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Where is the largest Ren Faire in the US?

The largest Renaissance Faire in the United States is the Michigan Renaissance Festival located just outside of Detroit in Holly, Michigan. Held annually since 1979, the Michigan Renaissance Festival features world-class entertainment on 11 stages, over 250 costumed characters, plus 80 village merchants offering an array of handmade crafts and foods.

In true Renaissance style, participants and guests can partake in games of skill, herb gardens, royal knights competing in high-energy jousting matches, and human-powered rides. It takes place over seven themed weekends, each with its own schedule of events, activities, and live performances, ranging from theatrical acts to circus performances.

In addition to all the fun, visitors can also learn more about the Renaissance era with educational theme weekends, such as Highland Fling, Taste of Renaissance, and Enchantment in the Park. If you are looking for a unique family experience, the Michigan Renaissance Festival is the place for you.

How big is Maryland Ren Faire?

The Maryland Renaissance Festival (MD Renn Fest) is a popular annual event held in Crownsville, MD on 35 acres of wooded terrain. The festival runs for nine weekends each year, typically starting the last weekend in August and running through the third week of October.

Approximately 35,000 to 40,000 people attend the festival on a given weekend.

The festival grounds are filled with over 130 artisans, exhibitors and merchants providing a variety of items such as jewelry, clothing and other craft items. Additionally, there are 19 stages of entertainment designed to provide a wide range of entertainment for visitors.

There are various theatrical performances, live music, sword-fighting demonstrations, jousts and comedic acts.

You will also find wandering minstrels, jugglers, and historical re-enactors throughout the festival grounds. The festival also hosts a Children’s Realm, with educational and entertaining activities for younger visitors.

The MD Renn Fest offers a vast array of historical fare along with heaping portions of turkey legs, fish and chips, Scotch eggs, and even deep-fried pickles. Visitors may also sample throwback ales, meads, and ciders while witnessing a variety of performances, interactive games and rides throughout the day.

The festival grounds are set up to create a 16th Century village consisting of 21 pubs and eateries, 6 stages, and 15 full-sized royal banquet and joust tournaments. Visitors can immerse themselves in the village’s aura and atmosphere, going home with memories and souvenirs to share with family and friends.

How many people go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival?

The exact number of people that attend the Maryland Renaissance Festival each year is not known, however estimates suggest that it draws in around 200,000 people each August over a seven-week span. The Maryland Renaissance Festival was founded in 1977 and originally took place on a piece of land owned by Henry Healy, covering only 10 acres.

It has since grown to over 35 acres and continues to draw in thousands of visitors each year, likely due to its entertaining atmosphere. The festival features a variety of activities and attractions, such as a jousting tournament, live music and dance, period costumes, arts and crafts, and a variety of food and beverages.

The festival also features a marketplace that offers unique handmade items from around the world. The Maryland Renaissance Festival is a beloved event for many, and continues to draw in crowds of people each year.

Do you need a costume for a Ren Faire?

If you’re attending a Renaissance Faire, you’ll probably want to wear a costume. This is an aspect of the Faire which many people thoroughly enjoy, as it allows them to feel as though they have stepped back in time.

Depending on your budget, there are many ways to get a costume or put a costume together.

You may be able to find some Renaissance-style clothing in a variety of stores or online. You could even search through thrift stores or your closest as some people have great luck finding Renaissance style clothing there.

Additionally, there are usually vendors at a Renaissance Faire who specialize in clothing and costumes for the occasion.

If you are feeling crafty, you could make some of your own costume pieces by adding trims and other decorations to plain clothing or up-cycling old clothing. Some people also visit fabric stores and purchase cloth and then sew their own outfits with patterns available online in various sizes.

Some people tend to use the same costume year after year while others switch it up to keep things interesting.

However you choose to acquire your costume, you’re sure to have a great time and really get into the spirit of the Renaissance Faire.

What should I dress up as for Ren Faire?

