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What to do if the main door faces south west?

If the main door of a house or building faces South West, it is important to be mindful of the characteristics associated with this direction in feng shui. This is because the South West is the direction of love, relationships, and partnership.

In terms of home design, the South West should be decorated in such a way that it is inviting and comfortable to both the occupants of the house and their guests. Colors such as pink, peach, red, purple, and vermilion are known to bring relationships luck to the house and can be used as accents in and around that area of the house.

Good Feng Shui also suggests that the fireplace, should be situated in the South West of the house. Details such as lamps, lighting, artwork, and decorations should also be used to highlight a positive, romantic atmosphere.

When it comes to furniture, it is traditionally recommended that there should not be any two-seater chairs in this space. This is because it is believed to create a conflict between the occupants of the house.

In addition to this, it is also important to ensure that clutter is kept at a minimum in the South West as this is believed to hamper the flow of positive energy in the region.

Is South West main door facing good?

Feng Shui practitioners believe that the main door of any space plays an important role in the energy flow in the environment. They believe that the main door should be used as the entry point of energy or ‘chi’ into the space.

In Feng Shui, the South West direction is the traditional ruling ‘door direction’. It is believed to be the powerful direction for receiving good wealth, abundance and luck. Therefore, having the main door of the home or business facing South West is considered auspicious and known to bring good fortune.

However, an expert consultation should be sought to strengthen the energy levels of the main door and the entire space, as per the person’s unique Feng Shui astrological birth chart.

Can I buy a house facing south west?

Yes, you can buy a house facing south west. Such as whether the location and orientation are suitable for your lifestyle and preferences. Depending on the specific house and location, it might be beneficial to have a south-west-facing property, as south-west-facing properties typically receive the most amount of direct sunlight during the day.

This can help to reduce energy bills, as the sun will naturally heat up your home during the day, instead of having to rely on a heating system. Furthermore, if you want to take advantage of natural light during the day, a south-west-facing property is a great option.

Additionally, the orientation of the property might be beneficial in terms of the surrounding views. As a south-west-facing house typically faces away from the street, it is possible to have more privacy and less noise.

Finally, if you’re looking for passive solar gains, south-west-facing properties typically receive the most evening light, which helps to store solar energy during the colder months. Therefore, it is possible to purchase a south-west-facing property, however, it is important that you thoroughly review all the factors before making a decision.

What is the remedy for south facing door?

The best remedy for a south-facing door is to create a sense of balance by introducing elements of the five natural feng shui elements in proper measure and placement. These five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, and each one of them can support or block the flow of energy through a south-facing door.

By understanding the power of each element, and how they interact with each other, you can create a balanced energy flow in your home.


To introduce wood elements, you can try adding a few plants in the area or use natural floor materials such as bamboo or wood panels for the flooring in your home. You can also place small woods sculptures or carvings near the door and to represent the element.


You can also include fire elements to enhance the power of your south-facing door. This can include adding a burning fire or using lighting to give off a warm glow. Lighting is a great way to provide illumination while also introducing a sense of energy.


Earth energy brings a sense of grounding and nourishment to the home. To introduce it, you can add a simple earth-toned rug or solid color wall paint to the walls near the door. You can also add rocks, stones, or crystals to bring a sense of stability to the area.


Metal brings structure and clarity to the home. Using metal elements will help create a sense of clarity and organization. You can add metal sculptures or artwork near the door, or metal shelves to keep things in order and balance.


Water provides a sense of calm and purifies the energy flowing through the home. In the area near the door, you can introduce a simple water feature or a fountain. You can also add an aquarium with a filter to further enhance the calming properties of water.

By introducing these five elements in proper measure, you can create a sense of balance and harmony around your south-facing door. This will help ensure a smooth and positive energy flow that benefits the home.

What should be in the south west of a house?

The southwest quadrant of a home is an essential element of Feng Shui and its placement of furniture and objects. It is the section of the home associated with love, romance, and relationships, as well as creativity, abundance, and prosperity.

To ensure that the energies of this area are properly aligned to promote these desirable aspects of life, it is important to ensure that it is nurtured and cared for.

In the southwest of the house, consider keeping it minimally furnished. The fewer pieces of furniture, the easier it is to clean and keep it free of clutter. Keeping the room free of clutter will enable the positive energies to move freely, promoting a healthy and happy relationship atmosphere in the home.

If a bed is placed in the southwest, it should be big enough to encourage ample room for two people, yet not too big that the room feels empty.

