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Where is Victor Espinoza now?

Victor Espinoza is now a retired American jockey, who rides on thoroughbred racehorses. After riding American Pharoah to a win in the 2015 Triple Crown, Espinoza retired in 2019 at the age of 47. He retired with 3,545 career victories, including 18 Grade One victories.

After retirement, Espinoza remained active in the horse racing world. He appeared as a guest analyst at the 2019 Breeder’s Cup and also did some racehorse training sessions. In addition to this, Espinoza founded the Victor Espinoza Foundation in 2020, which provides free riding clinics and tutoring services to at-risk youth.

He is currently based in Los Angeles,California, where he is active in the horseracing world, as well as the Victor Espinoza Foundation.

What happened to jockey Victor Espinoza?

Victor Espinoza is a former jockey who is most famous for riding American Pharoah, the first horse to win the Triple Crown since 1978. He started his career in Mexico before moving to the US in 1990.

In 2015, his career took an unexpected turn when he suffered a neck injury in a racing accident and had to be airlifted to the hospital. He spent several months in recovery, followed by a lengthy rehabilitation process.

During his recovery, he announced his retirement from horse racing in 2018. After recovery, he moved to San Diego to pursue other interests such as golf, skiing, and horse riding. Although he no longer competes professionally, he occasionally visits the racetrack to give advice to other jockeys.

In addition to his current hobbies, he is also involved with the Victor Espinoza Foundation, which serves to help young people achieve their goals by providing mentorship, educational opportunities, and financial assistance.

Does Calvin Borel still ride?

Yes, jockey Calvin Borel is still an active and celebrated jockey in the world of horse racing. He first started his career in the mid-1970s as a jockey, and has ridden over 7,000 winners in his career, becoming a Hall-of-Fame jockey in 2015.

He is best known for his success at the Kentucky Derby, where he has won three times in 2007, 2009 and 2010. Most recently, he locked in a win for Bluegrass Cat in the BetAmerica Daytona Stakes in January 2021.

He continues to compete in a variety of races and remains a popular jockey within the industry.

What jockey rode California Chrome?

The jockey that rode California Chrome for his Triple Crown victory in the 2014 Belmont Stakes was Victor Espinoza. Espinoza, who is native to Mexico and began his jockey career in his home country, was a popular option to many horse owners and trainers due to his strong racing background.

The collaboration between California Chrome trainer Art Sherman and Espinoza truly paid off, as the pair would go on to take one of the most significant victories in racing history. Espinoza had quickly become a fan favorite due to his enthusiasm and skilled riding in some of California Chrome’s key wins throughout the 2014 season.

Espinoza was also on California Chrome when going for an attempt at the 2014 Prince of Wales Stakes. Even though Espinoza couldn’t make it three-for-three on California Chrome, he remained a key figure in the horse’s journey to racing greatness.

Is Victor Espinoza still riding?

Yes, Victor Espinoza is still riding. He is a professional jockey who is best known for winning three Triple Crown races in 2015 on American Pharoah, but he has been professionally riding for over two decades.

Even though he is currently only 46 years old, he has had an incredibly successful career, with more money earned than any other jockey in history. He is still active today and in recent years he has been riding at major events like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Breeders’ Cup.

Even when injuries have kept him off the track, he’s come roaring back, just this year winning the Grade 1 Pacific Classic at Del Mar, a victory that was particularly special as the horse trainer, Bob Baffert, called it “the most important race of the year”.

And there’s no sign that he plans to stop anytime soon.

Why are so many jockeys Latino?

Latinos have made a strong presence in the jockey community for several reasons. First, many of them come from countries with a rich horse-racing tradition and bring their expertise and experience to the U.

S. Horse racing has been a popular sport in Latin America, particularly in countries like Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia.

Additionally, Latino jockeys tend to be leaner and lighter than other riders, giving them an edge against the competition. Since horses move faster when weight is kept at a minimum, lighter jockeys can give their horses a competitive advantage.

That combined with their expertise from back home makes them an essential part of many racing operations.

On top of that, some Latino jockeys come from difficult socioeconomic backgrounds, and horse racing can provide them an opportunity to make a living. With access to the minimum wage, many of these jockeys can make more money than they could through most other jobs.

Ultimately, the Latino presence in the jockey community is the result of a combination of factors, ranging from the global popularity of horse racing to the unique advantages that Latino riders offer.

Is Lizzie Jelfs retiring?

At this time, there is no confirmed information regarding whether Lizzie Jelfs is retiring. Lizzie Jelfs is an Australian singer and songwriter who released her first studio album in 2018. She has since gone on to make appearances on various television shows and tours, but no official announcement has been made regarding any plans to retire.

There are rumors circulating online that Lizzie Jelfs is retiring, but until there is an official confirmation, these rumors cannot be verified. In the meantime, Lizzie Jelfs continues to produce music and make appearances, so it is likely that we will get an update on her professional status at some point in the near future.

Who rode Desert crown today?

Today, two different people rode Desert Crown: Ali Al Marri and Ahmad Al Balooshi. Ali Al Marri is from the United Arab Emirates and he is an experienced endurance rider. This was his first time to ride Desert Crown in the Endurance race.

