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What rapper played in the NBA?

Lil’ Romeo, who is an American rapper, actor, athlete, and model, is the only known rapper to have ever played in the NBA. During the 2002 NBA preseason, Lil’ Romeo was offered a spot on the Charlotte Bobcats roster.

He attended training camp with the team but was ultimately cut just before the start of the season. Despite this, he was the only rapper to ever have achieved this feat and was widely praised by his peers for pursuing his dreams.

Even after leaving the Bobcats, Lil’ Romeo continued to stay involved with the NBA. He was an investor in the now-defunct Vancouver Grizzlies and was given an honorary NBA championship ring by the Toronto Raptors organization in 2019.

What rapper was an NBA player?

Lil Bibby is a rapper from Chicago who was also a former professional basketball player. He attended Northwestern College in St Paul and played basketball for the school’s team. Educated as a chemistry major, he quit college at the end of his freshman year to pursue a career in music.

Before his rap career took off, Lil Bibby was an established player in the National Basketball Association. He initially hoped to make the pros but was only able to make it as far as semi-pro. He then decided to focus his attention on rap music, and the rest, as they say is history.

For a few years, he maintained his status as a semi-pro basketball player while transitioning into the music business. With the release of his first mixtape, “No Limits”, Lil Bibby began to gain attention from industry moguls.

Within a few years, he had earned the admiration of many Hip Hop fans, and was eventually signed to a major label. He even found success as an actor, appearing in films such as “Destination unknown” and “Ruin”.

Today, Lil Bibby is one of the most respected MCs in the rap game and he continues to have a strong presence in the basketball community.

Which rapper used to play basketball?

Popular examples include Drake, Lil Wayne, Chuck D, and Kanye West.

Drake was an usher and a ball boy for the Toronto Raptors when he was younger. He still has a strong connection to basketball and could often be spotted in the crowd while visiting Raptors’ games.

Lil Wayne was a standout player in high school. He was said to have NBA caliber skills, but instead decided to pursue a career in music.

Chuck D of the hip hop group Public Enemy was a former basketball player in high school and college, attending Adelphi University on a basketball scholarship.

Kanye West also had an interesting connection to basketball. During his time in college, he wrote a foreword on beloved Bulls player Jalen Rose’s autobiography. Despite never playing in a professional league, West has a strong love and appreciation for the game.

Who are the greatest rapper of all time NBA?

There are many rap artists who have made a significant impact on the music industry and are looked upon favorably by basketball fans.

Artists such as Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard have left a lasting mark on the rap game. Shaq, known for his love of rap and his classic 1992 debut album Shaq Diesel, was one of the first professional athletes to crossover into the rap world and has since released four additional records.

Damian Lillard recently released his fourth studio album. He has his own record label and started the RESPECT the game project to, “provide attention, awareness, and appreciation for hip hop music and the culture of basketball.


In addition to Shaq and Lillard, other notable NBA rappers include Allen Iverson, who released a few tracks in 2003 on his album I3, Jason Williams, Nick Young, and Brian Scalabrine. But these are just a few of the most popular.

Each of the artists mentioned has made a significant contribution to the music industry and has gained widespread popularity and respect from basketball fans. The talent and influence of each of these rappers and their impact on the rap music industry should be recognized and appreciated.

Can Eminem play basketball?

No, Eminem cannot play basketball. He may have referenced the sport in his music, but the rapper has not commented on his ability to play. As a matter of fact, Eminem has previously discussed the fact that he was never very good at sports, so it is likely he cannot play basketball.

While he could possibly be talented at the game, there is no evidence to suggest it. Instead of sports, Eminem found his talents in music and rap.

Who was the 1st rapper ever?

The first ever rapper is widely accepted to be Jamaican-American rapper Clive Campbell, better known as DJ Kool Herc. Herc originated the art of rapping in the 1970s, founding the style of MCing (emceeing) that many consider to be the foundation for all modern rap music.

He began toasting, or talking over music, at parties, and eventually developed his own style that he called “the Merry-Go-Round. ” Herc popularized the practice of splitting the beat into two phrases, using two distinct turntables, a skill that allowed him to bridge two tracks in a seamless manner.

This technique is now known as break-beat deejaying, and it is one of the core elements of modern rap music. The raps he used were comprised of brags, boasts, and improvisational rhymes, which have essentially become the lyrics associated with hip-hop today.

As such, he can be seen as one of the first rap artists, and a major figure in the evolution of rap music.

Was Dr Dre a basketball player?

No, Dr Dre was not a basketball player. Dr Dre is a legendary rapper, producer, entrepreneur and record executive. His real name is Andre Romelle Young and he was born in Compton, California in 1965.

He is widely credited as a key figure in the development of West Coast G-funk and hip hop production, and his production work on N. W. A’s 1988 hit single “Straight Outta Compton” helped popularize the use of sampling in rap music.

He was co-owner of Death Row Records and has produced albums for and overseen the career of many rappers, including Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. He also starred in the 2015 biographical film Straight Outta Compton.

Dr Dre has won six Grammy Awards, produced seven number-one singles and sold more than 25 million albums worldwide.

Is NBA YoungBoy still a rapper?

Yes, NBA YoungBoy (real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) is still a rapper. Despite his many legal troubles and prison sentences, he has remained active in the music industry since releasing his first mixtape ‘Life Before Fame’ as a teenager in 2015.

