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What’s the difference between Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad, released in 2021, is a sequel or reboot of the 2016 film Suicide Squad. While the original Suicide Squad featured a rag-tag group of super-villains forced to work together on a dangerous mission for the government, the sequel focuses on a brand-new team of villains with an even more dangerous mission.

The new Suicide Squad features characters both old and new, including fan-favorite villain Harley Quinn and DC antihero John Cena as Peacemaker. Along with this fresh crew, the film also introduces a new kind of villain—human-animal hybrid James Gunn as The Thinker, as well as King Shark and Ratcatcher.

The Suicide Squad features a more serious tone compared to its predecessor, with a mission that forces the team to go covert and face more intense threats than the first. Given the cast and the story, the film certainly looks to be more action-packed and intense.

All along, this new team of villains will have to work together to survive or else be killed in the process.

So, the difference between Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad lies mainly in their tone, mission and roster of villains. The original was a fun, action-adventure movie about an unlikely group of heroes forced to fight for their lives; the sequel is a darker, edgier tale of a new team of super-villains who must embrace danger and overcome imminent death.

Is Suicide Squad different to The Suicide Squad?

Yes, Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad are two very different entities. Suicide Squad was a 2016 movie based on the DC Comics team of the same name, which follows a group of supervillains recruited by the government to take on dangerous black ops missions in exchange for their freedom.

The Suicide Squad, on the other hand, is a new version of the original comic book published by DC Comics beginning in 2021 and featuring some of the same characters as the movie, but with a much different story and cast.

The story follows Amanda Waller and her team of villains tasked with tackling dangerous missions in exchange for either reduced sentences or rewards and benefits. The Suicide Squad also introduces several new characters, including Mercenary, Obsicate, and T.

K. , who become part of the team. So while there are similarities between the two, they are both different entities and stories.

Why are there two different Suicide Squad movies?

There are two different Suicide Squad movies because they are part of different universes. The first movie, released in 2016, was set within the DC Extended Universe and featured several superheroes from the comics, such as Deadshot, Harley Quinn and The Joker.

The second movie, due for release in 2021, is a sequel but it is set within Warner Brothers’ new HBO Max continuity, also known as The SnyderVerse. This version of the Suicide Squad does not feature any superheroes but instead includes different versions of some of the original characters, such as Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Rick Flag.

While the first movie was more of an action adventure, the sequel is expected to be more of a psychological thriller. It is possible that the two Suicide Squad movies will eventually be linked, with events from the sequel being referenced in future DC Extended Universe films.

Is Suicide Squad 2 a sequel or reboot?

The upcoming Suicide Squad sequel is not a reboot, but a direct sequel to 2016s Suicide Squad. While the plot and characters remain largely unchanged, the sequel will feature a new cast including Idris Elba as Bloodsport, Nathan Fillion as TDK, and Peter Capaldi as the Thinker.

The original cast also returns in some capacity, with Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn and Jai Courtney returning as Captain Boomerang. While a direct sequel, Suicide Squad 2 will feature a darker tone than the original, due to focusing on the emergence of DC’s “black-ops team” that was first teased in the first installment.

As of now, Suicide Squad 2 is currently set for a summer 2021 release.

Does the new Suicide Squad have anything to do with the first one?

Yes, the new Suicide Squad movie does have a connection to the first one. While the new movie is something of a reboot, there are a few references to the original 2016 film. The Squad is similar, with a few key characters from the first movie still intact and contributing, including Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman).

Additionally, the Joker (Jared Leto) is referenced several times, though he does not appear in the actual film. Furthermore, we see Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) still directing operations and Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) returning to pose a major threat.

Despite these connections to the earlier film, the new movie has a much different tone, with a more comedic and lighthearted story, while the overall plot is rather different.

Do you have to watch Birds of Prey before Suicide Squad 2?

No, you do not have to watch Birds of Prey before Suicide Squad 2. While Birds of Prey is a prequel to Suicide Squad 2, it does not require you to have seen the movie in order to understand or enjoy the sequel.

You can easily watch Suicide Squad 2 without having seen Birds of Prey and still understand the plot and characters. However, many fans of the DCEU may find it beneficial to watch Birds of Prey beforehand in order to gain more insight into some of the characters, such as Harley Quinn and the other Birds of Prey that make an appearance in the sequel.

Are both Suicide Squad linked?

No, the two Suicide Squad films released are not related. The first Suicide Squad movie was released in 2016 and stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto in the main roles. It tells the story of a group of supervillains who are recruited by a secret government agency to execute dangerous black ops missions and save the world from a powerful threat.

