion, while a TOTO WASHLET provides a convenient and hygienic way to clean, toilet paper is still an important part of restroom hygiene.

How do you use a WASHLET toilet?

Using a WASHLET toilet is a simple process and provides a luxurious and hygienic experience. Before use, you’ll want to make sure the WASHLET is properly cleaned and sanitized.

To use the WASHLET, start by selecting the desired cleansing settings according to your preferences. This could include the water temperature, water pressure, the wash mode (front or rear), and any other special features like oscillating or pulsating spray.

Once settings are selected, the WASHLET will begin the cleaning cycle.

After cleansing, the WASHLET will automatically dry the area with a warm air dryer. You can adjust the temperature of the air dryer for maximum comfort.

Once you’ve finished the cleansing cycle, you can use the deodorizer and air purifier to keep the air fresh and free of odors. Some WASHLET models have a lid that will close and open automatically.

Finally, you can flush the WASHLET just like a standard toilet or use the button or switch located on the WASHLET.

Using a WASHLET toilet provides a comfortable and hygienic experience, along with all the convenience of having a cleansing, drying, and deodorizing system all in one.

Why Americans don’t use bidets?

Firstly, bidets are not a traditionally widespread part of the American bathroom culture. In areas such as Europe, South America and parts of the Middle East, the bidet is almost a standard fixture in the bathroom.

But here in the United States, due to a historical disassociation with the piece of bathroom equipment, bidets have been slow to be adopted in American bathrooms.

Secondly, due to their design and construction, bidets require space. This can be an issue, as Americans are already quite limited in the amount of space they can dedicate to the bathroom. Many bathrooms built in America are standard, one wall construction as opposed to the two wall setup in Europe that many bidets require.

Furthermore, draining and plumbing a bidet might be difficult, or even costly. This can further deter American homeowners from choosing a bidet for their bathroom.

Finally, the general unfamiliarity with effective cleaning techniques, and the idea that bidets are somehow “unhygienic” or less efficient than other methods of toilet hygiene are extra factors that can prevent Americans from embracing and using bidets in their bathrooms.

In conclusion, bidets have not been as quickly embraced in the American bathroom as they have been in other parts of the world due to a few main factors, including traditional disassociation, lack of space, and unfamiliarity.

How do you dry your butt after using a bidet?

When using a bidet, it is important to thoroughly dry your butt to prevent chafing and bacteria growth. To properly dry your butt after using a bidet, it is best to use a clean, soft towel or bidet towel.

Depending on the type of bidet you use, you may also have access to a built-in air dryer. Additionally, you may want to use baby powder or talcum powder to help reduce the dampness and make sure the area stays dry and fresh.

Finally, make sure you clean the bidet with a disinfecting cleaner or diluted bleach after each use to prevent the spread of any bacteria.

Why do toilets in Italy not have seats?

Toilets in Italy are generally smaller than most other parts of the world and therefore don’t have a seat. This is in part due to the fact that Europeans typically prefer sitting toilets, while Americans typically prefer standing toilets.

Since there isn’t much space in an Italian bathroom, it can be difficult to fit in a toilet seat without making the bathroom too cramped. In fact, most Italian toilets are designed to be used while standing over the porcelain bowl, a holdover from when public bathrooms were more common.

Moreover, having a toilet seat can also make it difficult to clean the bathroom, since a toilet seat can be tricky to clean with a mop or other cleaning utensils. So, for practical purposes, most Italian toilets do not have a seat, although there are some exceptions.

Do you still wipe when using a bidet?

Yes, you still need to wipe after using a bidet. A bidet is designed to help clean your butt after using the restroom, but it is not a replacement for toilet paper. After using a bidet, you will need to use toilet paper or another form of drying cloth to properly dry off and to avoid any discomfort or irritation.

It’s also important to note that using the bidet alone will not necessarily keep you clean and disinfected, so it’s important to still use toilet paper or other hygiene products in conjunction with the bidet to stay clean and healthy.

Are bidets good for your colon?

Using a bidet is a great way to ensure proper personal hygiene and maintain the health of your colon. It can help to create a cleaner environment for your body by providing a gentle cleansing stream of water to the anal and genital area after using the toilet.

This can help to reduce the risk of bacteria and other microorganisms from settling in the area, which in turn can help to protect the colon from irritation and infection. By keeping the area clean and free of harmful bacteria, bidets can help to reduce the risk of colon-related conditions such as colitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

In addition, using a bidet rather than paper or wipes can also help to reduce the friction to the skin and the impact on delicate anorectal tissue.

Do you wipe before using a washlet?

Yes, it is important to wipe or clean the area before using a washlet. This is to ensure the area is free of any dirt and bacteria that can potentially contaminate the seat. If possible, you should use a moistened cloth with warm, soapy water to wipe off the area lightly.

This is to ensure that no germs or contaminants are left. Additionally, you should also dry off the area with a clean, dry cloth or a paper towel. This reduces the risk of bacteria and mildew growth on the area.

Additionally, it is suggested to clean the seat after each use. This helps to reduce the buildup of dirt and bacteria and ensures the area is kept clean and hygienic.

Are bidets a replacement for toilet paper?

No, bidets are not a replacement for toilet paper. While bidets are often seen as a hygienic alternative to toilet paper, they actually serve very different purposes. Bidets provide a way to cleanse your bottom after using the bathroom, while toilet paper is primarily used to wipe away excess moisture and waste.

Due to the variations in water pressure and design, bidets are able to clean more effectively than toilet paper is able to, but this doesn’t mean you should replace toilet paper with a bidet. It is often recommended to use both toilet paper and a bidet for the most effective hygiene.

Are Toto Washlets sanitary?

Yes, Toto Washlets are sanitary. All Toto Washlets have a powerful built-in self-cleaning wand that automatically cleans itself before and after each use. This wand uses ultra-hygienic electrolyzed water to clean itself and to provide a quick cleansing rinse of the user.

Additionally, WaterSense certified models feature a bowl sterilization feature that sprays the bowl with electrolyzed water after it is flushed, resulting in a bowl that not only looks clean, but also feels clean.

Furthermore, Toto Washlets feature a “cyclone flush” system which uses a pressurized air and water stream to reduce water consumption and to guarantee superior bowl cleaning. This ensures efficient and effective cleaning of the bowl without the use of harsh chemicals.

Additionally, all Toto Washlets come with an air-dryer that eliminates the need to use toilet paper and helps to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Do you sit or squat on a bidet?

When using a bidet, it is up to personal preference whether to sit or squat. Squatting does provide a more thorough, natural clean but can be more difficult than simply sitting on the bidet. Sitting is more comfortable and is often easier to reach the right areas.

It all boils down to personal choice and what one feels more comfortable with. When selecting a bidet, it is important to also consider its features as some bidets are specifically designed with one or the other in mind, while some bidets feature both.

If the bidet functions correctly, either sitting or squatting will get the job done.

Can Toto WASHLET be installed on any toilet?

No, Toto WASHLET cannot be installed on any toilet. Toto WASHLET was specifically designed and built for Toto toilets. The universal and standard TOTO installation guide applies to WASHLET models, and components such as the angle hose and the angle fitting must be connected to a TOTO toilet.

Therefore, WASHLET models cannot be installed on other brands of toilets.