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Where do I park for an Indiana football game?

When attending an Indiana football game, there are several parking options available. For on-campus parking, lots (from closest to the stadium to more distant ones) 49, 43, 44, 45, 7, C7, 45A, 47, 48, 18, and 24 are all available.

The closest to the stadium are pass only, and the rest are available to anyone with a valid parking pass, which can be purchased in advance, but they do sell out quickly.

If an on-campus pass is not available, there are a handful of off-campus parking options near the Indiana campus as well. The Jordan River Parking Garage is located at 501 E. Kirkwood Ave. , and offers convenient parking and shuttle service to the stadium.

There is also the Stadium Drive Parking Garage at 700 Stadium Drive, which also offers a shuttle service to the stadium. Finally, parking is also available at the University Place Mall located at North Walnut and 26th Streets.

In addition to the above options, there is also a Park & Ride lot located at 195 S. Texas Rd. This includes a shuttle service as well. No matter which option you choose, it is important to plan ahead for parking and arrive at the game early.

How much is parking for IU football games?

The parking fee for an IU football game depends on the lot you park in and whether you have a season permit. General parking without a season permit is $20. If you have a season permit, you can purchase an RV/bus pass for $40 or a car/truck pass for $25.

Reserved parking without a season permit is available for $30. If you have a season permit, the reserved parking cost is $50. Disability parking is only available with a state-issued disability placard or license plate and must be pre-purchased online for $20.

There is also free shuttle service from IU Health and Park Ridge parking garages to Memorial Stadium.

Where can I park for free at IU Bloomington?

At Indiana University Bloomington, there are a few different options for free parking. All parking structures and lots that are operated by the University, including the Jordan Avenue garage, all have free parking available 24/7, however this is limited to up to 15 minutes at a time.

Holders of an IU Bloomington Student Residential parking permit also have free parking in the Lavery Lane, 10th Street, and Fee Lane Lots from 5:00am until 3:30 am, with the exception of special event parking.

Staff and faculty may also park in designated reserved parking areas for free when their hang tag is visible, or for up to four hours in all other areas without a permit.

Metered parking spots around campus are free on the weekends and after 5:00pm on weekdays. Free parking is also available at the IU South Bend and IU Kokomo campuses.

Additionally, all Indiana University campuses offer a motorcycle and scooter parking space free of charge. Drivers must arrive and leave on a motorcycle or scooter and display a valid IU parking permit.

What time do gates open for IU football?

The times for gates opening on a game day for IU football vary depending on the game day. Generally speaking, gates will open two and a half hours before kick-off if the game is played in the afternoon, and four hours before kick-off if the game is played at night.

All kickoff times are listed on the IU football website, and this should be used to plan ahead and ensure that you arrive with plenty of time to enjoy the day. On game day, stadium gates and ticket offices open two hours prior to kick-off.

In addition, the Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel & Conference Center opens four hours before kick-off for IU Football games.

Is there free parking in Bloomington?

Yes, there is free parking in Bloomington! The City of Bloomington offers free parking along city streets. While there is no time limit, certain restrictions are in place, including that free parking spots must be at least 50 feet away from driveways and intersections.

Additionally, there are also several public parking lots and garages that offer free parking in the downtown area. Many other businesses such as grocery stores and shopping plazas also offer free parking to patrons.

It is important to take note of the various parking signs throughout the area, as most are reserved for specific areas or for paying customers.

Where should visitors park at IU?

Visitors to Indiana University have multiple parking options depending on the area of campus that they are visiting. For visitors to the main campus in Bloomington, the most convenient parking is available in one of the six parking garages: Fee Lane, Grant Street, Jordan Avenue, North Operations, Sunset, and Tenth Street.

These garages are fully automated and accept cash, credit cards, and Discover parking cards. On the IU Bloomington campus, there are also controlled surface or metered lots that require the visitor to pay for their parking upon arrival.

The hourly rates vary in each lot and change seasonally. So it is best to review the parking map to determine the exact lot and rate. In addition, you may also park at the Jordan River Parking Facility, located directly across the street from the IU main gates.

It offers free parking on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and also provides monthly parking permits for visitors. Finally, There are several free parking areas on campus and visitors should look for signs titled “Visitor Parking” for more information.

How much does it cost to park at IU?

The cost to park at Indiana University (IU) will vary depending on the type of parking permit you purchase, the day of the week, and the duration of your stay. For example, a monthly permit costs between $25 and $57.

50, depending on the type and the location. The IU Bloomington campus also offers Chamber of Commerce permits that provide an even lower rate for faculty, staff, and students.

If you plan on parking on-campus for just one day, you can buy a daily permit for $10. More economically-priced single use parking passes are also available for $5. These passes are only available at select locations on-campus, so make sure to check first.