Artwork and home décor that complement the southwest direction are beneficial; this includes wall hangings, paintings, and sculptures depicting meaningful relationships and love. Linens and furniture should be soft, romantic, and nourishing, like soft pinks, beiges, and pastel whites.

Finally, adding greenery to the room, such as a flowering plant or a small tree, will bring a vibrant and peaceful energy to the space.

How can I improve my southwest corner?

Improving the southwest corner of your home can bring balance to your living space, promote stability, and improve the overall energy of your home. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your southwest corner:

• De-clutter and clean the area – Get rid of any clutter and dirt, as this can disrupt the energy flow in the area.

• Focus on open space – Open the windows and air out the corner, as this allows positive energy to flow in.

• Introduce air-purifying plants – Place plants like Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, or Boston Fern to bring a calming energy to the corner.

• Light candles or use essential oils – Burn candles or use aromatherapy with essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus to promote relaxation and positivity.

• Hang mirror – Mirrors trick the eye into seeing more than what is physically there and create the impression of a bigger and airier space.

• Add earthy elements – Use elements such as salt lamps and crystal ornaments to promote grounding and calming vibes.

• Use soft lighting – Dim lighting with warm colors can give off a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

• Use soft and soothing colors – Soft colors create a calm and restful atmosphere and bring balance to the corner.

Overall, investing some time to make changes in your southwest corner can give your living space a much-needed boost of positive energy. Following the tips above will help you achieve the best possible results.

Is it good to buy house in south direction?

Buying a house in the south direction can be a great decision depending on a variety of factors. Generally, the south is associated with the sun, which is an element of growth, health, and prosperity.

Houses facing south can benefit from increased sunlight, and thus, natural warmth. This can save money on energy bills and provide a more pleasant environment in the home. In terms of Chinese Feng Shui, south energy is deemed stimulating, prosperous, and powerful.

People believe that having a house facing south in the Southern Hemisphere will bring a successful career, good health, and harmony to the home.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to having a house facing south. South-facing homes can also experience more extreme temperatures due to the increased sunlight, resulting in higher air conditioning bills.

Additionally, in some parts of the world, there is an increased risk of flooding during storms and other inclement weather if the house is close to the coast or in a low-lying area.

Ultimately, whether it is a good decision to buy a house facing south will depend on the specific location, climate, and housing market of the area. As with any major purchase, it is best to weigh the pros and cons, and research thoroughly before making a decision.

Why are south facing houses not preferred?

South facing houses are not typically preferred as they can become overly warm during times of direct sunlight. This can cause discomfort and higher cooling bills as windows and doors must be kept tightly closed and cooled air is circulated throughout the day.

Additionally, during the summer, South facing homes can be significantly brighter, making the home much harder to cool. With the sun directly baking in, the house will heat up much faster, leading to a negative effect on comfort levels and energy costs.

Furthermore, South Facing Houses can experience higher humidity levels throughout the day, particularly during warmer months. This can be problematic as it can cause a damp, humid environment that can be uncomfortable.

Moreover, South Facing Homes are more susceptible to condensation and mould growth on windows and walls due to a combination of the increased heat and humidity. This can result in significant damage to a home’s structure and can be costly to repair.

Another issue can be the requirement to have window blinds and curtains for extra shade, as well as sun-resistant finishes added to the outside of the house. All of these additional costs and considerations make South facing homes less desirable.

What is the direction to face a house?

When facing a house, you should typically face the front door. Depending upon the style of home, the front door may be set slightly to one side. If that is the case, the general rule is to make sure the front porch or the front entrance is more prominent than the side of the house.

It may also help to take note of the windows, porches and chimney locations to best determine which direction is the front of the house. The gauge of which is the front of the house can further be determined by walking around the yard and taking a look at the street view of the house.

Generally, the front is the most attractive side of the house and should be the side of the house you face.

Is it good to buy south west facing house?

Buying a south-west facing house can be a great investment. While there may be some areas of concern, such as feng shui and the fact that the sun is in the south-west only part of the day, there are many advantages to living in a south-west facing house.

One of the biggest benefits of living in a south-west facing house is improved air circulation. The natural air flow from the north-east to the south-west helps the house maintain a pleasant balance of warm and cool air.

This can help reduce energy costs as the house does not require as much energy to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Additionally, the south-west facing house often has more natural sunlight than other orientations. This can be beneficial for providing light to plants and surfaces, as well as for reducing energy costs.

The longer summers and more direct light can also increase the warmth of the house and reduce the need for supplementary heating and cooling sources.

