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Where can I see the Easter Bunny in Denver?

The Easter Bunny can be seen in a variety of places around Denver during the Easter season. One of the most popular places to find the Easter Bunny is the Easter Bunny Express at the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Depending on the date, visitors can ride a vintage train with the Easter Bunny in attendance and pick up Easter eggs along the way. For families looking for a more traditional experience, the Denver Zoo’s Easter Egg Hunt is a great option.

The Easter Bunny will be on hand throughout the day, along with other seasonal festivities. The Denver parade Easter in the Park is another great option for families looking to get their bunny fix. The fun kicks off with a parade, and a meet-and-greet with the Easter Bunny.

Finally, Bass Pro Shops is a great option for some Easter Bunny sightings. They’re hosting Easter Egg Hunts, crafts, and the chance for photos with the one and only Easter Bunny.

Is Bass Pro doing the Easter Bunny?

Yes, Bass Pro is doing the Easter Bunny this year. They will have the Easter Bunny available for free photos at select stores. Depending on the store’s location, Easter Bunny visits timeframe start the first week in April and last through April 15th.

During the Easter Bunny visit, kids will receive a complimentary 4×6 print of their photo with the Easter Bunny, as well as a free digital download of their photo with the Easter Bunny. They will also have a variety of fun outdoorsy activities such as crafts, games, and more.

Bass Pro Shops also offers a wide selection of toys, candy, decorations, and apparel to help celebrate and make this Easter season special.

What is there to do in Colorado Springs on Easter?

Colorado Springs is a great place to spend Easter with a variety of activities for all ages. Kids can enjoy an Easter egg hunt around downtown, a family-friendly hike or bike ride on any of the trails in the area, or a visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for an interactive animal experience.

For adults, there are plenty of shopping and dining options, or a scenic drive to explore the beautiful landscapes of the area. There are also several Easter services offered by local churches, so visitors can embrace the true spirit of the holiday with a meaningful worship service.

If visitors are in town for the weekend, they can take a day trip to the nearby towns of Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City which offer plenty of activities and attractions worth checking out. No matter what your group’s interests are, the city of Colorado Springs has something to offer that is bound to make your Easter special!.

What is the number 1 attraction in Colorado?

The number one attraction in Colorado is the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains span an incredibly vast and diverse area, home to miles of terrain for outdoor lovers, and some of the best skiing and snowboarding around.

They are home to some of the oldest and most beautiful National Parks in the United States, such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Great Sand Dunes National Park. The Rockies offer endless exploration opportunities when it comes to outdoor activities and sightseeing.

From snow-covered alpine lakes to dramatic canyons, the Rocky Mountains provide something for every type of traveler. With some of the most beautiful mountain towns and villages in the country, it’s no wonder the Rocky Mountains are the top attraction in Colorado.

Is April a good time to visit Colorado Springs?

April can be an excellent time to visit Colorado Springs. The weather is typically mild and enjoyable with average daytime highs between 53-71 degrees Fahrenheit. This usually means the days are warm enough to explore outdoors, but the evenings are still comfortable for cozy nights by the fire.

The snowy winter often gives way to a beautiful mix of blooming flowers and the fresh scent of spring in the air. Depending on the year and elevation, you may even find patches of snow still lingering in the higher elevations.

April is also a great time to experience a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, mountain biking and fishing. The area can be especially beautiful as the aspen trees turn from bud to bright yellow leaves.

There is also plenty to discover indoors with many museums, art galleries, shops, and unique restaurants throughout the city. For those looking to spend some time in the great outdoors, April is a great time to experience the beauty of the landscapes with beautiful flowers and cool breezes.

What activities are done during Easter?

Easter is a special holiday for many Christian denominations. It is celebrated each year on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox. During Easter, many Christians observe religious services, attend festive meals, exchange gifts, and celebrate with family and friends.

Easter traditions typically include decorating Easter eggs, an activity that dates back as far as the 13th century in Eastern Europe. This practice typically involves dyeing hard-boiled eggs with vibrant colors and then embellishing them with intricate designs in wax or paint.

Other popular activities include making Easter baskets with treats like chocolate and jelly beans, participating in Easter egg hunts, and attending Easter parades.

