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Where is Alden German?

Alden German is currently living in Berlin, Germany. She is a full-time freelancer and has been living in Berlin since 2016. She moved to Berlin after graduating from university. Her work as a freelancer includes web design, digital marketing and content creation.

She also runs her own blog focusing on travel and lifestyle in Europe. Alden often takes advantage of the many opportunities in Berlin to explore and discover new places. She loves living in one of Europe’s major cities, and she often uses the city as a source of inspiration for her work.

Who is the new meteorologist on whas?

The new meteorologist on WHAS11 News is Matt Milosevich. Matt is an award-winning meteorologist with a strong passion for weather. Starting in March 2021, Matt has been the voice of WHAS11 News and has brought an unparalleled level of accuracy to the station’s meteorology coverage.

Matt has an educational background in both broadcasting and meteorology. He graduated from the University of Louisville’s School of Communication in 2017 with a degree in communications broadcasting and a minor in meteorology.

After his graduation, he interned in the WHAS11 Newsroom for two years, developing and mastering his skills in all facets of broadcast journalism before moving into the meteorologist role. Matt is a nationally certified broadcast meteorologist and specializes in severe weather coverage.

With Matt on the team, viewers can expect the most up-to-date and accurate forecast information as they stay ahead of each weather system.

Where is Kristin Goodwillie going?

Kristin Goodwillie is going on a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world. Starting off in her home country of Canada, she will be making her way to countries like Australia, India, Egypt, and Brazil to explore the different cultures, sites, and attractions these places have to offer.

Along the way she will be engaging in activities like bungy jumping in New Zealand, exploring ancient ruins in Peru, and even getting close to wild animals on safari in Africa. After her incredible journey is complete, Kristin will return back home, where she will have lots of amazing stories to share about all the incredible places she has seen and the things she has experienced.

Where did Matt Serwe go?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Matt Serwe is currently a meteorologist for KETV in Omaha, Nebraska, where he has been for the past 15 years. Prior to that, his prior experiences include being a meteorologist for WISN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and an intern for WPTZ in Plattsburgh, New York.

After completing his education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a broadcast degree in 1998, he began his career at WISN-TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1999. Throughout his career, Matt has earned several awards including the National Weather Association Seal of approval, the National Weather Association Broadcast Meteorologist Seal, and the American Meteorologist Society Ameedia Seal.

Matt is also a member of the National Weather Association, the American Meteorological Society, and the National Association of Black Journalists. He currently resides in Omaha with his wife and three children.

Who are the weather people at WHAS11?

The weather team at WHAS11 consists of three Meteorologists: Jay Cardosi, Matt Milosevich, and Chris Johnson. All three have extensive experience in the field of meteorology and have worked at other major television networks before joining the WHAS11 team.

Jay Cardosi is the primary meteorologist, providing weather updates during the station’s 5:00pm, 6:00pm and 10pm broadcasts. He has also been a part of the WHAS11 team since 2002. Matt Milosevich, who joined the WHAS11 weather team in 2014, provides forecasts during the morning shows and weekend newscasts.

Chris Johnson, WHAS11’s Weekend Morning Meteorologist, joined the team in 2017. He provides detailed weather information during the station’s 6am and 8am weekend newscasts. Together, the three meteorologists at WHAS11 provide accurate and comprehensive weather coverage throughout the region.

When did Melissa Forsythe leave whas?

Melissa Forsythe left WHAS at the end of December 2018. She had been with the station for 12 years, with her last role being the morning show co-anchor. Prior to that, she worked as the station’s investigative reporter and fill-in anchor.

Since then, she has worked as an anchor and reporter for KXAN in Austin, Texas, where she has been since 2019.

Is Reed Yadon married?

No, Reed Yadon is not currently married. As of 2020, there is no public record of a past or present relationship. It appears that he is single and focused on his acting career. Yadon is best known for his roles in the television series Fargo and Young Sheldon.

He has also made appearances in the film What Men Want and the TV series Swamp Thing.

Where is Doug Proffitt?

Doug Proffitt is an environmental reporter and cover the Gulf Coast for Alabama Public Radio. He is based in Mobile, Alabama and provides reports for news outlets around the country about regional environmental issues.

He contributes to NPR, BBC, Houston Public Media, and the Gulf Coast News Service. In addition to news and feature stories, Doug is known for his interactive maps, tracking industrial development along the Gulf Coast.

