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What is the weather underground Campbellsville?

The weather in Campbellsville is varied and unpredictable, but typically it fluctuates between hot and humid summers and cool, rainy winters. In the summer, temperatures usually range from the upper 70s to low 90s, while in the winter months, temperatures typically reach the mid 30s.

Thunderstorms are common throughout the year, but especially in the spring and summer months. You can expect plenty of rain during those months, though there is usually a break from the rain in the late summer and fall months.

Winters can be particularly cold and snowy, so make sure to dress for the weather!.

How cold does it get in Campbellsville Kentucky?

The average low temperature in Campbellsville, Kentucky is around 37 degrees during the winter months. Historically, the coldest month in Campbellsville, Kentucky is usually January, with an average low temperature of 26 degrees.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Campbellsville was -22 degrees F in January 1994. During the summer months, the average high temperature is typically in the lower to mid 80s, and the highest temperature ever recorded was 107 degrees F in July 2012.

So, while Campbellsville does experience cold temperatures in the winter, the temperature does not usually drop too far below freezing and temperatures in the summer tend to be quite comfortable.

What is the barometric pressure in Campbellsville Kentucky?

The barometric pressure in Campbellsville Kentucky varies depending on the weather. Currently, the barometric pressure is 30. 25 inHg. However, this can change quickly depending on the weather. If there is a cold front, the barometric pressure can drop, and if there is an area of high pressure, the barometric pressure can rise.

Therefore, it’s best to check the barometer regularly if you need to know the current barometric pressure in Campbellsville Kentucky.

What was the high temperature today in Granite Bay?

The high temperature in Granite Bay today was 73 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature was 49 degrees Fahrenheit. It was mostly sunny throughout the day, with occasional clouds. The humidity was high, at 70%.

It was a pleasant day overall, cooler than the previous one and a nice break from the heatwave that had been affecting the area in the prior days.

What is the coldest place in Kentucky?

The coldest place in Kentucky is the summit of the Black Mountain Range. Located in Harlan County near the Virginia border, the highest peak is Pine Mountain, which reaches a height of 4,145 feet (1,263 meters).

The mountain range produces some of Kentucky’s coldest temperatures, with an average low in January reaching approximately 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 Celsius). In addition to low temperatures, Black Mountain is known for its winter snowfall, with totals reaching up to two feet in some high elevation areas.

The cold winter weather makes for great skiing and snowboarding conditions, plus excellent opportunities for hiking and camping during the warmer months.

Does Kentucky have cold winters?

Yes, Kentucky does experience cold winters. Although the far southern parts of the state tend to get less snow and be somewhat warmer than the northern parts, temperatures can still drop to below freezing throughout the state during winter months.

Cities like Louisville have an average annual low temperature of around 24°F (-4°C) in January and February, with temperatures often getting as low as low as 0°F (-18°C) or lower. Snow is not uncommon either, with much of the state getting anywhere from 6-20+ inches of snow each season.

Outdoor activities like sledding, skiing, and snowboarding can be enjoyed in parts of Kentucky during the winter months.

What part of KY gets the most snow?

The northern part of Kentucky, especially higher elevation areas such as the Appalachian Mountains in southeastern Kentucky, tend to see the most snowfall each year. For example, the city of London in Laurel County, located in the eastern part of the state, receives an average of about 28 inches of snowfall each year.

Further west in the Appalachian Mountains, spots like Harlan County, Wolfe County and Magoffin County can see much higher snow totals, with Harlan County boasting an average of more than 60 inches of snow each winter.

Other cities like Corbin and Somerset in southern Kentucky may see much lower snow totals, but still receive a good amount of winter precipitation.

Is 29.85 barometric pressure high or low?

Barometric pressure is measured in a unit called hectopascals (abbreviated as hPa). A reading of 29. 85 hPa is considered to be on the lower end of the average range. Generally, barometric pressure readings around the world range between 960 and 1060 hPa.

A 29. 85 hPa reading is on the lower end of the normal range and is considered to be a low reading. Low barometric pressure is often associated with unstable weather conditions, such as storms and heavy rain.

