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What was Friday night’s Mega Ball numbers?

The winning numbers for the Friday, April 9th Mega Millions drawing were 4-31-46-50-62 and the Mega Ball was 1. Unfortunately, no one won the jackpot of $50 million, so it will be rolling over to an estimated amount of $54 million for the April 13th drawing.

Did anyone win the Mega Millions 12 30 22?

Yes, the Mega Millions winner for December 30, 2020, is the only winner of the estimated $291 million jackpot. The winning ticket was purchased in Arizona and matched all six of the numbers drawn: 12, 30, 22, 16, 29, 19, with the Mega Ball of 13.

The ticket holder has not yet come forward.

What is the current Mega Million jackpot?

As of April 1, 2020, the current Mega Millions jackpot is $41 million. This jackpot has been rolling since the February 18, 2020 drawing, with no one to match all 6 numbers. The last drawing did not have any winners with the jackpot, which is why it has been growing larger.

Players have until 11:00 p. m. ET on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 to purchase tickets for this jackpot — any tickets purchased after that time will be for the next drawing. The overall odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot is 1 in 302,575,350 and the estimated cash value is around $29 million.

How much do you win if you get 2 numbers in Mega Millions?

If you only match two numbers in Mega Millions, you will win a prize of $2. That prize is multiplied if you include the Mega Ball, which is an additional number drawn with each drawing. If you correctly match the Mega Ball with two other winning numbers, then you will win $10.

Keep in mind that non-jackpot Mega Millions prizes are always pari-mutuel, meaning the prize amounts can vary for each drawing. The prize can range from $2 to $1 million.

What is Mega Millions next drawing?

The next Mega Millions drawing is on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 11:00 PM Eastern Time. There is a total estimated jackpot of $63 million, with a cash option of $46. 7 million. To participate in the drawing, you must purchase a ticket by 10:45 PM Eastern Time on the day of the drawing.

Tickets are available at authorized lottery retail locations and online. Good luck!.

What’s the Mega Millions numbers to play?

Unfortunately, there is no one set of Mega Millions numbers to play. The game is based on a randomized drawing each week, meaning that the numbers you play are randomly generated. When you purchase your ticket, the lottery machine will automatically generate a set of numbers for you.

If you want to increase your chances of winning the jackpot, you can purchase multiple tickets or select your own personal set of numbers. However, doing so will not guarantee that you will win the jackpot.

What numbers have won the most in Mega Millions?

The numbers that have been drawn the most in the Mega Millions lottery since it began in 1996 are the number 5, 6, 8, 26, 53, and 58. The number 5 has been drawn 118 times, making it the most-winning number, followed by the number 58 which has been drawn 101 times.

The remainder of these numbers have all been drawn over 70 times each. It should be noted that the only number that has not been drawn in the last 20 draws is number 4.

What state was the winning Mega Millions ticket sold in?

The winning Mega Millions ticket for the June 9, 2021 drawing was sold in the state of Maryland. The ticket, which was sold at the 7-Eleven store located on Reisterstown Road in Baltimore, matched all six numbers drawn – 10, 43, 45, 57, 59, and Mega Ball 5 – winning the $75.

6 million jackpot. This is the second Mega Millions jackpot-winning ticket in Maryland this year, with the first jackpot-winning ticket sold at a convenience store in St. Mary’s County in April 2021.

Do you win anything with 1 Mega Millions number?

No, you do not win anything with just one Mega Millions number. To win the Mega Millions jackpot, you will need to match all five main numbers (1-70) plus the Mega Ball (1-25). If you happen to match just one main number, you won’t win anything from the main prize categories.

However, you can still win the $2 prize if you match the Mega Ball only. For the other lower-tier prizes, you will need to match a certain number of main numbers and/or the Mega Ball to be eligible for a prize.

Does 1 number win in Mega Millions?

No, 1 number does not win in the Mega Millions lottery game. To win the jackpot, players must match all 5 of the white balls in any order, plus the Mega Ball. There are also 8 other prizes ranging from $2 to $1 million that can be won by matching other various combinations of numbers.

In addition, players have the option to add the Megaplier to their ticket, which multiplies any non-jackpot prizes they win by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. If the Megaplier is 5, the player can win up to $5 million!.

How many numbers do you need to win anything on Mega?

To win anything on Mega, you need to match all six of the main numbers. These main numbers range from 1 to 75, and you select your numbers when you purchase your ticket. All of the main numbers must match exactly with the exact numbers that are chosen in the drawing in order for you to win anything.

If you match only five numbers, you will not win a prize.

Do you get any money for 1 number in Powerball?

No, unfortunately you do not get any money for just one number in Powerball. Powerball requires you to have all five main numbers plus the Powerball to win the jackpot. Getting one number correct only provides you with a free Quick Pick ticket for the next Powerball draw.

To win the biggest prizes in Powerball, you must match all five main numbers plus the Powerball, which you can only do with a ticket purchase.

Is one number a win in Powerball?

No, one number is not a win in Powerball. In order to win the jackpot in Powerball, you need to match all six numbers drawn. That includes five white numbers from a field of 1 to 69 and the red Powerball number from a field of 1 to 26.

If you only have one number, it is not enough to win the jackpot. You can, however, win prizes for matching just the Powerball number, or one or more of the white numbered balls. The prize values vary depending on how many numbers you match and whether you purchased the Power Play option.

Does 2 numbers win anything?

No, two numbers by themselves usually do not win anything. Depending on the context, two numbers might be part of a larger set of numbers which are required to win something. For example, in a lottery, a player might need to match several numbers in order to win.

Additionally, two numbers might indicate a specific location or combination to open a lock, box, or safe in order to retrieve an item or prize.

What are the 6 most winning lottery numbers?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive list of the six most winning lottery numbers, as the numbers drawn each time are completely random. However, there are certain trends that can be identified when looking at the data from the history of many different lottery draws.

According to statistics, some of the most commonly drawn lottery numbers are 3, 16, 44, 58, 20, and 28. Other numbers that have been drawn frequently throughout the years are 6, 11, 26, 41, 22, and 32.

Ultimately, everyone has the same chance of picking the winning numbers and trends cannot guarantee you any wins.