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Where is the model number on a crane toilet tank?

The model number of a crane toilet tank can usually be found on a decal or sticker affixed to the back side or top center of the tank lid. Depending on the model, the sticker might be on the inside or outside of the tank cover.

The decal should include the manufacturer’s name and logo, the name of the tank model, the configuration number, and the production date. Carefully remove the lid from the tank to locate the sticker.

If the sticker is on the inside, the number might be printed directly onto the porcelain, or it may be part of a paper label that must be peeled away. If the label is on the backside of the tank lid, it can be seen by looking through the back hole of the tank.

Where is Kohler toilet model number?

The model number of a Kohler toilet can be found on the underside of the tank lid, on the inside wall of the tank, or on the underside of the toilet base. It is usually a four-digit number preceded by the letters “K-“, such as K-4636.

The model number can be used to look up product information and troubleshooting tips, or to order replacement parts.

Who makes Crane Plumbing toilets?

Crane Plumbing has been manufacturing plumbing fixtures for over 100 years and continues to manufacture toilets to this day. Their toilets come in several styles, colors, and finishes, including tank-type and wall-hung models.

The company boasts both classic and modern designs that are built to be durable and reliable to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients. All Crane Plumbing toilets are designed to be both water efficient and friendly on the environment, so customers can not only save money on their water bills, but also help conserve water resources.

With a range of features such as powerful flushing systems and easy maintenance, Crane Plumbing toilets are a great choice for any household.

Are crane toilets still made?

Yes, crane toilets are still currently being manufactured and sold. Crane is a brand name that is owned by American Standard, so they are still producing a variety of toilets that feature the Crane name.

These toilets are available in various styles and models and can be found both in stores and online. Some popular Crane models include the Crane Elsie Toilet, the Crane Bradley Toilet, and the Crane Celestine Toilet.

In addition to the variety of standard models available, Crane toilets are also able to be customized with features such as comfort height for taller individuals, low water consumption, and a variety of colors.

How do I know what Tank to buy for my toilet?

When it comes to choosing the right tank for your toilet, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, you need to consider the size of the tank. You’ll want to make sure it fits your toilet bowl properly and allows for enough water to fill the tank without overflowing.

You should also think about the material of the tank. Plastic tanks tend to be the most cost effective, but porcelain tanks are more durable and easier to clean. Additionally, you’ll want to check the weight rating of the tank – make sure it’s rated to withstand the weight of the water and anything else you might store in the tank.

Finally, consider the features of the tank – such as an internal overflow pipe, float valve, and other customized add-ons. Once you’ve made sure the tank is a good fit for your specific toilet bowl and has all of the features you need, you can confidently purchase the tank for your toilet.

When did Crane go out of business?

Crane & Co. went out of business in 2014, after more than 200 years operating as a family-owned business. Founded in 1801 by Zenas Crane in Dalton, Massachusetts, Crane & Co. was the oldest continuous producer of cotton-based paper in the United States.

The company supplied security paper for American currency and with high-end printing services, including high quality stationery, cards, certificates, and envelopes.

In 2013, Crane & Co. announced plans to close its factory in Dalton due to rising costs and outdated equipment. After a long search, they were unable to find a local buyer that could keep the factory open.

It closed in June 2014, and its 150 employees were laid off. All operations were consolidated to Crane & Co. ‘s facility in North Adams, Massachusetts where the company still operates today.

Who is the toilet manufacturer?

The exact toilet manufacturer can depend on a number of factors, such as the type of toilet in question, regional preferences, and the retailer that you purchased it from. However, some popular brands that manufacture toilets include: Kohler, American Standard, TOTO, Mansfield, Duravit, and a number of other reputable companies.

Additionally, newer toilets may be sold under private labels by a specific retailer. Therefore, it is best to take a look at the toilet itself and possibly its packaging to determine the exact manufacturer.

What is the most dependable toilet?

The most dependable toilet is one that has been rigorously tested for reliable performance and made from high-quality materials. Specifically, some features to look out for include an elongated bowl shape for more comfort, a more efficient flush with a larger trapway, a comfortable height, and a strong flushing system.

