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What kind of fish does Mike Linnig’s serve?

Mike Linnig’s is a family-owned seafood restaurant that has been serving up fresh and hearty dishes for over 90 years. The diverse menu features a wide variety of seafood, from their signature fried fish to a variety of other fish dishes.

Their fried fish selection includes catfish and bluegill, which both come served with their renowned batter. They also offer fresh fried, grilled, and blackened red snapper, flounder, and gulf shrimp.

Mike Linnig’s also serves fresh fried and boiled oysters, clams, and shrimp, along with seafood gumbo, seafood platters, and even stuffed crab. If you’re looking for an even heartier meal, you can order a seafood basket, which includes fried fish, oysters, shrimp, and other tasty seafood choices.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Mike Linnig’s has something to please the seafood-lover in you.

How old is Mike Linnig’s restaurant?

Mike Linnig’s restaurant is a Louisville, Kentucky landmark that has been in business since 1929. Founded by former sharecropper Mike Linnig, the restaurant has served classic Southern fare for over 90 years.

Today, the family-run establishment prepares fresh fish, crab, and Moerlein beer-battered fish for customers seven days a week. The restaurant’s age-old recipes not only remain unchanged, but so does the beloved atmosphere of the restaurant.

The staff is friendly and many of the tables are family-style, making it the perfect place to bring friends and family for a meal. With its signature recipes, rustic interior, and friendly atmosphere, Mike Linnig’s Restaurant has become a beloved Louisville fixture.

It is truly an icon of its time.

How long has Mike Linnig’s been in business?

Mike Linnig’s restaurant has been in business since 1929. They began as a small food stand in back of an old brick building in South Louisville and have grown to become a beloved staple of the local food scene.

Throughout the years, the restaurant has evolved and adapted, but it has never lost its focus on quality, home-style cooking and generous hospitality. With a warm, inviting atmosphere and a menu filled with classic Southern favorites cooked to perfection, it’s no wonder that the locals love Mike Linnig’s.

This year the restaurant celebrates its 92nd anniversary – a testament to their longstanding commitment to the Louisville community.

Who owns Margaret Doublebay?

Margaret Doublebay is a small-scale project owned and managed by Margaret Doublebay Pty Ltd, a private company. The company is owned by a group of investors and entrepreneurs, who have come together to create a dynamic development on a formerly underutilized waterfront site in Sydney’s inner east.

Margaret Doublebay Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2018 and is a small, independent organization. The company is led by Executive Director, Chris Thornton, and the team consists of knowledgeable professionals with extensive experience in the areas of property, design, construction and development.

The development involves a combination of retail outlets, cafes, restaurants and lifestyle outlets, including a bowling alley, fitness club, café and a health and wellness venue. Margaret Doublebay has a commitment to sustainability, incorporating energy efficient design and construction, including reuse and recycling of materials.

The project is part of Margaret Doublebay Pty Ltd’s commitment to creating an outstanding addition to the local Sydney landscape.

Who owns Alec’s Brentwood?

Alec’s Brentwood is owned by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver. The store opened in 2008 and is located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. The store stocks up on designer apparel, jewelry, accessories, and more for men and women.

The owners have been known to handpick some of their favorite pieces for the store. The couple also sometimes make an appearance at events at the store as well. In addition to Alec’s Brentwood, the couple also owns a real estate development and investment firm, a restaurant in Beverly Hills, and a charity foundation.

Who owns Ballaboosta Adelaide?

Ballaboosta Adelaide is owned by seasoned local Chef and former part-owner of Sage Restaurant, Joseph “Nino” Zonin. Nino opened Ballaboosta in 2014 and is co-owned with business partner, longtime local restaurateur Tony Papa.

Ballaboosta is an American-Mediterranean style restaurant, offering lunch, dinner and weekend brunch with a focus on fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients. The restaurant has a casual and inviting atmosphere, featuring an outdoor courtyard and open kitchen dining room.

On the menu, visitors can find a variety of Mediterranean-style starters and entrees such as grilled calamari, Sicilian-style pork sausage, arancini, vegetable tagines, and prime ribeye steak. The restaurant also offers hand-crafted cocktails, craft beers, and a wine list of both local and international wines.

Who owns North Bondi fish?

North Bondi Fish is a seafood restaurant located in Bondi, Australia. It is owned by three friends—Thomas Lim, Nici Erceg, and Nathan Hartono. The trio opened the restaurant in 2017 after working in some of Sydney’s top restaurants.

Lim, the head chef, specializes in coastal seafood dishes, while Erceg and Hartono oversee the front of house. The restaurant features Lim’s signature dishes such as a seafood paella and a grilled fish platter.

Additional menu items include risotto, fresh oysters, and salads. The restaurant is highly acclaimed for its fresh, seasonal ingredients and friendly, attentive service. North Bondi Fish has received multiple awards from various publications, such as Sydney’s Best Seafood Restaurant in 2017 and Best of Sydney in 2018.

Who owns Cuckoo callay?

Cuckoo Callay is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Lucas and Isabella Parkinson. They took over the café in June 2013 and have since made some great changes to the décor, menu and staff along.

Their mission has always been to serve up healthy, delicious food sourced from local and seasonal produce. They also use some of the most ethically sourced, sustainable and fairtrade ingredients available to minimise their environmental footprint.

