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What lottery is over 400 million?

The Mega Millions lottery is currently offering a record-breaking prize of over $400 million. The drawing for this massive jackpot will take place on June 30th, 2021 and gives players the chance to win over $400 million (annuity option) or a cash lump sum of approximately $307 million.

To play the game, players must pick 5 numbers from 1 to 70 and one additional MEGABALL number from 1 to 25. If you match all the chosen numbers for the drawing, you could win the incredible $400+ million prize.

Ticket sales are available in 45 states, the District of Columbia and the U. S. Virgin Islands. Good luck!.

What is the largest lottery winning ever?

The largest lottery winning ever was the US Powerball jackpot that was awarded on January 13th, 2016. Three winning tickets were purchased across the three different states (by players in California, Tennessee and Florida) – each winning ticket worth $528.

8 million. This was the largest lottery jackpot ever won, not just in the US but also in the world. The three winners divided the $1. 5 billion prize pot, meaning each had a share worth $528. 8 million.

It goes without saying that this massive lottery win completely changed the lives of the three lucky players.

What is the payout for 1.5 billion Powerball?

The payout for 1. 5 billion Powerball will depend on the number of winners and whether any of those winners elect to take the annuity option or the cash option. If all of the winners opt to take the cash option, the total payout, before taxes, will be $930.

5 million. If instead all winners choose the annuity option, then it will be an estimated $1,586,400,000 spread out over 29 years with the cash option available to them at any time.

The annuity option pays out the entire amount of the jackpot over 29 annual payments, with each payment increasing by 5% per year to keep up with inflation. The first payment will be approximately $53.

7 million and the last payment, which will be made in 2045, will be approximately $319. 6 million.

Regardless of the option chosen, each winner will owe federal and state income taxes on the winnings, which will ultimately reduce the amount received.

What is the highest number to play Mega Millions?

The highest number to play Mega Millions is seventy-five (75). Players must choose five (5) white balls numbered from one (1) to seventy (70) and one (1) Mega Ball numbered from one (1) to twenty-five (25).

The odds of winning the jackpot remain the same across all numbers, with the Mega Millions jackpot odds of winning set at 1 in 302,575,350.

Has a rich person ever won the lottery?

Yes, a rich person has won the lottery in the past. In 2016, Billie Bob Harrell Jr. , a member of the wealthy Harrell family won an astounding $31 million after buying a single ticket. Born into a family of wealth, he chose to use his winnings to help others, including those close to him.

He opened a church, gave generously to family and friends, and supported missionary work. Unfortunately, despite his win, Harrell encountered financial difficulties over the years, along with bad investments, lawsuits, and emotional distress.

This ultimately led to his suicide in 1999. His story serves as a cautionary tale on the potential risks posed by sudden wealth, regardless of a person’s existing wealth.

Has anyone won a billion dollars in the lottery?

No one has ever won a billion dollars in a lottery, as the highest lottery jackpot ever won was a $1. 586 billion Powerball jackpot shared by three lucky winners in January of 2016. That jackpot, which was split by players from Tennessee, Florida, and California, was the world’s largest lottery prize ever awarded to a single winner.

However, other lottery winners have received single prizes worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2012, a single ticket holder in the United Kingdom won a jackpot worth $245 million, while in 2018 a single ticket holder in Iowa won a Powerball jackpot worth $246.

5 million. In 2019, a single Mega Millions ticket holder in South Carolina won a $1. 537 billion jackpot, although the money will be paid out in annual payments for the next 30 years.

Has anyone won the lottery 7 times?

No, to the best of our knowledge, nobody has ever won the lottery 7 times. Although there have been multiple people who have won the lottery multiple times, nobody has been lucky (or unlucky!) enough to win seven times.

In 2003, Joan Ginther, a resident of Texas, won the lottery four times. Joan won huge jackpots of $5. 4 million in 1993, $2 million in 2006, $3 million in 2008, and $10 million in 2010. After her fourth win, she was dubbed the “luckiest lotto player in America”.

In 2014, Charles Hairston had won four lottery jackpots since winning his first one in 1985. Charles has had wins ranging from in value from $122,542 to his largest win of $1 million in 2008.

In 2017, Jadwiga Rogalska of Wisconsin won a $82,662 prize in the SuperCash games and went on to win $100,000 on the same lottery ticket three more times in the next week. She joked, “Maybe it’s just my lucky year.


So while many people have had multiple lottery wins, no one has won the lottery seven times – at least, not to our knowledge.

Should you take lump-sum or annuity lottery?

The decision whether to take a lump-sum or annuity lottery depends on your financial goals and lifestyle needs. To make the best decision for yourself, consider the following factors:

1. Tax implications: A lump-sum payout typically incurs more taxes than an annuity, which doesn’t incur taxes until payments are received. Depending on your overall financial situation, opting for an annuity could leave you with more money after taxes.