In these conditions, winds tend to be stronger and more unpredictable, making them dangerous for those who are outdoors. It is important to take extra precautions when engaging in activities such as boating, fishing, or other outdoor activities in conditions of low barometric pressure.

What is an uncomfortable barometric pressure?

Uncomfortable barometric pressure is atmospheric pressure that makes people feel uncomfortable. It is often associated with storms or cold fronts moving in, as the air pressure dips rapidly. Factors such as wind and humidity also play a role in the perceived pressure, making people feel “stuffed up,” lethargic, and often experiencing headaches.

For example, when the barometric pressure falls to 30. 2 inHg or lower, people often report feeling more uncomfortable than when it is higher. Studies have also shown that barometric pressure can cause physical symptoms that range from minor discomfort to full-blown migraines, joint pain, and depression.

For those who suffer from chronic illnesses or other conditions, the discomfort can be amplified even more. Keeping an eye on the barometric pressure can be helpful in determining when to limit physical activity and take other precautions.

Is 30 high or low for barometric pressure?

Barometric pressure is typically measured in units of millibars (mb), and atmospheric pressure is generally considered to be high when it is above 1030 mb and low when it is below 980 mb. In general, atmospheric pressure ranges from 950-1060 mb.

So, a barometric pressure of 30 mb would be considered very low, and could indicate an approaching storm system. Low barometric pressure often means warm and humid conditions with a tendency for rain, hail, thunder and lightning.

Weather conditions associated with high barometric pressure are usually clear and dry with light winds, however, it is important to note that barometric readings alone cannot necessarily predict the weather.

How long was the Mayfield tornado on the ground for?

The Mayfield tornado, which devastated the town of Mayfield, Kentucky in 2019, was on the ground for approximately 37 minutes. The tornado originated in Graves County, 8 to 10 miles south of Mayfield, at 8:20 pm local time on February 28, 2019 and roamed across the state until it dissipated at 8:57 pm in Marshall County.

This powerful EF4 tornado (with wind speeds reaching 175 MPH) caused a great deal of destruction, resulting in dozens of injuries and one fatality. In total, the tornado was responsible for roughly $5 million in damages.

Its destruction sent shockwaves through the small community and the state of Kentucky.

What candle factory in Mayfield Kentucky was hit by the tornado?

The Candlelight Candle Factory in Mayfield, Kentucky was the candle factory that was hit by the tornado. This factory had been a fixture in the town since 1937, when its original owners opened the first facility.

The building was made of brick and housed a variety of equipment used to make candles, including dipping tanks, wax-melting equipment, and other equipment. The plant had been closed for many years but recently started up again.

On March 3rd, 2020, the town of Mayfield was hit by a tornado that destroyed much of its downtown area. The Candlelight Candle Factory was among the buildings that were severely damaged, collapsing in on itself and leaving a pile of rubble.

Sadly, no one was reported injured in the destruction, however the damage to the factory was extensive and the owners decided to cease operations. The facility is no longer operational and the equipment has been removed from the factory so that the owners can attempt to clean up the debris and rebuild the structure.

What time did the tornado hit Mayfield Kentucky last night?

The tornado that hit Mayfield Kentucky last night occurred around 10:22 PM local time on August 24, 2020. The tornado was reported to have been an EF-2 with estimated winds of 120-125 mph. The tornado caused significant damage to homes, businesses, and other structures in the city of Mayfield, with some buildings suffering debris removal, roof damage, and broken windows.

The tornado also resulted in numerous downed trees and power outages in the area. At least one death and several injuries were reported due to the tornado. Emergency teams have been working to assess the damages and provide assistance to those affected by the storm.

How many people are missing from Mayfield tornado?

The exact number of people missing after the Mayfield tornado is not currently known. It is estimated that around 47 people were reported missing after the storm, however the exact number could be higher or lower.

It is difficult to get an accurate count due to the devastation the storm left behind, with many homes and businesses completely destroyed. Local officials, law enforcement, and search and rescue teams have been working around the clock to account for everyone, however, due to the extent of the damage it may take some time to accurately determine the number of people who are missing.