They have built a loyal following since their inception and are a favourite among families and friends in the local area. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and are known for their inventive interpretations of classic dishes.

They also host an array of special events – live music, art exhibitions, open mic nights and more.

Who bought hillbillies in Zebulon NC?

It is not entirely clear who exactly bought Hillbillies in Zebulon, North Carolina. The Hillbillies was a popular country music venue that hosted live shows from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. It was a popular spot for regional country music acts as well as more nationally-known acts such as George Strait, Reba McEntire, and Tammy Wynette.

The venue was closed in 1995, and has remained vacant ever since.

According to local news sources, the property was purchased in 2002 by a Tennessee-based development company named St. Andrews Properties. The company planned to build a shopping center on the property, but their plans were not successful.

The property was then left vacant until 2017, when it was purchased by a group of investors led by local businessman Pete Tornek. It is unclear what their plans are for the property, but there have been some reports that they may be looking to turn it into a small amusement park.

Who owned Miettas?

Miettas was founded by Margaret Mietta O’Donnell in 1973. Margaret was driven by a passion to provide great food and wine, while supporting local Tasmanian producers. Margaret opened Mietta’s with the aim of providing a unique dining experience and giving back to the community.

The restaurant quickly garnered a reputation for excellence amongst locals and tourists alike, and was described as “the best restaurant in Tasmania” by multiple newspapers. The restaurant was a Tasmanian institution until Margaret’s passing in 2017.

Margaret’s daughter, Margot, took over from her mother, continuing the legacy of providing excellent food and wine through Mietta’s for many more years. Margot maintained her mother’s commitment to sourcing Tasmanian produce and hosting events that provided an opportunity for members of the local community to come together and celebrate their connection to the area.

In 2019, after many successful years, Margot closed Mietta’s in order to pursue other endeavors. The Mietta’s legacy, however, lives on through the many stories and memories of customers who were lucky enough to experience the unique dining experience that Margaret created nearly five decades ago.

Who owns Aposto Des Moines?

Aposto Des Moines is owned by The Samdariya Family, a partnership led by Sanjay Samdariya and his wife Tina Samdariya. The couple are Iowa natives and have been in the Des Moines area for many years.

Sanjay and Tina have always had a passion for Italian cuisine, and when they saw an opportunity to open a restaurant that served high-quality Italian cuisine to the neighborhood, they jumped at it. The couple focused their efforts on creating a comfortable, inviting Italian eatery that the whole family could enjoy.

Aposto Des Moines has since become a favorite spot for locals, who come for the delicious Italian food along with the warm, inviting atmosphere. The Samdariyas are committed to providing a unique and delicious dining experience for their guests and strive to serve up the finest Italian cuisine in Des Moines.

Who owns Siro’s Saratoga?

Siro’s Saratoga is owned by a company called Siro’s Restaurant Group. The company is owned by the husband and wife team of John and Marylou Hume. They have owned Siro’s Saratoga since 2013, when they bought the property from Michael and Laurice Weintraub.

Siro’s Saratoga is a classic American steakhouse restaurant located in Saratoga Springs, New York. They offer an extensive menu that includes steak, seafood, salads, sides, and desserts. The restaurant prides itself on focusing on locally sourced food and supporting the Saratoga community.

The Humes have invested heavily in the restaurant and continue to hold regular fundraisers for local charities and organizations. They are committed to providing an exceptional dining experience to their customers.

Is Mike Linnig’s at the KY State Fair?

No, Mike Linnig’s is not at the Kentucky State Fair. Mike Linnig’s is a restaurant in Louisville, KY that specializes in fried fish, shrimp, and other seafood dishes. While the Kentucky State Fair does feature some local food vendors, Mike Linnig’s is not one of them.

If you are looking for some of the best fried fish in the state, Mike Linnig’s is the place to go. The restaurant has been serving up its famous fried fish, shrimp, and seafood dishes for over 85 years, and is known for its high quality and generous portions.

Who owns Bella Luce Nutley NJ?

Bella Luce Nutley NJ is owned and operated by a family of Italian immigrants. The original owners are Giuseppe and Angelina Tarantino, who opened the restaurant in the early 1950s. Giuseppe Tarantino passed away in 1986 and the ownership was handed over to his son Salvatore.

Salvatore Tarantino and his wife, Maria, have since passed the restaurant to their son, Giuseppe, and their nephew Angelo in 2008. Today, Giuseppe remains the sole owner of Bella Luce and remains involved in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

He ensures that the traditional recipes and cooking methods that have been passed down over the generations continue to be used, allowing Bella Luce to stay true to its Italian roots.

Who owns Craft LA?

Craft LA is a restaurant owned by husband-and-wife team Michael and Tien Pham. The two opened the restaurant in 2013 with an aim of creating a modern, yet cozy atmosphere which combined elements of classic French bistro and Asian aspects of contemporary cuisine.

The menu features a variety of small plates and entrees with a strong focus on seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Since opening, the restaurant has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors, often featuring unique, special events.

The Phams believe that the dishes offered in their restaurant reflect their commitment to having a positive impact on the community by serving sustainable, delicious and exciting cuisine.