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What is the top of the line Toto toilet?

The Toto Neorest AH dual flush 1. 0/0. 8 gpf and 0. 9/0. 8 gpf toilet is the top of the line Toto toilet. It features two nozzlecyclone flushing technology which delivers a powerful and quiet flush. This toilet also has a compact and modern design that fits into almost any bathroom space.

It comes with a remote control for personalization and convenience of usage. The Neorest AH also features a smooth and skirted design, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, this toilet has a heated seat, warm-air drying, a free standing hand wash basin, and a nightlight for added convenience and comfort.

This luxury toilet also comes with a three-year limited warranty. Additionally, the Toto Neorest AH is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use 20% less water than the federal standard.

Which TOTO toilet has the most powerful flush?

The TOTO UltraMax II one-piece toilet is widely considered to have the most powerful flush of all TOTO toilets. This one-piece toilet has an impressive G-Max flushing system that delivers an incredibly powerful yet quiet flush every time.

The large 3-inch flush valve combined with the extra-large siphon jet allows powerful waste removal with every flush. The ultra-high efficiency rating is also sure to help you save on your water bill while still providing optimal flushing performance.

The Dual Cyclone uses two powerful nozzles to send the water into the bowl from both the front and sides for a rapid and efficient flush. Not only does this toilet boast the most powerful flush of all TOTO toilets, but it also looks sleek and is easy to clean.

What is so great about TOTO toilet?

TOTO is a leading maker of high-end toilets with a reputation for producing some of the most well-made, reliable, and stylish toilets on the market. TOTO toilets are known for their advanced flushing technology, sleek design, and customizable features that make them a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial establishments.

The TOTO flushing system is one of the most effective and efficient ways to keep your toilet clean and hygienic. Its ‘tornado flush’ incorporates a wide, powerful flush with a specially designed trap that prevents clogging.

It also has a self-cleaning feature that prevents blockages, making it a great choice for both busy households and commercial environments.

When it comes to design, TOTO toilets have something for everyone. Their range of styles include traditional, contemporary, and modern designs that will fit any bathroom aesthetic. Furthermore, many of their toilets have customizable features, from automatic seat temperature control and heated seats to adjustable tank and bowl heights to accommodate people of all ages and heights.

As for comfort, their EverClean surfaces and low-water tank flush allow for gentle, effective cleaning action.

In short, TOTO toilets offer a combination of performance, style, and customization you won’t find with other brands. From their advanced flushing systems to their innovative designs and customizable features, they provide an unbeatable quality that adds sophistication to any bathroom.

What are the different TOTO flushing systems?

TOTO toilet flushing systems are designed to provide a clean, powerful flush and a quieter, more efficient operation. The flushing systems are divided into four categories: low consumption, standard, high power and specialty.

Low consumption flushing systems are designed for water conservation, using only 1. 28 or 1. 6 gallons per flush (GPF) for the utmost efficiency. Standard flushing systems use a standard 3. 5 GPF, allowing for a strong, comfortable flush.

High power systems use a powerful flush of 1. 28 or 1. 6 GPF, while specialty flushing systems are designed for specific needs, such as wall-mounted models or flushing systems designed for commercial use.

TOTO’s modern designs also make it easy to find options to suit any bathroom style. With a variety of colors, shapes, and materials, you can customize the look of your toilet to match your decor. Many models also feature innovative technologies such as CeFiONtect, a glaze that prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces, and Double Cyclone, a powerful double vortex system that reduces water consumption.

When selecting a TOTO flushing system, you should consider the specific needs of your bathroom and the water usage you’d like to achieve. In general, the low consumption systems are best for those looking to save money and conserve water, while the high power systems provide a more powerful, high-efficiency flush.

Specialty models are designed for specific needs and applications. No matter what your needs, TOTO has a flushing system to fit your bathroom and lifestyle.

Is Toto or Kohler better?

