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Where in Florida was the POWERBALL winner?

The March 27, 2021, POWERBALL jackpot was won by a single ticket purchased in Venice, Florida. The winning numbers drawn on Saturday night were 53, 6, 57, 33, 16 and the Powerball number was 20. The ticket was sold at BJ’s Deli, located at 1000 S.

Tamiami Trail in Venice. The seat of Sarasota County, Venice is in southwest Florida, north of Englewood, south of Nokomis, east of Laurel and west of the Myakka River.

Where was the winning Florida Lotto ticket sold?

The winning Florida Lotto ticket for the most recent draw was sold at a 7-Eleven store located at 1682 N. Hiatus Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida. This store has been in operation since October of 2018 and is owned and operated by B & B Groceries.

The winning ticket had the numbers 5, 12, 16, 20, 26, and 33 and was purchased on June 7th, 2021. The winner of this jackpot, which was worth $11 million, has yet to come forward and be identified.

Where did the Powerball winners win?

The Powerball lottery is an American lottery game, which is drawn twice a week; on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Powerball players buy their tickets at participating retailers in any of the 44 states, Washington D.

C. , the U. S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Powerball players must select 5 numbers from 1-69 plus 1 additional Powerball number from 1-26. Winning Powerball jackpot prizes are paid out in lump sums.

In January 2016, Powerball reached a world-record jackpot, with a prize of over $1. 5 billion. Each of the winners—three in total—claimed chunks of the record-breaking prize. The winners were located in California, Florida, and Tennessee, and each of them choose the cash option of their prize, which resulted in a payout of $327.

8 million each before taxes.

The record-breaking Powerball winners won their respective prizes in California, Florida, and Tennessee.

How many Powerball winners has Florida had?

Since Florida began participating in the Powerball lottery in 2009, the state has had 172 Powerball jackpot winners. Florida has had the most winners out of all U. S. states and territories. In addition to the jackpot winners, dozens of other players in the state have won smaller prizes in the draw.

For example, during the summer of 2019 alone, more than 3,000 Floridians won prizes ranging from $4 to $250,000. Floridians have also been successful in purchasing Power Play tickets, which can multiply the prize levels of non-jackpot wins.

What are the most common Florida Powerball numbers?

The most common Florida Powerball numbers are 30, 42, 43, 16, and 17. This is based on an analysis of the lottery drawings from the past 15 years. Over that time, 30 has been drawn more than 500 times and is the most commonly drawn Powerball number in the state.

42, 43, 16 and 17 have all been drawn more than 400 times apiece. Additionally, the most common Powerball numbers drawn over the same period include 12, 34, 55, 59, and 15. Generally, the numbers on the upper side of the range of numbers rolled tend to be drawn more often than the lower numbers.

What is the state to win the lottery?

The state to win the lottery depends on which lottery game you are playing. Each state has their own unique lottery games and rules, so the state you would win the lottery in would depend on which game you are playing.

For example, in Powerball, the game is available in all 50 U. S. states, so the prize could be won in any of those states. On the other hand, there are some state-specific lotteries that only take place in a few states, such as California’s SuperLotto Plus or Virginia’s Cash 5.

In those cases, the prize can only be won in the state where the game is offered.

Overall, it’s important to check the rules of the lottery game you are playing in order to know the state where the prize can be won.

Which states have won the Powerball the most?

The state that has won the Powerball the most is California. Since the first drawing in 1992, California has won the Powerball 201 times, including nine out of the ten largest jackpots.

Florida is in second place, having won the Powerball 103 times. Other states that have had the most success playing the Powerball include: New York (90 wins), Texas (65 wins), New Jersey (59 wins), and Pennsylvania (50 wins).

The states of Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina have all had around 30 Powerball wins. Arizona, Tennessee and Illinois have all won the Powerball 25 times.

The least number of times that a state has won the Powerball is four times by Idaho and Wyoming. Louisiana and Nebraska have won the Powerball six times, while South Carolina and Oregon have won seven times.

How many times has the Powerball won?

Powerball is an American lottery game that is offered in 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Since its inception in 1992, there have been many Powerball winners.

Since then, nearly 2 billion Powerball tickets have been purchased, and over 600 billion dollars in prizes have been awarded.

Since its start, there have been close to 883 million Powerball winners. Over 550 billion dollars worth of jackpots have been awarded, with a minimum jackpot of 40 million dollars and a record jackpot of 1.

586 billion dollars, which was won in January 2016.

In addition to the drawing for the main Powerball jackpot, there are eight other prize tiers, ranging from 2 to 5 dollars being won for matching just the Powerball to a million and a half for matching all five white numbers plus the Powerball.

That means there are potentially millions of other winners every time the Powerball is drawn.

In summary, over 883 million Powerball winners since 1992, with over 550 billion dollars in total jackpots having been awarded.

Can POWERBALL winners remain anonymous in Florida?

Yes, lottery winners in Florida can remain anonymous. The current state law allows them to claim prizes through a Limited Liability Company (LLC). When claiming a prize through an LLC, the name of the LLC is the only public information that is revealed to the public.

