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What is The Voice Jordan Smith doing now?

Jordan Smith is currently continuing to capitalize on the success of his The Voice win in 2015. Since his win, he has released his debut album Something Beautiful in 2016, performed the title song during the 86th Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center, opened for the Backstreet Boys during their 2017 In a World Like This tour, and competed on The Voice in 2019 as a coach, mentoring Chapkis Dance Family.

Other notable highlights include performing “Hallelujah” duet with Kelly Clarkson on his 2015 win, and a duet with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine on the 2017 finale of The Voice.

In addition to his music career, Jordan Smith also serves as an advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He recently teamed up with Grammy Award winning artist and songwriter Jewel to produce a special version of Jewel’s song “Hands” as a PSA for Suicide Prevention.

Most recently, Jordan Smith is working on his second studio album, which is set to be released in 2021. He is also set to embark on his first tour, which will kicks off in April 2021 and visits several U.

S. cities.

Is Jordan Smith from The Voice still singing?

Yes, Jordan Smith is still singing. After gaining nationwide recognition from his winning appearance on Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice, Jordan Smith has become a well-known and beloved singer. He has gone on to win a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album and released a steady string of solo singles and albums.

Smith’s most recent release is Unfamiliar, a joint album with two other Christian artists, Zach Williams and Kirk Franklin. He is also traveling the U. S. on the Unfamiliar Tour to promote the new album and continues to perform at events and concerts.

In addition to his singing career, Smith also has a successful YouTube channel, where he shares music videos, behind-the-scenes videos, and exclusive performances. He has also written a book, Squeeze Every Drop, which centers around the power of choosing joy, faith, and hope, regardless of circumstances.

Jordan Smith continues to have a brilliant musical career and is sure to bring plenty of joy, hope, and faith to fans for years to come.

What is happening with Jordan Smith?

Jordan Smith is a singer, songwriter, and actor best known for being the winner of the ninth season of NBC’s reality competition The Voice. Following his victory on The Voice, Smith has gone on to have a successful recording and acting career.

In June 2016, Smith released his debut single entitled “Stand In The Light. ” The single was an immediate success, debuting at No. 1 on the Hot Christian Songs chart and later being certified gold by the RIAA on August 17th, 2016.

Later that year he released his debut album Something Beautiful which made its debut at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and has since gone on to become certified platinum.

Since then, Smith has gone on to have multiple top ten singles on the Billboard charts and appeared in multiple films and television shows. He released his second album, Only Love, in 2018. The record made its debut at number seven on the Billboard 200 chart and featured the single “The Answer,” which went on to become the third top 40 hit of his career.

Currently, Smith is working on his third album, Gravity, which is set to be released later in 2021. He has also been cast in the forthcoming Disney+ movie Seven Sorrows as the lead character, named Jordan.

Did Jordan Smith get married?

Yes, Jordan Smith got married in 2018. He married wife Kristen Denny Smith on April 7th, 2018 in Lexington, Kentucky. The couple chose the Thompson House & Gardens in downtown Lexington as the venue for their romantic ceremony that included close friends and family.

Jordan and Kristen first met in high school but reconnected after college and have been together ever since. Jordan Smith is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist best known for winning season nine of NBC’s hit show The Voice, while Kristen is an artist and curator.

On The Voice, Jordan was a member of Team Adam Levine and won with a record-breaking vote cast during the finale. Jordan and Kristen are living in Los Angeles and enjoying their new life as a married couple.

How old is Jordan Smith?

Jordan Smith is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician born on 4 November 1995. He is best known for his singing performances on the ninth season of The Voice US, where he was the winner. Smith first gained recognition from his singing performance of ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness’ on the show and became a beloved fan-favourite.

He has since gone on to have an incredibly successful music career, releasing four studio albums, three EPs and a Christmas album, in addition to having opened for mega-star Maroon 5 for their 2020 tour.

He has also achieved many awards, such as being the Billboard’s chart-topping artist for five consecutive weeks, winning three Billboard Music Awards, and being named ‘Best New Artist’ by the America Music Awards.

What song did Jordan Smith wrote for Celine Dion?

Jordan Smith wrote and produced the track “Recovering” for Celine Dion, which appears on her 2019 album Courage. The song is an upbeat, inspirational piece about finding strength when life gets tough.