If you’re trying to decide what to dress up as for the Renaissance Faire, here are some suggestions.

One classic option is to dress as a peasant, which commonly features homespun fabrics, such as linen or wool, and earthy tones like browns, greens, and blues. For women, a long dress, bodice, and apron are traditional elements.

Men may opt for a linen shirt and leather jerkin, leather belt and tights, and heavy leather boots, or a belted tunic and cape, wool trousers, and cloth belt. Accessories like scarves, headpieces, and wicker baskets are also popular.

Another fun option is to dress up as a court jester, lavishly adorned in layers of bells, ribbons, fur trim, and bright, garish colors. You’ll need white tights and a cape, a floppy hat and neck ruffle, and a leotard with a pointed hood.

A third possibility is to be a knight or lady-in-waiting, which involves dressing up in a more elaborate costume. For women, this could consist of a dress in pastel fabric decorated with jewels and lace, with fine gloves and a feathered headpiece.

Men can sport a velvet or brocade tunic, knee britches with boot tops, a belt and cape, and a sword or dagger at the side.

Whatever you choose, have fun transforming into a different era of history!

What not to wear to a Ren Fest?

If you’re planning to attend a Renaissance Festival, there are some clothing guidelines you should follow to ensure you have the best time and fit in with the crowd. While Renn Fests often have a relaxed atmosphere, there are still certain clothing items which are not considered appropriate for the event.

Shorts and miniskirts are generally not allowed; instead go for full length skirts or trousers. It’s also best to avoid wearing a t-shirt, tank top, jeans, or other casual clothing; instead opt for more period-style items like dresses, Renaissance costumes, corsets, tunics and doublets.

Footwear should be flat, though boots are also acceptable. On your feet, either sandals or closed toe shoes are recommended, but flip flops and sneakers should be avoided.

Also, remember that all Renaissance Fests have strict rules on obscenity, and revealing clothing and offensive messages are likely to get you removed. To add to the period atmosphere, you can accessorize with items like flowers, hats, cloaks and period jewelry – just bear in mind that these can get in the way when participating in some of the activities.

Finally, don’t forget your sunscreen and a comfortable pair of shoes for all that walking!.

Do people cosplay at Ren Fair?

Yes, people often cosplay at Renaissance fairs, or “Ren Fairs”. Cosplay is a popular trend, in which participants dress in detailed costumes as characters from all sorts of different genres, from video games to movies and beyond.

The fun of a Ren Fair is being able to dress up and embrace the spirit of the Renaissance period in an even more immersive fashion. There are so many different options when it comes to cosplay and different costumes to choose from at these events.

Some people opt to dress as fairies and elves, while others choose to dress as a dashing knight in shining armor. There is something for everyone at a Ren Fair and cosplays are a great way to get in the spirit!.

What costumes can you wear to a Renaissance fair?

At a Renaissance fair, you can find a great variety of costumes to choose from! For men, you could go with a classic look, such as trousers and a tunic, a doublet and hose, or a novelty costume, like a character from a particular era or comedy show.

For women, gowns and dresses are popular choices. You could also opt for a character costume such as a princess, a fairy, a damsel-in-distress, or a peasant woman. If you’re looking for something more modern, you could go with a steampunk outfit, a period pirate costume, or a knight’s getup.

Men might also wear a tunic shirt with a belt, suspenders, boots, and a felt cap, while women could wear a bodice, or a velvet dress or skirt, with stockings and a blouse. You could also opt for simpler costumes such as a chemise and skirt for women, or for bolder costumes, like a musketeer or a jester’s outfit.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and whatever costume you pick will make your Renaissance fair experience even more enjoyable!.

Do most people dress up for a Renaissance fair?

The answer to this question depends on the individual, as well as the type of Renaissance fair being attended. In general, most people do tend to dress up for Renaissance fairs, particularly if the event has a specific dress code or theme.

