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Where is Porter Howell from?

Porter Howell is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Edmond, Oklahoma. He started playing guitar at the age of eleven and joined the Army after high school. During his four years in the service, he became a heavy equipment operator and traveled throughout Europe.

After his tour of duty, he began writing and performing original music. In the early 2000s, Howell formed the group Commander Cody with Chris Stevens and Sean Kirkpatrick and released their debut album, 10,000 Watts of Goodwill, in 2000.

The album spawned his first national hit, “My Baby Loves U. S. A. ,” which also made the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Howell later left the band in 2005 and began focusing on his solo career. Since then, he has released five full-length albums and has toured extensively throughout the United States, opening for acts like Ashley Monroe and Chris Stapleton.

Who was the original lead singer of Little Texas?

The original lead singer of Little Texas was Tim Rushlow. He was the lead vocalist of the band from 1988-1994, although he was an official member for two years. Rushlow’s career with the band included recording two studio albums, selling over 1 million records, and contributing to the band’s first four singles.

His live performances with the band earned him recognition from Country Weekly Magazine, who named him “Male Vocalist of the Year” in 1994. Rushlow also wrote several songs for Little Texas, including “You and Forever and Me” and “My Kind of Woman.

” After leaving the group in 1994, Rushlow pursued a successful solo career with two albums, and continues to write and produce music today.

Is Jim Seals related to Brady Seals?

It is unclear if Jim Seals and Brady Seals are related or not. While both are high profile musicians, there has been no confirmation from either of them, or any other source, that there is any familial connection between them.

Jim Seals is an influential American musician, songwriter and record producer best known for his work with the group Seals and Crofts. He has also been involved as a producer in the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Certified Gold Albums.

Brady Seals, on the other hand, is an American country music singer, songwriter and record producer who has released several albums and achieved some success with the singles “I Could Never Love You Enough,” “Let Me Be the One,” and “Ordinary Heart.

” He was also a member of the country music group Little Texas. Despite the names being incredibly similar and both having a music career, the two are not known to be related and no concrete proof of any family or marital connection has been found.

Is Tim Rushlow still with Little Texas?

Yes, Tim Rushlow is still with Little Texas. He joined the band in 1992 and, over the course of the next 10 years, toured extensively with the group and recorded 6 studio albums. Since 2001, Little Texas has been on hiatus, but Rushlow has stayed on as an active member of the band.

He has since gone on to pursue a successful solo career, but he makes occasional appearances with Little Texas at special events and concerts. Rushlow is still an official member of the group and appears alongside them in promotional material and appearances, despite having stepped away from full-time touring.

Who is Texas lead singer married to?

Texas lead singer Sharleen Spiteri is currently married to Bryn Williams, a Welsh musician. The couple first met in 2006 at the Tartan Clef Awards in London and started dating soon after. They made their union official with a wedding in June of 2008.

The wedding took place at London’s exclusive Claridge’s Hotel, followed by a reception in an old mansion in the English countryside. The couple have one daughter together, Misty Kyd, who was born in November of 2008.

How old is little Richie now?

Little Richie’s age will depend on when you are asking this question. If you are asking about Little Richie’s current age as of today, then his age will depend on his date of birth. Little Richie’s exact birthdate is currently unknown; however, if we assume he was born after 2010, then Little Richie’s age is likely around 10 years old.

How old is Brady Seals?

Brady Seals is a singer and musician best known for being a founding member of the influential country music band Little Texas. At the time of this writing, Brady Seals is 56 years old, having been born on May 24, 1964.

How did Little Texas Alabama get its name?

Little Texas, Alabama is a small community located southeast of Troy in Pike County. The name Little Texas originated from two places; several settlers from Texas and the terrain of the area.

When Texas was annexed by the United States in 1845, several settlers from the Lone Star State began to move east and settled in what is now known as Little Texas. While not all of these settlers were from Texas, some carried with them the name of their homeland.

Gradually, the area became known as Little Texas.

The terrain of Little Texas is also reminiscent of Texas. The small community center is surrounded by flat, open landscapes that have a dust-bowl feel to it. Its broad, arid plains give it a unique appearance of its own, somewhat similar to the state of Texas with expansive and barren land.

Little Texas, Alabama has a long and storied history. It has had a great impact in the region, boasting several schools, churches and many successful local businesses. All of which can be attributed to Little Texas’ distinct name, roots from Texas settlers, and Texas-like terrain.

When did God bless Texas come out?

