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What’s the difference between TOTO WASHLET and Washlet+?

TOTO WASHLET is a toilet seat with integrated water wash and drying system. It has a range of features designed to make the toilet experience much more comfortable and hygienic, such as an adjustable stew, heated seats, and adjustable water pressures.

The TOTO WASHLET can be installed in place of a conventional toilet seat, or can be fitted onto existing residential and commercial toilets.

Washlet+ is a similar product, also manufactured by TOTO, however instead of a single toilet seat, it includes a whole suite of bathroom hygiene and comfort products. The key difference between the TOTO WASHLET and Washlet+ is that the latter includes a sterilizing toilet bowl cleaner, a hands-free toilet seat lift-up system, a tankless water heater, an air purification system and a deodorizer.

Additionally, Washlet+ combines all the comfort and convenience of the TOTO WASHLET but is more sophisticated, allowing users to customize their experience with their own personalized settings.

Which TOTO washlet toilet is the best?

That depends on your budget and what features you’re looking for in a TOTO washlet toilet. The TOTO Neorest 700H is a dual-flush toilet with an integrated bidet seat and is the company’s most advanced model.

It has a contemporary, sleek design, a tulip-shaped, just-right bowl that offers comfort and stability, an advanced, adjustable automatic air deodorizer, a night light and an auto open-close lid. This top-of-the-line model is expensive and comes with a variety of features.

Another great option is the TOTO Neorest 600H hung toilet with integrated bidet seat. This model has a low-profile, elegant design and is equipped with a cyclone flushing system, a powerful deodorizing system, adjustable air temperature and many other features.

The Neorest 600H is a more affordable option, making it a great choice for those looking for a luxurious, but budget-friendly TOTO washlet toilet.

Finally, the TOTO Neorest 500H bowl and tank set is a great pick for those wanting to customize the look and feel of their bathroom. This model includes a tank and bowl set, a powerful, high-efficiency flush system, a heated seat and a built-in bidet.

It also has an adjustable water temperature and pressure, an automatic open/close seat, a sleek, contemporary design, and a powerful deodorizing system.

Ultimately, the best TOTO washlet toilet for you will depend on your needs and budget. But no matter what you decide on, you can be sure you’ll be getting a high-quality product that will provide a luxurious and comfortable experience.

What is a T40 Washlet+?

T40 Washlet+ is TOTO’s model of top-of-the-line toilet seat bidets. It is designed to provide a complete, hygienic bathroom experience. It contains many of the same functions that are found on other TOTO Washlets, including a SoftClose heated seat, REACT (Realtime Environmental Active Cleansing Technology) to automatically adjust water temperatures and spray pressure, an automatic air deodorizer, a touchscreen remote control with control panel, and an energy-saving mode.

In addition, the T40 Washlet+ also offers a powerful angled oscillating nozzle to provide enhanced posterior and feminine cleaning, a warm air dryer, a Kid’s Mode to help make toilet training easier, a massage mode, and a built in self-cleaning function that flushes the nozzle with each use.

Furthermore, the T40 Washlet+ also includes TOTO’s CleanWill30-branded pre-mist and ewater+ technology which help to night-clean the bowl and reduce stains. Overall, the T40 Washlet+ is an extremely intuitive and user-friendly model that offers modern hygiene and comfort features, making it perfect for any bathroom.

Do you wipe before using a WASHLET?

Since washlet is a type of toilet that includes a bidet and dryer feature, wiping before using a washlet is not necessarily necessary. However, it is still recommended to do so if you feel comfortable with it.

This is because it may help reduce the risk of germs spreading or becoming airborne, or be more hygienic. Additionally, it may also help the washlet in higher performance since a clean surface allows the washet to do it job more effectively.

Furthermore, wiping after using the washlet is also equally imperative as it helps keep it clean and hygienic in which it could then work at its full potential.

Do you still need toilet paper with a Toto WASHLET?

Yes, you will still need toilet paper with a TOTO WASHLET. The TOTO WASHLET is a bidet toilet seat attachment, designed to reduce the amount of toilet paper used by providing a more hygienic experience.

It is equipped with a heated water stream, adjustable temperature and pressure controls, a self-cleaning wand, and a dryer. The WASHLET can help reduce toilet-paper use and is eco-friendly, however it does not eliminate the need for toilet paper entirely.

After using the WASHLET, you will still need toilet paper to pat yourself dry and make sure you’re completely clean. Additionally, toilet paper can be used in conjunction with the WASHLET to ensure any remaining residue is removed.

It is best to use a soft, quilted toilet paper with the WASHLET to avoid scrapes or scratches on your skin or the metal components of the WASHLET.

Do all Toto WASHLETs fit all Toto toilets?

No, all Toto WASHLETs do not fit all Toto toilets. Different models of Toto WASHLETs may have different installation requirements and may not be compatible with all Toto toilets. To ensure that the Toto WASHLET you are purchasing fits your Toto toilet, check with your local Toto retailer to check compatibility between the specific Toto WASHLET and Toto toilet.

Additionally, when purchasing a WASHLET, read the instructions and make sure any necessary instructions and hardware are included before purchasing.

What is the highest rated bidet?

The TOTO Neorest Luxury Bidet is considered to be the highest rated bidet on the market. It offers some of the most advanced features available, including an adjustable water spray, a warm air dryer, illuminated bowl, and a night light.

The TOTO Neorest bidet has been rated to be the best option for luxury toilets, due to its one-of-a-kind features and impeccable design. It is a high-end product, with a price tag to match, but it is worth every penny when it comes to quality, convenience and performance.

The TOTO Neorest bidet is known for its reliable performance, longevity and luxurious features, making it the perfect choice for anybody who wants the best of the best in a bidet.

Can TOTO WASHLET be installed on any toilet?

