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Where is La Mega located?

La Mega is a Spanish-language radio station based out of Miami, Florida. It has been broadcasting its powerful signal on the FM band since 1989, and is currently owned by AENA Radio Company. The station is located at 800 West 42nd Street Miami FL, 33126.

This location serves as the station’s main broadcast studio as well as its administrative headquarters. La Mega is heard throughout South Florida on 106. 1 FM in Miami, 95. 7 FM in Fort Lauderdale, 95.

9 FM in West Palm Beach, 93. 5 FM in the Florida Keys, and 101. 3 FM in Key West. Its official website, www. lamega1061. com, offers listeners around the world the opportunity to hear the station’s live stream audio.

What station is Alex Sensation on?

Alex Sensation is an on-air radio personality on the radio station Z100 in New York City. Born in Colombia, Sensation has become one of the biggest names in Latin music in the US. He is an internationally syndicated DJ, personality, producer, and interpreter.

His morning show, “El Vacilon de la Mañana” has become one of the most listened-to morning show in the US, reaching almost 6 million people daily. The show can be heard on Z100 (100. 3 FM) in New York City, along with the Spanish classical station Mega 97.

9 (97. 9 FM). Additionally, you can listen to his show from anywhere across the United States and Latin America via streaming, podcasting, and through your mobile devices.

Is there an ASMR radio station?

Yes, there is an ASMR radio station. It is called ASMR Radio and is dedicated to providing calming sounds and background noise for relaxation and meditation purposes. The station is available on TuneIn, iTunes Radio, and the Android App Store.

It offers a mix of ASMR-based music and audio-based relaxation tracks. The station also has a number of podcasts with topics like sleep and mindfulness, as well as ASMR content. This makes ASMR Radio a great choice for anyone looking to reduce stress, enhance sleep, or practice mindfulness without having to search for individual podcasts.

How much does DJ Alex Sensation cost?

The cost of hiring DJ Alex Sensation depends on a variety of factors. Typically, rates start around $25,000 for a local (within 100 miles of their home base) performance and increase for events that require the DJ to travel and for additional services such as hosting, branding, or sound and lighting design.

Some of these additional services can increase the overall cost up to an additional $5,000 or more. Pricing will also vary according to the size and attendance of the event and the length of time DJ Alex Sensation is requested to perform.

Additional fees could also be charged if travel and accommodations are included, and terms and conditions may apply. It is best to contact a booking agency that specializes in arranging DJ performances with Alex Sensation and to inquire about the fees associated with their services.

What station plays Neil Diamond?

The radio station that plays the most Neil Diamond is Sirius XM 80s on 8. This station plays music from the 1980s and features artists from the era such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and of course Neil Diamond.

You can find the station available on XM radios, the Sirius XM app, or the Sirius XM website. On the station, you can listen to all of Neil Diamond’s greatest hits, such as “Sweet Caroline”, “America”, “Cracklin’ Rosie”, and many more memorable tunes.

How much does Lil Flip charge for a feature?

The amount that Lil Flip charges for a feature depends on the project and can vary greatly. According to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, his fees typically range from $25,000 to $500,000.

This can also depend on things such as the artist/producer’s name recognition, the potential exposure of the project, the length of the feature, and other contributing factors. If you’re interested in having Lil Flip feature on your track, it’s best to reach out directly and inquire about his rates.

How much is it to book Nelly for a private event?

The price to book Nelly for a private event will vary depending on the length of the performance, location, date, type of event, and other factors. A large part of the cost to book Nelly for a private event is his fee for appearing.

This could be well over $100,000 for a full concert, plus additional expenses such as accommodations, travel and other hospitality costs. Furthermore, additional costs such as sound and light technicians and professional video and photography services will also need to be taken into account.

All costs associated with the event should be factored in when calculating the total cost. It’s also important to note that Nelly may request a deposit before agreeing to a performance contract. The deposit amount can also vary depending on the type and scale of the event, so it’s best to be prepared.

How much do Chainsmokers cost?

The cost of Chainsmokers tickets vary depending on the venue, date, and seating location. Ticket prices generally start around $30-$40 per ticket and increase depending on demand. The Chainsmokers have performed at numerous festivals, arenas, and other venues around the world, so ticket prices could also be higher depending on where you are.