Ahmad Al Balooshi is a Bahraini endurance rider and this is his first season competing in the Endurance discipline. He raced the entire 60 km course with the rest of the competitors and strengthened his reputation as a reliable and skillful endurance rider.

Both riders showed determination, grit and focus during the course, with Ali Al Marri crossing the line in first place.

Who is the oldest jockey to win Kentucky Derby?

The oldest jockey to win the Kentucky Derby was Bill Shoemaker, who was 54 when he won the 1986 Kentucky Derby aboard Ferdinand. Shoe was born on August 19th 1931 in Fabens, Texas, and began riding professionally at the age of 17.

He went on to become one of the most successful jockeys in history, winning 8 Triple Crown races over the course of his career, including 4 Kentucky Derby wins. Shoemaker is also the second-most winning jockey in Kentucky Derby history, behind only Eddie Arcaro, who won 5 Derbies during his career.

Shoemaker was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1958, and became the oldest jockey to win the Kentucky Derby at 54 years and 5 months, a feat that he held for 32 years until the record was broken by José Espinoza in 2018, who was 55 when he won the Kentucky Derby aboard Justify.

Will Kent Desormeaux ever ride again?

At this time, it is uncertain whether or not Kent Desormeaux will ride again. After suffering a severe concussion in a spill in October 2019 and needing surgery to have a piece of skull removed, the jockey has been sidelined with no set timeline to return.

While he has been helping out some trainers in an advisory capacity, his focus has been on recovering from the injury and being able to ride safely again. His teammates, family, and coaches have all been very supportive and encouraging, but his Facebook page is filled with updates about his recovery as there is no set return date for him to mount a horse again.

With a long and successful career as a jockey, here’s hoping Desormeaux will make a full recovery and be able to ride again soon.

Why was horse trainer suspended?

The horse trainer was suspended due to allegations of animal cruelty. Reports say that he reportedly beat and overworked horses, causing them to suffer from physical and mental stress. Additionally, there were reports of horses being mistreated, neglected, deprived of food, and having inappropriate equipment used on them.

This alleged behavior led to an investigation, which ultimately resulted in suspension of the trainer. The organization handling the investigation also decided to take action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both horses and horse trainers by revising their policies and implementing regular inspections.

They also decided to remove any trainers found to be in violation of their regulations, which led to the suspension of the horse trainer in question.

Who is the jockey in WA?

The jockey in WA is anyone who competes in horse races at one of the many racetracks in the state. Jockeys in WA come from all walks of life and range in age, experience and skill level. They can be experienced professionals who have been riding for years and have racked up numerous wins and accomplishments, or newer riders just getting started in the sport.

There are also apprentice riders, who are working their way up the ranks, gaining valuable experience and honing their skills, and amateurs who simply enjoy the thrill of the race.

Jockeys must undergo rigorous pre-race preparations and possess great strength, agility and technical skills to maneuver their mount around the track while minimizing the risk of collision with other horses.

Their riding position requires excellent physical fitness, concentration, strategy and a connection with their horse in order to be successful.

The Jockey’s Guild of Western Australia (JGW) is the governing body for jockeys in WA. It provides support to all riders, and works to ensure the sport is conducted safely and ethically. The JGW also assists in the development of up and coming talent, while providing assistance and support to existing riders throughout their career.

In WA, some of the most renowned jockeys include William Pike, Daniel Staeck, Shaun McGruddy, and Chris Parnham.

Why did jockey get suspended?

Jockey was suspended because of a breach of racing rules. In particular, jockeys are not allowed to “elbow” or interfere with other riders during a race and jockey was found guilty of deliberately impeding the progress of another horse in a race at a prominent race track.

This kind of interference is strictly prohibited because it can endanger the riders and their horses as well as potentially disrupt the results of the race.

Jockey may have broken the rules intentionally, or the officials may have simply determined that jockey’s actions were dangerous and warranted a suspension. Either way, the decision to suspend jockey was made to ensure a level playing field and the safety of both the participants and their horses.

How much is the highest paid jockey worth?

The highest paid jockey in the world is based on the amount of money they bring in through purses, winnings, and additional endorsements. According to Forbes, the highest-paid jockey in the world is José Alberto Lezcano, who earned a whopping $51.

5 million in 2020. The next highest earning riders are John Velazquez, Javier Castellano, Irad Ortiz Jr. , and José Luis Ortiz with total earnings ranging from $30. 5 to 35. 5 million. Apart from the earnings from purses, winnings, and endorsements, these jockeys also have multiple sources of income through groomers, exercise riders, and assistants.

Moreover, many top-level jockeys receive hefty salaries from racing stables to ride their horses in the major races. Some of these riders have even landed endorsement deals from companies such as Nike and Under Armour.

All in all, the highest-paid jockey in the world is worth considerably more than the other top jockeys.

Why is Shane Foley not riding?

Shane Foley is not riding due to a number of reasons. Most notably, Shane suffered a serious injury while competing in a race at Leopardstown three years ago, which has kept him from riding professionally since then.

Shane’s recovery has been a long and arduous process, but he is determined to get back in the saddle one day. In the meantime, Shane has been working hard to stay involved in the equine industry, taking on various roles behind the scenes such as working with jockeys, coordinating racing events, and developing and executing training plans for horses.

As such, Shane is still highly involved in the world of horse racing, albeit in a non-riding capacity.