No, TOTO WASHLET cannot be installed on just any toilet. TOTO WASHLET requires a special toilet that is configured with the necessary connections in order to accept the WASHLET unit. TOTO WASHLET requires a specific type of toilet connection, such as the TOTO Universal Connection System (UCS), in order to successfully install the WASHLET unit.

This system allows for greater flexibility and compatibility between different models of WASHLET and toilets. In some cases, there are models of TOTO WASHLET that can be installed even without the UCS, however it’s important to note that the installation process may be more difficult and the compatibility between the WASHLET and the toilet may be more limited.

Additionally, the WASHLET cannot be installed on toilets that are not configured for the specific WASHLET model.

Why are bidets not used?

One of the primary reasons is that many people in the Western world simply don’t know what a bidet is and how to use it. Bidets are very common in other parts of the world, but the Western world has been slow to adopt them.

Another reason for the lack of popularity may be the fact that bidets require plumbing hardware and fixtures to be installed, which can be expensive and inconvenient. This can limit their use in households in the West where plumbing is already in place.

Finally, there may be a cultural stigma attached to bidets in some part of the Western world. They may be seen as unnecessarily luxurious and overly hygienic, when in reality they are much more than an ordinary toilet.

The fact that they are often associated with more traditional cultures can cause people to not want to use them.

Why do Westerners not use bidets?

The use of bidets has traditionally been much more common among cultures in the Eastern and Southern regions of the world than it has been in the United States and other countries in the Western hemisphere.

This is largely due to cultural differences in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, with many Westerners believing that showering or bathing sufficiently replaces the need for a more thorough cleaning. In other cultures, such as those in regions like Japan and Italy, the use of a bidet after using the toilet is a very common occurrence, as it provides a more comprehensive means of hygiene as compared to toilet paper alone.

In addition to cultural and hygiene factors, the initial aversion to bidet use in the West may also come from a lack of knowledge about the device or its capabilities. For many, the thought of having to use and learn a new type of toilet device can be intimidating or even off-putting.

Additionally, the cost of purchasing a bidet may be seen as too expensive for many households, although modern models now come in varying shapes and sizes.

Ultimately, the long-standing lack of bidet use in the West is really due to a combination of cultural and socio-economic factors. However, with the recent influx of knowledge surrounding the health benefits of bidet usage, combined with the modern conveniences and affordability of the device, more Westerners are now beginning to explore the idea of installing one in their home.

Can I use Toto Washlet on a Kohler toilet?

Yes, you can use a Toto Washlet on a Kohler toilet. All Toto Washlet models are compatible with all types of toilets, including Kohler toilets. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you have a toilet that meets the requirements for the particular Toto Washlet model you are installing.

There are various Toto Washlets available and all of them come with detailed installation instructions so you can easily and quickly install it on your Kohler toilet.

How do I know if my toilet is bidet compatible?

You can determine if your toilet is bidet compatible by inspecting a few key elements in and around the toilet. The first is the shape of the bowl. If the back of your toilet bowl is round, then it is likely compatible, but if the back is elongated then this may indicate a lack of compatibility.

You should also consider the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the bowl; the holes should be a minimum of 5 inches apart to ensure compatibility with a bidet. Additionally, the amount of space between the wall and the back of the toilet should also be taken into account, as this is necessary to attach a bidet.

If there is not enough space, then it may be difficult to mount the bidet. Ultimately, if you are unsure of your toilet’s compatibility, it is best to consult your plumber or manufacturer.

Can you put a bidet on a regular toilet?

Yes, it is possible to install a bidet on a regular toilet. Bidets are becoming increasingly popular as an effective means of cleaning oneself, particularly in multi-person households, due to their ability to improve personal hygiene and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

It is important to note that installing a bidet requires some basic plumbing knowledge and experience. In most cases, you will need to remove the existing toilet and replace it with one that is compatible with the bidet.

You can purchase a toilet that has a bidet built-in, or you can install a separate bidet next to the existing toilet.

When installing a bidet, it is essential to make sure that the plumbing connections are securely attached and sealed to prevent leaks. It is also important to make sure that the bidet is turned off when not in use to conserve water.

Finally, it is essential to keep the bidet itself clean and sanitized on a regular basis to ensure the hygiene of the users. Using a mild cleaning solution, such as a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water, is recommended.

What is the top of the line TOTO toilet?

The TOTO Neorest NX2 Dual Flush Toilet is the top of the line toilet from TOTO. It features a sleek, low-profile one-piece design for a modern look. This Neorest NX2 toilet is also highly efficient and effective as it uses a dual flush system that allows you to choose between a 1.

0 or 0. 8 gallon flush for optimal water savings. In addition, it utilizes SanaGloss ion barrier glazing to prevent debris and mold from sticking to the ceramic, leaving your toilet fresher for longer.

Other features include innovative ewater+ technology that automatically mists the bowl with electrolyzed water for a cleaner, fresher flush every time, a premist function to reduce the chances of clogs, a built-in UWASA quick-release mechanism that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, a concealed trapway to create a modern, contemporary look, and a unique adjustable water temperature and pressure control with three settings.

With all of these premium features, the TOTO Neorest NX2 Dual Flush Toilet is truly the top of the line.

Which TOTO toilet has the most powerful flush?

The TOTO Drake II Toilet is widely regarded as having the most powerful flushing system on the market. It features a powerful tornado flush that uses a generous 2. 6 gallons per flush, offering strong and reliable flushing performance.

It also features an extra-large 3-inch flush valve which is 125% larger than a conventional 2-inch flush valve. This larger size helps the toilet to move more waste quickly and efficiently. Additionally, with a powerful G-Max siphon jet, it performs a strong and thorough flush that keeps the bowl cleaner for longer.

The Drake II is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and reliable flush.