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What time do they Draw for Show Me Cash?

The Missouri Lottery draws for Show Me Cash twice a day – once in the afternoon and once in the evening. The afternoon drawing usually occurs around 4:45pm CST, while the evening drawing usually occurs around 10:00pm CST.

Both results are broadcast on television or published online. You can also subscribe to the Missouri Lottery Alerts program to be notified via email or text message when each drawing occurs.

How many numbers to Win Missouri Show Me Cash?

To win the Missouri Show Me Cash game, you must match all five of your numbers with the five numbers chosen during the nightly drawing. The numbers drawn are completely random, meaning that you must have the exact numbers that were chosen in order to win the top prize.

If you match four out of five of the numbers drawn or have three out of five numbers drawn plus the Show Me Cash Ball, you will receive a lower prize. If you match two numbers, you will be eligible for a free ticket for the next Show Me Cash drawing.

How much is the Missouri Lottery?

The Missouri Lottery is free to enter, which means that you don’t have to pay anything to participate. That being said, the prizes that can be won in the lottery vary depending on the game. For example, for the Pick 3 game you can win up to $500, while for the Pick 4 game you can win up to $5,000.

The jackpot prize for the Powerball game is a minimum of $40 million, with no maximum limit. The Missouri Lottery also features Scratchers games with prizes up to $50,000 and the Lucky for Life game where you could win up to $1,000 per day for the rest of your life.

There are also many other draw games and scratch-off games that feature a range of different prizes, including cash, cars, travel packages, and more.

Who won the show me cash in Missouri?

The Missouri Lottery’s Show Me Cash drawing for October 20th, 2019 was won by a ticket sold at Circle K located at 5362 Chippewa Street in St. Louis, Missouri. The winning numbers for this draw were 06-08-11-20-22.

The winner matched all five numbers to take home the $159,000 jackpot. The winning ticket also included the optional EZ Match feature, which was not matched, resulting in an additional $50,000 in winnings!.

The Missouri Lottery encourages anyone with a winning ticket to immediately sign the ticket and keep it in a safe place until the ticket can be redeemed at a local Missouri Lottery Office. All lottery prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing date.

Congratulations to whomever won the Show Me Cash drawing on October 20th!

How does Missouri EZ match work?

Missouri EZ Match is a lottery game offered by the Missouri Lottery that gives players the opportunity to win additional cash prizes on select Missouri Lottery Scratchers. To play, you will need to purchase a $2 Missouri Lottery Scratcher ticket that features the EZ Match logo.

On each ticket, there will be five EZ Match numbers and an associated prize amount. To win the EZ Match prizes, simply scratch each number off and match any of the numbers with the EZ Match numbers in the gray area on the bottom of the ticket.

If the numbers match, the player instantly wins the prize amount associated with that number. All prizes must be claimed at a Missouri Lottery claim center within 180 days of the game’s end date.

What time is the Missouri lotto drawing?

The Missouri Lottery draw time is 10:59 pm Central Time (CT) each night Monday to Sunday. The draw is usually held around 10:45 pm CT, but can run a few minutes late. You can watch the live draw on KMOV Channel 4 News or online on the Missouri Lottery website.

The results are also shown on the Lottery’s website a few minutes after the draw takes place. In addition, the Lottery publishes all its winning numbers in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper the day after the draw, and also distributes updates via its social media channels.

Where was the winning Missouri Show Me Cash ticket sold?

The winning Missouri Show Me Cash ticket on October 4th, 2019 was sold at Dogwood Liquors, located at 74 Enterprise Drive in St. Peters, Missouri. Dogwood Liquors is an off-track betting facility and full-service liquor store.

The ticket matched all five numbers (5-7-13-25-30) to win the $209,000 jackpot. The winner has yet to be identified.

Where was the winning lottery ticket sold in Missouri?

The winning lottery ticket in Missouri was sold at Break Time #58 in the Break Time Shell Airpark Plaza in Jefferson City. This is a convenience store located at 3405 Missouri Blvd.

The ticket matched all six numbers in the May 8th drawing of the Missouri Lotto, and won the jackpot of $7. 5 million. The winner of the ticket has chosen to remain anonymous. The winning numbers were 5, 9, 18, 19, 21 and 33, with an optional Powerball of 11.

The Break Time Shell Airpark Plaza store where the ticket was sold will receive an $18,750 bonus for selling the winner. Congratulations to the winner and the store!

Does Missouri announce lottery winners?

Yes, Missouri does announce lottery winners. The Missouri Lottery publicly announces winners for both Powerball, Mega Millions, and all other lottery games offered. The Lottery retains a list of all winners within the last 180 days on their website, and must post their names in the local newspaper where the winning ticket was purchased.