2. Liquidity: With a lump-sum payout, you can immediately use the money to invest or purchase items. With an annuity, you don’t have access to the full amount right away—this can limit your ability to make investments, contribute to retirement accounts, or purchase new items you may want for your lifestyle.

3. Living expenses: For most people, an annuity better accommodates their day-to-day living expenses and allows them to budget more effectively. This can be especially useful for lottery winners who don’t have a steady source of income.

4. Investment opportunities: An annuity allows you to take all or a portion of the prize and invest it in opportunities with a higher rate of return than a lump-sum payout.

Ultimately, the decision whether to take a lump-sum or annuity lottery depends on your individual situation. While a lump-sum payout may offer more liquidity and reduce taxes in the short-term, an annuity may be more beneficial long-term depending on your financial goals and lifestyle needs.

Who won the 1.5 billion lottery?

The winning ticket for the January 13th, 2016 Powerball lottery was sold in Chino Hills, California. The winners of the 1. 5 billion lottery were a group of three people who collectively chose the numbers 8-27-34-4-19 with a Powerball number of 10.

The three winners were Marin and Magdalena Gomez, of La Habra, California; Marvin and Mae Acosta, of Chino Hills, California; and R. Noel and Lisa Priet, of Chino Hills, California.

The three winners were to divide the record-breaking $1. 6 billion Powerball Jackpot, taking home close to $533 million each after taxes. Unfortunately, for the winners of the 1. 5 billion lottery, Massachusetts law requires lottery winners to publicly disclose their identities.

Although the three winners of the 1. 5 billion lottery didn’t need to be disclosed, the lucky winners decided to come forward and show the world who actually won the largest lottery in U. S. history.

The lucky winners of the 1. 5 billion lottery have since gone public and are now hoping to use their newfound wealth to achieve success and make their dreams come true.

Did anyone win the 1.6 billion Powerball?

Yes, there was a winner for the $1. 6 billion Powerball drawing on January 13th, 2016. The winning ticket was purchased in Chino Hills, California. The winning numbers were: 8-27-34-4-19 and Powerball 10.

The three tickets that matched all five numbers and the Powerball were purchased in California, Florida, and Tennessee. The winner in Tennessee has chosen to remain anonymous, and the two winners in California and Florida opted to go public.

The California winner, Marvin and Mae Acosta, had chosen to receive their winnings in a one-time lump sum payment of $327. 8 million. The Florida winner, David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith, chose to take their winnings over the course of 30 annual payments and will receive a total of $528 million.

Who won the Lotto Max 60 million last night?

Unfortunately, the results of last night’s Lotto Max draw have not yet been announced, so we do not yet know who has won the 60 million dollar grand prize. The official results will be posted online once all of the winning tickets have been verified and the official numbers have been confirmed.

Keep checking the official Lotto Max website for more information and the official announcement of the winning numbers.

Has the $70 million been claimed?

No, the $70 million has not been claimed yet. The money was drawn on August 11, 2020, but the winner has not yet stepped forward to claim the prize. Although someone has with the winning numbers, they have yet to present their ticket and obtain the large lottery jackpot.

Lottery officials are encouraging anyone who purchased a ticket in the relevant drawing to double-check their numbers against the published winning numbers to see if they are the lucky winners. Once the ticket is presented to lottery officials, the identity of the winner will be announced and the $70 million will be officially claimed.

Which province sells the most lottery tickets?

The answer to which province sells the most lottery tickets depends on the specific lottery being referenced. Generally speaking, however, Ontario leads the way in much of Canada’s lottery sales thanks to its population base, population density, and number of convenience stores located within the province.

Furthermore, Ontario’s lead is highlighted by the fact that its central and southern regions are traditional areas of economic strength within the Canadian economy. Ontario Lottery and Gaming reported total lottery sales of $3.

25 billion in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, the highest total among all of the provincial gaming corporations in Canada. However, other provinces have strong sales as well. For example, Alberta recorded $1.

48 billion in lottery sales for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019. Quebec, British Columbia and Manitoba all followed with sales of respectively $1. 44 billion, $1. 12 billion, and $0. 56 billion for the same period.

Did anyone win Lotto Max Friday?

Yes, someone won the Lotto Max draw held Friday April 9, 2021. The winning numbers for the main draw were 5, 28, 30, 36, 38, 47, and 48, with the bonus being 19. The winner or winners of the grand prize will take home the full jackpot of $60 million.

There were other prizes handed out as well, including seven Maxmillion prizes of $1 million each and 70 prizes of $1,000. The prize pool a total of almost $74 million.