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When did Kentucky beat #1 LSU in football?

The Kentucky Wildcats football team beat the #1 LSU Tigers on October 13th, 2007, at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky. The Wildcats pulled off the upset in dramatic fashion, winning the game 43-37.

The Cats were led by two-touchdown performances from Rafael Little and Jacob Tamme, and sophomore quarterback Andre Woodson threw for a career-high 326 yards and four touchdowns. The win was the first time Kentucky had ever beaten the #1 ranked team in the country, and it sent shockwaves through the college football world.

To celebrate the victory, UK President Lee T. Todd, Jr. declared the day after the game “Kentucky Football Victory Day” and suspended classes at the university to give students the opportunity to celebrate with their classmates.

The win also sparked an eight-game winning streak for the Wildcats, which culminated in their first Bowl game victory since 1952.

What year did Kentucky beat number 1 LSU?

In 2007, the 9th-ranked Kentucky Wildcats upset the top-ranked LSU Tigers 43–37 in triple overtime at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This iconic matchup – affectionately known as the ‘Bluegrass Miracle’ – marked the first time in college football history that a one-loss team beat a two-loss team when the former was ranked at least three spots lower in the polls.

Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson passed for a career-high 377 yards in the win and the Wildcats’ defense came up with some timely stops late in the game, including a fourth-down sack of LSU quarterback Matt Flynn in the third overtime.

It was a defining moment for the Kentucky football program and established the Wildcats as a legitimate contender in the Southeastern Conference.

Who wins Kentucky vs LSU?

This answer depends on when the game is being played and the overall record of the two teams. Generally, if LSU has the better record, they would be the odds-on favorite to win any matchup with Kentucky.

But if this matchup is part of the NCAA tournament, then recent performance carries more importance and Kentucky could potentially pull off the upset. Ultimately, the outcome of this game will not be known until it is played, so the best answer is that it’s too close to call.

Who threw the bluegrass miracle?

The “Bluegrass Miracle” was a famous last-second play during a college football game between the University of Louisville Cardinals and the University of South Florida Bulls on November 24, 2006. Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Mario Urrutia with just 16 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, allowing the Cardinals to win the game 44–43.

The play quickly came to be known as the “Bluegrass Miracle” and is widely considered to be one of the greatest moments in Louisville football history.

When was the last time LSU went undefeated?

The last time the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers went undefeated was in the 2019 season. The team won 15 games throughout the season, including the Conference USA, Southeastern Conference (SEC) and National Championships.

The games included wins against Alabama (7-46), Georgia Southern (37-10), Florida (42-28), Arkansas (56-20), Auburn (23-20), Texas A&M (50-7), Mississippi State (36-13), Ole Miss (58-37) and Clemson (42-25) in the NCAA National Championship.

The LSU Tigers were the first team to have gone 15-0 in the modern era and the first team to have won the National Championship while going undefeated since the 1997 Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Who is Kentucky’s biggest rival?

Kentucky’s biggest rival is the University of Louisville Cardinals. This rivalry dates back to 1913 when the two teams first met in football. The rivalry was sporadic from then until 1983 when the teams began meeting regularly.

Since then, the two teams have met in football and in basketball. In football, the rivalry is known as the Governor’s Cup, while in basketball it is called the Battle for the Bluegrass.

The rivalry is widely regarded as one of the fiercest in college sports, with both teams claiming victory in the various sports they compete in. The Cardinals have held sway in football, while the Wildcats have been dominant in basketball.

The teams have also met in various other sports throughout the years. No matter what sport it is, both teams come out ready to compete as they strive to get bragging rights in one of college sports’ great rivalries.

Has Kentucky ever won a college football championship?

Yes, the University of Kentucky has won a college football championship. In 1950, the Wildcats were victorious in the Great Lakes Bowl, defeating the Oklahoma A&M Aggies 13-7. It was the first bowl game for the Wildcats since 1925 and the first bowl win for the program since 1909.

They also won the national championship title in 1950 as well. In 1976, the Wildcats also won the SEC championship with an 8-3 record. This was the first conference championship in school history. In 1977, they finished runner-up in the SEC and lost to the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

Despite their success in the 1970s, they have yet to take home any additional national championship or bowl titles since then.

Did Ky beat LSU last night?