He also works in a variety of digital media, and is a frequent guest speaker in public events and academy classes. When he’s not on the air or out and about, Doug is likely to be found at a neighborhood park or exploring the streets of Mobile and coastal communities.

Where is Ursula Pari?

Ursula Pari is currently a professor and researcher in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. She is also the Associate Director for Neurobiology in the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience at Yale.

Her laboratory focuses on understanding how neurons in the cerebral cortex form specific connections, or synapses, and how these synapses are regulated. Ursula Pari is also a founding member of the Human Connectome Project, an international collaboration that is creating the first comprehensive map of human brain networks.

Ursula’s research is of critical importance to neurology, as it could potentially lead to the development of treatments for neurological diseases.

Where did Rita Garcia go?

Rita Garcia went on a vacation to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She had been wanting to go to South America for quite some time, and she finally had the chance to do it. The weather was perfect, and the culture was fascinating.

Rita said that she loved trying all the delicious food, exploring the city sights, and learning more about the local history and culture. The highlight of her trip was the tango lessons she took in a small dance studio near the city center.

She got to practice the iconic local dance and make new friends while she was there. Rita said that she would definitely go back someday to explore more of Argentina and the rest of South America.

Who is Reed Yadon?

Reed Yadon is an Account Executive for the Architectural Products Division of ODL, Inc. , a large manufacturer of custom-built doors, windows, and other products. Reed has been in this role since 2018 and is responsible for leading sales in the residential market.

He focuses on creating relationships with architects, builders, and home owners, providing them with high-quality custom products and excellent service. He is experienced in understanding customer needs, developing product solutions that meet their needs, and communicating with both internal and external customers.

Reed also manages presentations and negotiations, assists with marketing and advertising efforts, and contributes to product research and development. He is proud to be part of an organization with a long history of quality products and excellence in service to its customers.

Is Sam Mac still doing the weather?

Yes, Sam Mac is still doing the weather. He is currently the weekend weather presenter for Australia’s Seven Network’s Sunrise program. He is also a regular weather presenter for various other programs including Seven’s 10 News First, The Morning Show and Weekend Sunrise.

Sam Mac has been at Seven since 2010, and before that was the climate and weather presenter for Sky News Australia from 2006 to 2010. He has also covered weather for Channel 7 across Australia and New Zealand, CNN International and Channel 4 UK.

Sam Mac has become an Australian television personality and household name over the years and will continue being the face of Seven’s weather.

Where is Sam Champion now?

Sam Champion is now the host of America’s Morning Headquarters, a weekday show on The Weather Channel. He also serves as the network’s senior meteorologist, covering major weather events. After 25 years on Good Morning America, Champion moved to the Weather Channel in December 2013.

He was the first person to hold dual roles on both the Weather Channel and GMA. In addition to his day-job duties, Champion also works on community projects such as the Sam Champion Green Challenge, a nationwide campaign to reduce carbon dioxide dioxide emissions, and the Sam Champion Crew, a youth environmental team.

Where is Sam from Krdo going?

Sam from Krdo is travelling to the East Coast for a short vacation. She is flying out of her local airport and will be visiting popular cities in the region, such as New York City and Washington, D. C.

She plans to stay in different cities for a few days at a time, and also intends to visit some of the smaller towns and places of natural beauty along the way. She will be exploring some museums, checking out the latest art galleries, seeing some shows, shopping, and generally discovering new and interesting places.

She will also be exploring the culinary offerings of various cities, trying out different cuisines. She is looking forward to spending some quality time with friends and family during her trip and try to take away some unique insights and experiences from her journey.

Where is Ben Pine from WHAS11?

Ben Pine is from Louisville, Kentucky and currently works as a reporter for WHAS11, a local television station. Ben originally earned a Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University in Journalism, Media and Telecommunications and pursued further education with a Master’s degree from Fairfield University in Communications and Media Studies.

With his two degrees, Ben has used his education and knowledge to report on various news topics such as politics, crime, education, healthcare, and community events. Since joining the WHAS11 team, Ben has provided his viewers with insightful coverage on topics important to the Greater Louisville area.

In addition to television coverage, Ben also has a website, www. benpine. com, as well as a podcast, The Pine Segment, which focuses on interviewing noteworthy people in the Louisville area and examining the latest topics in the city.

Ben is an active member of the Greater Louisville community and helps organize local events for nonprofits such as the ARC of Louisville and Louisville Youth Group. Ben is passionate about educating and informing viewers about the changes in the area and sparking positive conversations about the Greater Louisville area.