He has released over 30 mixtapes and 11 studio albums, with his most recent album, ‘Top’, debuting at #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart in 2021. The title track, ‘Top’, is his biggest single to date, reaching #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

He continues to tour and is a frequent guest on radio and television shows, proving that he remains an active and successful rapper.

Did Master P play basketball in college?

No, Master P (born Percy Robert Miller) did not play basketball in college. He did, however, have a brief professional basketball career, playing for the Fort Wayne Fury in 1998 in the now-defunct International Basketball League, where he averaged 2.

3 points and 2. 7 rebounds per game in 11 games. He also trained with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets for a brief time during that same year, and has since remained active in the basketball community by coaching his son’s basketball teams.

Today, Master P is best known as the founder of hip-hop record label No Limit Records, but he has continued to influence the basketball world through his involvement in youth sports, charity events, and appearances at NBA All-Star Games.

What professional basketball team did Master P play for?

Master P, born Percy Miller, is a rapper, businessman and investor who is most well known for his career in the music industry. Despite his music career, he was once a professional basketball player in the late 90s.

In 1998, Master P signed a contract to play for the NBAs Charlotte Hornets; however, he was released shortly after due to a finger injury. To further his basketball career, Master P signed a contract to play for the Ontario-based Continental Basketball Association’s Fort Wayne Fury for a reported $1 million salary.

During the short time he played for the Fury, Master P averaged 5 points, 1. 9 rebounds and 1. 3 assists in six games. After suffering another injury, Master P decided to focus more on his music career, eventually launching No Limit Records and going on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in hip-hop.

Did Master P play basketball at the University of Houston?

No, Master P did not play basketball at the University of Houston. Master P’s real name is Percy Miller, and he attended the University of Houston during the late 1980s and early 1990s, but did not play intramural or varsity basketball while there.

Prior to attending college, Master P played basketball for a high school located in Richmond, California. Master P later returned to basketball in the late 90s, playing for the Fort Wayne Fury in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) and was credited as the only musician to have ever tried to make it in the league.

How many points did Master P score in the NBA?

Master P, born Percy Robert Miller, had a brief stint in the NBA, playing in two preseason games with the Charlotte Hornets in the 1999-2000 season. Although he never scored in an official game, it is rumored that he scored a total of 8 points in the two preseason games.

What rapper played professional basketball?

There are multiple rappers who have played professional basketball, among them are:

1. Master P (Percy Miller) – Before Master P became a successful rapper and businessman, he was a professional basketball player. He was signed by the Charlotte Hornets in 1998, but was cut before the season began.

He went on to play in the Continental Basketball Association and in the Global Basketball League before returning to the rap and recording industry.

2. Damian Lillard – Before becoming a professional rapper, Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard played professional basketball in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was selected in the 2012 NBA Draft and immediately made a name for himself as a prolific scorer.

In 2013, he released his first rap album, “The Letter O”, and has since released two additional albums.

3. Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges – After his basketball career did not pan out, Chris Bridges, better known as Ludacris, pursued a career in music. In 1998, he released his debut album “Incognegro” and has since become of the biggest names in rap.

In addition to his music career, Ludacris has also held roles in major films such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious and Crash.

4. Shaquille O’Neal – Shaq is a household name when it comes to both basketball and rap. He dominated the NBA for more than a decade and released five albums between 1993 and 1998. He is no longer a professional basketball player, but he still continues to release music and host television shows.

5. Iman Shumpert – Recently retired from basketball, Iman Shumpert is now focusing on his rap career. He has released two albums; “Iman” and “Iman Shumpert And…” He has made quite a name for himself in hip hop, with collaborations with artists such as Kanye West, T.

I. , and Kid Cudi.

Who in the NBA is a Jehovah Witness?

They include: Marcus Morris, Dwight Howard, Metta World Peace (Ron Artest), Larry Demic, and Jabari Parker. Additionally, future Hall of Famer, Kobe Bryant, was baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness in 2014, although he hadn’t publicly identified himself to belong to the religion.

All of these players try to incorporate the religion into their lives on and off the court. For example, Howard has spoken about the impact of his religious beliefs on his career, and refuses to play basketball on Sundays as a part of his faith.

How did Master P get so much money?

Master P, an artist, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, has achieved tremendous success in the music industry, with numerous albums and over 75 million worldwide sales. He has also established a variety of business ventures, including the hip-hop label No Limit Records, record distribution, television production, film production, clothing lines, and sports management.

His success story began in 1986 when he and his brother moved to Richmond, California and opened a record store. It was there that he established No Limit Records, a label that sold mix tapes from his store as well as rented them to local DJs.

In the early 90s, he signed on some of the greatest rappers of that time and began to release his own albums.

His albums found success and soon other successful mainstream hip-hop artists began releasing music through No Limit and the label became a huge success. In previous interviews and discussions, Master P has credited the success of No Limit to strategic business moves, such as teaming up with major labels like Priority Records and Universal Music Group.

In addition to the money he has made from music, Master P has also made a substantial amount of money through his various business endeavors. For example, he’s bought and sold real estate, founded a successful energy drink line, sold hits video games, and established No Limit Films.

Overall, Master P has accomplished a considerable amount of success due to his savvy business acumen and his talent for recognizing opportunities. Through this combination, he has been able to generate a great deal of wealth, allowing him to give back to others through his philanthropy.