The answer to which company is better, Toto or Kohler, depends primarily on what type of product you are looking for. Toto is known for its high-end toilets and plumbing fixtures, which usually come with advanced features such as multiple flush settings, self-cleaning mechanisms, and even heated seats.

On the other hand, Kohler has a more budget-friendly line of bathroom fixtures and accessories. Their products tend to be more standard and are more likely to be found in homes of people with a tighter budget.

If you’re looking for a more traditional, more affordable bathroom set-up, then Kohler may be the better option for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more technologically advanced fixtures and accessories, then Toto is the better option.

Which toilet says it can flush golf balls?

The TOTO Drake II 1. 6 GPF Universal Height Toilet is an ADA compliant, two-piece toilet with a high-efficiency, ultra-low water consumption of 1. 6 gallons per flush. It has a portion of the bowl which is designed to help increase the flushing power, allowing it to flush golf balls without any issue.

The SmoothClose seat and lid close slowly, making this toilet a popular choice among those who are looking for both durability and comfort. The SanaGloss material found in the interior of the bowl, eliminates bacteria and other particles, helping to keep it cleaner and fresher for longer.

This toilet is easy to install and comes with a factory-applied, non-staining glaze – ensuring a longer lasting finish.

Do you still need toilet paper with a Toto Washlet?

Yes, you still need to use toilet paper with a Toto Washlet. The purpose of the Toto Washlet is to enhance the bathroom experience rather than replace any existing components. The Toto Washlet is an electronic bidet seat which is designed to provide a luxurious experience during toilet use.

It features an adjustable warm water wash with an adjustable air-dryer and heated seat. The washlet also has a cleansing wand for an even more thorough cleaning experience. However, toilet paper is still needed to finish the job and to ensure that everything is cleaned thoroughly.

Toilet paper helps to ensure that any residual mess is taken care of and also help to ensure personal hygiene.

Which flushing system is the best?

The best flushing system depends on the type of toilet you have and your preferences. Many people prefer pressure-assisted toilets for their strong and powerful flushes. Pressure-assisted toilets rely on a tank within the toilet’s tank that stores water at a higher pressure than the water sitting in the main tank.

When the toilet is flushed, this higher pressure helps push the waste down the drain more rapidly. This is often a preferred system since it results in fewer clogs. Gravity-fed models operate by allowing the water and waste to move naturally using the force of gravity, and often save more water than pressure-assisted models.

Gravity-fed toilets are generally quieter, but the flushed waste empties more slowly which can lead to clogs and need for more frequent plunging. Dual-flush toilets have two flush options, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste.

This feature allows you to save water by only using the amount of water you need and is often considered to be the best flushing system.

Is Toto made in China?

No, Toto is not made in China. Toto is a Japanese company that has been creating ceramics and bathroom fixtures since 1917. All of their products are made in Japan and exported to countries around the world.

They are famous for their high-end, luxurious bathroom fixtures and products, which stands in stark contrast to the low-quality products often associated with Chinese-made items. Additionally, they have locations in China, but they only provide services such as designing, warehousing, and sales support.

All manufacturing and production is still done in Japan, not in China.

Who manufactures the toilet?

Toilets are typically manufactured by companies that specialize in bathroom and kitchen products. Some of the leading companies in the toilet manufacturing industry include American Standard, Kohler, Toto, Crane, and Eljer.

American Standard manufactures a range of toilets, including commercial and residential models, tank and bowl combination units, low-flow models, and high-efficiency toilets. Kohler provides a wide selection of styles, including one-piece, two-piece, and wall-mounted toilets.

Toto also has several types of toilets, as well as various accessories such as bidets and toilet seats. Crane’s product line features flushometer valves, low-flow toilets, and commercial grade toilets.

Eljer has a line of both residential and commercial toilets, and the company is especially known for its space-saving corner toilets.

What are the most advanced toilets?