The LLC can be set up by the winner’s legal representative and all correspondences with the Florida Lottery, including the claiming of the prize, can take place in the name of the LLC. Additionally, winners have the option to opt for a “designated player” to claim the prize on their behalf and no personal information will be released.

Do you have to reveal your identity if you win the Powerball?

No, revealing your identity after winning the Powerball is not a requirement. Depending on the size of the prize, most states have laws allowing winners to maintain their anonymity. In most cases, it is the policy of the lottery that the winner’s name not be made public and that their identity can be protected.

Many states allow the cash option of Powerball prizes to be claimed anonymously. For example, in California, Delaware, and New Mexico, a winner who opts for the cash option can remain anonymous. In other states where claiming Powerball prizes anonymously isn’t an option, winners can set up trusts and/or LLCs to keep their identity private.

Due to anonymity provisions, the names and even faces of Powerball winners are often never made public. This is done to protect the privacy and security of the winner.

How can I hide my identity after winning the lottery?

If you have won the lottery and don’t want people to know you have done so, there are several steps you can take to protect and hide your identity.

First, you should never tell anyone, not even close friends and family members, that you have won the lottery. It is important to ensure your confidentiality and protect yourself from becoming a target of theft, fraud, and other forms of financial exploitation.

If you need to claim the lottery winnings, you should contact an official lottery prize lawyer or an attorney who specializes in lottery and gambling law. These lawyers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in protecting their client’s identify and ensuring that the winnings are kept secure and anonymous.

You should also open a bank account in a new location, away from where you live or work, using a different name from the one that is listed on the lottery ticket. This way, the money can be safely transferred to the account without anyone else being aware of it.

Once you have secured the money, it’s best to place it into a secure trust fund managed by a financial adviser or an attorney who specializes in lottery winners. This can help to protect your identity and assets as well as reduce your risk of being defrauded or scammed.

It is also important to consider making lifestyle changes, such as selling your current home and buying a new house in a different area or a different country. This is important, as living at the same address can make it easier for your identity to be found out.

Finally, make sure that you keep your family, friends and colleagues at a safe distance. Be mindful of who you talk to and try to maintain your anonymity as much as possible.

What states can Powerball winners remain anonymous?

Currently, six U. S. states permit lottery winners to remain anonymous: Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Carolina. In Delaware, winners must submit a request to remain anonymous if they want their name and face to remain private.

In Kansas, a winner must petition the court, which will take into consideration the safety of the winner and the public’s right to know. Maryland, North Dakota, and Ohio all allow winners to remain anonymous upon request.

And, in South Carolina, lottery winners have the option of remaining as anonymous or having their information disclosed.

The above states are the only six that currently allow winners to remain anonymous. In many other states, winners’ names, city of residence, and even prize amount may be made public by law. Before claiming the prize, it is always advised to research the legal regulations of the state where the ticket is purchased.

Can a trust collect lottery winnings in Florida?

Yes, a trust can collect lottery winnings in Florida. Trusts can be set up to be the sole owner of lottery tickets and collect the winnings. A trust must be organized as either a revocable or irrevocable trust, depending on the particular needs of the trustor.

For the trust to qualify for collecting lottery winnings, it must have all of the required documents to establish the trust’s existence and ownership of the lottery tickets.

When a trust is awarded lottery winnings, the trust must complete a W-2G form showing the name of the trust and Social Security number of the trustee. Lottery winnings paid to the trust are considered taxable income, so the trust may be required to pay federal, state and local taxes.

The trustee must use the proper documents to prove ownership of the lottery tickets and claim the winnings and any other documents required by lottery officials.

Not all trusts are eligible to collect lottery winnings. Generally, active trusts are not eligible to receive any form of lottery winnings. This is true in Florida as well as in other states. Before pursuing lottery winnings with a trust, it is important to understand the tax implications and any other rules that may be applicable.

Can an undocumented person win the Powerball?

No, an undocumented person cannot win the Powerball. In order to purchase a Powerball ticket, you must be 18 or over and provide proof of address, or residency. The requirements for proof of address legally include a valid driver’s license, state-issued, photo identification card, military ID, or current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government documents.

As such, if an undocumented person does not have any of these documents, they will not be able to purchase a Powerball ticket and thus are ineligible for the lottery. Additionally, to collect winnings from the Powerball, you must provide social security number, proof of identity, and a valid state or federal photo-ID, which again would make it difficult or impossible for an undocumented person to win the lottery.

What state has the most winners for Powerball?

The state of Pennsylvania has the most winners for Powerball. According to the official Powerball website, the Keystone State has had more than 830 jackpot winners to date, as of October 2020. This surpasses any other state and accounts for almost a third of all U.

S. Powerball jackpots. Some of Pennsylvania’s major winners include a $192 million prize won in 2007, a $291 million prize won in 2017, and a $456 million prize that was shared between three different winners in the same drawing in March 2018.

The state also leads the nation in the number of second-tier prizes, with more than 30,000 awarded to players since the game began. Powerball is particularly popular in Pennsylvania, in part due to the state’s proximity to many major metropolitan areas and also due to its generous lottery laws, which allow winners to remain anonymous.