Off-campus, hourly and daily rates are charged at the Northwest and Union Street garages. Rates vary depending on the time of day and where you park. Hourly rates range from $1. 50 and up to $8 per hour.

Daytime rates are $6 for the first hour and $8 for each additional hour. All night parking is $1. 50 per hour.

Prior to your visit to IU, it’s always a good idea to double-check parking rates and availability with the university. You can also check their website for the latest information on parking at IU.

Where can you park on weekends at IU?

On weekends, the parking situation at IU may vary depending on the day. Generally, on Saturdays, all public parking lots will be open on campus except for those specifically marked for permit holders only.

On Sundays, many garages and lots remain free, with the exception of any that are marked for permit holders only. Be sure to check the IU website for up-to-date information and maps of all parking locations.

There are also several paid parking options available such as the Michigan Street Garage and Jordan Avenue Garage, both of which offer easy and convenient access to IU structures and programs. There are also several scantily located pay lots that allow for short term parking.

In addition, there are often lots made available to the public when special events are taking place, such as football games, concerts and more.

Does it cost to park at Bloomington airport?

Yes, parking at Bloomington airport does have a cost associated with it. The costs vary depending on the type of parking lot you use. Short-term parking costs $1 for each half hour, with a maximum daily rate of $12 per 24 hours.

Long-term parking costs $2 for each half hour, with a maximum daily rate of $14 per 24 hours. If you park for more than 4 days, the daily rate drops to $10. There is also an Economy Lot available for extended parking, at a cost of $7 per day.

The free shuttle from the Economy Lot runs every 30 minutes, and it is outside the baggage claim area. Payment is accepted in cash, or by major credit cards.

Is there free parking at ION Orchard?

Yes, there is free parking available at ION Orchard. You can find the carpark at ION Orchard by entering through Bideford Road, and there are a total of 670 car parking spaces available. Level B2 of the Orchard Carpark is designated as the free carpark and drivers can only stay at Orchard Carpark for a maximum of 3 hours.

After 3 hours, visitors will be charged the prevailing parking fee rate of the carpark. Free parking at ION Orchard starts at 7. 00am, Monday to Sunday and it ends at midnight, Monday to Sunday.

Can you park at the IU stadium for free?

No, you cannot park at the IU stadium for free. All-day parking passes for the IU stadium can be purchased in advance online for $15, or on-site on the day of an event for $20. All-day parking permits are valid beginning two (2) hours prior to the scheduled game time.

Additionally, spaces are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Motorcycle parking is available in student lots at no charge. If parking in visitor lots, a valid permit is required.

In addition, various IU lots also offer handicap parking spots. All parking spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis.

What happens if you don’t pay an IU parking ticket?

If you don’t pay an IU parking ticket, you will receive a IU Parking Notice of Default letter notifying you of the debt you owe. This letter also states that your failure to pay the fine within 14days may result in restrictions being placed on any vehicle registrations you may have with Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

After the 14 days have passed and the fine has not been paid, IU will refer the matter to a collection agency who may pursue the fine to its full extent. Furthermore, the collection agency may access your credit report to determine whether they should pursue legal action against you.

Can I bring a purse to an IU football game?

Yes, you can bring a purse to an IU football game! All bags and purses must be smaller than 14 inches by 14 inches and must be in clear bags that are approved for NCAA football games. All bags are subject to be searched at the gate, so make sure you arrive early so that you can get through the gate quickly.

Be sure to also bring a valid photo ID, as it is required for access to the game. Additionally, IU does not permit outside alcoholic beverages, glass items, cans, coolers, containers, hard-sided bags, selfie sticks, firearms, or any type of weapon.

For more information, please refer to IU’s Tailgating Policies.

Is Alamodome parking cash only?

No, the Alamodome parking is not strictly cash only. They accept a variety of payment options, including major credit cards, debit cards, and Apple/Android Pay. There is also an online pre-pay option and mobile pay option, along with cash payment.

If you are pre-paying online and have a valid driver’s license or ID, you can enter the Alamodome parking area. There are also attendants at the parking area who can assist you with payment.

How much is parking at Raiders Stadium?

Parking at Raiders Stadium is available for purchase at various rate tiers. For weekday Raiders games, general parking costs $35 per car, while premium parking costs $60 per car. On weeknights, general parking is $30 per car and premium parking is $50 per car.

On weekends, general parking is $45 per car and premium parking is $70 per car. For package deals, you can buy a Day Package, which includes a ticket and parking for $63, or a Three-Game Package, which includes a ticket and parking for $129.

Parking for Raiders concerts is typically $30 per car, although this can vary depending on the event. All parking is cash only and payable at the gate.