Winners of prizes of $600 or more must complete a claim form that includes their full name, address, Social Security Number, and other information. Winners have the option of choosing to remain anonymous to the public but must still provide the required information upon claiming their prize.

How does EZmatch work on Show Me Cash?

EZmatch is an add-on available for playing the Missouri Lottery’s Show Me Cash game. For an extra dollar per play, you will get the chance to win instantly up to $500. When you select the EZmatch option, five EZmatch numbers will appear on your ticket and each of those numbers will get you a corresponding prize amount.

To compile your EZmatch prizes, scratch off the play area and you’ll find five EZmatch prizes that match your five EZmatch numbers. Match any of your numbers to any of the EZmatch numbers in the play area and you instantly win the prize amount shown.

All winnings can be redeemed at any Missouri Lottery Retailer location. If you match the Show Me Cash number on your ticket to the winning Show Me Cash number drawn, you’ll win a cash prize from the Missouri Lottery in addition to any EZmatch prizes earned.

How do you win an EZ match?

Winning an EZ Match involves selecting the winning combination out of the designated numbers on a lottery ticket. When the numbers on the ticket match those of the lottery’s drawing, the player will win the designated prize.

Often the prize will be a fixed amount, or, in the case of certain draws, it can be a percentage of the total sale.

In some cases, it can be a combination of both. To win an EZ Match, the player’s numbers must match all of the numbers in the game. The more numbers that match, the larger the prize. If there are two or more winners, the winnings will be split evenly among them.

Players should note that odds of winning an EZ Match vary widely depending on the type of game and the amount of players buying tickets. Additionally, in some draws, there is the added incentive of a second-place prize.

Some EZ Match games offer progressive jackpots, meaning that the prize money can grow with each draw.

To take part in an EZ Match draw, players should purchase one or more lottery tickets with the EZ Match option activated. When the drawing takes place, players should check the ticket to see if they have a matching number or numbers.

If they do, they’ll have successfully won their EZ Match.

What does EZmatch mean?

EZmatch is an optional game feature available with certain instant lottery tickets that allow players to win cash prizes instantly. When EZmatch is available on an instant lottery ticket, the words “EZmatch” are printed on the ticket next to a series of EZmatch numbers.

If a player’s numbers match any of the EZmatch numbers, they can win an instant cash prize. To win an EZmatch prize, players simply scratch off the corresponding EZmatch numbers to reveal the winning amount.

Prizes can range from $1 to $5,000 depending on the game. Once the prize is revealed, the player can take their ticket to a retailer to receive their prize in cash on the spot. With EZmatch, players can instantly win extra cash when playing their favorite lottery games.

What is Lucky day Lotto EZmatch?

Lucky Day Lotto EZmatch is a fun, easy, and exciting add-on game option to the traditional Lucky Day Lotto. Players have the opportunity to multiply their winnings when they choose to add the EZmatch option to their Lucky Day Lotto ticket.

With the EZmatch option, players are able to match their Lucky Day Lotto numbers with a randomly generated set of EZmatch numbers. Each matching number will grant the player the corresponding EZmatch prize, the amount of which depends on the amount wagered to get in the game.

With EZmatch, players are able to win exciting cash prizes from as little as $2 all the way up to $500, depending on the prize structure of the particular game. The game also gives players the opportunity to turn a non-winning Lucky Day Lotto ticket into a winning one with the exciting EZmatch option.

EZmatch is a great way for players to increase their chances of winning and having more fun with Lucky Day Lotto.

How is Missouri Lotto paid out?

In Missouri, the Missouri Lottery pays out prizes in two ways: parimutuel payouts and fixed prize amounts. Parimutuel payouts are determined by the total amount of tickets sold and the amount of winners (for each lotto game).

This means that the amount of money that each winner receives is based on how many tickets are sold, how many winners there are, and what the total prize pool is.

Fixed prize amounts are also offered for some lotto games in Missouri. For example, the Show Me Cash game has a starting jackpot of $50,000, and if no one wins, the prize increases by $5,000 each drawing day until it is won.

Once it is won, the game resets with a new jackpot of $50,000.

It is important to keep in mind that both parimutuel payouts and fixed prize amounts are subject to taxes. All lottery winnings in Missouri are subject to a state withholding of 4%. Additionally, certain federal taxes are also applicable to lottery winnings.

If the winner’s winnings exceed a certain amount, they may have to pay a federal income tax on their winnings.

In conclusion, the Missouri Lottery pays out prizes in two ways: parimutuel payouts and fixed prize amounts, but winnings are subject to taxes.