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When did Lindsay Allen return to WDRB?

Lindsay Allen returned to WDRB in May 2018. Allen was originally covering news and sports for WDRB from 2011 to 2017. She left in 2017 to pursue an opportunity with the Cincinnati Bengals as their Director of Digital Media and Public Relations.

After a year, she decided to come back to WDRB to continue covering news and sports for the channel.

Is Lindsey Allen back on WDRB News?

No, Lindsey Allen is no longer part of the WDRB News team. She was a former reporter with the news station from October 2011 to June 2018. During her time there, she primarily covered Louisville area stories, from major crime scenes and feature stories to live reports from Jefferson County Public Schools.

Before her time at WDRB, she was a news anchor for WJZY in Charlotte, NC. In October 2018, she joined the FOX19 NOW team in Cincinnati, Ohio as a general assignment reporter, where she still currently works.

Who left WDRB?

It was recently announced that Bill Lamb, the longtime President and General Manager of WDRB (Louisville, KY) will be stepping down from his position after nearly two decades of service. The station, which is owned by block Communications, Inc.

, will now be overseen by its operations manager, Nick Viviani.

Viviani has been the operations manager for WDRB since 2017, during which time he has overseen the management of the station’s production, engineering, and IT departments. Prior to joining WDRB, Viviani held positions at WHAS in Louisville, KY, and WBKO in Bowling Green, KY.

Lamb has been a fixture at WDRB since 1998. Under his tenure, WDRB rose to become one of the most highly-rated TV stations in the country. During this time, Lamb also helped to launch several innovative new programs and initiatives, including the station’s website, WDRB.

com, and its mobile news app.

Lamb has not yet announced his plans for the future but has promised to stay involved in the Louisville community. In a statement, he said that “although I am stepping away from my daily duties as President and General Manager, I am not abandoning WDRB or the Louisville Area.

I look forward to continuing to be an important part of the WDRB family and the local community. ”.

Where is Candyce Clifft from?

Candyce Clifft is from Medford, Oregon, a city located in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, near the California border. It is the county seat of Jackson County and has a population of around 82,000 people.

It is well known for its natural beauty, lush forests, and nearby recreational attractions, such as Crater Lake National Park and Oregon Caves National Monument. During the summer months, the city is quite popular with both tourists and residents alike, who enjoy fly fishing and rafting the Rogue River.

Other popular attractions in the area include the annual Medford Pear Blossom Festival, the Rogue Valley Zoo, and the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport.

Who are the news anchors on WDRB?

The news anchors on WDRB are Beth Bria as Friday Night Football Host, Valerie Chinn as Co-Anchor at WDRB, Stephan Johnson as Anchor/Reporter, Lindsay Allen as Morning Anchor, David Scott as News Anchor, and Fred Cowgill as Anchor/Reporter.

Beth Bria has 12 years of broadcasting experience. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky and she was the first woman of color to be named the host of Friday Night Football for WDRB in Louisville.

Valerie Chinn is the Co-Anchor for WDRB and she is also the morning anchor for the radio station on 104. 7 WHAS. She has won multiple awards for her work in journalism, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination for breaking news coverage.

Stephan Johnson is an Anchor/Reporter for WDRB and he has reporting experience in both local and regional news. He graduated from the University of Louisville and he is passionate about telling stories that make a difference in the community.

Lindsay Allen is the Morning Anchor for WDRB News. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and she is a four-time regional Emmy nominee.

David Scott is the News Anchor for WDRB. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Broadcasting and also holds master’s degree in communications from IU.

Fred Cowgill is the Anchor/Reporter for WDRB. He has been in the media for over 25 years and has earned multiple awards for his work. He graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Communication, and he also holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from Ball State University.

Is Sterling Riggs married?

No, Sterling Riggs is not currently married. However, his relationship status is unclear as he does not appear to publicly discuss his private life. Riggs is a model, musician, and actor, and it appears that he is currently focused on his career pursuits.

Where is sterling from WDRB?

Sterling is a reporter at WDRB News in Louisville, Kentucky. He started at WDRB in 2013, after working as a reporter in several other markets, including Akron, Ohio and Bloomington, Illinois. Previously, he studied broadcasting at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in Chicago.

