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What is the $10 meal at KFC?

At KFC, the $10 meal consists of five pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, two individual side dishes, and a medium drink. The Original Recipe Chicken is made with a signature blend of 11 herbs and spices which are hand-breaded, then pressure cooked in 100% vegetable oil to ensure a juicy and flavorful chicken every time.

The two side dishes can be customized and could include potato wedges, potato & gravy, mac & cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, green beans, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and a sweet kernel corn. Finally, the medium drink is customizable and could include options such as Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr.

Pepper, Mtn Dew, and Brisk.

What pieces are in a 10 piece KFC?

A 10 piece KFC typically consists of 10 pieces of fried chicken split between the classic Original Recipe® and Extra Crispy™ options. It usually includes 4 Extra Crispy™ pieces (drumstick, thigh, and two breasts) and 6 pieces of the Original Recipe® (leg, wing and four pieces of white meat).

It is served with 2 sides, a medium order of mashed potatoes, a large cole slaw, and a biscuit. Some people may opt for an 8 piece order and replace the sides with a large order of fries.

What is the KFC $6 box?

The KFC $6 box is a promotion that KFC periodically offers for a limited time. It is a meal box that includes one of the following main items: 5 Hot Wings, 2 tenders, or 1/2 chicken. Depending on the box, it may also include individual side items, such as Popcorn Chicken, mac n’ cheese, coleslaw, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a biscuit.

The side items vary depending on the participating store, so you may need to check with your local KFC to find out the exact side items included. The $6 box is a great value since you get one main item and a few side items at a discounted rate.

How much is a 10 piece bucket?

The price of a 10-piece bucket of chicken depends on the restaurant you are ordering from and what type of chicken you are ordering. Generally, a 10-piece bucket of chicken ranges from around $8. 99 to $15.

99, depending on your location and the type of chicken you are ordering (i. e. fried or oven roasted). For instance, at KFC in the United States, the price for a 10-piece bucket of Original Recipe chicken is currently $12.

99. Some restaurants even offer discounts and special promotions which can help to make the price of a 10-piece bucket of chicken even more affordable.

What do you get in a 10 piece KFC bargain bucket?

The 10 piece KFC bargain bucket usually contains 10 pieces of KFC’s famous original recipe chicken. You can choose between mixed or all dark, or all white pieces. The bargain bucket also comes with one large side of your choice, such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and fries.

You also get four biscuits so everyone can enjoy a crispy and buttery treat. Depending on the location, you may receive extras such as two pieces of chicken littles, two dips, and a free treat. All of this delicious food is served in a convenient bucket for easy cleanup and storage.

What’s in $10 fill up KFC?

A KFC $10 Fill Up comes with 8 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy. This meal is perfect for sharing with family and friends. The $10 Fill Up is always a crowd pleaser and is sure to fill up everyone’s bellies and bring a smile to your face.

Does a 10 piece meal come with fries?

No, a 10 piece meal does not come with fries. Depending on what restaurant you’re getting the 10 piece meal from, the meal may come with another side dish such as mashed potatoes, a side salad, or coleslaw.

But typically, a 10 piece meal does not come with fries.

What is in the KFC family treat 10 piece?

The KFC Family Treat 10 Piece includes 10 pieces of freshly prepared original recipe chicken. Each piece is hand-breaded and then pressure cooked in 100% refined, high quality vegetable oil. The chicken is served with 4 original recipe tacos, 4 regular fries, 2 large coleslaw, 1 large mashed potatoes, and 1 large gravy.

The meal is served with ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce, and honey mustard. All of these items are ready to eat, making it the perfect meal for family gatherings and parties.

How many pieces of chicken are in a KFC family bucket?

The KFC family bucket typically includes 8 pieces of chicken, although this can vary from restaurant to restaurant. The 8 pieces generally consists of 4 pieces of original recipe chicken and 4 pieces of extra crispy chicken.

Each piece is 4-5 ounces in weight, and a family bucket typically comes with a generous portion of sides such as mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, biscuits, popcorn chicken, and individual fries.

What is the unhealthiest KFC meal?

The unhealthiest KFC meal is the Mega Jug Meal: 8 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken with 2 large chips, 2 regular mashed potatoes, 2 regular coleslaws and 1 large gravy. This meal has a whopping 1,710 calories and 101.

2g of fat. Interestingly, it contains less sodium than other meals, with only 2,361mg per serve, which is roughly equivalent to a teaspoon of salt. However, it also has 60. 9g of sugar, which is 15 teaspoons.

This meal also contains more than double the daily recommended intake of saturated fat, with 22. 3g. This could significantly increase your risk of developing heart disease over time. All in all, this meal should be considered an occasional treat and not a part of a regular, healthy diet.

What do you get in a KFC $20 fill up?

With a KFC $20 fill up, you get a variety of classic KFC items that will easily feed four people. The $20 fill up includes 8 pieces of the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken, two large sides, four biscuits, and a gallon of drink to share.

The two large sides may include individual choices of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, potato wedges, green beans, sweet corn, and additional side items that may vary by location. The gallon drink options will include sweet tea, lemonade, or soft drink choices.

KFC also offers Kentucky Grilled Chicken and Extra Crispy varieties as an additional substitution option.

How much is a $30 fill up from KFC?

A $30 fill up from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will include 10 pieces of classic Original Recipe chicken, 2 large sides of your choice, 4 biscuits, and a large bottle of Coca-Cola. Each piece of chicken comes with its own personal dipping sauce.

The 2 large sides can be selected from a variety of options such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, a side salad, green beans, or mac and cheese. You can also substitute any of these sides for 4 individual KFC Go Cups.

The $30 fill up is a great deal for large, hungry families or special events.

What does the KFC Big box come with?

The KFC Big Box includes three pieces of original recipe chicken, a large popcorn nugget, a regular side, a large cole slaw, 4 pieces of original recipe boneless chicken and a medium fountain drink. It also includes a secret recipe dipping sauce as a special treat.

All this comes in one convenient box, perfect for any meal-on-the-go. The Big Box is a great option if you’re looking for a satisfying meal for multiple people, or if you just want to enjoy all the flavours of KFC for yourself.

What is KFC biggest bucket?

KFC’s biggest bucket is the Super Variety Bucket, which contains 16 pieces of Original Recipe and Extra Crispy chicken, 12 hot wings, 12 gourmet tenders, 5 fluffy biscuits, and 2 large sides of your choice.

It is enough to feed up to 8 people, making it the perfect option for large gatherings and parties. The Super Variety Bucket is available for both delivery and takeout at select locations.

How much is KFC family?

The cost of a KFC family meal varies depending on which KFC restaurant you visit and what items are included in the meal. Most family meal deals typically include an entree (for example, 8, 12, or 16 pieces of chicken, Boneless Chicken Bite, Popcorn Chicken, or chicken tenders), plus 2-3 sides, such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and biscuit, as well as a large drink.

Prices range from around $17. 99 – $30. 99, depending on the items included.