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What restaurant does Darnell Ferguson own?

Darnell Ferguson is the co-owner of 4EG (Four Entertainment Group), an entertainment, restaurant and bar based in Cincinnati, Ohio. 4EG owns and operates eight popular restaurants and bars in the Greater Cincinnati Area, including Mt.

Adams Pavilion, the Pavilion at Friendship Park, Key-Lime Pie, Igby’s, The Red Barn, High Gravity “The Cove”, Just Q’in Barbecue and The Sandpiper. Darnell Ferguson and his business partners, Bobby Slattery and Dan Korman, established 4EG in 2007 with the vision of providing quality entertainment to the tri-state area.

4EG has continued to expand, as well as create new and innovative venues, making their establishments some of the top hotspots in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Who owns SuperChefs Louisville?

SuperChefs Louisville is owned by Chris Sebastion and Blake Abbott. Chris and Blake are two friends who grew up in Louisville who have a passion for providing great food in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Chris and Blake understand the importance of maintaining professional high standards, yet still providing a casual, family-oriented atmosphere. They want to ensure their guests have an amazing experience while they dine at SuperChefs Louisville.

The restaurant specializes in classic Southern cooking, barbecue, and burgers. All of the food is made from scratch and served with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also features a variety of craft beers, and a full bar.

How old is Darnell Ferguson?

Darnell Ferguson’s age is unknown, as he has not disclosed this information to the public.

Who owns Drippin Crab?

Drippin Crab is an American-style seafood restaurant and bar owned by the Baumeister Group LLC. Founded by Jack and Jennifer Baumeister in 2017, the Baumeister Group LLC is a family-owned company focused on providing quality seafood and comfortable hospitality experiences to their customers.

With locations in Winter Garden and Lake Mary, Florida, Drippin Crab serves up a variety of crowd-pleasing dishes that range from jumbo snow crab legs to shrimp and crab combos to baskets of fried seafood.

The restaurant also offers an extensive bar menu featuring beer, wine and specialty cocktails, as well as a wide selection of domestic and imported beers on tap.

What happened to chef Darnell?

Chef Darnell Hudson is a highly acclaimed culinary entrepreneur and television personality who has been featured on shows such as Food Network, ABC’s The Chew, TLC’s Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Fox’s MasterChef.

Unfortunately, in October 2019, Chef Darnell was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He immediately underwent a grueling battle with the cancer, undergoing three rounds of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a surgery to remove the cancer.

His treatments were successful and he thankfully recovered in the spring of 2020.

Since then, Chef Darnell has become an advocate for cancer education and research, working with several national organizations to raise awareness for early detection and prevention of the disease. He has also started his own foundation, Chefs for Cures, to raise funds for esophageal cancer research.

In addition to his cancer advocacy work, Chef Darnell also continues to do work in the culinary world. He has opened up several popular restaurants across the United States, and his show “Dig Into This” is currently in its second season on the Discovery Channel.

Chef Darnell is proof that with hard work, determination, and courage, anything can be overcome.

Who is the owner of Aria restaurant?

The owner of Aria restaurant is Vanessa and Spencer Wolffe, who have been running the business for the past 8 years. They began their culinary journey when they attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York and then moved to Savannah, Georgia to open the Aria restaurant.

Their goal was to create a restaurant that would provide Savannah its own unique fine dining experience.

The Wolffe’s have achieved their mission with the creative and meticulous attention they bring to the plate. Their backgrounds in culinary arts are evident in the gastronomic delights they serve. The menu features local seafood and meats combined with ingredients from around the world such as Italian and French flavors.

The food is complemented with an extensive selection of wines and beer.

The restaurant also has a welcoming atmosphere with its traditional Southern hospitality filled with warmth and charm. The couple is passionate about the restaurant, their staff, and the community they have grown to love.

Aria has become a must visit destination spot in Savannah, and the Wolffes have become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Who owns Cafe de France?

Cafe de France is a chain of cafes owned by the Le Groupe Flo, a French restaurant group. Founded in 1969 by Michel Deliche, Le Groupe Flo is one of the largest players in French café space with over 600 restaurants in France, as well as outlets in Mexico, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

In 2013, the company merged with its sister restaurant chain Mug, another successful French restaurant chain, to form Le Groupe Flo-Mug. Cafe de France outlets serve traditional French cuisine, such as croissants, sandwiches, salads, and crepes, as well as specialties such as quiche, tarte flambee, and Macarons.

The chain also serves beer, wine, and cocktails, making it a popular destination for French weekends.

Who owns the restaurant The French Laundry?

The French Laundry is a restaurant located in the city of Yountville, California. It is owned by Chef Thomas Keller and managed by his company, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.

The French Laundry was established in 1978 when Chef Keller purchased the building from its former owners, Don and Sally Schmitt. Since then, the restaurant has continued to evolve and reinvent itself while staying true to its original mission of providing excellent French-American cuisine.

Today, the restaurant is renowned for its classic dishes and creative cuisine.

The French Laundry’s menu revolves around seasonal and local ingredients, with a focus on quality and precision. The restaurant employs a team of experts who work together to create gastronomic masterpieces.

The team is also responsible for maintaining the impeccable guest experience and service for all visitors. Since its opening, The French Laundry has been awarded prestigious awards such as being named one of the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” in 2009 and, again, in 2012.

The French Laundry is, without a doubt, one of the world’s best restaurants and a must-visit for foodies. It is owned by chef Thomas Keller and managed by his company, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.

The restaurant is highly acclaimed for its creative French-American cuisine and has consistently set the bar for fine-dining experience.

Who owns Soji Baton Rouge?

Soji Baton Rouge is part of Soji Modern Asian, and is owned by Donn and Patrice Linton and their partners, Tiffany and Will Chen. Both the Lintons and the Chens have backgrounds in the hospitality industry, with Patrice having over 20 years of experience managing upscale restaurants from the Caribbean to the US Virgin Islands.

They opened Soji Modern Asian in downtown Baton Rouge in 2017, offering a unique twist on Asian cuisine and re-imagining traditional dishes with modern and fresh flavors. The Lintons claim that their menu items are hand-crafted, made with only the freshest ingredients and most flavorful spices from around the world.

They also ensure that their restaurant adheres to strict sanitation and safety guidelines to ensure a great dining experience.