God Bless Texas was released on April 7, 2003, by American country music artist in Little Texas. Written by Blake Pippin and Keith Follese, and produced by Dann Huff, the song was released as the second single from their fourth studio album, Little Texas.

The song also peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, becoming the band’s first single to do so since their 1993 single “My Love”, and their highest-charting single since then. The song also peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and at number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song addressed the band’s pride in themselves as Texans and their home state, with references to historical aspects of Texas and its economy, such as the oil industry and the ubiquitous phrase “God bless Texas”.

Who recorded God Bless Texas?

God Bless Texas was recorded by the American country music band Little Texas, who are well-known for their upbeat anthems about state pride, patriotism, and the enjoyment of life. The song was written and produced by lead vocalists and guitarists Porter Howell and Dwayne O’Brien, along with producer Byron Hill.

It was released as their fourth single off of the band’s second studio album First Time for Everything, in April 1995. It peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, becoming their second top 5 hit and their highest-charting single at the time.

It has since gone on to become one of their most well-known and beloved songs, and it is regularly performed at their live concerts. The band released a live version of God Bless Texas on their album Super Hits in 1997.

What happened to the band Little Texas?

Little Texas was a popular country rock band of the 1990s. Formed in 1988, the band was made up of lead singer Tim Rushlow, lead guitarist Porter Howell, rhythm guitarist Dwayne O’Brien, drummer Del Gray, and bassist Jeff Bryant.

The band released four studio albums between 1992 and 1997, and had several hit singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Their first big hit, 1992’s “God Blessed Texas”, reached the top of the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart later that year. They had a string of success in the mid-1990s with songs such as “My Love,” “What Might Have Been,” “Stop on a Dime,” and “Kick a Little.


Little Texas disbanded in 1997. Rushlow and Howell both went on to solo careers, and the other members continued to play music, both in and out of the genre. While the band never officially reunited, they did have short-term reunions over the years.

They reunited in 2001 to play at Farm Aid, and in 2009 for a one-time performance of their hit “What Might Have Been” at the Country Music Association Awards. In 2012, four of the original members (but not Rushlow) played a show in New York.

Little Texas left a lasting impact on the country music scene thanks to their unique blend of country, rock, and blues. Their influence can still be heard today in current hits from the likes of Lady Antebellum and Zac Brown Band.

What was Texas first song?

The first recorded Texas song is “The Old Chisholm Trail,” which was written in 1871. It was written by a cowboy named John A. Lomax, and it continues to be a popular folk song today. The song tells the story of a drive up the Chisholm Trail from Texas to Kansas, which was the main cattle shipment route in the late 19th century.

It also paints a vivid picture of the activity and dangers of cattle droving. It tells of long days in the saddle, horse wrangling, stampedes, weather, and cowboys singing in the night. It has since been covered by numerous singers and bands, making it one of the best known and beloved Texas songs of all time.

Do you remove your hat for God Bless America?

Yes, it is generally expected to remove your hat for God Bless America. The act of showing respect to a nation’s anthem or national anthem is a universal gesture that has been practiced for generations.

In the United States, individuals typically remove their hats when saluting or honoring the US flag, national anthem or other patriotic song or symbol. Doing so also demonstrates respect for the people and ideals that are represented by those symbols.

While it is not required by law in the US to remove your hat, it is the generally accepted custom out of a sense of respect for the symbol of the country and for the legacy of service of those who have served and are currently serving in our armed forces.

Who made the Texas state song?

The Texas state song, titled “Texas, Our Texas,” was written by William J. Marsh and Gloria GA (Brooks) Tindall, and was adopted as the official state song of Texas by the Texas Legislature in 1929. Marsh wrote the song’s lyrics in 1924, and Tindall wrote the accompanying music shortly thereafter.

Marsh was an American songwriter and music publisher from Kansas, who had moved to Dallas in 1924 and enjoyed great success for his musical compositions. Tindall, who was originally from San Antonio, was a gifted pianist, songwriter, and music publisher in her own right.

Although not formally trained in composition, she was very successful in the music industry, having written over 300 songs by the time of her death in 1950.

What is God’s first son name?

The name of God’s first son is Adam, according to the Bible. Adam was created by God, as described in the Book of Genesis. He is regarded as the father of humanity and was the first human being to inhabit the Garden of Eden.

God gave him his own free will and made him lord over all creatures, making him the ruler of the world. After Adam and Eve’s disobedience, many of God’s laws were broken, leading to death and suffering in the world.

Adam’s immediate descendants spread out and populated the earth, furthering the creation of humanity.