Overall, south-west facing houses can provide great convenience, comfort and energy savings. That being said, it’s important to consider all the potential risks and advantages before investing in a house of this type.

Which is better south facing or west facing?

A south facing orientation is generally seen as beneficial for harvesting solar energy, providing natural lighting and reducing energy costs due to the sun’s direct warmth hitting the windows. On the other hand, a west facing orientation may be better for capturing views and providing adequate indirect natural light throughout the day, as the sun will inhabit the western sky for longer than any other direction.

In terms of energy efficiency, a south facing orientation can be advantageous during the cold winter months, as the sun will provide direct heat to the windows during the day. This can help reduce the amount of energy needed to generate heat during the day, making you more efficient and in turn, saving you money.

Nevertheless, a west facing orientation can still be beneficial, as the sun will still provide some indirect light, warmth, and views that make the home more aesthetically pleasing. Depending on your location, these advantages may be balanced against the disadvantage of additional afternoon heat gains.

When it comes to the visual impact of the home, the orientation can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing views, natural light, and aesthetic beauty. Consider the view of a south facing orientation during the cold winter months, where the sun will hit the windows directly and provide a stunning visual.

Contrast that with the view from a west facing orientation, which may receive more light in the afternoon, provide sweeping views of the landscape and various cityscapes, depending on its location.

Ultimately, which is better depends on the individual needs of the homeowner. A south facing orientation may be desired for the energy efficiency and solar energy harvesting, while a west facing orientation may be preferred for its views, natural lighting, and aesthetic value.

In the end, it will come down to personal preference and budget.

What should I hang on south-west wall?

The south-west wall of your home or office is an important location that should be decorated with eye-catching and meaningful decor. Depending on the space and the intended use, there are a variety of things you can hang on the south-west wall.

For a living room or office, a large mirror is an excellent way to fill up the wall while also making the space look more open and inviting. The best locations to hang a mirror in Feng Shui principles are south-west, south, south-east, west and north-west, so the south-west wall is a great spot for it.

If the goal is to add both beauty and functionality, then a large piece of art or a framed family photograph can do wonders on that wall. In Feng Shui, hanging art often symbolizes good luck and is said to bring harmony and good energy.

Finally, you can also hang a sign or plaque on the south-west wall. This could be a motivational message, an important quote, or an inspiring motto. No matter what you decide to put up, the south-west wall is an ideal spot to express yourself.

Which Colour is good for south-west direction?

When it comes to the best color for the south-west direction of your home, the options are plentiful! In Feng Shui, each direction of a home has its own set of colors that represent energy, prosperity, luck, and more.

In the south-west direction, the colors recommended are the elements of earth tones like brown, gold, yellow, orange, and green.

These colors are associated with the element of earth which brings grounding, stability, and a lasting quality to your home. They can assist in creating clarity and removing anxiety. Additionally, they can also provide a sense of abundance, encouraging progress and creativity.

For best results, you may want to include several of these shades in each room of your home in the south-west direction. For example, brown tones can be used for furniture and décor items, gold for accents, and yellow for artwork or pillows.

You can also include orange in the form of candles or bring in plants for a lush green look. Additionally, for a balanced look, including white and black can also help bring out the vibrancy of the earth tones.

Overall, these colors are perfect for the south-west direction of your home. They represent the energy of earth, which both calms and invigorates, creating the perfect energy balance for this location.

Can we have door in south direction?

Yes, you can have a door in the south direction. Though there are certain considerations to take into account when constructing a door in any direction. For example, you need to be sure that the door won’t be blocked by trees or buildings.

You’ll also want to take into account the direction of the wind, as too strong of a gust could push the door open or shut without you knowing. Additionally, it’s best to keep in mind the climate in the area, as well as the amount of sunlight, to ensure the door won’t be too hot in the summer months.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure the door is properly secured, as burglars prefer to target homes that have doors facing away from the street.

How can we increase positivity in south facing house?

One of the most effective strategies is to place plants and artwork featuring bright, vibrant colors around the home to draw positive energy. Introducing positive affirmations and positive visualizations can also help create a more uplifting atmosphere.

Additionally, strategically placing mirrors in the home can reflect light from the southern direction and create a brighter, more positive environment. Finally, introducing yellow, golden, or other warm-colored light fixtures to enhance the positive energy in the house could be beneficial.

Additionally, incorporating natural elements such as wood, wool, or bamboo into the home’s décor can help enhance the positive energy. Overall, these strategies can help create a more uplifting, inviting atmosphere in a south-facing home.