The second Suicide Squad movie is slated for release in 2021 and is being directed by James Gunn. It is not a direct sequel to the first movie, but rather it is its own story featuring a brand new team of supervillains gathered together by Amanda Waller to protect the world.

While many elements of the first film will remain the same, such as the presence of the Waller character, the 2021 Suicide Squad movie will feature an entirely different cast and an independent story.

Why did they change the cast for Suicide Squad 2?

The decision to change the cast for Suicide Squad 2 was likely due to a variety of factors. It’s been widely reported that the first Suicide Squad film had a troubled production, with multiple reshoots and re-edits.

As a result, many of the original cast members may have not been keen to return for the sequel. Additionally, the success of the first film may have also led to some of the cast members commanding higher paychecks, putting them out of the budget for the sequel.

Furthermore, Warner Bros. may have seen the opportunity to bring in some fresh talent and appeal to a wider demographic with the sequel. Ultimately, the decision to change the cast of the sequel could be a combination of all of these factors.

Why is The Suicide Squad rated R?

The Suicide Squad is rated R because it contains strong violence and bloody images, strong language, sexual content and drug material throughout. Additionally, there are brief scenes of nudity and intense sequences of action violence.

It is a dark and gritty movie that follows a group of notorious criminals recruited by a powerful secret government agency to execute dangerous missions in exchange for clemency. The movie features some of the strongest language that you would expect from a R-rated superhero film, including numerous uses of the “f-word” and many expletives.

The violence is even more intense, as the Squad is often involved in gunfights, hostage situations, explosions and even some brutal hand-to-hand combat scenes. There are also sequences of intense sequences of violence throughout and some strong horror/fantasy imagery.

Plus, the movie also features some brief nudity and many scenes of drug use and drug references. The Suicide Squad is rated R due to its intense and dark content.

Can a 13 year old watch Suicide Squad 2?

The PG-13 rating of Suicide Squad 2 may make it suitable for a 13 year old to watch, assuming they are mature enough, however this is ultimately the decision of the parent or guardian. For reference, PG-13 movies usually contain some material that could be inappropriate for children under 13, but as with any film, parents should exercise discretion on what their individual children can watch.

In particular, Suicide Squad 2 may have some intense action scenes, some strong language, and some suggestive content, so it is important to be aware of that if considering allowing a 13 year old to watch the movie.

Is Suicide Squad supposed to be rated R?

No, Suicide Squad is not supposed to be rated R. The film was initially rated PG-13 by the MPAA for “sequences of violence and action throughout, disturbing behavior, suggestive content and language”.

However, director David Ayer announced on Twitter that following the positive feedback from the 2016 Comic Con, an extended cut of the film would be released on Blu-ray and digital platforms with an R rating instead of the PG-13.

Why is Joker rated R?

Joker is rated R because it contains content that is inappropriate for a younger audience. The movie has themes of violence and gritty realism that are very intense and not suitable for children or pre-teens.

In particular, there are explicit scenes of physical and psychological violence, substance abuse, and use of language that parents may not want their younger children exposed to. Joker also contains several strong sexual scenes, adult language, and brief nudity.

All of these aspects contribute to why the movie is rated R.

Is Suicide Squad OK for 6 year olds?

No, Suicide Squad is not suitable for 6 year olds. The movie has an R-rating, which means that enforcing parents should not permit children under 17 to watch it without accompanying them. The movie has strong language, violence and references to drugs, alcohol and sex.

These elements make the movie not suitable for young children.

Why is squid game rated 18?

The Squidgame has been rated as an 18+ game as it contains content that is deemed as inappropriate for players under the legal gambling age. This type of game can contain themes, language, and other content that is not suitable for minors, including swearing, crude humor, and sexual themes that are mature in nature.

In addition, in some cases, the game may have references to gambling and alcohol use, which are both activities that are not appropriate for younger players. Furthermore, the game can contain fast-paced action, violent imagery, and difficult skills required to be successful in the game, indicating that it is not suited for young players.

All of these reasons are why the Squidgame has been rated as an 18+ game.

How many F bombs are in The Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad (2020) contains an estimated 91 uses of the word “f*ck,” either spoken directly or as an expletive (such as “f*cking”). This number doesn’t include any other variations of the word, such as “motherf*ckers” or “f*ckers.

” To put this number into comparison, last year’s Joker (2019) contained an estimated 125 uses of the word, while Deadpool (2016) contained an estimated 147 uses of the word.