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Where can I park for a Louisville football game?

There are multiple parking lots around Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky that are available to park in for a Louisville football game. Parkers have the option of purchasing a single game parking pass, or a season permit for all Cardinals home games.

An easy and convenient way to purchase parking for Louisville football games is via the CardCon Parking Lot Reservation System. This online service allows you to choose from the available lots and make your reservation from the comfort of your home.

Popular parking lots close to Cardinal Stadium include North Gate, Breckinridge Street, Floyd Street, and Cardinal Hall of Fame lots. Other lots in the vicinity include 3rd Street, Grawemeyer Hall, and the Henry Clay lot.

Prices for parking passes typically range from $15 to $40 depending on the game and the lot selected. Furthermore, it is also possible to reserve spaces within Louisville’s official Tailgate lot, located directly across from the Stadium.

It is important to note that many of the lots selling single game passes can fill quickly and so advance reservation is highly recommended.

Where is the place to park at Cardinal Stadium?

There are two main lots at the Cardinal Stadium, both located off of 3rd Street South and Central Avenue. The main parking lot is located on the South side the stadium and is the larger of the two lots.

It offers plenty of parking and easy access to the stadium. The second lot entry is accessible from Central Avenue and offers smaller lots with accessible parking. All vehicles should enter through the main gate which is located at the intersection of 3rd Street South and Central Avenue.

The parking lots open two hours prior to the game and close 90 minutes after the conclusion of the game. All vehicles must have a valid parking pass or have paid the required fee. Parking fees are $20 per vehicle.

Guests without a valid pass or payment are subject to tow at their own expense.

Where do you park for Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium?

Depending on the event, you may need to purchase a parking pass. Some areas include the various lots on Central Avenue, the Brown and Navy lots on Floyd Street, and the Blue lot on Third Street. General parking is free in all of these areas, with some exceptions.

Additionally, there is a Green lot on Third Street and Cardinal Boulevard that is reserved for large vehicles, a Red lot off Floyd Street, and a Handicap lot located directly across the street on Third Street.

It is important to note that Tailgating is only allowed in certain areas and to follow the University of Louisville rules and regulations.

How does Allegiant Stadium parking work?

Allegiant Stadium offers a variety of parking options for both Las Vegas Raiders and UNLV Football games.

Parking for both events is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Onsite parking lots can be accessed three hours prior to kick-off and all parking lots require a pre-purchased parking pass or a designated general admission event pass.

Onsite parking lots can be found on the perimeter of the Allegiant Stadium campus, along with a limited number of spots available for purchase on the day of the game.

For the ultimate parking convenience, there are two premium options available for purchase – the Lot 7 VIP Lot and the Lot 10 Gold Lot. These lots provide fans with a private parking experience as well as expedited access to the stadium.

The designated tailgate area at the stadium is also an option. There is a limited number of spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all vehicles must display a valid game day ticket to park in this area.

In order to comply with the tailgating policies, all vehicles must have an encased grill, plenty of trash bags and a container with a lid to put all the trash in before leaving.

For fans who prefer to leave their vehicle at home, there are several transportation options available. The Allegiant Stadium Game Shuttle program has been implemented for all games, with pickup locations at various points around the Las Vegas Valley.

There is also the Las Vegas Monorail, which offers a convenient connection from the MGM Grand Station to the Allegiant Stadium campus.

No matter what option you choose, Allegiant Stadium will provide plenty of options for you to get to and from the stadium.

How much is parking for the AZ Cardinals?

Parking information for the Arizona Cardinals can vary by event. The Cardinals parking lots are managed by ParkWhiz and advance reservations are encouraged. Prices generally range from $10 – $25 and vary based on the event and lot location.

All lots open 2 hours pre-game, and 10AM for non-game events. Tailgating is allowed but amplifiers, kegs, and BBQ grills are not allowed. For more information and specific pricing for each event, visit the parking page on their official website.

Can you tailgate at Cardinals Stadium?

Yes, you can tailgate at Cardinals Stadium! Tailgating is a fun way for fans of the Arizona Cardinals to show their support and get prepared for the big game. The Cardinals encourage fans to tailgate before games and provide a few facilities to make sure it’s a great experience for everyone.

