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What is the closest major airport to Delaware?

The closest major airport to Delaware is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), located approximately 32 miles away in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the busiest and largest airport in the region, and is a hub for American Airlines.

It services domestic and international flights all over the world, including destinations in the U. S. , Canada, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Including rental cars and shuttles, buses, and taxi cab services.

Alternatively, the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) is located approximately 94 miles away.

What major airports are near Delaware?

The three major airports near Delaware are Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore, Maryland; and, Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware.

Philadelphia International Airport is the largest and busiest of the three airports and is situated just over 50 miles from Wilmington, Delaware. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is located roughly 80 miles from Wilmington and is the second busiest airport in the region.

Dover Air Force Base is located in Dover, Delaware and is the closest major airport to Wilmington, Delaware. It is made up predominantly of military use and some general aviation flights.

What airport do I fly into to get to Wilmington Delaware?

If you’re flying into Wilmington Delaware, you should plan to fly into the Wilmington (ILG) airport. This airport is located four miles to the southwest of downtown Wilmington and serves as the primary airport in the area.

The airport allows both domestic and international flights, primarily through Air Canada Express and American Airlines. The airport is conveniently located near Interstate 95 and Route 202, so getting around the city should be quite easy.

There are numerous parking options, sanitization and safety protocols in place, and the airport is open for around 14 to 20 hours a day, providing visitors with plenty of time to make it to their destination.

What airlines fly out of Delaware?

Delaware offers several airline options for travelers departing from the state. These include United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and JetBlue. United Airlines is the most prominent carrier operating out of both the Delaware Airpark and New Castle Airport, offering direct flights to Washington-Dulles, Boston-Logan, Chicago-O’Hare, and New York/Newark.

Southwest Airlines provides service to destinations like Baltimore, Chicago, Orlando and Tampa out of the Delaware Airpark. Delta Airlines offers flights between New Castle and Atlanta, Cincinnati and Detroit.

American Airlines operates out of both airports, flying direct to hubs like Philadelphia, Dallas, and Charlotte. Frontier Airlines is the most recently added carrier to the state, providing flights to Florida’s main airports, Kennedy in New York and Newark in New Jersey.

Lastly, JetBlue offers direct flights to destinations such as Fort Lauderdale and San Juan from New Castle Airport.

What is Delaware’s main airport?

The main airport serving the state of Delaware is Dover Air Force Base, which is located less than three miles (4. 8 km) southeast of the city of Dover. The airbase has two runways and is home to the 436th Airlift Wing of the U.

S. Air Force Reserve Command. Small planes and civilian charter flights also use this airport. Other regional airports located in Delaware include Wilmington International Airport, New Castle Airport, and Sussex County Airport.

Wilmington International Airport, located near the corporate headquarters of many major companies, handles both commercial and private aviation and is the busiest of the three airports, offering direct flights to cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Washington D.

C. , as well as a variety of domestic and international routes. New Castle Airport is primarily a general aviation facility and is used for corporate flights and aircraft maintenance and repair. Sussex County Airport is located in the coastal town of Rehoboth Beach and primarily serves recreational aircraft.

Does Delaware have any commercial flights?

Yes, Delaware has commercial flights. The Wilmington Airport (IATA Code: ILG) is located in Delaware and provides regular flights to a variety of major cities in the United States, including Philadelphia, Washington D.

C. , New York City, Boston, and Chicago, to name a few. There are currently four airlines serving Wilmington Airport – United Airlines (operating as United Express), American Airlines (operating as American Eagle), Delta Air Lines (operating as Delta Connection), and Allegiant Air.

Other major airports located nearby include River City Airport in Maryland, Baltimore-Washington International Airport in Maryland, Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania, and Reagan National Airport in Washington D.


What airport do you fly into for Surfers Paradise?

The closest airport to Surfers Paradise is the Gold Coast Airport in Coolangatta, located about 25km south of Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast Airport offers direct connections to major Australian cities as well as international destinations, and is easily accessible via car, shuttle bus and taxi services.

With both domestic and international terminals, the Gold Coast Airport has regularly scheduled flights with a wide range of airlines, such as Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar, AirAsia and Tigerair.

How far is airport for Surfers Paradise?

Surfers Paradise is located about 19 km or 11. 8 miles away from the Gold Coast Airport. This airport is located in the suburb of Bilinga which is located just south of the Gold Coast CBD and only a short drive away from Surfers Paradise.

The airport is well-serviced by public transport and is extremely convenient to access. The journey to Surfers Paradise from the airport would take around 20 to 25 minutes depending on the route taken.

There are also a number of options for hire car companies at the airport as well as taxi services that can be used to reach the popular tourist destination.

Is Gold Coast Airport and Coolangatta Airport the same?