Easter dinner is a big part of the celebration, with traditions varying by region. Some families roast a leg of lamb, while others serve hams, roasted vegetables, spring salads, and other traditional Easter dishes.

Baked goods like Easter bread are also often served.

Finally, Easter is a great time to attend festive gatherings with family and friends. For example, some families attend special masses or services in the morning, or have festive dinners or brunches afterwards.

Others participate in bonfires and visit orchards where the trees are in bloom. There are also many activities for children and adults alike, such as egg-dyeing, egg-rolling, Easter egg hunts, Easter parades, and Easter egg races.

What is the fun things you can do for Easter?

Easter is a great time of year and a perfect opportunity to connect with family and friends. There are so many unique and fun things you can do to celebrate the Easter holiday.

One fun activity is hosting an Easter egg hunt. This is a classic activity that both kids and adults can enjoy. You can fill eggs with candy, treats, or even small toys and hide them around your home or yard.

You can then set a timer and see who can find the most eggs.

Another fun activity is an Easter egg decorating party. You can provide plain eggs and arts and crafts supplies, such as markers, stickers, and ribbons, and have everyone get creative and decorate the eggs.

You can even have a contest to see who can create the most creative and beautiful egg!.

For a bit of friendly competition, you can host an Easter bonnet contest. Have everyone put their own creative spin on an Easter bonnet and then have everyone vote for the most unique and eye-catching design.

If you want to create something a bit more long lasting, you can also host an Easter cookie baking party. You can provide all the supplies needed to make and decorate Easter themed cookies. Then everyone can take some of the cookies home with them or have a cookie decorating contest to see who can make the most creative and delicious cookies.

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the Easter holiday and make lasting memories with family and friends. An Easter egg hunt, an Easter egg decorating party, an Easter bonnet contest, or a cookie baking party are just some of the fun activities you can do.

What to do on Easter eggs?

Easter eggs can be a fun and creative activity for the whole family. There are many different ways to get creative with your Easter eggs. Here are some ideas:

1. Painting: Get some paint, brushes and a dozen or so eggs and you have the makings of a fun-filled painting party. You can go classic with simple designs like polka dots and stripes, or get creative and create more elaborate works of art with your eggs.

2. Coloring: Get out your markers, crayons, or colored pencils and have a coloring session with your eggs. Just make sure you don’t use colors that are too dark, or else they will be impossible to peel after they’ve dried.

3. Decorating: Glue, feathers, stickers, glitter, sequins – you name it, you can add it to your eggs! Go a bit wild and see what masterpieces you and your family can create.

4. Carving: Get creative by carving designs into your eggs. This is a great way to make your eggs look unique and special.

5. Scavenger Hunt: Hide your eggs all around the house or garden and let the kids go on a scavenger hunt. Just remember to put a timer in place so no one gets lost in their task!

6. Making music: Dyeing your eggs a range of colors and then banging them together is a fun and unique way to create music.

No matter how you choose to decorate your Easter eggs, making them is sure to be an enjoyable family activity that you can all look back on fondly.

How do you make an Easter egg hunt more fun?

Making an Easter egg hunt more fun does not have to be difficult. There are several ways to ensure a successful and enjoyable Easter egg hunt for everyone involved.

First, plan ahead and designate an area for the Easter egg hunt. The area should be large enough to accommodate the participants and offer a variety of hiding places for eggs. Additionally, establish rules and time limits, so everyone knows what to expect.

Second, hide the eggs in interesting places. Keep in mind the age of the participants and make sure everyone can reach them. Avoid hiding them too high or too low, as this could lead to frustration. Don’t forget to mix up the eggs by hiding them in a variety of locations and varying the number of eggs in each location.

Third, customize your eggs to make the hunt more engaging. Consider coloring, decorating or painting the eggs, or adding special treats inside them such as candy or small toys. This will make the hunt more exciting and memorable for all.

Finally, consider adding additional elements to make the hunt more fun for everyone involved. You could use a timer, loud music, or make teams and set up a competition between the groups. These types of activities can add a layer of fun and engagement to the search for the eggs.