No, Ky did not beat LSU last night. The two teams played in the NCAA Men’s Tournament Sweet 16 round in which LSU won 69-66. It was an intense and back-and-forth battle between the two teams, but LSU ultimately prevailed and advanced to the Elite 8.

Did Kentucky get eliminated from the bracket?

No, Kentucky did not get eliminated from the bracket. Kentucky is currently in the NCAA Tournament that started on March 19th and Kentucky is currently in the Sweet Sixteen of the South Region. Kentucky had a first-round bye and then defeated Wright State in the second round and then Duke University in the third round.

Kentucky will be facing off against the University of North Carolina in the Sweet Sixteen on March 27th. After that game, depending on the outcome, Kentucky would either advance to the Elite 8 or be eliminated from the tournament.

Did LSU beat Kentucky today?

No, LSU did not beat Kentucky today. In fact, the two teams did not even face each other in a game today. The two teams are scheduled to play each other on February 22, 2020 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Although there were reports that the game had been cancelled, the cancellation has since been rescinded and the game is expected to go ahead as scheduled. In the teams’ most recent meeting, on January 25, 2020, LSU earned a 73-71 win on the road in Lexington, Kentucky.

How many times has LSU lost to Kentucky?

Although the LSU Tigers and Kentucky Wildcats have faced off a total of 72 times, the Tigers have only lost to Kentucky 13 times. LSU and Kentucky have a long history of competitive games, with LSU having the most wins (53) out of the two teams.

Even though the Tigers have faced a few losses to the Wildcats in the past, they have also had quite a few big wins as well. The two teams last faced off in 2018, with LSU taking the win. Regardless of these teams’ past successes, each game is one that fans and players look forward to.

Has Kentucky ever beat LSU?

Yes, Kentucky has beaten LSU multiple times throughout the years. The two teams have been playing against each other since 1901, and throughout the 119 meetings that have been held, Kentucky has won 56 times and LSU has won 61 times.

The last meeting between the two teams occurred in 2019 and was won by LSU, resulting in a final score of 20-14 during their regular season opener. Kentucky is LSU’s fourth-most-played rival, and has seen some historical wins against the LSU Tigers.

Kentucky’s most significant victory over LSU was at the Southeastern Conference Championship in 1949 with a final score of 14-7. Kentucky has also had great success against LSU during their other SEC championship games in 1950, 1976, and 2006.

How many players LSU lost?

In total, LSU lost nine players to either graduation or early entry into the NFL for the 2020 season. Those nine players were strong contributors to both the offense and defense, and their departure will create holes in the team.

On offense, the Tigers graduated running back Nick Brossette, receivers Foster Moreau and Derrick Dillon, and tight end Foster Moreau. On the other side of the ball, safety John Battle, linebackers Devin White, Michael Divinity, and Jacob Phillips, and defensive tackle Ed Alexander all graduated.

With the exception of White, all of these players were key components to the team’s 10-3 season in 2019 and their departure will create a challenge for the coaching staff to replace. Fortunately, the Tigers have one of the top recruiting classes in the country and they will look to replenish the roster with a talented group of newcomers.

What is Alabama’s record against LSU?

Alabama’s record against LSU all-time is 59-25-5. Alabama is 35-9-2 against LSU in games played in Alabama and 24-16-3 against LSU in games played in Louisiana. Alabama has won seven of the last nine meetings between the two teams, with LSU’s last win coming in 2018, when the Tigers won 29-0.

During Nick Saban’s time as head coach at Alabama, the Crimson Tide hold a 14-4 record against LSU.

What’s the biggest loss in college football history?

One of the most memorable and heartbreaking losses of all-time in college football history was the 2014 BCS National Championship Game. On January 6th, 2014, #1-ranked Auburn Tigers faced off against the #2-ranked University of Florida State Seminoles.

Auburn was favored to win, but in the waning moments of the game, Florida State made a miraculous comeback and secured the victory with a final score of 34-31 in their favor. The game saw Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston of the Seminoles lead a comeback from a 21-3 deficit late in the third quarter.

Auburn’s loss in the BCS National Championship game was the biggest loss of all-time for the college football program, having earlier ended the season with a perfect record of 12-0. The loss was so huge that it swayed the course of history and it created a lot of heartache for Auburn fans who had high expectations for the team to win.

Additionally, it left a huge question mark in the minds of Auburn players, wondering what could have been if they had just managed to hold on to the lead.