The most advanced toilets feature technology that make them more efficient, functional, and hygenic. For example, Washlets are some of the most advanced toilets on the market. They feature water jets that provide a warm water cleaning system, a heated toilet seat, and a deodorizing system to minimize odors.

The Kohler Veil Intelligent toilet has sensors that measure temperature, pressure, and settings to determine the best cleaning cycle for a personalized experience. The Neorest NX2 Dual Flush Toilet also features a dual-flush option, tankless design, and an activate-flush technology which requires a foot pedal system.

Other features to look out for in advanced toilets are air purifying systems and a sterilizer that uses ultraviolet light to kill germs and bacteria. Advanced toilets also feature heated seats, built-in deodorizers, auto flushing sensors, adjustable water pressure settings, a warm air dryer, and a remote control for easy access.

How do I increase water pressure in my Toto toilet?

To increase the water pressure in your Toto toilet, there are a few steps you can take. First, you will want to make sure the water valves to your toilet are open, and if the pressure is still low you can try adjusting the float valve inside the tank of the toilet.

To do this, you will need to remove the lid from the tank and locate the float valve. If the valve is too high, simply turn the adjusting screw in a clockwise motion until the water pressure is at the desired level.

Additionally, you can try cleaning the aerator screen of your faucet to make sure there are no debris clogging the line, as this can reduce the water pressure. Lastly, if the pressure is still low, you can try changing the size of the flush valve, as a larger valve will create more pressure within the toilet.

How do I get my toilet to flush with more power?

First, check to make sure the water level in the tank is high enough. If it is not, increase it so that it is at least half full. Next, check the flapper chain to ensure it is the correct length; if it is too long, it can prevent the flapper from opening fully.

If you have a plunger-style valve, make sure it is free of any debris or other blockages. You can also replace the flapper if it is worn or damaged. For toilets that are overflowing or not flushing properly, inspect the fill valve for any blockages.

Also, make sure the flush tower is not clogged and is not preventing water from entering the toilet bowl. Finally, check the flushing mechanism for any obstructions or damage. If any of these steps do not solve the issue, you may need to call a plumber to come and inspect the toilet.

Are Toto toilets low flow?

Toto toilets are some of the most popular choices for bathrooms today. Depending on the model, Toto toilets can range from low flow to ultra-high efficiency. Their low flow models are designed to conserve water and reduce water waste.

These toilets use as little as 1. 28 gallons per flush, compared to the 1. 6 gallons per flush of standard toilets. Many of their low-flow toilets feature a dual flush system that allows you to choose between 0.

9 and 1. 28 gallons per flush. Toto toilets are designed to comply with EPA WaterSense and other similar standards, ensuring that they use the least amount of water possible while still providing optimal performance.

Features such as Tornado flushing and double cyclone flushing mechanisms are common in Toto toilets and can greatly reduce the amount of water needed to flush. Toto makes a wide variety of low-flow toilets in various styles and sizes, so you can find one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

What is the maximum flush rate for a toilet?

The maximum flush rate for a toilet is determined by two key factors: the trapway size and the flush valve size. Trapways measure anywhere from 2. 125” to 6. 125”, with the larger sizes offering faster and more powerful flushes.

Likewise, flush valve sizes generally range from 2” to 4” in diameter, with larger valves providing higher flush rates.

In general, the maximum flush rate for toilets depends on the manufacturer and the model. For example, some higher-end toilets may have larger flush valves that can provide faster flush rates and/or larger trapways that can send more water down the drain in one flush.

On the other hand, the EPA has established a WaterSense program to encourage water-efficient toilet designs. In this program, the maximum flush rate is 1. 28 gallons per flush, commonly referred to as an “ultra-low-flush” (ULF) toilet.

This helps conserve water and is beneficial to homeowners who want to reduce their water bills.

Overall, the maximum flush rate for a toilet can range from 1. 28 gallons per flush to as high as 8 gallons per flush, depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Larger toilets and/or those from more reputable brands can provide faster and more powerful flush rates.