By taking the time to plan and customize your Easter egg hunt, you can create a fun experience that all participants will enjoy.

What can I put in Easter eggs that isn’t candy?

There are a lot of fun things you can put in Easter eggs instead of candy. Small trinkets or toys, such as bouncy balls, erasers, or temporary tattoos, are fun and inexpensive choices. You could also include money (like coins or dollar bills) or slips of paper with special messages or jokes and riddles.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can cut out small pieces of fabric or paper and fold them into different shapes like animals, flowers, or even shapes that look like Easter eggs. For a creative twist, you can also fill a tiny drawstring bag with marbles, beads, or shells.

If you’re looking for something edible that isn’t candy, trail mix, popcorn, or sweets like caramels, chocolate-covered nuts, or dried fruit are always fun options—just make sure that whatever you choose is age-appropriate and doesn’t pose a choking hazard for younger kids.

What do you get kids for Easter instead of candy?

For smaller children, you can get Easter-themed books, traditional Easter baskets filled with toys and knick-knacks, Easter decorations and craft supplies, or clothes and accessories that match the Easter theme.

For older children, you can give them Easter-themed activities and games, age-appropriate art and science kits, sports equipment, or music and movie gifts. There are also some great digital gifts such as educational apps, online games, virtual reality headsets, or new tech gadgets.

Finally, there are some unique gifts like year-long subscription boxes that are tailored to your child’s age and interests. No matter what you decide, make sure to make the holiday special and memorable for your children.

What can I use instead of chocolate for Easter?

When it comes to Easter, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding something to use instead of chocolate. Some possible alternatives include:

– Marshmallow Peeps: These bright and colorful marshmallow bunnies, chicks, and eggs are often the go-to Easter treat for those wishing to forgo chocolate.

– Gummies and Jelly Beans: Not only are these treats colorful and fun to eat, they also come in a variety of flavors to suit everyone’s tastes.

– Peanut Butter Eggs: For those looking for a more indulgent Easter treat, peanut butter eggs are a great alternative to chocolate eggs.

– Easter Themed Treats: From pre-made Easter baskets to cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops, there are a variety of Easter themed treats available that provide a different option than traditional chocolate.

– Fruit: From apples to oranges, strawberries, and blueberries, there are many delicious fruit options that can be used as an alternative to chocolate.

Overall, there are a variety of alternatives to chocolate that can be used this Easter that still make it a sweet occasion.

What time should you do an Easter Egg Hunt?

An Easter Egg Hunt is traditionally scheduled around Easter time, which is typically April in the United States. The time that you decide to have your Easter Egg Hunt depends largely on your personal preference, the ages of the participants and the temperature.

If you have younger participants, you may want to have the Easter Egg Hunt during the late morning or early afternoon while it is still light out. Additionally, if it is a particularly hot day, you may want to make sure that your egg hunt takes place before mid-afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Additionally, if you want to participate in the egg hunt along with the other participants, you should decide a time that works with your schedule as well.

Are Easter eggs given on Sunday or Monday?

The traditional celebration of Easter usually takes place on a Sunday, and eggs are usually given out and hidden on this day as part of the festivities. However, depending on your location or cultural background, the eggs may be given out on the Monday after Easter Sunday.

In some countries, such as the Netherlands, exchanging eggs on Easter Monday is a popular tradition. In other cases, the Easter egg giving may be done on Saturday before Easter Sunday or on both days.

At what age are kids too old for Easter Egg Hunt?

When it comes to Easter Egg Hunts, there is no definitive age where kids are ‘too old’ to take part. Different families and communities may have different ideas about what’s appropriate for different ages, but generally speaking, Easter Egg Hunts are open to kids of all ages.

If you feel that your children are getting too old for the traditional Easter Egg Hunts you may wish to consider alternative activities or traditions to maintain the spirit of the season, such as Easter Egg decorating or Easter-themed crafts.

Depending on the ages of your children, you may also want to consider holding a ‘grown-up’ or adults-only Easter Egg Hunt. This allows older kids, teens and adults to have some fun and get in the spirit of the season while allowing younger family members to participate in traditional Easter Egg Hunts.