No, Gold Coast Airport and Coolangatta Airport are not the same. Gold Coast Airport is the main airport serving the Gold Coast, located in the suburb of Bilinga and no more than 40 minutes south of Surfers Paradise.

Coolangatta Airport on the other hand, is smaller and located in the Southern Gold Coast in Coolangatta, just over the state border with New South Wales. While it has some domestic flights, it primarily serves mainly regional flights, catering to the nearby Coolangatta and Tweed Heads areas.

It is the closest airport to the southern part of the Gold Coast, and the closest international airport to the city of Brisbane.

Are there two airports in Gold Coast?

Yes, there are two airports located in the Gold Coast region of Australia. The Gold Coast Airport is the primary airport serving the region and is the busiest airport in the state of Queensland. It provides domestic and international services and is located in the suburb of Bilinga, just south of Surfers Paradise.

The second airport is the Coolangatta Airport which is located in the southern part of the Gold Coast region in the suburb of Coolangatta. This airport primarily provides domestic services and is significantly smaller in size compared to the Gold Coast Airport.

How far is Coolangatta Airport from Gold Coast?

The distance from Coolangatta Airport to Gold Coast is approximately 15 kilometres. The journey should take around 25 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. Coolangatta Airport is situated on the Queensland/New South Wales border and is widely used by locals as well as tourists who are visiting the Gold Coast area.

The airport is well serviced by a variety of transport options such as trains, buses and taxis. It is also possible to take a shuttle service which will take you into the city centre. Finally, if you are feeling energetic, you can always rent a bicycle and cycle the 15km journey to Gold Coast.

Is Coolangatta worth visiting?

Yes! Coolangatta is definitely worth visiting! Located at the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Coolangatta has an abundance of fun activities, attractions and natural beauty spots to explore.

The prefect mix of beautiful beaches, a lively atmosphere, and a great selection of dining and entertainment options make Coolangatta an excellent destination for a holiday.

On the shore of Coolangatta, you will find an array of incredible beaches like Kirra Beach, Greenmount Beach, Duranbah Beach, and Rainbow Bay. These beaches are unparalleled in their beauty and have excellent surf and swimming conditions perfect for the whole family.

There are also plenty of coastal walks to take in the stunning views, including the iconic Heads to the Sea Boardwalk which stretches from Snapper Rocks to Point Danger.

For those in search of retail therapy, the area offers numerous boutique shops, galleries and markets. If you’re after a bite to eat, there are a number of lively restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy.

Plus, with its close proximity to the Gold Coast Airport and easy access to the M1, Coolangatta is a convenient destination to visit.

All in all, Coolangatta has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, take in some stunning coastal walks, shop till you drop, or party the night away, you won’t be disappointed by the range of activities and attractions on offer in this incredible area.

Is Coolangatta classed as Gold Coast?

Yes, Coolangatta is classed as part of the Gold Coast region. Located at the very southern end of the coastal city, it is the town that serves as the gateway to the Gold Coast, straddling the Tweed River at the border with New South Wales.

It is a popular destination for holidays, with the town’s beaches and attractions such as Sea World and the well-known Rainforest Skywalk. The Gold Coast Airport is also located in Coolangatta and serves as the main gateway to the Gold Coast from international and domestic flights.

With its great beaches, restaurants, bars, beautiful scenery and attractions, Coolangatta is an essential part of the Gold Coast and a great choice for a holiday destination.

Why do people move to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast?

People move to the Gold Coast’s Coolangatta for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is its great beach location known for some awesome surf breaks and a string of cafes and bars facing the ocean.

Another reason people might be attracted to Coolangatta is its laidback lifestyle compared to some other towns and cities in the Gold Coast region. Many people who move to the area find it to be the perfect balance between work and leisure.

Furthermore, the area has a wide range of accommodation options from beachfront apartments and houses to luxurious resorts. Additionally, Coolangatta has many great facilities like parks, a cinema, art galleries, shopping centres and eateries.

Finally, there are plenty of outdoor activities for people to pursue such as bushwalking, fishing, and surfing. Coolangatta also has excellent accessibility in terms of transport links and proximity to the Coolangatta Airport.

In conclusion, Coolangatta on the Gold Coast is a great place to live due to its laidback lifestyle, beachfront location, range of accommodation options, excellent facilities, and wide range of outdoor activities.

Is Gold Coast Airport the same as Brisbane Airport?

No, Gold Coast Airport (also known as Coolangatta Airport) is not the same as Brisbane Airport. Gold Coast Airport is located at the southern end of the Gold Coast, just across the border from Tweed Heads in New South Wales.

Brisbane Airport is located approximately 90km north of the Gold Coast in the suburb of Eagle Farm. Both airports are serviced by a variety of domestic and international carriers, with Brisbane Airport being the larger of the two.

Gold Coast Airport primarily serves flights within the Australian domestic network, while Brisbane Airport acts as a major hub connecting passengers to international and domestic flights.