Before each game, fans can tailgate in the Platinum Parking Lots, located directly outside the stadium, and also in the Main Parking Garage. The lots and garage open up four hours prior to game time, so you have plenty of time to get there and start tailgating with all of your friends.

You can bring food and drinks with you, but they can’t be contained in glass or cans. You are also not allowed to bring any barbecues, open fires, or grills into the the stadium. The Cardinals also provide large tents, tables, and chairs for all the fans to use for free.

So, be sure to get there early and start tailgating!.

How early do the Cardinals open the gates?

The gates at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, open two hours prior to the scheduled start of each regular season home game. This is standard protocol for all NFL teams and allows sufficient time for fans to enter and navigate the stadium in a safe and orderly fashion.

This protocol is slightly different on Opening Day and any other day when there is a pregame event, ceremony, or rally, which may include a performance by the team’s marching band or another special guest.

In such cases, the gates will open three hours prior to game time. It is advised that fans arrive early to ensure they don’t miss important pregame celebrations.

Does Cardinal Stadium take cash?

Yes, Cardinal Stadium does take cash. All concessions and merchandise stands accept cash payments at the stadium. ATM machines are also available for cash withdrawals if needed. In order to limit contact, it is recommended to have the exact cash amount for your concession and merchandise purchases.

Additionally, credit and debit cards are accepted at all concession and merchandise stands. Contactless payment options such as ApplePay and GooglePay are also accepted.

Is Louisville Cardinal Stadium cashless?

Yes, Louisville Cardinal Stadium is cashless. All purchases at the stadium, including concessions, require payment via credit or debit card. This applies to all season tickets, single game tickets, and suite purchases.

Cash is not accepted at any of the concession stands or merchandise stands. The stadium works with VenueNext, a digital platform which allows fans to access an app used for making purchases throughout the stadium.

Additionally, contactless technology is utilized when card payments are made. This ensures a smooth and more secure payment experience.

Do you need a clear bag for Cardinals game?

Yes, the Arizona Cardinals require all guests to enter University of Phoenix Stadium with a clear bag. According to the Cardinals’ website, “All guests entering University of Phoenix Stadium must retain possession of a clear tote that does not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12” (1 bag per person).

Non-clear bags may be carried in an approved clear tote. Approved clear bags include clear or vinyl materials and do not include any logos or team phraseology. ” Bags that do not meet the clear bag policy will not be permitted into the stadium.

Guests may carry blankets, strollers, binoculars, and seat cushions into the stadium without being placed in a clear bag. Any type of purse or fanny pack must be placed in a clear tote in order to be allowed in.

Is Hammons Field cashless?

Yes, Hammons Field is a cashless facility. This means that you will need to use a credit or debit card to make any purchases, including tickets, concessions, and souvenirs. This policy allows for an improved fan experience, as fans no longer need to wait in long lines to purchase items or wait for cashiers to count their money.

The Hammons Field experience is also more secure, as personal information is not exchanged and purchases are faster and more efficient. Additionally, the cashless experience is better for the environment, since there is no need to waste paper and ink on receipts.

Does Kroger field take cash?

Yes, Kroger Field accepts cash payments. Cash is the preferred form of payment at Kroger Field and is accepted at the ticket office and all concession stands. It is important to note that tickets can only be purchased with cash at the ticket office, while all other transactions with vendors must be done with a debit or credit card.

Additionally, there are ATMs located on the east and west sides of Kroger Field if you need to withdraw cash while at the game.

Is Busch Stadium accepting cash?

Yes, Busch Stadium currently accepts cash. All transactions at the Busch Stadium ticket windows and concession stands are handled using cash or credit card. All Busch Stadium parking lots will accept cash at the entrance, and customers can also purchase parking passes when they arrive at the parking lots.

In addition, customers can use credit cards or cash to buy souvenirs at the Busch Stadium Team Store.

Does Lights Under Louisville take cash?

Yes, Lights Under Louisville does take cash as payment. Visitors are advised to bring both cash and cards for purchases as the show is a cashless transaction. Visitors can choose to pay with cash, but all other purchases, including tickets and food, are done through the use of credit or debit cards.

The cash is exchanged for payment cards that are available at the show and the visitor can use the payment cards when making purchases. The payment cards can also be used to make purchases at any of the other shows and vendors throughout the event.

The cards are reusable and all purchases are digitized to ensure that visitors receive rewards on their purchases as well.