Many manufacturers also offer a 10-year warranty on the performance of their product, so you can rest assured that you’ll get a dependable toilet that will last. Other elements to consider include insulated tanks to reduce noise and conserve energy, auto-sensor technology that allows for maximum water efficiency, and designer color options to match any bathroom décor.

What is a disabled toilet now called?

A disabled toilet is now typically referred to as an Accessible Toilet, All-Gender Toilet, or Inclusive Toilet. This new terminology is meant to reflect the notion that all restrooms should be universally accessible and accommodating to all individuals, regardless of their disability or gender identity.

Accessible Toilets are designed to provide maximum functionality and comfort to individuals with physical or sensory impairments, and special features may include grab bars, raised toilets, lowered sinks, and color-contrasted fixtures.

All-Gender Toilets are single-use restrooms that are open to all genders, addressing the needs of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, who often face difficulty and discrimination when using gender-specified restrooms.

Inclusive Toilets are used to describe both Accessible Toilets and All-Gender Toilets, emphasizing both the accessibility and inclusivity of the restroom.

Who manufactures crane toilets?

Crane Plumbing manufactures a variety of high-quality crane toilets. Founded in 1906, Crane Plumbing is an American-based plumbing manufacturer that produces toilets, sinks, toilets seats, and bathtubs designed to bring elegance and style to any bathroom.

All Crane Plumbing toilets are made with long-lasting, durable materials and feature revolutionary water-saving designs to help conserve utilities and reduce water bills. Crane Plumbing toilets also feature low-flush and dual flush options to provide added water conservation.

With high-grade comfort and performance, Crane Plumbing toilets offer a professional, functional design for any type of bathroom. Consumers can find a wide selection of Crane Plumbing toilets online and from a variety of authorized retailers.

Did American Standard buy Crane?

No, American Standard did not buy Crane. In 2009, American Standard completed the sale of its majority interest in Crane Co. , a manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products, to Pritzker Organization, a global private investment firm ultimately controlled by the Pritzker family.

American Standard received cash of approximately $1 billion from Pritzker Organization, and the proceeds were used to reduce debt and help finance the acquisition of subsequent businesses, such as Eljer and the bath and kitchen business of Homewerks Worldwide.

How do I know what model crane toilet I have?

To determine what model crane toilet you have, you’ll need to take a look at the identifying marks on the toilet. Look beneath the lid of the tank and you should find either “Crane,” “Closet,” or the logo, or even a model number.

If there is a four- or five-digit number, this is usually the model number. You can use this number to research the specific model of your Crane toilet online. Additionally, you can search through Crane’s online catalogue to identify which toilet matches your model number.

Are Kohler toilets made in China?

No, Kohler generally does not manufacture their toilets in China. Instead, their toilets are made in the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and other countries around the world. According to Kohler, stringent standards including environmental standards and product quality assurance processes are followed and maintained in the manufacturing facilities around the globe.

Furthermore, all of the facilities are regularly evaluated to ensure the production of sustainable products.

Who makes the crane brand?

The Crane brand is manufactured by Crane & Co. Inc. , which is an American company that has been in business since 1801. They are an iconic brand in the paper industry and are the leading manufacturer of high-quality social stationery, envelopes, and other specialty papers.

In addition to producing the Crane line of envelopes, papers and stationery, the company also makes a variety of other paper products such as tissue papers, greeting cards, holiday cards, and more. Based in Dalton, Massachusetts, Crane & Co.

Inc. remains an independent, family-owned business.

Who bought American crane?

In 2020, American Crane & Equipment Corporation was acquired by Konecranes, a world-leading manufacturer of overhead cranes, hoists, and material handling equipment. Konecranes is based in Finland, and has subsidiaries and service locations around the world.

American Crane & Equipment Corporation was founded in 1996 by Edward Zaykowski and Michael Cincunegui. The company has since grown to become one of the leading providers of overhead cranes and heavy lifting equipment in the United States.

With the acquisition of American Crane, Konecranes expands its footprint in the US and strengthens its own product portfolio with the acquisition of American Crane’s engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and customer service capabilities.

Konecranes is committed to further developing and supporting American Crane’s products and remaining a reliable partner to American Crane’s customers.