He is currently the digital news reporter and producer for WDRB, and can be seen on the station’s website, social media and mobile app. Sterling frequently covers a wide range of topics, from local politics to entertainment events and festivals.

He’s also taken on in-depth investigative pieces for WDRB, ranging from public safety to consumer protection.

Is Elizabeth Woolsey leaving WDRB?

No, Elizabeth Woolsey is not leaving WDRB. She has been a part of the news team for over 10 years, working as their weekend and weekday news anchor. She has developed a close connection to the viewers of WDRB over her many years of dedication to the station.

Recently, Elizabeth announced that she has decided to jump into a new challenge and is now the new news director at WKLY in Louisville. While this will be a big change for her, she is still a part of the WDRB family, and her presence and expertise will still be an integral part of the WDRB team.

How old is Elizabeth Woolsey?

Elizabeth Woolsey’s age is unknown, as she has not publicly revealed her age. However, based on some reports and research, many people speculate that she is around 35-45 years old.

Has Kate Springer left WDRB?

No, Kate Springer is still working at WDRB as of August 2020. She is currently an anchor and reporter at WDRB and joined the network back in 2012. During her time at WDRB, she has covered a variety of topics both locally and nationally, including the Kentucky Derby, Louisville Bats baseball games, and the 2015 Sweet 16 Basketball Tournament.

She also recently reported on the protests following the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. For her work, she was voted the Best Local TV Reporter by Louisville Magazine in 2020. As she continues to bring her professionalism to WDRB, it is likely that she will continue to serve as a valuable asset to the network in the future.

Is Scott Reynolds still on WDRB?

No, Scott Reynolds is no longer with WDRB in Louisville. He worked there for over 14 years, beginning in 2007 when he was hired as a sports anchor and reporter. He left the station in January 2021 to pursue a new opportunity with a national sports network.

Who is the new meteorologist on whas?

The new meteorologist on WHAS is James Long. He is an experienced meteorologist with more than a decade of experience forecasting the weather. He has worked at outlets from Boston to New York City, and now he is bringing his extensive knowledge to WHAS.

He is especially interested in new technologies and methods of predicting storms and weather patterns. He loves to talk weather with the Louisville community and hopes to spread the importance of meteorology and weather safety.

Where did Madeline Carter go?

Madeline Carter went on an extended vacation to the Caribbean to spend some quality time with her family. She and her family stayed on a friend’s private island for a few weeks and from there they visited several different islands throughout the Caribbean.

They went sightseeing, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and explored the local cultures, cuisine, and traditions. Madeline had an amazing experience, and upon her return, she took some much-needed rest and relaxation before getting back to the daily grind.

Where is Alex on WLKY News?

Alex Dixon is a reporter at WLKY News in Louisville, KY. She joined the WLKY team in 2019 and her primary role is to provide viewers with interesting, relevant and comprehensive stories from across the local community.

She reporting on a wide variety of stories, from weather and breaking news, to consumer and investigative stories. Alex is passionate about telling stories with a focus on holding those in power accountable.

She also loves connecting with viewers during her live shots and is excited to be part of the vibrant news team at WLKY.

Who is Vicki Dortch?

Vicki Dortch is a renowned international speaker, bestselling author, and transformational leader. She has inspiringly influenced communities across the globe through speaking, teaching, mentoring, and story-sharing.

Vicki has been honored as one of the “25 Most Influential Women in Business” by Black Enterprise Magazine, a Leading Women Entrepreneur by Working Mother Magazine, and National Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist for Women Impacting Public Policy.

Vicki has dedicated her life to inspiring individuals and organizations to discover and realize their greatest potential, unlock hidden potential, and reach their highest aspirations. She is passionate about inspiring others to take their courage and power to the next level in their spiritual growth and development and igniting a spirit of self-determination and success.

Vicki has inspired untold numbers of people all over the world to reach, rise, and shine. Her life-transforming talks and workshops have motivated and encouraged business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many others to rise above courageously and boldly pursue their dreams.

Vicki’s inspirational books have been featured on Washington Post’s and Women’s World Magazine, and her stirring and thoughtful advice has been seen on Fox News, CNN, HLN, NBC, CBS, and ABC. Vicki is truly a force of nature, inspiring transformation, passion, and courageous leadership.