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Where is CCW not allowed in California?

In California, concealed carry permits are not allowed in places such as: public schools and universities, government buildings and other state or federal properties, places of amusement, like amusement parks, places of worship, hospitals, bars, areas where firearms are prohibited by federal law (like on an airplane), and within 1000 feet of a K-12 school.

Additionally, California also has gun free zones established through local ordinances, and only law enforcement officers, security personnel, and military personnel with proper authorization are allowed to carry firearms in these areas.

Additionally, it is important to note that some cities, such as San Francisco, do not allow the carry of concealed firearms even if you possess a valid permit.

Where can I not conceal carry in Colorado?

In Colorado, a concealed carry permit allows you to carry a concealed handgun in most places, however there are some restrictions.

Concealed carry is prohibited in all government buildings including former courtrooms, polling places, public and private schools, detention facilities, government-operated hospitals, and emergency medical response areas.

Concealed handguns are also not allowed in any federal buildings.

Individuals are also not allowed to possess firearms in any establishment where the primary purpose is consumption of alcohol and the establishment holds a valid license for the sale of such beverages, such as pubs and bars.

Concealed carry is also prohibited in amusement parks, the State Capitol building, zoos, and any other place where prohibited by federal law.

When it comes to places of worship, many are open to concealed carry but you should always check with the church, temple, or synagogue to make sure. Some religious institutions prohibit firearms, so it is important to check with official staff first before entering.

Finally, it is important to note that any private property owner or business may also chose to prohibit firearms. If a sign is posted that reads, “No Firearms Allowed,” then you must abide by their request.

Can you carry a gun in Walmart in Colorado?

It depends. In Colorado, it is legal for a person to openly carry a firearm in public places, subject to certain exceptions. Open carry is typically prohibited in certain areas of Walmart stores, such as near playgrounds, in the parking lot and in areas where alcohol is sold.

Additionally, Walmart stores must comply with local ordinances, which may prohibit open carry in their stores. Concealed carry is prohibited in Colorado Walmart stores as well, pursuant to a company policy.

It is also unlawful to possess a firearm at a Walmart in Colorado if the person is not legally allowed to possess a firearm. Given these restrictions, it is generally not possible to carry a gun in Walmart stores in Colorado.

Can you conceal carry on school property in Colorado?

No, concealed carrying of firearms on school property is not permitted in Colorado. According to the 2018 Final Report on Colorado School Safety, the Colorado General Assembly has prohibited the possession of firearms on school grounds—both real and replica firearms—except by persons specifically authorized to do so by the school or by law.

This prohibition is included in Colorado Revised Statute 18-12-214. Additionally, it is illegal for anyone to carry a concealed handgun on or in public school property in Colorado, as stated in Article 18, section 18-12-214.

1 of the Colorado Revised Statute. This applies to both public and private schools in Colorado.

People can receive authorization from their local school district to possesses firearms on school grounds if they can demonstrate a “unique set of circumstances which clearly indicate that it is reasonable and necessary for the applicant to possess a firearm on school grounds for the safety of the applicant, or the safety of other persons” according to the 2018 Final Report.

However, these authorizations are rare because school districts typically consider any firearms on campus as a potential danger.

Can you open carry in a Texas bank?

No, in Texas it is illegal to openly carry a firearm in a bank. Texas Penal Code 46. 035 states that it is illegal to carry a firearm, whether openly or concealed, at a bank. Additionally, banks often have their own policies regarding firearms that may prohibit customers carrying firearms into their establishments and/or post signage prohibiting firearms even though the state does not specifically.

It is best to check with the bank directly to verify their policy before attempting to bring any firearms inside.

Where is open carry not allowed in Texas?

Open carry of handguns is not allowed in Texas in several specific locations, including bars, government facilities, polling places, schools, racetracks, on aircraft, amusement parks, correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, synagogues, and other places of worship, restaurants that serve alcohol, San Antonio City Hall, within 1,000 feet of a nuclear power plant, and in private property that doesn’t allow it.

Additionally, open carry is prohibited in any jurisdiction regarding unincorporated areas of the state, and in any other place with signs prohibiting it. Open carry is also prohibited in the following sites, regions, or spaces: the grounds of a place of religious worship; a correctional facility; a hospital; a nursing home; an amusement park; an area designated as a public meeting; a sporting event; a spectacle and entertainment event; a political rally or convention; a parade or protest; or a school, educational institution, or professional or collegiate sporting event.

Open carry of long guns can be prohibited in private establishments as well as in some public areas depending on the jurisdiction. Texas has very few restrictions on long gun open carry and generally allows them in all public places, with exceptions such as schools, courtrooms, and secured areas.