It’s also important to note that many of their shows often involve additional fees, such as service and/or processing fees. To get the best deal on Chainsmokers tickets, it’s best to buy your tickets directly from the box office or official ticketing site for the venue.

That way, you can avoid third-party scalpers and additional fees.

What station is LA Mega in New York City?

LA Mega is a Spanish-language radio station in New York City owned by Univision Communications and broadcast on frequencies 97. 9 FM and 97. 3 FM. It plays Latin Pop, Reggaeton, Tropical, and Salsa music.

The station first began broadcasting in October 1995 and broadcasts from studios near Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Along with music, LA Mega also airs news, entertainment, and sports programming. LA Mega serves the New York City metropolitan area including the cities of New York, Newark, and Jersey City, with additional coverage of the western part of Long Island, with some signal extending into parts of Connecticut.

What channel shows the Mega Million?

The Mega Millions lottery drawing can be seen on most major television networks, either through a live broadcast or on recorded video. It typically airs on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 11 p. m. Eastern Time.

Depending on where you live, you can see the Mega Millions drawing on the following networks: WBBM-TV (CBS) in Chicago; WNYW (FOX) in New York; KTVU (FOX) in the San Francisco Bay Area; KTXL (FOX) in Sacramento; WAGA (FOX) in Atlanta; WVEC (ABC) in Norfolk/Virginia Beach; WISH (CBS) in Indianapolis; KTVT (CBS) in Dallas; WLWT (NBC) in Cincinnati; WTNH (ABC) in New Haven; WXYZ (ABC) in Detroit; KPRC (NBC) in Houston; and WPVI (ABC) in Philadelphia.

The drawing is also available for streaming on websites such as TheLotter.

What is the frequency of Mega FM?

Mega FM is an FM radio station broadcasting on the frequency of 93. 6 MHz through the FM dial in many parts of England. It is part of the Greatest Hits Radio network and provides a variety of music from the 1960s through the 2000s, as well as news, sport and local information.

The station is accessible from any FM radio, DAB digital radio, online and through mobile applications. Mega FM is known for playing the best feel-good music from the last four decades and for broadcasting daily between 6am-midnight.

Where can I watch Mega Millions drawing in PA?

Residents of Pennsylvania who are interested in watching a Mega Millions drawing can do so live on WGAL 8, which is the local NBC-affiliated television station in the state. The station regularly broadcasts the twice-weekly drawing, which airs on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 p.

m. EST. The same drawing can also be watched on the official Mega Millions website. Additionally, lottery retailers throughout Pennsylvania typically provide live streaming of the weekly drawings directly from their store, giving customers another way to view the action as it unfolds.

What LA station that play current hip hop?

A great radio station for playing current hip hop in Los Angeles is Real 92. 3fm. Hosted by radio personality Big Boy, this station is a beacon for playing the hottest hits and deep cuts from the world of hip hop and R&B.

With both local and national music from top names like Drake, Cardi B, and Kendrick Lamar, you’ll be sure to hear the latest and greatest from the genre. Additionally, Real 92. 3fm plays lifestyle and entertainment news that ties in with the hip hop culture, and they regularly host pop up events, artist interviews, and exclusive concerts.

It’s a great station to tune to for discovering new music and staying up-to-date with the latest in hip hop.

Where can I listen to Alex Sensation live?

You can listen to Alex Sensation live every Thursday at 5PM EST on Power 105. 1 FM for the Alex Sensation Show. The show is hosted by Alex Sensation and regularly features celebrity guests and performances.

You can also listen to the show on their mobile app and their website at www. Power1051FM. com. Additionally, Alex Sensation hosts parties and events in cities around the US that you can attend. His upcoming events can be found on the official Alex Sensation website.

For those who can not make it to the shows, they are usually accessible on his official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Where is Alex DJ?

Alex DJ is currently located in San Francisco, California. He is a professional DJ and music producer specializing in Hip Hop, R&B, Funk and House music. Alex DJ has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry including Calvin Harris, Tiësto, Diplo and Major Lazer, touring all over the world.

He has released music on major labels such as Mad Decent, OWSLA and Ultra. On top of producing music and playing shows, Alex DJ also offers private DJ lessons and recording services for up and coming artists.

He has a studio located in the Financial District, where he also offers professional mastering services.