Dressing up in costumes, armor, or period-inspired clothing is a popular way to show enthusiasm for the event. The organizers of many Renaissance fairs even go as far as to provide specific costumes that attendees can rent in order to participate.

Additionally, when attending a Renaissance fair, some people choose to adorn themselves with jewelry, feathered headdresses, and other accessories as a way of further expressing their appreciation.

What should you not say to a cosplayer?

It is important to be respectful of cosplayers and their work.

Cosplayers invest a significant amount of time, effort and money into creating costumes and it is therefore important to avoid making rude or inappropriate comments. Examples of what not to say include: negative comments about their costume or its accuracy, making assumptions about the cosplayer’s gender, offering them money or sexual advances in exchange for pictures, comparing their costume to another person’s, or touching their costume without their permission.

It is also important to respect the cosplayer’s personal boundaries and never pressure them into posing for pictures or behaving in a certain way. Above all, it is important to show cosplayers the respect and appreciation they deserve for their hard work and commitment to bringing the characters they love to life.

Can you cosplay at Renaissance Festival?

Yes, you can absolutely cosplay at a Renaissance Festival. Many people like to dress up in historic costumes from the Renaissance period, or even make their own custom creations! There is usually an abundance of fabric and accessories available at a Renaissance Festival, so it’s the perfect opportunity to craft the perfect costume.

Even those who don’t want to completely commit to the cosplay can find a great, unique outfit there. Often, the RenFest will have events, such as masquerade balls, where you can show off your costume.

Additionally, some RenFests will even have organizations specifically dedicated to helping people create and wear beautiful costumes. While it’s common for cosplayers to arrive dressed up already, you can also tailor an outfit at the RenFest if you wish.

So come out and join in on the fun and make some wonderful memories in your special Renaissance inspired costume!.

Do you have to wear cosplay in anime expo?

No, you do not have to wear cosplay in anime expo. Many people choose to wear costumes, but there is no requirement to do so. There are plenty of other fun activities and events at anime expo such as art galleries, game rooms, live music, dance parties, and panel discussions.

Whether you choose to dress up or not, you will still be able to have an enjoyable experience at anime expo.

Can a 13 year old go to a cosplay convention?

Yes, a 13 year old can go to a cosplay convention as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. While the convention organizers do not restrict the age of attendees, it is important to note that these events attract a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on children and ensure that their safety is always a priority. Additionally, when determining if the child should attend, parents should take into account the content and topics that will be discussed at the convention.

Many cosplay conventions feature activities that may include PG-13 or R rated content, so parents should make sure they are comfortable with their child participating in any activities or conversations held at the convention.

Are renaissance fairs for fantasy dressing up?

No, renaissance fairs are not necessarily for fantasy dressing up. While some people do choose to dress up in fantasy costumes at renaissance fairs, it is not a requirement. Renaissance fairs, also sometimes known as reenactment fairs, are festivals that celebrate European culture during the Renaissance period, which typically refers to the 14th to 17th centuries.

This period saw advancements in the arts, sciences, and political structures, as well as progressive philosophical and spiritual movements. At renaissance fairs, people often dress up in clothing inspired by the era and participate in historic activities, such as tournaments, live performances, and market stalls.

While fantasy costumes are occasionally seen, these are not typically Renaissance-inspired, so they are not necessarily a major component of the fair.

Can you dress as a pirate at a Ren faire?

Yes, dressing as a pirate at a Ren faire is quite popular. Picking out a great costume and accessorizing with all the right details is key! Consider starting with a peasant shirt and loose fitting pants or skirt in a muted, neutral colored fabric.

Add a belt to define your waist and layer a vest or waistcoat to add dimension. Embellish with a bobble, trinkets, brooch and plenty of lace. Accessorize with a hat, scarf, and a pair of buckled boots.

Women can add a petticoat or other colorful skirt to create the full pirate effect. Other accessories, like a pistols and swords, eye patches, and bandanas, can add to the effect. Just make sure you follow any rules or regulations set forth by the Ren faire you are attending.