Smith said about the song, “It’s about getting up and dusting yourself off, no matter how hard it may feel. It’s a song about not giving up and never giving in to the ever-changing, ever-troublesome times of life.

It’s a song of hope and courage and strength, and it was an absolute honor to write and produce it for Celine Dion. ” The uplifting track has been praised by critics, with one describing it as “a much-needed message of hope.


What is the hardest Celine Dion song to sing?

The hardest Celine Dion song to sing is likely “The Power of Love. ” It was released in 1994 on her album The Colour of My Love, and has become one of her signature songs. It’s challenging to sing because it has a four-octave range, rising from a low of B2 to a high of E6.

It requires a singer with a strong vocal dexterity, capable of hitting both the low and high notes accurately. Additionally, the song’s style is filled with vibrato and other ornamentation, requiring vocal agility and control.

All of these elements make it a difficult song to sing, particularly when performed the way Celine Dion does.

Who was Jordan Smith’s voice coach?

Jordan Smith’s voice coach was Grammy Award-winning vocal coach and producer Troi Irons. Irons has worked with some of the top recording artists in the music industry, including Adele, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Lorde, and John Legend.

She has been credited with helping to develop the unique sound that has made Jordan Smith so popular. Irons has been credited with helping Smith to connect with a large, diverse audience, allowing her to bring both soulful and powerful vocal performances to stages around the world.

Additionally, Irons has stated that Smith’s range and control was something special and that she was instrumental in helping her to really unlock her talent.

What is Celine Dion most viewed song?

The most viewed Celine Dion song on YouTube (as of April 19, 2021) is “My Heart Will Go On,” a classic power ballad written by James Horner and Will Jennings, and originally released in 1997. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the blockbuster romantic drama movie “Titanic” and reached the peak of the Billboard Hot 100 chart that year.

It also went on to become one of Dion’s biggest hits, topping the charts in countries around the world and accumulating an impressive list of awards and certifications. On YouTube, the official music video has been watched more than 827 million times and it is among the top-viewed music videos of all time.

Who sang Mary, Did You Know with Kenny Rogers?

The song “Mary, Did You Know” was originally recorded as a duet between country music legend Kenny Rogers and twelve year-old opera prodigy and classically trained vocalist, Alessandra Summer Guerra in 2019.

The song was written and produced by country music singer and songwriter Mark Lowry and Buddy Green. It was released as part of Kenny Roger’s duets album “Once Again It’s Christmas” and has since become a classic Christmas anthem.

The song was praised by critics and audiences alike, with most calling it a “refreshing” take on the traditional Christmas carol incorporating a child’s vocal contribution. It went on to become a multi-platinum hit.

Who is the most famous gospel singer in the world?

The most famous gospel singer in the world is Kirk Franklin. He is an American gospel music artist, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property and One Nation Crew.

He has won numerous awards, including thirteen Grammy Awards, nine Dove Awards, and a BET Award for Best Gospel Artist. He has also been a featured artist on hits by other gospel singers such as Mary Mary and Yolanda Adams.

Franklin is one of the most celebrated gospel music artists of our time, having sold over 14 million records worldwide. He has been described as “the king of modern gospel music,” leading the way in progressive gospel music production, arrangement, and songwriting.

From his early start in the teenaged R&B group Kirk Franklin & the Family to his success as a solo artist, Franklin has become an iconic figure in the gospel music industry. He has collaborated with many well-known artists, inspiring legions of fans and setting the standard for mainstream gospel music for over two decades.

What were Mary’s last words?

The exact words of Mary’s last words are unknown as her death occurred in 1533, but historians believe one of her last statements may have been “to God I commend my soul. ” This statement has been documented in 1533 by a monk at the time, and may possibly have been one of Mary’s last spoken words before her death.

In her last few weeks, Mary had written letters thanking people for their expressions of sympathy and expressing her love for her son, King Edward VI, and for her brother, the Duke of Suffolk. She had also written letters of comfort to her friends and family.

She had also expressed her desire for reconciliation with her daughter, Elizabeth, in her last letter.

Therefore, while her exact last words are not known, the sentiment expressed in her written letters provide some insight into what she may have stated near the time of her death. Her overall tone in these letters expresses a sense of gratitude, and an acceptance of her death, perhaps signifying her commitment to her faith in her last moments, as expressed in her possible last words, “to God I commend my soul.